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****Sharkey's Review****
Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding
Date Aired: 02/28/03
My Score: 2 Rescue Cans
Movie Quote: "What are friends for?"
                                             -Neely Capshaw (Gena Lee Nolin) to Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) after he apologized to her for doubting her suspicions about Allison/Judy (Alexandra Paul).
5 rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!) 
Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding offered fans the chance to see many of their favorite cast members together again. Finally after scheduling conflicts, salary battles and misconceptions on a starting date for filming the movie, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding finally started filming in September 2002. To the 14 cast members that did show up besides David Hasselhoff, FOX made it clear that they did everything in their power to make sure that Pamela Anderson was there. She was the reason why the movie got the go ahead. To get her there, FOX made her a very generous salary offer. The rest got salaries much lower. But there were absolutely no problems on the set. Everyone got along great. They all seemed delighted in seeing each other again. The closeness of the cast make them a family. 
It was great seeing a lot of the old cast members back together again on film. Even though more favorites didn't show, I don't think that anyone could complain. A lot of them did show up and there is talk of doing a certain number of movies per year. Here's to hoping that it gets off the ground. It would be nice to see some additional former cast members weeded in from time to time. Doing several movies per year could keep them from getting overly crowded. Some of the cast had their problems over the last two years as well. But, they shouldn't dwell on the past. This movie provided them the perfect opportunity to focus on the future and getting back on track.
I was happy to see that the old signature opening theme song had returned. That theme song SAYS Baywatch! There wasn't much rescuing or tower duty going on in this movie. But there was a LOT of smooching, smooching and even more smooching! The movie focused on a romance between Mitch Buchannon and a cloned Stephanie Holden look-a-like, Allison Ford. Even her body was exactly like Stephanie's. Neely was clearly jealous and did not want Mitch marrying her. Also, since Neely did not miss a trick, she noted that Allison was wearing her former husband's mom's ring. I couldn't believe that Neely complained about her having it on and wanted it off. Neely had given it back to Mitch, so the ring was no longer hers. But she still complained. She was tenacious in proving Allison a fake. She had gotten the woman's fingerprints on her necklace during their slide fight and had her checked out.
One of Mitch's enemies (and believe me, he had LOTS of them), Mason Sato nicely portrayed by Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa continued where he had left off in the 2nd season's "War of Nerves"/14th episode. Mitch had him sent back to prison for the second time. Sato failed to carry out his revenge then and had spent years on planning a fail-proof way to follow through this time. He had planned his revenge well. It was obvious that he had stalked Mitch for years without notice to pull it off. He even kept up with everyone's appearance and activities over the years. He knew where they all lived. He was even going to involve lifeguards who had never seen him before. Anyone who Mitch loved would serve his purpose. It would have made him a classier criminal if the writers had left them out of it. Classier criminal...hmmmm. Forget I ever said that. There is no such thing as a classy criminal. He had so many photos of Mitch, his son and their friends. The guy even used Mitch's photo for target practice! 
He managed to capture some of the most important people in Mitch's life. Hobie and Eddie seemed to be two of the main targets to get back at Mitch. He made sure that he was there personally for each of their captures. Sato remembered them extremely well. When Eddie asked what this was all about, Sato even called Eddie by name when he indicated that he didn't remember him. Eddie shook his head signaling that he still didn't remember him. Sato refreshed his memory. Poor Caroline was clueless and had to watch helplessly.
Hobie was Mitch's son and Sato wanted his life for his own son's as revenge. He wanted Mitch to suffer the way he had suffered. When he had Hobie and Summer captured and grated heavily to the sand so that they could not move, he made sure that he bragged. He admitted to Hobie that his son was his age. And that he was sorry. I really winced here. Was this supposed to make us have some sort of compassion for Sato? Sorry? Sorry for killing him? Sorry couldn't cut it here. Sato was wicked and you got to see a lot of his handy work in that 2nd season episode. It is one of those episodes that you never forget. He grew a bit more group-oriented here, using others to help carry out his self-proclaimed mission. He knew that Mitch would hurt for life while the planned death was being taped. As Sato pointed out, he would have to watch how his own son died. He made sure that Hobie was not able to lift his head well.  
I thought that it was truly amazing that Eddie didn't recognize him. He had testified against the man. It seemed O.K. at first. I could understand this because Sato's appearance had changed greatly. Even I didn't recognize him! I was expecting the character to look similar to the way he did in the 2nd season. He looked like a different person. But still, Eddie should have kept that in mind over the years given how revengeful this man was. He didn't. But Hobie on the other hand was only 10 years-old when he and Kaye Morgan (Pamela Bach), who was sitting him at the time, were used as bait to lure Mitch to him. Hobie recognized Sato right away despite the appearance change. The flashback of him and Kaye being held captive happened immediately after setting eyes on him. It just made me think that Hobie could remember this man as a 10 year-old and Eddie could not? Eddie's memory was not that short! He had always been good with detail. 
Alexandra Paul was great as Allison/Judy. She played the perfect innocent with all smiles, mimicing Stephanie's personality and then abruptly changing when Mitch revealed what he knew about her. Sato's plastic surgery for her enabled Stephanie-cloned features. There were things that I could not understand though. First, all of the lifeguards with the exception of Cort and Lani, seemed to have lost their fighting ability over the years. They were supposed to be thinkers, but the wheels weren't turning at all. What happened here? Did the writers work straight through on this one without any sleep at all? And Caroline panicking? She had been a lifeguard and had learned how to think about getting out of sticky situations as had the others. She must have given up her time per year to keep her eligibility. Caroline's acting career had made her mentally soft and mushy. And I must commend Carmen Electra greatly on her hard work with the hula lessons! This girl really knew how to get those hips around in this movie! A great change from when she first demoed a Hawaiian dance in the 8th season. 
The movie started out with Mitch having a nightmare of that dreaded night when Stephanie died. The flashback was from the 7th season's "Chance of a Lifetime"/13th episode. That dangerous storm caused the ship to take on water. Everyone on board had to get to the lifeboats in order to abandon ship. They had been waiting for Stephanie, who had noticed that a young girl, Trisha was missing. She went back to get her. Finding Trisha unconcious, Stephanie revived her so that they could get off the ship. She had to help her out on deck to the boats where everyone was waiting. Mitch called out to Stephanie to hurry. They had to go. As the two ran toward the boats, a strong bolt lightning struck the ship's mast, causing it to break in half and fall below. Stephanie saw it coming and pushed the girl out of harm's way. However, she did not move in time to save herself. She seemed to be frozen in that spot. Its extreme heaviness fell on and crushed her. She screamed. Trisha screamed  hysterically. Neely had to calm her down. Mitch and Stephanie's new husband Tom hurried over and worked to get the mast off. After doing so, Tom, who was a doctor realized that she was crushed. He couldn't save her. He knew that she was going to die soon. Hurtfully, he looked at Mitch to let him know this. Stephanie told them that it didn't hurt anymore, if they could help her up. She wanted to get up. She told them before dying that she was there with the two men whom she loved the most in the world. They would never lose her.
Mitch woke up and sat on the edge of the bed. A woman who was with him, was soon up and comforting him concerning the nightmare. She realized that it was the same dream that he was constantly having. She told him that it wasn't his fault that he couldn't save Stephanie. She blamed herself for stirring up all of the memories of Stephanie because of the way she looked. Mitch told her that it wasn't her fault. He wasn't interested in her only because of the way she looked. Just because she looked exactly like Stephanie. He opened the drawer on the nightstand and pulled out his mother's ring. It was some ring! A ring like that had to be pretty costly these days. Mitch told her to give him her hand. She seemed confused. Again, he told her to give him her hand. He placed the ring on her finger. She was just so excited over being engaged to him. They were going to be married.
The next morning on California's Malibu Beach, Hobie was talking to Taylor Walsh. I guess she was reassigned to Baywatch headquarters. She wanted Mitch to come back to work. They were very short handed and needed as much help as they could get. She asked Hobie if Mitch would come out of retirement and give them a hand. Hobie told her that he didn't know. His dad was seeing a travel agent that he had met. Hobie admitted that he hadn't met her yet. After Hobie had gone on duty, Taylor called Mitch and asked him to come down to help. Allison was there with Mitch. She wanted to meet his friends. Mitch agreed. He wanted to tell Hobie about their engagement first and then everyone else.
Taylor then phoned Neely. She was driving and was asked if she could come in since they were short-handed. Neely balked and was not coming in-at first. That is-until Taylor told her that her ex was going to be in tower 12. Suddenly, Neely showed new interest. She would be in to work the beach. You know, Taylor, who was a super by-the-book type, seemed nicer than remembered.
J.D. and Hobie worked a tower together. And Hobie noted Summer walking by. These days, he had shown great interest in her. He told J.D. that he had a crush on Summer since he was about 10. The writers didn't really do their homework on this one. Actually, Hobie had just turned 11 when Summer came to Baywatch. J.D. told him to go for it. He was sharing towers with her now.
That's really funny, you know. A crush on Summer? If Hobie had any kind of crush on Summer, he never showed it-ever. He seemed to treat Summer along with the rest of the female lifeguards like big sisters. They in turn acted like over-protective siblings. They all kept an eye on him for Mitch. Hobie had shown a lot more interest in the little girls his own age. And he was much too busy getting into trouble. He had a knack for constantly getting into trouble. The trouble that he got into was usually over trying to impress a girl. 
Mitch was in a good mood when he went up the ramp of his assigned tower. When he opened the door, it was another story. Neely was there, waiting for him. She admitted that it was getting hot. His mood had changed. He had left after having words with her. She did remind him that they were once married. It was something that he denied. She was the past and he wasn't looking to bringing the past back up. She watched him as he walked out in a huff. It was apparent that Neely wanted him back. She was willing to do anything in her power to do it.
The lifeguards patrolled the busy, crowded beach. And when it was over, Mitch told Hobie about Allison. As she swam in the ocean, Mitch warned him not to freak out when he sees her. Hobie didn't understand and asked why. Was there something wrong with her? Mitch told him no, but he would see. When he met Allison Ford, Hobie was stunned. He seemed speechless and kept staring. He regained his composure when Mitch told him that he and Allison were getting married. He wanted his son to be his best man. Although he seemed kind of shocked, Hobie accepted. 
While walking toward them, Neely and Summer got to see the trio hugging. Neely did not like what she saw and wondered what was going on. They both noted how much this woman looked liked Stephanie. She had approached Mitch. She demanded to know who the woman was and what was going on, as if it was any of her business anyway. Neely told Mitch that she thought that he didn't want to bring up the past. Mitch told her that was only concerning her. He walked away again to keep from exploding. When Neely realized that she wasn't going to get any information out of Mitch, she approached Hobie. When Hobie got his duffel bag, Summer gave him a hug. Neely wanted to know what was going on. She asked Hobie who the woman was. Hobie told her not to mess things up for his dad. Neely threatened that she would find out anyway. Hobie just told her that his dad was in love with Allison and they were getting married. The news left Neely a bit stunned.
Allison was on the internet looking for a spot a bit more original to have their wedding. In Hawaii, on the rim of a volcano. On the RIM OF A VOLCANO? That should have sent STRONG shock waves through his brain! But instead, it stirred up memories of C.J. Parker. Mitch told Allison about C.J. About how men tried to own C.J., but she was a free spirit. 
At North Shore Hawaii, she was meditating. "Oooommmmm! Oooommmmm!" She had sworn off men-again. She too had her memories. Hers of her last love at Baywatch-hunky Cody Madison (David Chokachi). Here is another sticky spot. Let me remind you that Cody had asked C.J. to marry him (Never More/7th Season). He had a ring and she was so eager that she took it and placed it on her OWN finger. It meant that she accepted his proposal. But in the 8th season, Cody was suddenly explaining to Lani that C.J had gone on a vacation trip to Mexico. She had met and fell in love with a tatooed rocker type and got married. So, he had lost her.
Meanwhile, John D. Cort and Eddie Kramer were on a row boat watching turtles. Eddie was more interested in women. It was all he could talk about. C.J. was interupted by Lani. With her sharp eyesight, C.J. could only notice two men with the turtles. Amazing how sharp her eyesight was for the turtles. With the men being much larger than the turtles, it seemed like she would have recognized Cort. C.J. raced toward them with Lani closely following her. C.J. had the intent to stop them from harrassing the "poor turtles." When the girls got to the scene, she realized that it was Cort. Cort was happy to see C.J. Lani, who showed an immediate attraction to Cort, interrupted the reunion and introduced herself. She just kept fluttering those eyelashes at him. As they headed toward the hotel, Cort wanted to get better aquainted with Lani and asked her what she did for a living.
It is quite amazing that the writers would think of a story putting C.J. and Lani together. Why? Because they both had two things in common. Cody Madison and John D. Cort. Lani seemed to have the exact same taste in men as C.J. The taste was so strong that Lani has actually taken on a habit of falling for C.J.'s ex-boyfriends. How many of you noticed that?
Mitch managed to get C.J. on her cell phone to tell her that he was getting married. This was all C.J. needed to get fired up. She was already talking about throwing an engagement party for the couple. Allison got really excited about having an engagement party. She couldn't wait to meet all of Mitch's friends. 
Caroline Holden's Shannon's Hope daytime soap series was shooting in Hawaii. Caroline was doing a scene until the director yelled "cut." After the scene, her co-star tried to ask her out on a date. She refused. She had no interest. Neely called Caroline while she was getting a massage. Since the massage felt so good, it made Neely moan. The moaning caused Caroline to think that it was a preverted caller. Neely told her not to hang up, it was her. She was getting a massage. Neely didn't waste any time in filling her in about Mitch and Allison. When she told Caroline about Allison's cloned features, she thought that Neely was exaggerating. Neely told her, "Why would I lie about this?" She went on to state that the woman was using her sister to trap Mitch. Caroline agreed to help her. You would just have to wonder how in the world Neely got Caroline to help her to do anything. They were never the best of friends and Neely had always back-stabbed her. Caroline's ex-boyfriend Logan Fowler (Jaason Simmons) even cheated on her with Neely. Of course, Caroline who had been on her way to Logan's found out by seeing them with her own eyes. She left quietly in bitter disappointment. Audiences cheered after she dumped him. 
Mitch and his party finally came, while Lani did the hula. C.J had been resting in a bright coral-pink bikini with a staring crowd comprised of men. Lani shooed them away and told them it was impolite to stare. They voiced their disappointment. She immediately woke C.J. up. She was told that Mitch had arrived. Meanwhile, photos of Mitch and his friends were being snapped. And the man responsible had many photos of Mitch, his family and friends tacked to his walls.
Neely and Caroline were on the way. Caroline complained how she let her talk her into this. She was still trying to manipulate Mitch. Neely told her "so what!" Caroline took a packet out of her purse. Neely looked at the pack and didn't realize that Caroline was on prozack. Caroline told Neely that the prozack was for her. 
Kekoa and Jason arrived by motorcycle. Leigh and Kekoa were not on speaking terms. Leigh was now dating J.D. and Kekoa did not like it one bit. This was a super-fluffy filler and given everyone's personality, I couldn't see this scene. Leigh Dyer just wasn't attracted to J.D. As I recalled, it was Sean Monroe whom she fell madly in love with. She wouldn't use someone to get back at another. She was a common-sense organizer. The writers didn't realize what her style was.
Cort talked about his eyesight and how it had stablized. As most of you know, he has Degenerative Eye Disease. He has no perephrial vision. Cort sees with tunnel vision as he learned the hard way in Blind Sided/3rd Season, and has to wear the special sunglasses to prevent further damage. Lani was interested in everything about Cort. You could just tell that she was determined to end up dating him. 
Hobie proceeded to win Summer over. Earlier, while confronting her while she was on tower duty, he noted the flowers from a man who was much older than Summer. He told her that she'd date a man much older than she was, but wouldn't date him. She told him that it was a matter of maturity. But it made her have second thoughts. He used his finger to spell out the words "kiss me" on her back. He kissed her. She didn't have any objections to it. This was another scene I couldn't see, given the fact that we actually saw him grow up. I guess if this was the first time we had ever seen Hobie, it wouldn't matter. 
Neely had shown up with Caroline. C.J. ran over to hug Caroline and almost snubbed Neely. Allison got to meet everyone. Neely, however wanted to see Allison alone. Mitch knew that she had to be up to something nefarious, so he protested. Allison assured Mitch that it was O.K. She accepted Neely's request.
When they were alone, Neely told Allison to go away. What was she after? They started to argue. Neely then noted the ring on Allison's finger and wanted it back (after she gave it back to Mitch when they split). The arguing got intense and they ended up fighting. Neely punched Allison and they fell, going down a water slide. The water didn't stop any of the action. They drew a large crowd. Mitch and Eddie jumped in to stop it. Mitch had to restrain an angry Allison while leading her out of the water. Neely got out of the water and approached Jason.  She pulled her necklace off and asked Jason to run a check on Allison. Neely got Allison's fingerprints on her necklace during their fight. Allison was a fake and could prove it.
Caroline met Eddie after the fight. She was highly attracted to him. They sat at a table to get to know each other better. Meanwhile, Allison, who still appeared upset concerning the fight with Neely wanted to clear her head with a swim. Mitch did not want her going out alone in her state of mind. An onlooking party of two men in sunglasses relayed a message to a third, who was underwater. He told him that she was in the ocean-alone. The diver pulled her under. She let out a scream.
Mitch, who was sitting on shore, stared out at the ocean waiting for her to come back. He suddenly Allison her coming out of the ocean. He was relieved. Allison explained that she got caught in a break. Meanwhile Caroline and Eddie were interupted by Neely, who was talking about Mitch and Allison. Eddie told her to back off. Neely told him to stop hitting on Caroline. Eddie got up and Neely was given his seat. He moved over one seat. Not far from the table,  J.D. tried to make up with Kekoa.
Mitch arrived at his table for the engagement party and the Luau began. Lani was a part of the show. And she did a hula! When the dance was over, C.J. gave a toast to the happy couple. Allison told the group about the island where they were to be married and took the group there. Allison told Neely that she was glad that she came along. Neely found a secluded spot and called Jason on her cell phone. Jason had some information for her concerning Allison. The prints had been run and Allison Ford was really Judy Regan. She had gotten plastic surgery to look like Stephanie Holden. But Jason was more interested in what was going on concerning Leigh, J.D. and Kekoa. Neely told him how should she know what was going on? With that, she clicked off. When Neely was out of view, Sato opened a door slightly to peer out as to what was going on. He was on board with them and would make his move when they got to the island, where no one could help them. 
When the group reached the island, Mitch told them to enjoy it, but not to get lost. While Leigh was laying out in the sun, J.D. tried to make advances at Leigh, she tells him to go have fun. She was not in any mood for games. 
Cort and Lani caught a view of the waterfall and decided to go for a swim. They got in quite a few smooches before the two men above jumped into the water with a gun. They ordered the couple to get out of the water. Unnoticed, Cort picked up some sand and started to fight. Lani helped. She was overtaken with a gun at her neck. The man threatened as he put it, to "snap her pretty little head off." Cort had no option, but to stop. He was then hit by one of the men to disable him. He was thrown over the shoulder of the cronie so that he could be carried off. No ideas were initiated with Cort unconcious. Given Cort's lack of side vision, he must have learned how to fight around it. 
Eddie and Caroline continued where they had left off. Her co-star who had filmed a scene with her earlier had suddenly appeared on the island. He claimed to have important information for her concerning her show. He lured her back to the ship. Suddenly, they realized that it was a trap. But it was too late. She and Eddie were overtaken. Sato made sure that he appeared before Eddie. Eddie asked what was going on. Sato asked him that he didn't remember him. Eddie was confused. Sato quickly reminded him that he testified against him concerning the fact that he had kidnapped Hobie and Kaye.
Meanwhile, Lani and Cort were captured in an area complete with camera to keep tabs on them if they tried to escape. Eddie and Caroline were thrown into a sub  handcuffed so that they could not move above a certain level for when the water started to rise. Their designated area was equiped with a camera as well. Caroline stated to panic. Eddie tried to calm her down.
Hobie and Summer were smooching and Summer noted a motorized boat coming in. He turned his head to see the men get out of the boat. They approached the men to see what was going on. The men got out of the boat. Hobie set eyes on Sato's familiar face and a backflash was immediate. He knew exactly who he was even though he had been only ten years-old at that time! He told Summer to run. While running, he informed her who the man was. Sato had a speargun. And he let off a warning shot, purposely missing them. He told them to come out. He informed Hobie that this was not about him. So, again as with Eddie and Caroline, there was no fight here. I would rather have seen each of the other couples fight as had Cort and Lani. If they are overtaken, so be it. At least they would have gone down swinging. The writers could have at least given us this much. So what if Sato was a martial arts expert! It would have made it that much more interesting.
Well, the two were captured. And by the shoreline covered heavily grated to the sand. Sato anticipated the tide coming in to drown the two. Hobie asked him what was his problem? His dad would save them. Sato told him that only if his dad could get there in time. He told Hobie that his own son would be his age about now. His couldn't see his son. His dad wouldn't see his either. Sato said, "sorry, son." He also informed the two of the camera. His dad could watch how he died. He would be tormented watching his son die. He left them.
Neely managed to catch up with Mitch. She tried to tell him that Allison was a fake. How her real name was Judy Regan. Had a criminal background of forgery. She had plastic surgery to look like Stephanie. Mitch didn't believe her. Neely went on to state the facts. She had Jason run Allison's fingerprints from her necklace when they fought. Although he now had his doubts about Allison, Mitch didn't want to believe Neely and walked away. There was nothing more that Neely could do if Mitch would not listen to her.
Mitch approached Allison. He could hear her talking with someone. She had been taken by surprise, but kept her composure. Mitch asked who she talking to. Allison told him, "no one." She was practicing her vows. She continued to wear a big smile complete with her eyes shining like stars. Mitch knew that she was lying. He had heard two voices. Mitch finally challenged her now that he knew the truth. Was she practicing? He mentioned her name, or was it Judy? She denied it. He refreshed her memory and asked why? Why would she get plastic surgery to look like Stephanie so that he could marry her? Her tone and facial expressions changed. "It worked, didn't it?" 
Suddenly Sato appeared and tackled Mitch. The two men fought and Mitch over took Sato for now. Sato ran out to lure Mitch into the brush. Mitch pursued. Sato jumped out of hiding to take him by surprise. Mitch was finally overtaken and captured. Sato used this time to brag even further. Mitch learned that Judy's partner was Sato. He gave her an expression of bitter disappointment. Judy told Mitch not to look at her like that. Sato showed all of the captures he had on 3 survalance cameras. Sato told him that they would all drown if he could not rescue them in time. Mitch sought the help of J.D., C.J., Leigh, Kekoa and Jason.  
Sato watched the monitors with great interest in Mitch's attempts rescue them. He oogled Judy. They laughed. Yes, this horrible man was in glee over Mitch's disaster. A disaster that he caused.
Hobie and Summer tried avoiding the rising water. Meanwhile Cort tells Lani to take a deep breath. Fighting the rising water was exhuasting. J.D. helped Eddie and Caroline, getting their cuffs off the sub. J.D. needed more help. Hobie tried to fight off the water and since the tide was constantly coming in and rising, he couldn't get high enough to get any air. He was reared unconcious. Since she was placed about a head higher away from the water than Hobie, Summer faired better.
Above, Jason and Kekoa used a helicopter to spot J.D. Kekoa then jumped in to help. Mitch got to Hobie and Summer. Meanwhile Cort calls for Leigh to help with Lani. She was unconcious. Once she was to safety, she was revived. Hobie and Summer were freed of the grates and Summer was safe. Hobie was not breathing and had no pulse. They began CPR. Hobie wasn't responding. Mitch jumped in, desperately pushing everyone out of the way to do it himself. Meanwhile, Vic, one of Sato's croanies, was in a plane and radioed Sato. Jason jumped in to help J.D. and Kekoa. Hobie finally came to to everyone's relief. To Sato, this was not good at all. Judy found them and held the group at bay with a gun. Kekoa approached the sub and managed to help get Eddie and Caroline free.
Neely, who was fed up with Judy, punched her! He had been wanting to do that for a long time. Lani was out and Cort was free. Sato showed up and he and Mitch tackle once more. They both fell out of Sato's rubber motorized boat and into the water where Mitch had the advantage as he did the last time. They continued their fight. The rubber boat kept going. The propeller was coming close to the men. Awfully close! Sato was in its path. 
The Coast Guard came and told Sato's men to prepare to get boarded. Mitch emerged from the water. They all looked on relieved, expecting Sato to follow. When he didn't show, Hobie asked what happened to him. "Fish food!" Mitch exclaimed. At that moment Mitch realized that he was wrong. He thanked Neely. She gave him a slight smile and said, "What are friends for?" Mitch then repeated, "What are friends for?" He then marched over to Judy and grabbed her hand. He wisely took his mother's ring off her finger. That thing was worth a fortune! She would have been happy to sell all of those diamonds and precious silver. Neely looked pretty satisfied with that. Mitch told Judy that he really fell for her. Judy was cold and distant. "I'm really good at what I do." She said with defiance and an overly-proud tilt of the chin. Neely, who was not amused displayed a stern expression and took her away to The Coast Guard.

As Mitch reasoned later, it didn't work out the way he wanted it to, but then, that's the thing about relationships. C.J. didn't let them get away without a wedding ceremony. It was planned as far as she was concerned, SOMEBODY was going to get married! C.J. and Lorenzo, the handsome hotel waiter she had been attracted to were wed. She's done it before with the Mexican Vacation bit, so I won't touch this one.  
With the first movie done, and a HUGE chance for others to be filmed, I had to admit that I did enjoy watching it. It was good seeing the cast again. The movie did have a lot of flaws (like all of the Baywatch episodes). Staying consistant seems to be the biggest problem that the writers have always had to face through the years. I couldn't understand why they killed Sato off. He and all of Mitch's other enemies could come back to cause havok. Especially since they are making movies now. But then, we never actually saw Sato killed. Not even the aftermath. Only Mitch saw that. And with the clever Sato, looks can be deceiving. 
Mitch informed the group that Sato was "fishfood." Like Mitch, Sato could come back. And why not? Mitch's miracle back to life from the underwater explosion in Killing Machine, the 10th season finale was never explained. It was never even explained in the 11th season. And we were never allowed to see him when he got blown to bits. The scene shifted to the water's surface. A real cliff hanger. And that was where all the fans were left-hanging on the edge of a cliff. It was as if Mitch had never even gone to Hawaii to build The Training Center in the first place. There is something for the writers to think about for the future projects.
Caroline and Eddie certainly looked great together. I assumed that Eddie and Shauni McClain (Erika Eleniak) broke up quite a while back. They seemed so in love. I really liked seeing them together. After all, Eddie was talking about women. It would be nice he and Caroline became a couple for the rest of the movies planned..that is, if either of them decided to come back. It could work out well. Another good looking match was Cort and Lani. They look great on film. But then, John Allen Nelson looks great on film with most women. He looked good with Gena Lee Nolin when they were both filming the more recent Sheena series. It would be good to have Lani and Cort continue the relationship.
There was one match that I just didn't think was made in paradise though. You all know what match I'm talking about even if some of you are in denial and won't admit it. Summer and Hobie? What was the problem in this area? They couldn't find any young girls to cast within the 18 to 24 year-old range for a love interest? We watched Hobie grow up on screen! We watched Summer date Matt Brody (David Charvet) after Slade (Kelly Slater), her surfer champion boyfriend left for competition only to come back to find that he had been dumped. Yes, the two people he was closest to at Baywatch were dating and had been uncomfortable as to how he would take it. She had even accepted Slade's ring. The one that his mother had given him for when he met the right girl. They fought over her. Her current relationship with Hobie is one that I'm hoping will wash away real soon. Another young, handsome, buffed lifeguard could join the cast and become Summer's love interest.
Neely's trying to manipulate Mitch kept a lot of interest in the storyline. At least she didn't do anything rotten here. She proved that she did love Mitch. When she was married to Mitch, I had to admit that she was well-behaved. The problems resurfaced with the bad behavior after he had dumped her. It looks like Mitch is stuck with her trying to keep an attachment and win him back.
Overall, the story was watchable despite the big holes. Here's hoping that the next movie can provide a bit more solid substance to accomodate many cast members.
My Score: 2 Rescue Cans
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