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The Questions & Answers Page
Here, you will find the answers to the most asked questions concerning the show and movie. If you have a question, just send me a message. The questions that fans ask most are added here.   
Q How can Mitch Buchannon be in the Baywatch Reunion Movie? Didn't Mitch die in an underwater explosion in the 10th season's cliff-hanger, "The Killing Machine?"
A Yes, the writers did kill him off in the explosion, but since we didn't actually see him get blown to bits, it left an option open for beloved actor/producer David Hasselhoff to come back to the series. He was leaving the show and this was how the producers and writers wanted him to go out. And yes, David was angry about it. What star of a super-long running series wouldn't be? You just can't kill off "Mr. Baywatch" himself! He was the show!
As for bringing him back for the movie, they just washed over it, just like the soaps do. This is Baywatch we're talking about. The writers have always had a problem with keeping the plots and characters consistant. Characters change in the blink of an eye to suit any given plot. 
Q Are there going to be any more movies?
A A strong possibility! FOX, the network that produced and aired the Baywatch Hawaii Wedding movie, was talking about doing two or so movies per year and maybe another series. If they all surface and go as planned, here is hoping that they will all be set back in its original roots, California.
Q The movie was supposed to air about two years ago. Why did it take so long for the movie to get made?
A There were a lot of problems. Many of the cast members had a lot of scheduling conflicts and salary battles. David Hasselhoff and 14 others did show up for the movie. FOX made it known to the rest of the cast that they would do everything they could to get Pamela Anderson there for the movie, so that was where a big chunk of the money went. She as well as David Hasselhoff got the high salaries and the rest of the cast got low salaries. 
Q John Allen Nelson's character, John D. Cort had Degenerative Eye Disease, which there was no cure. It could only get worse, and he had to wear special sunglasses to slow down the destructive process as the doctor had told him. In the movie, why was he acting as if he was cured of the disease?
A John D. Cort still does have Degenerative Eye Disease, but in the movie he stated that his condition had gotten "better." The writers washed over it in the same way that brought Mitch back to life. In the 3rd season episode, Blind Side, Cort didn't have any side vision and couldn't see anything coming at him in those directions. How else could Cort fight in the movie and seem to have his perephial vision in tact? And of course, he kept his glasses off. They didn't look a bit like the ones in Blind Side.
Q What happened to Shauni McClain, the girl Eddie Kramer married at the end of the 3rd season two-parter, River of No Return? 
A Since Eddie had women on his mind when he was observing the turtles with John D. Cort in Baywatch Hawaii Wedding, it was apparent that he was divorced, which was a pity. The two were so much in love. That was the best chemistry between any couple on the show. Of course it seemed so natural because the two were actually dating during that time.   
Q How did Lani McKenzie meet C.J. Parker? She was gone when Lani arrived at Baywatch.
A Lani first learned about C.J. through Caroline Holden. Caroline told Lani that Cody and C.J. were a couple. Cody explained to her that they were no longer together. She went on a Mexican vacation, met a tatooed rocker and got married. We all knew that Pamela Anderson deserved a better departure than that. She had been on the show for five years. 
Although a free spirit, C.J. was never the type to stay away from her closest friends. She was close to Mitch and always will be. She kept in touch. Since Lani had left Baywatch for a dancing career, she had to have met C.J. through Mitch in order to get the dancer's position at C.J.'s Bar & Grill. Baywatch lifeguards always look out for each other even after they leave duty.
Isn't it ironic how both women who dated Cody Madison were thrown together to be good friends in this movie? I guess they would always have that something in common to talk about. (((((LAUGHING))))) 
Q  Didn't Lani McKenzie go to New York? She landed a job on Broadway as a dancer. Why was she working in Hawaii as a hula dancer? 
A  Yes, Lani went to New York to take a position as a dancer on Broadway. This was her first job in the field. But Lani was born and raised in Hawaii. After her first job ended, she went back home instead of reauditioning to keep the part. It was apparent that she met C.J. through Mitch. He must have recommended her for the position at C.J.'s Bar and Grill. She was a natural.