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Eel Nino 8 Script
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****Sharkey's Review****
Eel Nino
 8th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 11/22/97   Encore: 11/28/97
Week of: 11/16/97 - 11/22/97 

Off Zuma Bluffs, a diver explores for crayfish and lobsters to add to her net-bag catch. She goes to a cave's opening and sticks her hand in. Her flashlight is grabbed by something. She struggles until managing to pull it away. The handle was torn away from the lantern. She woman swims away. As the diver scurries, the creature drops the lantern.

Cody pulls up in his lifeguard truck. He sees a huge hole in the middle of the beach. He calls it in. Soon Mitch is there, pulling up in his Captains truck. Lani and April are there. Lani said that there was something very odd about the hole. Besides it being in the middle of our beach? Cody says. "Where's the sand?" "Where's the back dirt?" Lani asked. April proclaimed that it was weird. "How could it happen?"

Mitch walks over, "The Santa Ana syndrome." April, not quite understanding asked, "Santa what?" Cody told her if she felt the warm wind. "It's Santa Ana's." Mitch explained that it was caught off shore winds that blow in from the desert. And Blow in every weirdo down by the beach. They wondered why there were no tire marks. Mitch's guess was that the rake came by this morning to wipe them out. Lani figured that maybe whoever did it didn't have tires. "Ahhhh, interesting theory. Aliens!"

Cody said, "Beam me up Scotty." Mitch thought that it was a Fraternity prank or some contractor trying to save money on sand. When Lani said, "the truth is out there." Mitch told them that this wasn't "The X-Files." To go and open up their towers. He'd call the county to have someone come down to fill it in. They all went to their trucks.

The rake comes by and Cody greets Max. He thanks him for coming so quickly. He was a lifesaver. Max tells him that it was his job-no problem. "The beach can be pretty treacherous if you don't take care of it." When Cody did not seem to be listening (he was watching the beach while giving an ear), Max says, "Hey listen young fella, I'm talking to you!" Then he went on to complain that he'd been driving that rake for 15 years. "Listen you lifeguards get all of the glory, because you're the guys watching the water. Nobody cares about the guy watching the sand." There was a pause. "I'll take care of it, young fella." Cody nods as Max boards the rake. About Max: Well, he could have gotten himself in great shape years ago to try to make cut for rookie school. He could have been a lifeguard a while back.

Lani is at her tower, watching the water. Two jetskiers were driving and fooling around recklessly. They collided into a sand bar. "This is Lani, tower 16. I've got two jetskiers down." She could have sounded like the situation was urgent! Lani sounded like she was in casual conversation. She goes down the tower ramp, not really hurrying down! Lani swims out, but it short lived. She stands up onto a solid area and walks over the length of it, and then was able to get back into the water to continue swimming. Luckily the swimmers were not in danger of drowning. They would have been finished! She gives the man the rescue can. He was concerned for his wife. She was breathing and had a pulse. His wife was going to be all right.

On shore, Cody and rookie Sheryl Whalen (Ingrid Walters) responded to the backup in the call car. He tells Sheryl to have the backboard and C-Collar ready. She nods and does it. He unclips his board from the Call Car and heads out to the water. Meanwhile out in the water, the man asks what she waiting for. Lani tells him that she was hurt and couldn't take her to the surf like that. Seeing Cody coming out, Lani yell for him to watch out for the sand bar. He walks over it and then was able to continue to get to the victim. Shame on Max for a devious act like this! This put lives in danger! Was he so mad that he was willing to hurt innocent people who wanted to enjoy the beach as well? They get her onto the paddleboard and swim her in. At the shoreline, the other lifeguards join in quickly to help carry the boarded victim and strap onto the backboard. While doing this, they talk about the sand bar and how it came out of nowhere. This was the missing sand. It wasn't there yesterday. Once stabilized, the victim is boarded onto the Call Car.

Manny and April were working out. Aprils eyes on Manny, who is on the rowing machine. She stops her workout and walks over toward him. "I can never get that thing to work right." April goes on to say that no machine is a substitute for the real thing anyway. This weather makes me restless. "I need to work off this excess energy." (Hint! Hint!)

Manny says that he could ask Mitch if they could take a dory out after work. Hmmm...Shouldn't they be asking Lt. Taylor Walsh (Angelia Bridges) about that? She is the Lt. and is supposed to be in charge of her beach. Amazing! I've noticed that everyone is still bypassing Taylor and is still running to Mitch, whom they trust. April says, "Great! See you tonight!" She touches his shoulder in a knowing way (her suggestive, caressing hand lingers actually). She walks off and Manny watches. April looks back to exchange his glance.

Under the moonlight, the two spend a romantic evening in a dory. Their kiss was interrupted by something in the water. "Did you see that?" She asked. Manny asks, "What?" April says that she doesn't know. They both hold their lanterns on an injured sea lion. Manny goes to check it out. It was dead. April tells Manny to be careful. She saw something else in the water. There was an eel-a huge one below him. Unaware of it, since it was dark, he just missed being another victim. He swam back to the dory and April helped him in.

Mitch and Cody wait for the garage door to open. "Cody, if this is some sort of joke, you'll be working switchboard all Summer long." Says Mitch. Cody told Mitch, "I swear. The garage was locked. The trucks were just-gone." Mitch asked, "Who would steal a lifeguard truck? They're too easy to spot."

Hobie and Sheryl jogs on duty along the beach as they talk. Which beach is she assigned to, anyway? It would be nice if she was assigned to Zuma. Have a few more recognizable lifeguards there. Hobie says, "So, have you heard of Club Insombia?" Sheryl says that he means "the new pocket place?" Hobie said that he was thinking of taking April there this weekend. Sheryl says, "Really?" Hobie asks her why. She didn't think he should? Sheryl said, "No, its just that she's a little older than you." Hobie says, "Not that much." Sheryl went on, "Besides, I heard that she likes Manny." Hobie just said, "I know, I don't mind a little competition." They run into a dead beached sea lion. They wondered what happened. Hobie squats down to take a closer look at it. Sheryl figure it was caught in a net. Hobie figures maybe not, it looked like something tried to eat it.

Mitch comes over toward the truck with the dead sea lion. He greets Hobie and Manny. He looks at the remains. It was the third one in the last few days. The same scorched fur. Mitch asked Hobie where he found it. Hobie told him just South of Zuma Bluffs, by tower 17. This was pretty close to where April and Manny rowed last night. Hobie looked at him, not so thrilled when he said that. Manny asks any idea what killed it. "Dr. Meyer said that the one found last night died of massive heart failure. Like it had been electrocuted." Manny reasoned that they didn't have any power lines off Zuma. Manny suggests a fishing reel with a kaiser or a stun gun. When Hobie suggested an electric eel, Manny laugh at the idea. "Yeah, an alien electric eel?" Hobie didn't look too pleased with Manny at the moment. He didn't know how right on target he was then. He says, "I'm serious." Mitch tells Hobie that in the 25 years that hes been at Baywatch, he's never seen an electric eel in the bay. Besides, whatever killed this thing had to be awfully big. Mitch calls out to Santa Monica to get Dr. Meyer on the phone. "Send the sea lion down to the aquarium, maybe they can figure out what happened to it."

A man carrying a medal detector finds that a large area of sand has something under it. He stops and then digs with a small shovel in front of tower 26. Cody sees him and calls it in. When Mitch gets there, he sees the missing truck. The man stood and told him to get his own. That it belonged to him. Whatever salvage he finds is his. Mitch warns him that salvage rights don't apply to land, besides, that this was a lifeguard truck. It belonged to the county. The man told him that he'd trade the lifeguard truck for that snazzy watch he has. Mitch wasn't trading anything. The truck belonged to the county. The man was intent on keeping what belonged to the county. "Over my dead body." He tried to hit them with the small shovel, but they moved back quickly. Mitch told Cody to hold onto him. He'll call Headquarters to have every available lifeguard down there, and for them to bring shovels. The lifeguards had medal detectors to comb the beach for the other trucks. Max is there with the rake. He tells Mitch and Cody that they are kept pretty busy-must be the wind.

Sheryl tells Cody and Mitch that they have a swimmer pretty far out. Does Mitch want her to check it out? "Old Jonah?" Cody told her that he was O.K. He's been swimming every day since he was a rookie. Mitch adds that he was swimming every day since he was a rookie. The man who found the truck was combing the beach again. He propositioned Mitch if he would be reasonable on his offer for his fee in finding Mitch's trucks. Mitch tells the man to go away before he loses his temper. The man reminds Mitch that he was a tax-paying citizen. He had better be polite to him or he'd call his lawyer. The way he tried to barter for Mitch's watch, I'd seriously doubt that he even had a lawyer or paid taxes for that matter. Suddenly his medal detector went off. Mitch points at him and says, "Don't say a word."

Meanwhile, Jonah is swimming out. The eel grabs his leg and holds him securely. Jonah is struggling and trying to call for help. This eel really has deliberate shark-like tendencies. It's almost as if it could actually think for itself. It's almost as if it is seeking out revenge on everyone and everything. Sheryl sees it and tells Mitch that she thinks that Jonah is in trouble. Mitch tells her to call it in, while he and Cody head out. Jonah is still struggling and crying out for help until he is floating lifeless. When they get to Jonah, the eel just quickly swims away. They take him in. He wasn't breathing and had no pulse. They began CPR and when the defibrillator was charged, Mitch had everyone to clear and was shocking. Jonah responded after one shock. They got a pulse, and he was breathing. Thank goodness Jonah was still alive! He didn't die at the eel's mouth!

Mitch looks over the bay from Headquarters. Hobie soon joins him. Hobie was concerned about Jonah and asks how he was doing. Mitch told him that he was intensive care, but thinks that he'll pull through. When Hobie asks if it was a heart attack, Mitch said that he didn't know. It could have been a stroke. But they won't be sure until they more tests. Mitch tells his son that it has been a long day, "how about a pizza?" Hobie tells his dad that he'd love to, but he had to take a rain check. He wanted to see April. He'll see him at home. Mitch spots her and tells him that she was down by tower 15 by the wind chairs. Hobie was grateful and thanked his father before heading down.

Hobie soon catches up with her. Just as he was going to ask her out, she asked him did he hear that? "What a beautiful sound!" She drops her bag and climbs up on the chair. Hobie, wanting to impress her, said that he always loved these "musical chairs." April said that Manny told her about the Cave of Sirens. She asked Hobie if he had ever been there. He said that he had heard of them and know where they are, but had never been inside. Maybe he could take her there sometime.

When April said that she wanted to go there with Manny, his face was painted with disappointment. He lowered his head. April felt bad about it. She jumped down from the chair and said that maybe they should go. It would give them a chance to talk. His face lit up. Hobie knows how to get his way, doesn't he? He's been this little number out of his bag of tricks since he was just a little guy. They both had the day off tomorrow. Hobie would meet her at Baywatch headquarters at 9:00 a.m. When he asked if she needed a ride back to headquarters, April said no, that she and Lani would go back together. April waved at Lani as she was coming to the shoreline from training.

Cody gets out of a sand-filled truck. Shakes it out of his sandals. Someone had a sick sense of humor. The garage was the one broken into. That leaves several hundred suspects. The maintenance staff, mechanics, lifeguards! Cody suggested Max-he should have heard him the other day. How he complained how no one notices the guy who takes care of the sand until something goes wrong. They stop Max by driving up to the rake and blocking his path when he wouldn't do as he was asked. He was ordered to come down. They had a very dirty lifeguard truck and Mitch thought that Max knew why.

Lani is working out and Manny walks up. Manny asks if she's seen April. Lani says yes, but doesn't want him to get upset. Manny asked why. She went to the Cave of Sirens with Hobie. Manny was suddenly jealous and upset. "With Hobie?" Then he tried to reason that it was probably perfectly innocent. "April's not attracted to Hobie." Lani reasoned that April was not in control of her emotions. She'll be fine once the Santa Ana winds are over. Then she suggested that he shouldn't take any chances. He steps away from her. "Hobie?" He was jealous. Very jealous.

Hobie and April swim into the cave. The eel was actually peering at them from behind the side of a rock, waiting to attack. Can you believe this creature? It heads after them. Dr. Meyer brings over a sketch of the jaw marks that matched on all victims. Mitch told her that there were no electric eels in the area. During a quake, a tank cracked, and some lab specimens were lost including an electric eel. Mitch questioned as to why they never told anyone. Dr. Meyer said that since they were out of their natural habitat, it wasn't thought that they would survive. It grew huge. About 20 feet long. And had a very powerful charge. The location where the eel was-at the caves below Zuma Bluffs.

Inside the caves, the two look around and Hobie suggested that they explore the cave behind them. April wasn't sure. The water was murky. The eel was keeping tabs on the two. He stays with them. Meanwhile Lani and a jealous Manny pulls up to the cave area. Manny looks around and says that he doesn't see them. They must be in the caves below. He and Lani prepare to do below. April tries to tell Hobie what he manages to tell her first: That she likes Manny. He leaves it at that and as they headed back to the beach, April felt something brush against her leg. The giant eel was trying to attack. Hobie told her to head for the rocks, and helped her up. He made it up himself just before he was attacked.

When Manny and Lani tried to get into the opening, they had encountered the eel. They tried to make it back to their boat. Its strong jaws which was 10 inches around, grabbed and held Manny's leg and dragged him through the water. Soon he was lifeless. Lani came back to Manny's rescue and attacked the eel. Lani kept hitting it hard until it let him go and went away. Way to go, girl! She really displayed guts! She got Manny to the surface where she saw Mitch and Cody. 

Mitch, who had already started his search for the eel where the sea lions had been found, saw Manny and Lani in the water. After reviving Manny with the defibrillator, Mitch went after April and Hobie. He took a spear gun, spare air cans and the defibrillator. He put on a pair of rubber gloves. Rubber is a poor conductor of electricity. Once he found them, the eel came after him. He got it with the spear gun. Then it attacked Hobie, getting him in the shoulder (the eel actually did the impossible. It jumped out of the water and aimed itself at them). Mitch struggled with it. It wrestled the spear gun Mitch had out of his hands. The eel seemed to know that the spear gun was a weapon. It dropped it in the water below and came back after them. Mitch held it off, struggling. He told Hobie to get the defib ready. Hobie quickly gave the handles to his dad. After it finished charging, Hobie told him that he was shocking while Mitch held them in place and finished the eel.

Lani told April that a lot of the trouble would not have happened if she had listened to her. And Hobie made up with Manny about trying to win April over. Mitch saw them all on the beach and invited Lani, April and Manny to join him and Hobie for dinner. He hoped that they all liked smoked eel. They all gave expressions of disgust.


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