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****Sharkey's Review****
Bon Voyage
 20th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 05/16/98   Encore: 05/22/98
Week of: 05/10/98 - 05/16/98 

The girls are being photographed playing beach softball. "The tradition continues," says Mitch looking on along with Cody and Hobie. "First Neely, then Donna, now Lani on the cover of Inside Sports." "Well personally, I wished the tradition ended with Donna." Said Cody. He was jealous. "Gosh, I'd be stoked if my girlfriend was on the cover of a magazine." Said Hobie.

"Lani asked me to Cava on her vacation." Said Cody. "Now he's taking them to Alaska." He pointed in the direction of the photographer. "How do you do a swimsuit layout in Alaska?" "Are you kidding me?" Asked Hobie. "Fire and Ice is gonna be the hottest mag yet!" "Do I detect a note of jealousy Cody?" Asked Mitch.

"You're telling me that you're not the least bit jealous that Neely's cruising to Alaska on The Love Boat?" Asked Cody. "Contrary to rumors, Neely and I are just friends." Said Mitch. "Mitch," said Cody. "The two of you are living together." Mitch corrected him with his answer, "The four of us are living together temporarily until Neely and Ashley can afford a place of their own."

The shoot continued. "Know what we should do? We should get tickets and go on the cruise with them." Cody suggested. "Cody," said Mitch. "A relationship is based on trust." "Yeah, I know about that." Said Cody. There was a pause before he continued. "I'm callin' a travel agent right now." He turned to leave. "Don't waste your time." Mitch stated. "What do you mean?" Asked Cody.

Mitch looked at him and said, "I've already tried, he, he, he. The Dawn Princess is sold out." "There's always last minute cancellations." Said Cody. "And there's always a chance that I can win the tickets from the contest." Said Hobie. "What contest?" Asked Mitch. "The one that The Princess Cruise is sponsoring. You remember that AD on TV." Hobie reminded him. "They're gonna announce the winner any day now."

The flashback was shown with Hobie turning on the TV and seeing the AD. He went to the desk and pulled out a pad and pen to write down the contest information to win an Alaskan Cruise for four. He had very high hopes. "Give me a break Hobie." Said Cody. "What are the odds of you winning something like that?" "Better than the odds of you takin' Lani to Cava." Hobie informed him. Mitch smiled. "Ha, ha," Cody laughed sarcastically. "Funny!" He jabbed Hobie. Hobie and Mitch laughed. The girls posed in Baywatch suits with Neely sitting in a lifeguard beach chair in her reds. That is really good to see. Lani and Donna sported the navy-training swimsuit.

Neely and Mitch were jogging on the path with Ashley in her baby buggy-type jogger. "You might as well get used to it Ashley. Running five miles everyday whole your mom's gone." Said Mitch. "By the time she gets back from Alaska, you're gonna be ready for the triathlon." "That's something we need to talk about." Said Neely. "I know, I know." Said Mitch. "Keep her out of the sun, have plenty of formula, make sure the brake is on before we stop. Don't forget pampers." They stopped jogging. "What?"

"That's not what I was gonna say." Said Neely. "What were you gonna say?" Asked Mitch. "That I'll be taking Ashley with me on the Cruise." She explained. "Why? You worried that Hobie and I can't take care of her while you're gone?" Asked Mitch. "No, it's got nothing to do with you. I finally tracked down Peter. He's living in Alaska. You know, it's one of the stops on the Cruise." Neely explained.

"Peter, your ex-husband Peter." Said Mitch. Neely nodded. "Yeah." She said. "So you're going to introduce Ashley to her daddy." Said Mitch. "Great, great. He must be thrilled." "Well, I uhhh..I haven't told him yet." She admitted. "You haven't told him yet?" He asked.

"What am I supposed to say?" Asked Neely. "Hi, it's your ex-wife. Remember when we were thinking about getting back together? Well, I got pregnant. I had a baby. I didn't bother to tell you. That's not the kind of conversation you have on the phone." She added. "You're just gonna show up on his doorstep." He stated.

"I-I don't know. I still need to work out my feelings toward Peter." Said Neely. "On the one hand, he deserves to be a part of Ashley's life." She said. "On the other hand, I don't know if I want him to be a part of my life. Then I think that she needs to be part of a family and Peter and I should give it another shot. I wish you were coming. I'm gonna need all the moral support I can get." "Come here," he said, taking Neely into his arms and giving her a comforting hug. "You got it, O.K.?" He added. "You got it." They then continued to jog. "Let's go."

Later that night at the Buchannon residence, after Ashley had just finished her bottle. "That's it, you finished? Yeah, good girl. Hey." Cooed Mitch. "Yeah, shhhh, shhhh, shhhh, shhhh!" Hobie walks over toward Mitch and the baby. With his arms outstretched downward, he props himself on the sofa's arm with his weight resting on his hands. "So, you think Neely's gonna get back with her ex?" He asked.

"That's a tough to say. Having a baby is a strong bond between two people." Said Mitch. "It wasn't enough to keep you and mom together." Hobie stated. "That's not the point." Said Mitch. "Well maybe it's not strong enough to get Neely and what's-his-name back together." Said Hobie. "Peter." Mitch said.

"What?" Asked Hobie. Pretending that he hadn't heard. It's obvious that he had also grown attached to Neely and the baby even though there were no previous episodes of them being in the same house. He didn't want to hear anything about Peter. "His name is Peter." Mitch stated.

Not even wanting to mention Peter's name, Hobie went on. "All I know is that you're the only real father that Ashley's ever had and I can't believe that you're not gonna put up a fight to keep her." He was really hoping that Mitch would just go to Neely and confess his love for her.

"It's not my choice or your choice, or even little Ashley's choice." Said Mitch, holding up one of his hand to halt the conversation. "Look, let's just not talk about it, O.K.?" They hear a knock at the door. Getting up, Mitch gives Ashley to Hobie and tells him to burp her. He goes over to answer it. "You guys eat yet?" Asked Cody. He was bearing pizza and salad. "No, no. Come on in, I'm starved." Said Mitch.

Cody figured that since they had to watch Ashley, that they might be hungry. Mitch asked what he was doing there and thought that he was supposed to be at an Inside Sports dinner with Lani. But Cody told Mitch that that was before they got into a fight and Lani said that she never wanted to see him again. The way Lani holds onto Cody? And all of the trouble Cody went through just to land her? That's pretty hard to believe. Especially with everything they've been through together.

Hobie finished burping Ashley and placed her in her crib. He came over to eat. Sitting down on a stool, he said, "We gotta have a long talk. You're blowing this whole thing out of proportion." He picked up a slice of pizza and before he could eat, there is a knock at the door. He drops the pizza and sighs. "My turn." He opens the door to find an express delivery messenger bearing an envelope. "Hey, how's it going?"

While Hobie signed for the delivery, Cody complained. "I know I'm nuts, but all I could think of was C.J.! Remember? She was supposed to go away for a week and never came back?" He whined. "It's not gonna happen to Lani." Mitch assured him. I'll say! She's with Neely and Donna. She'll come home with them, looking for his lips.

"Thanks a lot," said Hobie. He walked over toward them slowly while examining the envelope. "Overnight mail?" He wondered out loud. "From who?" Asked Mitch. "Princess Cruises." Hobie said, opening the envelope and reading the letter. "The contest!" Said Cody, who was desperate. "You said that they would announce the winners. What does it say?"

Hobie began to read, "Congratulations, you are the winner of The Princess Cruises Alaskan sweepstakes." It finally sinks in that he's won and Hobie exclaimed, "I'm going to Alaska!" Mitch took the letter to finish reading the letter. "Unbelievable! Look at this!" Said Mitch, with Cody looking on. "You guys missed the essay I wrote. I wrote about how I loved the beach and how much we need a vacation." Hobie said. "You are the man!" Said Cody. "Aww man, you are awesome!" Mitch exclaimed.

Hobie decided to tease them for a while. "Now, all I have to do is find three people to go with me." He said. "I'm taking bids." "Well, I'm your father." Said Mitch. "Father." Cody pulled out a $20 bribe. "Twenty bucks and I'll do your laundry for a month." Cody added. Hobie took it and looked up at his father and said, "You got twenty bucks for me Dad?" "No, but I'm your father." Said Mitch. "Deal!" He said to Cody. He then looked at Mitch. "All right, you're goin'." They all celebrated with yells of their own.

Underwater, two divers avoided a shark to make their way toward a steel box and opened it to take out three huge green gems. They make their way back up to their boat. The blonde woman and man looked at the stones. "Oh, my God! Would you look at these things?" He asked. "They've gotta be worth a fortune."

"They are," she said. "We can cut thousands of stones from just one of these emeralds." She held one up to the sun to examine it more closely. "What are we getting out of this, Robby? Huh? We risked our lives diving for these." "What are you talking about?" Robby asked.

"I'm talking about getting our fair share of the profit." She said. "What? Are you out of your mind Leslie?" Robby asked. "You forgot who we're dealing with here? These guys are killers!" He continued, "You'll never make it off he dock. They'll kill to get these emeralds. They'll kill to keep 'em." "You gutless worm!" Leslie said. "Shut up Leslie!" Said Robby. "You don't know what you're talking about!" "All I know is that I'm tired of working for nothing." She said.

"Nothing? I think that you stayed under a little too long!" He said. "You're not thinking straight." He took the emeralds and placed them back into the red net bag. "You're throwing away the chance of a lifetime." Leslie complained. "I'm playing it smart." Robby told her sternly. "I suggest that you do the same." They paused and stared at each other in for a second before he broke it. "Why don't you come and help me with this anchor?"

He went on to lift the anchor so that they could leave the area while she stood there and thought for a moment before picking up a huge, heavy pair of steel pliers. They seemed to be about two feet long. She made her way toward him and hid them behind her back. "Give me a hand, Leslie." Robby said, while hoisting the anchor. "I wanna get out of here." She hit him on the back of the neck. He was knocked momentarily unconscious. She then tied him to the line of the anchor. He regained consciousness and while she tried to flee, he grabbed her leg. He struggled with Leslie as she kicked at him trying to break free.

She managed to loosen the line of the anchor so that it would let the anchor pull it into the water. To keep himself from going in, he hung on to the edge of the boat with his hands. Leslie kicked at his hands, forcing Robby to let go. The anchor and its line were now separate from the boat. It was pulling Robby under as the weight of the anchor fell below. There was blood on the side of the boat. "Bye, bye, baby." Said Leslie. She took the net bag containing the emeralds. Below the surface, to keep himself from drowning, Robby got his foot free and lost consciousness and floated to the top. Meanwhile, Leslie filled a steel container with water and took out a box of three-minute hair color. This is how you knew what her intentions were from the beginning.

April and Newmy were skiing with Sheryl Whalen as the spotter and in the boat. Leslie was rinsing her hair, getting out the excessive color. She was now a redhead. She looked in the mirror at her wet tresses and was satisfied with the results. She made her way toward her cellular phone. "Yeah, its me." She smiled. "I've got the emeralds. Quinn is at the bottom of the ocean sucking on an anchor. Of course I was careful. Look, I know what they would do to me if I got caught. I'm not going to get caught. I've seen them once." Leslie said. "No, no. They won't remember. Besides, even if they do, they'll be searching for a blonde Leslie Stryker. I'm Clair Hodges now, I'm a redhead." April sees the victim and says, "Stop the boat!" She goes down purposely and goes over toward the victim.

"April's down," says Sheryl. "O.K.," says Barnett. "Let's pick her up!" He turns the scarab around. The other boat follows. The shark is coming toward that direction as well. Leslie sees the lifeguards and looks worried. "Hold on," She says, picking up her binoculars. They were rescuing Robby! "Oh, no! We have a problem here." The shark is coming in. Sheryl jumps in to assist April. "Sheryl, no!" Screamed April. "There's a shark!" Sheryl swims toward the victim to help. The shark closes in. Its dorsal fin in plain view. They swim the victim toward the boat. Leslie watches the incident with keen interest. "I can't tell if he's dead or alive."

"Easy," April said as they swim him in. The shark tries to attack when Barnett jumps in with a spear and attacks the shark. It gets away. Newmy gets in, "Barnett, I've got you covered!" Then he yells to the girls. "Help him to the boat!" Using his water ski, he attacks the shark until it gets away again. They get the man aboard while Newmy fights. "Enough, O.K.? I'll take care of it!" Leslie screams. Just as April makes it aboard, she is barely missed by the shark! Newmy climbs onto the boat.

"Wait until I call you to tell you where to meet me!" Leslie said. The team quickly attended the victim. Radio The Coast Guard," Said Newmy. "We're gonna need a helicopter."

"Newmy, they won't make it in time," said Barnett. "He has servere head trauma," said April. "There'll be an ambulance waiting," said Barnett. "He probably fell off some boat." Said Newmy as they gave the victim CPR.

April noted a boat and quickly got binoculars to get a better look. Leslie ducked down very low and tried and not to be seen. April searched the water. No one seems to be looking for him. April said. Leslie then took off when she saw that the searching binoculars were no longer in use.

She soon parks into an empty space and takes down the FOR RENT sign while complaining to herself, "That bastard had better not be alive!" She stoops to go into her red backpack and pulls out the gems. She stuffs them into a velvet pouch and pulls the drawstring to close it. She then stuffs the pouch into her pack.

Hobie steered a scarab in a few spaces over with another lifeguard helping him tie it to the pier. Leslie looked around and quickly develops a plan so that she could get to Robby and find out about his condition. She glanced over at the young lifeguard, who was wiping the inside of the scarab clean. She quickly put on her pack and said, "This dope should get me into Baywatch Headquarters."Leslie then pushed the attached opened kayak into the water and grabbed the paddle when she got in. The ruthless woman purposely paddled toward a boat. Hobie turned to watch as she guided herself in its path. There was an expression of concern on his face as he said lowly to himself, "What's she doing?" When she looked as if she was going to hit the boat he screamed, "Watch out!"

Leslie's timing was perfect as the boat missed her. She tipped over purposely out of harm's way as Hobie quickly grabbed his can and jumped in. He swims out to rescue her. "Help somebody!" She screamed, splashing about acting helpless. Hobie got to her and had Leslie securely in his grip when he asked, Are you O.K.?" "I'm not sure," she cried. "Hold on to this. I'll tow you in." He said. O.K., she agreed. He was buying her act.

As he made his way through the water he yelled, "You all right back there?" "I'm fine." She assured him. At Headquarters, Leslie is wrapped in a blanket while she is being questioned. Hobie makes his way from the outer deck to get inside. He greets one of the female lifeguards and heads toward the sofa.

"Hey Clair," he said. "Sorry about the wait." He then reached for the clipboard. "Thanks a lot Alphie." She stood and then left. Leslie then put on her act. She was good, very good at looking sweet and innocent in his presence. And why shouldn't she be able to fool him? He was just a young boy! If Hobie had been around J.D.'s age, she may not have been quite so lucky.

"Well, uh," said Hobie. "I'm gonna hafta ask you a couple of questions." He explains that when a lifeguard makes a rescue, they fill out a report by asking the victim questions. "Sit right here," he said, pulling out a chair for her. After they were seated, he asked her if she had ever been in a kayak before.

"The funny thing is, I row every day," she said. "I don't know what happened. It was as if my brain just shot down and all of a sudden there was this boat coming straight at me. Thank goodness you were there for me. It's the scariest thing that's ever happened to me." She said starting to caress his arm. See, my hand is still shaking. Leslie extended it for him to take. He held it between both of his.

"Ah, don't worry, you're safe now." He assured her. J.D. walked over. With his quick pace, he was a man on a mission. "Whats up Hobe?" He asked. "What's up J.D.?" Hobie returned. "How's it goin?" Asked J.D. He seemed extra nice today. "Good!" Hobie said. "Congratulations," said J.D. "On your cruise to Alaska." "Shhh-it's supposed to be a secret, all right?" Hobie told him. "I haven't said a word." Said J.D. "All right." Said Hobie.

"So, is that spot still open?" Asked J.D., who seemed just as desperate as Cody was. Leslie looked on with keen interest. "Possibly," said Hobie. "I'll talk to you about it later." "Don't forget about me." Said J.D. "I won't." Said Hobie. "Who loves ya?" Said J.D., kissing up. "Love ya, babe." Said Hobie. After J.D. left, he turned back toward his clipboard. "Ah, so, back to the incident report. Name, Claire Hodges-that's C-L-A-I-R-E?" "Uh, no E." She said. "All right." Said Hobie. Leslie picked the right moment to bring up the cruise. "So, you're going on a cruise to Alaska?"

"Yeah, I won this contest." Said Hobie. "When are you going?" Asked Leslie before he could actually finish his sentence. "Well, actually, were leaving for Vancouver tomorrow." He said. "Oh, uh, I guess we won't have much of a chance to spend time together." She said. "That's O.K. You're going to have such a fabulous time in Alaska. It is so gorgeous this time of year." "You've been there?" Hobie asked.

"I live there. Well, I used to." She lied. "What do you mean?" He asked. "I came here to do research on whale migration." She continued to lie. "I major in Marine Biology. Anyway, the department that I was staying with got ripped off. They took everything. All my clothes, my tuition money-it's all gone."

"Aww, that terrible! What about your parents, can't they help you out?" He asked. "My parents were killed in an accident last year." She said, pouring it on. She didn't want to leave any questions unanswered. "So were my brother and sister." "I'm sorry," Hobie said. "There's nothing you can do about it." She said. "Maybe there is. I have four tickets. So far it's me, my Dad and Cody. You could be the fourth." He offered.

"Hobie, you don't even know me." She said. "I know, but I feel like I do." He said. "You do?" She asked, placing her hands on his arm again. "That's so sweet. I feel that way about you too." She caressed it to clinch the deal, misleading him. He took it as that she was interested in him.

Can such a good-looking kid like Hobie be that desperate to get a girlfriend without getting to know her first? There must have been some nice little teenaged girl that he could have invited. He could have invited anyone along, even if it's just a friend of the family, like J.D. He's known J.D. for almost eleven years! Or even Newmy! J.D. was even willing to lower himself to kiss up to Hobie in hopes that he'd choose him. After promising that he wouldn't forget J.D., he had when a less than perfect stranger touched his arm. Hobie could have met a girl on the cruise.

"But I couldn't. I couldnt impose." She said. "Oh, come on. Why not? It would be like I was giving you a ride home." Hobie insisted. "Really?" She asked smiling. "Yeah." Hobie insisted. "This is so incredible! No one has ever done anything like this for me!" She said. "Where have you been all my life Hobie Buchannon?" "I've been right here." Said Hobie, as she threw her arms around him. "Is there somewhere I can change?" She asked.

"Yeah, Girl's locker room, downstairs." He said. "Let's go." "Hey guys. What was that CODE R all about?" Asked J.D., as Leslie and Hobie made their way toward him, Newmy and April. "I thought you guys went water skiing. We were until April found a body floating in the water." Said Newmy. Leslie listened with new interest.

"Oh my God!" Said J.D. "We thought he was dead at first until we gave him CPR and he's still alive." April said. "We don't know if he's gonna pull through though." "He was still in a coma when we got him to shore." Said Newmy. "I'm gonna call the hospital to see how he's doing." Said April. "It's the Pacific and Medical, right?"

"Right!" Said Newmy. After April leaves, Leslie feigns a fainting spell. But she still held on tightly to her backpack. Newmy caught her. "What happened?" She asked. "You passed out." Hobie said. "I did?" She asked. "All I remember is getting dizzy and feeling nauseous. This is really getting weird." "We'd better get you to the hospital." Said Hobie. "I guess you're right." Leslie agreed.

At Pacifica Trauma Center, the doctor is speaking to Hobie. "Just finished examining your victim. Vital signs are normal, no water in the lungs, no evidence of internal injuries. I suspect the dizziness was the result of nervous tension than physical trauma. Seems to be under an enormous amount of stress." Said the doctor. "I just met her, so I don't know that much about her." Said Hobie. "Well, she'll be out in a moment or two. She's being released as we speak." Said the doctor.

"Do you know if somebody's coming to pick her up?" Asked Hobie. "I don't think she's got any family in the Los Angeles area." Said the Doctor. "O.K., uhhh, I'll take her home." Said Hobie. "I know he just will, babe! When Hobie said that he would take her home, you'd think that he meant hers, not his. Notice how Hobie already had his hands all over Clair and he had just met her! "I hope she appreciates how much you've done for her." Said the doctor. "Me too." Said Hobie. "O.K.," said the doctor. "Thanks," said Hobie as the doctor patted him on the shoulder. After the doctor left, Hobie looked at his watch.

Gavin, a man dressed in black with a goatee makes his way toward a limo. He opens the back door and gets in. A bald older man with little round glasses asked, "Where's Quinn?"

"At Pacifica Trauma Center. In critical condition." Gavin said. "What happened?" He asked. "I don't know," said Gavin. "But I have the feeling that we've been double crossed." "We're talking about five million dollars in emeralds." He said. "You don't have to remind me." Gavin said. "Where in the hell is Leslie?" He asked.

"I don't know, but I'm gonna find out." Gavin said, and then barked an order to the chauffeur. "Pacifica Trauma Center. Let's move it!" Hobie still waits. The doctor makes his way to Intensive Care where a nurse is taking care of Robby. The doctor is giving her specific instructions toward the patient.

"Increase his oxygen and check him again in fifteen minutes." He walked out of the room past Hobie while the nurse left the room as well. Leslie peeked out of the examination rooms door. She sees Hobie and then where Robby is set up. Hobie looks the other way so she saw her chance to get into the room. She drew the privacy curtain so that on one could see her through the glass of the doors windows.

Leslie checked by opening one of his eyes to see if he was conscious. Robby didn't appear conscious to her. "You're tougher that I thought Robby, baby." She said. But not tough enough. "You should have listened to me," you bastard. "Greed is good. So, while you're rotting in hell, it'll just be me and the emeralds, cruising on The Dawn Princess in Alaska. "Classy get-a-way, huh?" She asked. She then picked up a medical latex glove to proceed in her plan to finish him off. As she put it on she said, "You know what they say. Where there's a will, there's a way. Bye-bye, baby."

Lesley started to shut down his life support when the curtain was suddenly pulled open. It was the doctor. Leslie had quickly placed her hands behind her back to hide the glove just in time. "What are you doing in here?" He asked. Leslie expressed surprise and then rebounded. "I was walking past and I heard him moan." "This is a restricted area." Said the doctor.

"I'm sorry, I should have called a nurse." Leslie said, reverting to her innocent face and charm. "That's O.K. No harm, no foul." He said. Leslie still had her hands behind her back while she eased the glove off and tucked it into her pack. "What happened to him?" She asked. "Nobody knows." Said the doctor. "He was found floating in the ocean by lifeguards." "Is he gonna die?" Asked Leslie. She was particularly interested in this as if he survived, Robby could tell the head of the jewel smuggling operation what really happened to him as well as to the emeralds.

"It depends on how long he remains in a coma. But if you heard him moaning, he could be coming to." Said the doctor. She nodded while the doctor continued. "Let's step outside." He led her toward Hobie. She continued her innocent act and smiled. "The doctor said, good as new." "Thanks, doc." Said Hobie. "Be careful out there now."" The doctor said to Leslie. "I will." She said. "O.K., bye." Said the doctor. He left then to speak to a nurse. "You feel better now?" Hobie asked.

"Well actually, I feel a little foolish. I was probably over-reacting. Such a hypochondriac." She said. "Don't worry about it. Better safe than sorry. You don't want to get out to sea and find out there's something wrong with you, right?" Hobie asked. "That's true." She said. They walked out with Hobie placing his arm around her shoulder.

"Excuse me," Gavin said crashing right through them. They both looked at him as he made his way toward the doctor. Leslie's eyes suddenly displayed panic. She eyed him with keen interest. What if Robby woke up and they found out about her?

"Excuse me doctor," said Gavin. "What's wrong?" Hobie asked. Leslie's eyes were still on Gavin. I understand you have a drowning victim in intensive care. Gavin said. And you are? Asked the doctor. His brother. Said Gavin.

Leslie returned to earth, "Ummmm, nothing, nothing. I must be excited thinking about our trip." "Me too." Hobie said.

The doctor led Gavin to Robby. "I wish I could be more optimistic about your brother's chances of recovery. The truth is, he's lucky to be alive. The lifeguards found him in a nick of time." "You think I could have a moment with him, doc?" Asked Gavin. He was on his best behavior.

"Sure, I don't see why not," said the doctor." I have to make my rounds anyway. If you need assistance, just ask the nurse." "Thanks," said Gavin. "No problem." Said the doctor.

As soon as the doctor left the room, Gavin drew the curtain. He looked down at Robby. "Way to go, Robby, you incompetent jackass. I told you she couldn't be trusted, but you knew better." Then he bent down closer. "Let me tell you something, smart guy. If we don't get those emeralds back, you're gonna wish the lifeguards never found you.

Robby stirred, and then struggled to speak. "Dawn Princess." "What did you say?" Asked Gavin. He placed his ear very close to Robby's mouth. "Emeralds...Leslie... Dawn...Princess...Alaska." Robby managed to get out. Gavin stood. "His instincts about Leslie were confirmed. He made his way out of the hospital and to the limo. Once inside, he showed impatience. "Go!" Then Gavin said to his partner. "That bitch has the emeralds." "Where is she?" He asked. "On some cruise ship, The Dawn Princess on her way to Alaska." Said Gavin. "You remember what she looks like?" He asked. "How do I remember, we never met!" Gavin said.

"You did. At a party I hosted a month ago." He said. "Mid-twenties, brown eyes, blonde hair. The perfect girl next door." "If next door is San Quentin." Gavin remarked. "I want those emeralds back, you hear me? I don't care what you do to get them." He said. "By the way, I don't ever want to see Miss Leslie Stryker again-ever." "I guarantee, she won't get off that cruise ship alive." Said Gavin.

That night at the Buchannon residence, Cody stares at a magazine photo of The Dawn Princess. "That ship is awesome! Do you really think we can surprise the girls?" He asked. Everybody at Headquarters knew that they were going. Mitch told him that Lani had the day off. Unless Neely found out, they were in the clear. Cody asked who else was going with them. Mitch didn't know. Hobie was still taking offers. Just then the door opened with Hobie stepping inside with Leslie.

"Hobester!" Said Mitch. "Hey Guys!" Said Hobie. "Here's someone I want you to meet. Clair Hodges, this is my dad." Mitch extended his hand to shake hers. "Glad to meet you." "This is Cody Madison." Said Hobie. "Hi," said Leslie. Then she started in, holding onto Hobie's arm. "You should be so proud of your son, Mr. Buchannon. He saved my life today." "He did?" Mitch inquired, with raised eyebrows. He did not like the sound of this or the way she attached herself. He looked at Hobie.

Hobie explained. "I haven't finished filling out the incident report yet." "Oh," said Mitch. Leslie realized that Mitch did not like her with his son and proceeded to pretend as if she hadn't noticed it and poured on the charm. "My kayak flipped in the Marina and I almost got hit by a boat. Fortunately, Hobie was there to rescue me." Leslie said still holding onto his arm. Mitch and Cody were silent. "Umm, can you tell me where the bathroom is?"

"Upstairs, first door on the left." Said Mitch. "Great, thanks," she said finally letting go of Hobie's arm. "I'll be right back." As she walked away, Cody looked on after her, "Not bad Hobie." Hobie smiled. "Yeah?" However, Mitch wasn't smiling. "How old is she?" Asked Mitch. Hobie looked down for a moment and realized that the party was over. He looked at Mitch and said, "She's twenty." "Twenty, yeah, right!" Said Mitch.

"Hey, that's what she told me." Said Hobie. "You always said never ask a woman her age, right?" He smiled then. Cody laughed too. He asked, "You guys going on or what? Actually, I'm gonna take her on the cruise." Said Hobie. "What?" Asked Mitch. "You're gonna take a girl you just met on an eight day Alaskan cruise?" "She lives in Anchorage. We're gonna leave her up there." Hobie explained.

"Hobie, you don't know anything about this girl." Said Mitch. "Maybe I wanna find out. She's a nice girl. I wanna help her out." Said Hobie. Meanwhile upstairs, that nice girl Leslie is on her cell phone talking to her partner. "I'm aware that they'll have people watching the train stations and the airports. "That's why I'm traveling by cruise ship." Leslie said laughing. "I thought it was rather ingenious myself. Quite honestly, this is the easiest con job I have ever pulled."

"I won the contest, right? I can take who ever I want." Hobie explained. Mitch jumped from his sitting position on the counter. "You can take who ever you want. I just don't want you taking a total stranger." Mitch said, walking forward, forcing Hobie to back up. As Leslie made her way down, she paused to hear the argument at the stairs starting point.

"I don't care what you think. I'm eighteen years old. You can't control who I date!" Hobie said. "It's more than a date!" Mitch exclaimed. "We'll have separate rooms!" Hobie said. "That's not the issue!" Mitch yelled. "What is the issue? You want her for yourself?" Hobie yelled back without thinking. He could never take those words back.

"What are you talking ..?" Mitch's words were cut off when Leslie stepped off the stairs. His head turned toward her. Hobie motioned with his arm, urging her to come. "Come on, were out of here!" "Why? What's wrong? Where are we going?" Leslie put on her innocent act. "Wherever!" Hobie said in disgust.

"Hobie! Hobie!" Mitch called after him as his son and Leslie headed out the door. Hobie felt that he didn't have to argue. He wasn't going to listen. He was infatuated with Leslie. "Damn it!" Mitch said, turning around after the door closed facing Cody. Cody just shrugged, wide eyed. At the airport, Mitch went to see the girls off. "Ashley, you take care of your mom. You keep each other warm at night."

Neely said that she'd call him after she met with Peter. "Hey Mitch, no matter what happens, I want to thank you for all you've done. I know that we've been an imposition." "You haven't been an imposition," Mitch Insisted. He told her that they made them a family again. "Bye Muffin." Mitch said to Ashley, smooching at her. "I'll see you before you know it."

Neely was off toward the plane. "There's still time to make a phone call, right?" Lani asked still looking around. "I thought you and Cody weren't talking." Said Donna. "I still thought he'd come to say goodbye. We always make up after a fight." Lani said. "Sometimes that's the only reason we fight. Just to kiss and make up."

Donna laughed. "Lani, we're going on The Love Boat. I'm sure you'll find someone else to fight with." Donna said. "Come on, they're ready to take off." She placed a hand on Lani's shoulder, nudging her on. Lani was still looking around hopefully, trying to eye Cody. Mitch gives the two good-bye hugs and kisses. "Hey, see ya. Have fun, huh? Don't eat too much of that gourmet cuisine, huh?" "Look, Lani, How many chances do you get to see Alaska?" Asked Donna when she noticed that Lani was hesitant. She held Lani by her shoulders. "Let's go have some fun, huh?" "All right!" Lani said, throwing one last look.

Once the jet took off, the stewardess asked them if they wanted Champaign. Donna and Lani said "yes." Neely ordered a club soda. Lani admitted that she'd never flown first class before. Neely and Donna told her to get used to it. It was first class all the way. Lani made a toast to Inside Sports and Alaska. They all raised their glasses. Mitch and the group was now onboard The Dawn Princess. Lani and Donna walk on deck. "Don't tell me you miss him already. We haven't set sail yet." Said Donna. "I'm sure I'll get over it." Lani said.

"Believe me, with all of the work you'll be doing for Inside Sports, you won't have time to think about Cody, let alone miss him!" Said Donna. "In the meantime, I could use an extra pair of eyes. There are two thousand people on this ship. That means at least one thousand men. It won't be easy." They see a limo pull up and Gavin gets out wearing a black suit with a brown shirt. He pulls off his sunglasses and looks upward at the ship. "On second thought, my search may be over." Said Donna. "He's certainly your type." Said Lani. "Tall, dark and rich."

After Gavin is aboard and settled, he is all eyes while making his search for Leslie. It's not surprising that Gavin managed to get on board when The Dawn Princess was filled to the max. Money talks.

Continued: White Thunder at Glacier Bay/Part 1


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