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Full Throttle 17 Script
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****Sharkey's Review****
Full Throttle
 17th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 03/14/98   Encore: 03/20/98
Week of: 03/08/98 - 03/14/98 

Cody and Newmy challenged Jordan and April to a race while they were at the end of their shifts patrolling the water in their scarabs. The guys cheated on the starting count to give themselves an edge. When the guys pulled away from the ladies, they encountered the two pampered brats. Later, when they caught up with them, the girls wanted a rematch and they did so with a lifeguard competition.

Cody wanted to challenge the girls by beating them to the rescue. They get their gear, while April and Jordan was on it. Newmy goes in as backup and Cody went to the back of the truck to get his rescue can and just picked it up and ran with it, not realizing that the cords harness was caught and the strained momentum caused him to sustain a leg injury. He was on crutches had to stay off of it for two days. He couldn't get up the stairs of his apartment and Newmy brought him over to the Buchannon's residence for their poker game. Cody asked Mitch if he could crash on his couch for a couple of days. Being the nice guy he is, Mitch allowed him to stay.

During their poker game, in which J.D. and Manny cancelled at the last second, which left Cody, Newmy and Mitch. Needing a fourth person to make it a half-decent game, Mitch used the baby (he played the baby's hand for her). Ashley was winning and Newmy and Cody weren't pleased. Newmy mentions the bet since Cody couldn't race with an injury. Cody still didn't want to tell Mitch about using his boat as an "anti." Later while Cody slept on the couch with his leg propped up Mitch managed to get tiny Ashley to fall asleep. He accidentally sat on Cody's leg, forgetting that he was there. The incident caused the baby to wake up again. Mitch got up as quickly as he sat down and tried to get her to go to sleep again.

Mitch goes over with Cody to tell the guys that the race was off. Cody was injured, and besides it was his boat, not Cody's. When one of the jerks asked why wouldn't he race them in his place, Mitch said, "because I dont want to!" The men made a remark about lifeguards and that "it was your chance Pops," line to Mitch. Mitch took the challenge. Unsupervised boat racing was against what he represented as a Lifeguard Captain. The two men cheated, got into trouble and had to be rescued.


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