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****Sharkey's Review****
 11th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 12/13/97   Encore: 12/19/97
Week of: 12/07/97 - 12/13/97 

A cab pulls up to Headquarters. Caroline gets out, tugging her luggage out. She pays the driver and tells him to keep the change. Caroline came back to Baywatch on her hiatus from the soap, "Shannon's Hope." Caroline wanted to get placed on the roster to stay eligible as a lifeguard. She stood tall and looked at Headquarters. She had missed Baywatch.

While on her way Headquarters, a very thin, young roller blader had snatched her luggage and made off with the bag by skating away. He returned a short while later and told her that she should watch where she was going. She dismissed him as a jerk as he skated away and then continued toward Headquarters. She managed to catch Taylor.

Taylor asked what was she doing here. Caroline explained that her she was on hiatus from the show. Taylor said that she had seen Caroline on "Shannon's Hope." Caroline quickly changed the subject, as she really wanted to be placed on the active roster to stay eligible. Taylor looked at her clipboard and told her that she was in luck that Newmy called in sick. She could get her into a tower today. Caroline begged her not mother's beach. "I think that you're ready for the real thing as long as you're not tired." Said Taylor. "Not at all, I slept the entire flight." Caroline assured her. "Good. Go change, and I'll let you know where I need you." Taylor told her. Caroline heads up the stairs with her luggage.

Neely is carried overhead on a chair by a group of young men to her lifeguard chair. Mitch's Captain's truck pulls up. She sees him and says, "Excuse me guys." They leave as she jumps down and runs over to him, "hey!" She gives him a hug and kiss. "What a display you've got going on," Mitch says. "Oh, them?" She says. "I'm just trying to be friendly." Mitch asked about the firework display on the barge. Neely told him that one of the members was getting married. When he asked if all of the permit were in order, she assured Mitch that they were. They were in the office if he'd like to see them. Mitch told her no, he just wanted her to be careful. Anytime you had a barge that close to the beach, you have problems with swimmers and jokers. To just do him a favor and keep an eye on it. Neely yawns as she nods.

"Rough night?" Mitch asks. "No, the bride had a bachelorette party. I've never been to one before and now I know why." It was obvious that the two were interested in each other the way they kept eye contact during the whole scene. "I've hardly seen you since you've been back, what's going on, you like it here?" "Are you kidding? I love it! They're talking about making me a social director." She lied. "Well, I'd better get back. Make sure that you say "hi" to everyone for me, O.K.?" Neely goes back to her chair as Mitch says, "Hey Neely. I'm glad that things are working out for you." She nods and then says, "Yeah. "Oh, uh do you know if my disability check's come in yet?" He assured Neely that he'd look into it for her. Mitch was on his way back to Headquarters and he turned to go. "Hey "Mitch! You should stop by for a drink sometime." He looks at her again, "I will." You'd have to wonder why Mitch was acting so shy. When he was interested in a woman, she knew it and he usually pursued, trying to land her.

Caroline closes her locker and then touches the nameplate. She had missed Baywatch. "I guess the rumor is true." Said J.D. "What rumor is that?" She smiled dreamily. "That the toast of New York is back in L.A." He finished. She smiled and then turned, "Did you miss me?" J.D. was standing on a shelf, peering over into the women's locker room. He jumped down and quickly ran over to her. They embraced and kissed.

They didn't hear Taylor come in until she purposely closed the door. They stopped and looked over in that direction. "Well, well, that didn't take long." Taylor said in a sarcastic way. She looked down at her clipboard. "Caroline, you're in tower 25." "Oh, uh-doubling up." Said J.D. with a smile. "No," Taylor said. J.D. seemed confused. "I thought I was in tower 25." He said. Taylor looked at him, "That was before I caught you in the ladies' locker room. "Now you're working switchboard." She gave him a satisfied glare before turning to go. With her back turned, he gave her a snarled one in return. Caroline caressed his face before following Taylor out. He waved to Caroline once more as she looked back before closing the door after her. "Yes!" J.D. fisted his hand. He must have figured that the punishment was well worth it. After all, he has Caroline.

And now, a word or two about Taylor. She's becoming the most rapidly disliked member at Baywatch. Her desperate attempt to be successful at an authoritative position doesn't come across very well. Her undesired style seems to be that of retaliation, which isn't good for getting any staff to make you look good. Captain Samantha Thomas wasn't that stilted! She was very authoritative, but she could bend a bit. And Sam listened! She even let Mitch take the helm half the time, as she knew that he had great judgement and was well respected. If Taylor doesn't change her drill-Sergent military style of management soon, she will be known as the red-haired demon. The producers and writers should all take note that many of the fans that tune in to the show doesn't like her as well. I was all for Newmy getting the Lieutenant's position. He did seem to be the one who was next in line for the job. He is flexible and gives orders well. Newmy is well respected. On the other hand, Taylor is one of the best solutions to the fact that Neely has been transformed into Baywatch's "good girl," and Logan Fowler has left Baywatch and is off to try his luck in making films. Maybe she could be that Baywatch lifeguard that we could all love to hate.

At the barge, a man was testing the fireworks display. Donna, at her nearby tower was concerned. She was looking through her binoculars at the barge and then at Neely, who didn't seem too concerned. She called J.D. on the switchboard to ask about fireworks on the barge. He told her that they were just testing. She kept an eye on the situation. A Jetskier got too close to the barge and splashed water onto the fireworks fuses and took off. Water dripped down to where they were supposed to go off, causing an explosion. Donna quickly called in saying that Neely was on it. They went as backup.

Neely had jumped down, to run out to the scene, only to forget her rescue can. Mitch made his way to the scene in his truck. Donna was already on the way out to the scene. The man was thrown when another explosion occurred. Neely got to him first. The man disoriented, grabbed Neely, taking her under with him. She struggled with him not able to control the situation. Caroline makes her way over toward the scene after seeing the barge go up in smoke. Donna and Mitch make their way under. Mitch sees him and unties his heavy workman's belt, so that he could get him to the surface.

They got the unconscious man to the beach. He had no pulse or breathing they had to begin CPR. Neely, who was concerned, looked on as the team worked. She never felt so helpless or guilty in her life concerning a rescue gone badly. When he got a pulse and was breathing, she wore an expression of relief on her face. They got the man on a board and onto a Call Car so that he could be taken to the hospital. When it was over, Mitch was shocked as to how Neely handled the rescue. She seemed so vulnerable wrapped in that blue towel. When Mitch looked at her, she never felt so ashamed. She turned to go to her chair to avoid him, but Mitch followed suit. "Neely," he called, but she kept walking. "Neely," he called again, and took hold of a shoulder to get her attention. She turned toward him. "What in the hell happened out there?"

"His suit was water logged and he was too heavy for me." There was a pause. "Thanks for the assist. I owe you big time." "No, no," Mitch said. "Where was your rescue can?" He asked. There was no answer. "Where was your rescue can?" She had no answer. "Now you listen to me. You may want to be the socialite activities director around here, but until then, you're still a lifeguard. Act like one." She watched him as he took off. Mitch made his way toward Caroline. "Uhhh," he said. "Yeah, I know. Welcome back." She said, giving him his rescue can. "I'll talk to you later." Mitch headed toward his truck while Caroline got into hers. When they dispersed, Neely looked on and then at her bright yellow rescue can. She picked it up and then aimed it, nose down back into the sand in disgust and disappointment.

Mitch dropped Donna off at her tower. When she started up the ramp, he asked, "What's up with Neely?" "What do you mean?" Donna asked, playing dumb. He talked about her sloppy lifeguarding. She went into the water without a rescue can, she couldn't handle her victim, and she damned near drowned out there." Donna just explained that maybe she lost control of the situation. "It can happen." "No," Mitch said. "She's sloppy. She's not herself. There's something different about her."

"Donna, you live with her. Is there something I should know?" He looked directly into her eyes. There was a long pause as she tried to find an excuse. "Mitch...I, she's my friend." "If she's in trouble, a friend would try and help her." Mitch said. Donna gave in and said, "She's hooked on pills." "Pills?" Asked Mitch. Donna explained how Neely started taking them when she injured her back skiing and now she can't stop taking them.

"That's why she quit Baywatch and took the job at the Beach Club." Mitch reasoned. He seemed relieved. Donna nodded in agreement, "Yeah, she knew that someone would find out when she took the physical for recheck. I'm sorry Mitch. I should have said something." "Yeah, you should have said something. That guy could have died out there. Donna, Neely could have died out there." Donna looked at Mitch and asked, "I understand now." "What are we going to do?" Mitch sighed as he looked away. It was apparent here that Mitch was "in love" with Neely and wanted to help her. He'd do everything in his power to do that and to get her back at Baywatch.

"My shift's almost over, so I'll meet you at headquarters?" Caroline asked on her tower's phone line to J.D. J.D. looked at his watch. "I don't get off for another half an hour." Caroline smiled, "How about meeting you in the locker room?" "You've twisted my arm." He turns toward the window only to see Taylor heading inside. "Oh boy, gotta go. I'll see ya, O.K.?" "Bye." Said Caroline.

The roller blader that Caroline had problems with earlire set his sights on a man who was counting money in his closed in business stand after a good day. Why it was unprotected in the first place, I'll never know. "Busy day, huh? Must have about ten grand there," said the roller blader. The man ignored him, and kept on counting. A cop pulls up. The little weasel pulls out his gun and orders, "In the bag! Now!" The man was stunned over the gun and fumbled to get the money in the bag. "Come on! Hurry up!"

Meanwhile, Caroline closes up and heads toward her truck. "Come on, hurry up, come on!" He said, waving the gun before him. "What are you looking at?" The cop sees the commotion. The blader grabs the bag and makes his getaway on his skates. The cop is after him and the blader stands still to judge the situation. As the police car comes at him he tucks the gun in the band of his pants. He skates toward the unit. He then jumps and skates over it! He then tries to continue his intentioned getaway. The police car turns around in pursuit. The car is almost upon him. He sees Caroline's truck and jumps in. "Keep driving. "He points at Caroline. She tells him that she can't-that she's running out of room. He tells her to hit the beach. She does so. Mitch sees it in his truck as she passes by. "What the hell?" The cop has to turn off. Mitch stays with the truck. The blader starts shooting at Mitch. Mitch has to hold back a bit to keep from getting hit while calling for backup.

While the idiot is shooting, Caroline sees a way out. She aims the truck into a tree and brush so that it could crash. She gets out with him after her. She fends him off long enough for Mitch to get within striking distance. The criminal sees this and runs off to the road where he could skate to safety. A detective was getting an ID and statement from Caroline. J.D. said, "She could have been killed Mitch!" Mitch smiled proudly, "She handled herself like a pro." Caroline walks past them when she is finished with the detective. "Oooh, I can't believe I let that guy get away!" She said in disbelief. "What are you talking about? The guy had a gun!" Said J.D. Caroline goes on, "I could have slammed on the breaks harder."

"The important thing is that you're O.K. You kept your cool, and you're not hurt." Mitch said. Caroline kept centering on the event. "He dropped his gun. I could've had him." She said. "Come on, I'll take you home." J.D. said. The police said if they find anything they'd let us know, O.K.?" Mitch called after them.

Later that night Caroline sat in bed reading a magazine. J.D. shows up and soon slides in beside her. When he kisses her, she pulls away. She reaches for the phone and starts to call to see if there was any news on the robber. J.D. stops her and continues where he left off. When she is still uncomfortable he tells her, "When I think about what happened, I just want you to be safe." Caroline took his hand. "I know, I guess it can't always work that way." Any one of them could get hurt doing what they do. She tells him that she can't stay cooped up in her room because of what might happen to her. He kisses her forehead and they got some sleep. Then he whispered, "Welcome home."

"Caroline, wake up. Wake up sleepyhead." Said Mitch nudging her. She got up and out of the Captain's truck and staggered toward her tower. "Have a good day!" He called after her. Caroline made her way up the ramp and began opening her tower. The roller blader suddenly grabbed her from behind. She woke up, screaming and fighting. Ending up on the floor, she was comforted by J.D., who was telling her it was all right. On duty the next day, Caroline had problems when she patrolled the beach and was very wary of the men that crossed her path.

Donna and Mitch waited for Neely to meet them at Headquarters. It was past the time that Neely had stated when she'd come. She hadn't shown when Donna said, "She's not gonna show." When Neely did come, she inquired about her check. That the front desk didn't know anything about it. Mitch said that he knew and it was a ploy to get her there. Mitch closed the door to the workout room so that they could have some privacy. Donna admitted that she told Mitch about everything. Neely tried to deny it. Mitch admitted to Neely that he had called the hospitals in Aspen. There was no record of her ever being there as a patient. Neely told him that he must have called the wrong hospital. Mitch threatened her that he would tell her employer. She couldn't believe it. She asked him, "You'd get me fired?" It wasn't fair. He would if as long as it would help her get better. Neely said, "if I lost my job, I...I can't take care of her."

"Take care of who Neely?" they asked. Neely broke down and told the truth. "My baby. I didn't hurt my back. I was having a baby." They questioned the fact that she took pills while she was pregnant. Neely explained that the birth was hard. After the baby was born, she couldn't stop taking them.

Mitch asked where the baby was. Neely told him that she was with her mother. With her present situation the baby couldn't stay with her. She cried brokenheartedly and said that she wasn't a good mom. Mitch sat down beside her and comforted Neely, wanting her to listen to how much her baby needed her. It was about when he and Gayle had a fight. That it must have been a silly argument, because he couldn't even remember what it was about. How she took Hobie, who was only a few months old to her mothers. That's when he realized the importance of him being a dad. Afterward, Mitch did offer help. They were there for her.

Caroline sees the guy who hijacked her truck. He is trying to commit a theft in the parking lot. She calls for backup and states that she's going after him. Mitch and J.D. answer her as backup. When J.D. and Mitch catch the guy, she then realizes that it wasn't him. It was a case of mistaken identity. The real thief had gotten away.

Neely took a walk on the beach to clear her head and to think about the help that was offered, as well as how much her baby needed her. Taking a deep breath, she throws the pills away. When she came back to Headquarters with her daughter, she asked Mitch that if the help offered was still available, she'd take it. Neely introduced her baby girl to Mitch. Neely also explained that it was her ex-husband Peter's baby. He didn't know about Ashley. She didn't want Peter to marry her just because she had gotten pregnant. She transferred little Ashley from her arms to Mitch's. You could tell that she liked the way he looked holding Ashley. She asked, "Do you remember?"


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