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****Sharkey's Review****
Surf City
 14th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 02/21/98   Encore: 02/27/98
Week of: 02/15/98 - 02/21/98 

Getting out of his lifeguard truck, Cody sees a couple Tandum Surfing in training and is greatly impressed. When they come ashore, he gets to meet them and finds out that they are working toward the U.S. Championships and are hoping for back-to-back titles. Cody had seen their photo in a magazine.

Mitch rushes by Craig who was on the outside deck overlooking the ocean. He followed and matched Mitch's quick pace. In full dress uniform, poor Mitch was trying to tie his tie. He had a meeting with the Chief this morning. With traffic backed up and his stating that he was already late, he needed Craig to do tower assignments for him.

"Again?" He asked in total shock. After Mitch said that Craig could take the meeting and he would do the tower assignments, Craig agreed to do it and stated that he didn't get any sleep last night. "Jaguar Lady?" Asked Mitch with a grin on his face. "No, no," said Craig. He stated that he got a call from D.C. last night. "I had the pleasure of hearing about Gina's new boyfriend." "Well, you are divorced." Mitch reminded him. "It's not as if you're not dating. Why does that bother you?" He got himself a cup of coffee. "He's a college student." Said Craig.

"Really? A lot of people our age go back to college. Probably changing careers." Mitch reminded him. "He doesn't have a career, he's twenty-two." Craig said. Mitch looked at him. "Oh well, I'll be back after lunch and we'll talk." "I'm fine, go, have fun." Craig said. Before quite stepping out of the door, Mitch called out with Craig still following, "Hey, don't forget the tower assignments!"

"Anyone call in?" Craig asked. "Jordan is running late and Newmy needs to leave early." Said Mitch. "Anything else I should know?" Asked Craig. "Yeah, don't put April and Manny together." Said Mitch. Craig seemed puzzled, "Why not?" "They broke up." Said Mitch. Craig was very surprised. It seemed like yesterday that April was whining to him about Manny being ashamed to be seen with her and how she wanted a meaningful relationship. He asked, "They did?"

Mitch just said, "You didn't hear that from me. Have a nice day." April watches the beach and sees Craig pull up in the lifeguard truck. She tosses her hair and makes her way down her tower ramp. "Hey," he said. "Pretty slow, huh?" "I always get a slow beach. I guess Mitch doesn't trust me yet." Said April. "Well actually, I did the tower assignments this morning." He admitted. "Oh, I guess you don't trust me either." She said. "No, this is usually an active beach." He assured her. "Oh, that's O.K. I need some time to think." She said. "About what?" He asked.

"You haven't heard about me and Manny? We broke up." She informed Craig. "Sorry," he said. She displayed a I couldn't care less expression. "What happened?" He figured that it was probably over some silly little thing. "I guess I just realized how immature Manny is. I mean, all he thinks about is himself and he expects me to go along with what he decides." She just rattles on without giving him a chance to reply. Craig just nods to indicate that he was still listening. "He never takes my feelings into consideration. It's obvious that he's not ready for a serious relationship."

"You know what he did?" She went on. "We were supposed to go to a benefit for the Children's Cancer Foundation. They're honoring my brother Charlie (Charlie/5th episode/8th season). She said that he died a while back. "I heard that he was really a great kid." Said Craig.

"Yeah, he was. Well anyway, he's known about this dinner for at least a month, and then all of a sudden yesterday, he says he can't go." She grew panicky, "The dinner is in two days. I just spent a fortune on a new dress. I wrote a speech, which is like pulling teeth for me, and he blows it off like it's no big deal."

"Well," said Craig. "I can see why you're so upset." "I don't know what I ever saw in him in the first place." She said complaining. Craig smiled and said, "He's good looking." "Yeah, the more time you spend with someone, the less important that is." She said. "And you realize how different you are. Oh well, like they say, there are a lot of other fish in the sea." After she said that, April realized how she must have sounded to Craig, boring him with her personal problems. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to unload on you."

"Unload all you want." He assured her that he wasn't bored. "I must say, why not?" She seems to feel so comfortable with Craig that she has grown to trust him an awful lot, as if she has known him for years. She even trusts him with her personal problems. Just then, they saw some troublemakers on the surfing line on Ski Dos harassing the surfers. Encircling them, they were putting the lives of the surfers in danger. "Uh oh," she said. Craig was stunned. "What are they doing?" He asked. "A new extreme sport, turning Wave Runners into surfboards, she said. "How do they do that? They just flip right over?" He asked. "Most of the time. It's really dangerous." She said.

Craig picked up the communications device and announced: "Attention Jetskiers, you're too close to the shore. Move outside the surfline. Repeat, move outside the surfline." They ignored Craig's warning and continued as if Craig had never spoken. "We'd better get out there." Craig told her. They make their way out as a surfer caught a wave and stood up. One of the Jetskiers hits him. The blow sent the surfer below the surface. The lead Jetskier signaled to the others and they scatter when he told them, "Let's get out of here." Craig and April got to him in time and swim up toward the surface.

"It's O.K., I got you." Craig told the surfer. The surfer panicked, "I can't feel my legs." "I know, here we go." Said Craig, trying to calm him down. "I can't feel my legs," he cried. "I can't feel anything." Craig and April ease the poor guy onto his surfboard so that they can get him in to shore, as the foolish Jetskiers ride out, throwing their fists into the air. I don't see how these guys can live with themselves! They just hurt another person. They didn't even care enough to see if he was hurt or not. This surfer was hurt badly, with the probability of facing permanent paralysis. That's a scary thought.

He is eased onto a Call Car to get him to the hospital. April goes to the hospital with him. Craig talks to Mitch as the Call Car hurries on its way. He puts on his jacket. "Isn't there some County Ordinance about riding a watercraft 500 feet from shore?" Craig asked. "Yeah, there is." Said Mitch. "The problem is enforcing it. I can't keep a scarab at every surfing break."

"They're like a motorcycle on water. They're dangerous." Said Craig. He was very concerned. April told me that there are no training requirements, no age limits." "The County is working on a new set of regulations. Unfortunately, they won't go in effect until the end of next year." Mitch explained. "So in the meantime any idiot can go out and kill somebody." Craig said.

"Yeah, they can." "They're dangerous, but they also save lives. Did you know that we used Sea Dos on nearly half of our rescues last year?" Mitch said. "Believe me, it's not the machines, it's the person who's in control of it." Mitch has a point there. It's the person who controls it. Temporary regulations should be in an emergency effect until the permanent ones can replace them.

Lani is working out as Cody pulls up on his motorcycle. After greeting each other, Lani stops what she's doing. Cody tells her that they need to spend more time together. They only see each other at work. "Yeah, I was thinking that too. We should do more as a couple." She agreed. "Exactly." He seemed excited. "How would you feel about getting season's tickets to the ballet?" She asked. "The ballet? That's not exactly what I had in mind." He cringed at the thought. "Why not? Haven't you ever been to the ballet?" She asked.

"No, but I was thinking we could take up a sport." He said. "Sport, that's not a bad idea." She said. "What about bowling?" "I'm serious." He said. "What's wrong with bowling?" She questioned his objections. "Nothing," he said. "I was thinking that we could do something outdoors." "O.K. What did you have in mind?" She asked.

He turns toward the ocean with a big smile. The attention is now on the couple on the surfboard. "Look at that. Is that us or what? Wait'll you get out there. It's like dancing on water." The hard tricks and positions unnerved her. "Cody, I can't do that." "Yeah, you can." He said, determined to get his way. The moves are just like ballet. "You'll be a natural." "You know how much work it'll take to get to that level?" She asked.

"But the goal is to spend more time together, remember?" He said. Yes, to spend more time together as long as they are doing what he wants. Manny can just move on over and let Cody sit along side him. "Well, actually it does kind of look like fun." Lani said, with Cody putting his arm around her neck. The surfers gracefully make their way to shore, coming toward them. They greet Cody.

"Bobby, Anna, this is Lani McKenzie, the girl I was telling you about." Said Cody. Wow! It looks like Cody just set it up without thinking about Lani. And she didn't seem to catch on either. But what if she had and said an outright no? And didn't change her mind about it? He was very lucky that he managed to charm her into seeing things his way, this time. "So, I hear you want to Tandum Surf." Said Bobby. "I don't know. Maybe." Said Lani. Anna added, "Well, we have an extra board. You guys can use it any time." "Yeah?" Asked Cody. Anna assured him that they could, "Yeah! How about some lessons?" Asked Lani. Bobby and Anna taught teams all over the world, so it wouldn't be a problem to teach Lani and Cody. Cody told Anna and Bobby that they had the day off tomorrow and Anna and Bobby had the morning off, so it was set.

Manny was hard at work washing his lifeguard truck. He sees April passing by walking her bike along. He tries to speak to her as she walks by him, but April didn't pause. "April, can I talk to you just-just for one second." "I'm not sure that we have anything to talk about." She said stiffly. She just kept walking, not slowing her pace. After she was gone, his failed efforts caused him to throw the soapy sponge down on the truck in frustration. Craig is at Headquarters overlooking the ocean with binoculars. April catches up with him. "Hey! Whatcha lookin' at?" She asked. "Way out there-Sea Dos. I've never been on one." He said pointing. He seemed curious and fascinated with them at the same time.

"Why not? You still go out in the water. What have you got against Sea Dos?" She asked. Craig was still used to things the way they were before leaving Baywatch. Craig explained, "A lifeguard is supposed to swim to a rescue. It's the way I've always done it, it's the way I was trained." He paused for a moment before going on. "I've never had a reason to change, until now."

Craig looked out over at the Sea Dos and said, "I wanna get the guy who took out that surfer." April agreed, "Me too." Then she added, "You know, they're not that hard to operate. I could teach you in about five minutes." They looked at each other, April with an insisting expression, and Craig trying to decide, until he finally said, "That's O.K., I'll get Mitch or Newmy."

"Come on, you've been my teacher all Summer. Just let me return the favor." She insisted. Giving in, they go out and April shows him how to operate the Sea Do. The two are unaware that Manny is nearby in his lifeguard truck, spying on April and Craig through the binoculars that helped him out a lot. As they bring the Sea Do to the shoreline, April asks, "So, what do you think? Stick to tradition?" Craig said, "Are you kidding? That's great!"

As they made their way to the beach, April added, "They're practical around here and they're safe too as long as you know what you're doing, which you do now." "Thanks to you. You're an excellent teacher." Said Craig. "You're an excellent student." Said April. "Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?" He said.

"Who says that you're an old dog?" She said. "Well, no one actually. Sometimes I just feel that way." Said Craig. "Well, I don't. I think that you're one of the nicest people I've met since I've been to California." April informed him. "I don't care how old you are." "Thanks." Said Craig. "As a matter of fact, do you remember that benefit dinner? I still need someone to go with. Would you be at all interested?" She asked. "Uhhh, when did you say it was?" He asked.

"Tomorrow night." Said April. She slipped and fell and Craig caught her. They laughed at the mishap. "Don't worry, I won't ask you to dance." With April securely in his arms, Manny got extremely jealous although the incident was totally innocent. Craig agreed to go to help her out. "O.K. then, it's a date." April said. She kissed him on the cheek to show how grateful she was. Manny looked through the binoculars again, steaming. "Black tie optional," April said as she made her way out of the water. "Thanks," he said. Frustrated, Manny finally drove off.

You know, I don't like this side of Manny. Stalking April to see what she was doing. This is a trait that a lot of violent men have. Manny knew that they broke up, but didn't seem to want to let go. April was now free to do what she wanted and there was absolutely nothing that he could do about it. If he feared the worse, why didn't he just go to Craig and ask him if they are dating. Manny didn't see them kiss in a romantic way, so his assumptions were unjustified. I can only imagine what he would have done if one of the younger lifeguards had been in Craig's place. My guess would be to start a fight out of extreme jealousy and declare him the enemy. Or even the unthinkable.

Craig sat in his tower overseeing his stretch of the beach. Suddenly in the next tower, April comes out on the deck. He looks over and smiles. She waves her rescue can and seemed interested, the way she used suggestive poses. She made her way down the tower ramp and over toward him. After heading up his tower ramp, he greets her. "Hey. Pretty slow, huh?" She asked. He agreed that it wasn't busy for him as well. She said, "I have something to tell you." "What's that?" Asked Craig.

"You probably already know." Said April. Craig just looked at her in confusion. "Know what?" Asked Craig. "How I feel about you." She said. "I love you Craig." She placed an arm around his neck. "You do?" He asked. "Ever since we got caught in that power plant intake system and you saved me from that shark. It's all I can think of," Said April. "I don't care how old you are." She hung her rescue can without taking her eyes off of him.

"Really?" He asked. April placed her arms around his neck as he backed toward his tower door. "I want you, now!" Her lips claimed his and they embraced while kissing passionately inside Craig's tower. The beach was left unattended. Suddenly Craig was jolted from his daydream when Mitch startled him. "I hope I didn't wake you." Said Mitch. Craig explained, "I was just daydreaming." "Are you O.K.?" Mitch asked. Craig assured "Mitch, I'm fine, why?" "You seem a bit jumpy." Mitch said. "Maybe you're still bummed out about Gina." "Gina's the farthest thing from my mind." Craig said. Mitch stares at him, catching his eyes. Craig feels uncomfortable and changes the subject. "'What are you doing here? What's up?" I just got a report that the surfer that you pulled out of the water has not regained movement in his legs. Mitch stated. "Oh, man," said Craig.

"The Chief does not want a repeat performance." Said Mitch. "As a matter of fact, she wants lifeguards in the water, on Sea Dos. Mitch also informed him that the same group of guys were terrorizing Zuma Beach as well. Mitch told Craig that he would give him a copy of the report.

Anna and Bobby proceeded in giving Lani and Cody lessons in Tandum Surfing. First they learn on land and then they all go out in the water. They all have fun and it goes well.

Back at Headquarters, April is looking at photos that she got from her locker. Craig sits beside her. She lets Craig see them and claimed that she was going to throw them out. Craig didn't think that she should. She reasoned him to be right. She remarked that she should only throw out the ones with Manny in them. When Craig looked at her, April said that she was just kidding. The two get the final plans to dinner straight. The dinner was at 7:00 p.m., but she got off at 6:00 p.m. She'd change at Headquarters. Craig said that he'd meet her at Headquarters. April said that it was perfect. Craig told her to keep the pictures before getting up to leave.

Manny was angrily punching a bag. Craig saw him and said, "Hey Manny, how's it goin'?" "It's going great, never had a better day! Manny said sarcastically. Confused as to why he seemed angry at him he asked, "Something on your mind?" "Just wanted to wish you and April all the happiness in the world." Said Manny. "What?" Asked Craig.

"You heard what I said." Manny was still extremely angry. You'd think that Craig had betrayed him in some way. There was a misunderstanding and Craig tried to tell him that, but Manny didn't listen-he kept punching. "Don't give me that. What do you think I am, blind? I've seen you two together." Craig questioned his accusations. "Where? Doing what?" They both stare at each other in silence until Manny broke it. "Look, I don't care what you do with April, all right? As far as I'm concerned, its all over between her and me." Said Manny. "Just do me a favor. Don't pretend to be my friend, because I know better." Mitch walks up behind Craig as Manny storms off. "What was that all about?" He asked. "He thinks I'm going after April." Craig explained.

"April? You're old enough to be her father." Said Mitch. And I would like to add, and so are you, babe! But you date young girls anyway! So don't even go there. Mitch laughs at his own remark and then adds, "Maybe he found out that you're taking her to the dinner." How did you find out? Asked Craig. "I don't know." "Word gets around." Said Mitch. Craig just came out and said what he thought about Manny. "If he likes her so much, why doesn't he take her?" "You really want to know?" Asked Mitch. Craig looked at him and said, "Yes, I really want to know. Is it some big secret?" "No, no. I just promised I wouldn't say anything." Said Mitch. "Promised who?" Asked Craig. And Mitch said, "Manny." "Well, are you gonna tell me or not?" Asked Craig. He was growing rather impatient.

"He doesn't have a tuxedo." Said Mitch. "He wanted to get one, but he spent all of his money on books for college." "He doesn't need a tuxedo, it's black tie optional." Said Craig. "Yeah, he knows that, but doesn't think his suit is nice enough and he's afraid of embarrassing April." Mitch explained. "So he breaks up with her instead? Why doesn't he just tell her the truth?" Craig asked. "Pride, I suppose." Said Mitch.

If I may, I'd like to interrupt here for just a second. Well O.K., for a lot more than just a second. I'll have to admit that when Manny screws up in his relationship with April, he wins the prize for silly reasons that can't even stay afloat. Instead of discussing the situation at hand with April, he'd rather run away from a problem that can easily be solved and cover it up with a lie. This is the second strike for him in the course of the relationship. If he keeps going at this rate, he won't have a girlfriend for too much longer. You can't have a meaningful relationship based on lies. As a matter of fact, you can't have any kind of relationship based on lies. Manny needs to learn to be more open and honest with April. If he wants a girlfriend, but most importantly wants to keep one, he's going to have to be able to think in the terms of "we" instead of "me." He is going to have to be more considerate, responsible and stop the whining, feeling sorry for himself. He's hurt April twice in the course of the season, how many more times is this going to happen? Manny also needs to be able to go to other lifeguards and not hesitate to ask for help. Surely someone among the many lifeguards at Headquarters and the other beaches would be able to help him out. This is supposed to be his second family, but he doesn't act like it.

Manny loads his equipment onto his lifeguard truck. Craig pulls up next to him. He gets out of his car and walks toward Manny. "Hey, just the man I'm looking for." "Why is that?" Asked Manny. "Remember when I told you that I wasn't interested in April? I wasn't being entirely honest with you." Said Craig. "Look," said Manny. "You don't have to explain anything to me." "Yeah, I do. We're gonna get this straightened out between us." Craig said. "The truth is, I wasn't being entirely honest with myself either. I'm not sure if it's a full-fledged mid-life crisis, but sometimes when you get to be my age, your imagination gets the best of you. What I'm trying to say is, I'm not your competition. You're the one whose keeping you from April."

"I lost her. I blew it, she's not gonna take me back." Manny said whining, feeling sorry for himself. Gosh, you can almost hear the sniffling. "I have a feeling she might give you a second chance." Craig said. "Come here, I want to show you something." He pulls a garment bag from his car. He looks at it and says, "This is a relic of my fast past life as a Washington entern." He hands the bag to Manny. "I think we can make the size work." Manny takes the bag and looks at it and then at Craig.

Later, Craig is on ocean duty on a Sea Do. He patrols the water. Cody and Lani carried a surfboard, preparing to go out. "I talked to Bobby this morning. He says that there's still time to qualify for the Nationals next month in Malibu." He said. "How do you know if we can do this?" Lani asked. She was getting nervous without the security of having Anna and Bobby there with them. "Come on, with your dance training and my water knowledge, we can go all the way to the top." Cody said with confidence. "You're dreaming." She said.

"I'm telling you," said Cody. "With a little hard work, we can make it on the winners circuit. That means tournaments in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa...Brazil!" "We haven't even gotten in the water yet and you've got us in international competition. Why can't we just do this for fun?" She asked. "Because I know how good we can be. Trust me, we're gonna cook." Cody assured her.

They stopped walking when they noticed commotion going on in the water. The surf skiers were back, riding about wildly while hooting loudly. These guys thought that they owned the water. Lani took one look and said, "I'm not goin' out there with those guys." She pointed toward the troublemakers. "You still got your cell phone?" He asked. "Yeah, it's back with my stuff. I'll go call it in." She told him. She hurries off, while Cody looks on at the skiers. Craig sees the troublemakers and pursues. Lani returns and tells Cody, "I called Headquarters. Backup is on the way." "Here comes the Calvary." Said Cody with a wide smile. "Who is that, Craig?" Asked Lani, squinting. "I thought he refused to ride a Sea Do." "Must have had a change of heart." Said Cody.

Craig was coming toward one of the surf skiers, who had his fist in the air. Craig had his eyes closed! The skier, who was coming toward him deliberately, turned off at the last second. Water splashed upward and caused Craig to fall off the Wave Runner and into the ocean. The skier was now taunting him. He kept circling Craig while he made his way toward his rescue can. "Hey buddy, watch this!" The Jet Skier kept laughing while circling Craig. "Why don't you go home and leave us alone before someone gets hurt! What do ya say, buddy?" As he sped away from Craig, he added, "I warned you!" Tuning around he came toward Craig in effort to run him down. Craig submerged and then resurfaced, grabbing his rescue can. The can's harness got caught in the Wave Runner's exhaust causing Craig to be pulled with it. Craig rode the can as if it was a motorized surfboard! The skier, who felt that something was wrong, looked back, "What the hell?" He didn't slow down to try to lose him either. What a dummy! He sped up trying to lose Craig. It just didn't register in this guy's brain as small as it was, that the rescue can was caught in the Jet Ski's exhaust. Duhhh!

Looking on, Cody and Lani were impressed! "Whew, get 'em Craig!" Yelled Cody. Craig pulled himself up into a standing skiing position. Holding on, Craig was now barefoot skiing! He began pulling his way on the cord of his rescue can toward the skier. "He quite a guy for an old man." Said Cody smiling admirably. "Kick his butt!" Lani laughed as they continued to view Craig in action. "Back off man or you're gonna get seriously messed up!" The skier threatened. Honestly! Who does this jerk think he is? Apparently he thinks that he is invincible.

Craig climbed up onto the Jet Ski and was now sitting behind the jerk. He wrestled with him until he was able to pull him off and the two fell into the water. A fight ensued until Craig managed to overpower him. Craig punched him and the big bad skier suddenly became a whiner. "My nose man! You broke my nose!" Craig swam him in while he exclaimed angrily, "Really!"

((((LAUGHING)))) You go boy! That was quite a scene! I loved it! I liked it so much that I kept stopping the tape and rewinding it so that I could view it several times. The writers and director must be commended for such a fine scene. Like Cody said, kick his butt. I thought that Craig should have done more than broke this idiot's nose! Look at what he did to the surfer!

Mitch was in sunglasses on the deck of headquarters overlooking the beach. April comes toward him in formal dress. "Mitch," she called. Mitch turned around and took off the sunglasses. "Look at you!" She needed his opinion, "Do you think the dress is O.K.?" Mitch looked at her approvingly. "O.K.? It's more than O.K.! You look fantastic!" "Thanks. You haven't seen Craig have you?" She asked. "I hope he's ready. I don't want to be late." Mitch pointed and she turned around.

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you." Said Craig. He was still in his uniform. "You look great!" April was shocked! "Craig, what's going on? Where is your tuxedo?" "That's why I was looking for you. Something just came up. I'm not gonna be able to go with you." He said. "What? It's nice of you to tell me at the last minute." She said. "You're worse than Manny!" Mitch played along and said, "You're much worse!"

"Well actually, I was able to find someone to take my place-if it's O.K. with you." He explained. She walked over toward him and turned to face Mitch only to see Manny in a tuxedo with a bouquet of flowers in hand. She smiled and then looked up at Craig. "Manny?" She asked. "What's going on?" "It's a long story. We just wanted to make sure it had a happy ending." Manny apologized, "I'm so sorry. I'm such a jerk."

That's right, you are a jerk. It's about time that you finally admitted it. "Aww," she said, taking the flowers. "It's my fault. I should have been more understanding." They kissed and then embraced. "Thanks for standing me up." She said gratefully to Craig. Craig smiled and said, "Any time." "The tux fits great!" Said Manny. "I'll try not to spill anything on it."

"Please do." Said Craig. Manny looked at him and said, "Thanks Craig." "That's what friends are for." Craig told him. "Go on, get out of here. Have a good time." Said Mitch. The two lovebirds left with their arms around each other. After they were out of hearing range, Mitch said to Craig, "Awww-she was too young for you anyway." "I can dream, can't I?" Craig said. They looked at each other and then laughed.

Lani and Cody picked up where they left off, carrying the board. Lani said, "We're doing this for fun, right? No talk about National Championships or International Competition." There was a pause. "This is just a way for us to spend more time together." Lani reminded him. "Exactly." Said Cody. "Let's not get crazy. No wild surfing," said Lani.

"We're just out to have a good time." He insisted. The two paddle out. "Look at this-a thing of beauty." There was no answer. "Are you O.K.?" "You're crushing my butt." She said complaining. He just wanted to pick up momentum. "Don't slow down." He cautioned. "That surfer's coming right at us." She said panicking. Cody reassured her, "He is not. Relax, you're in good hands." "Oh God, there goes my stomach." She said. A wave was coming.

Cody said, "O.K., get ready to rock and roll! Pow, pow, pow, pow! Whooooo! Get up! Get up!" Cody said. They stand. Lani said, "I'm up, I'm up. Uhhh-get ready to lift me!"

"Let's do it-one, two, three!" Cody lifts her onto his shoulder as they were instructed in their lesson with Anna and Bobby. They try to balance. Lani felt as if she was going to fall off and said, "Lean to the right! Left! To the left, ohhhhh!" They fall into the water.

The couple is soon walking along the shoreline. "That's it? One little wipe out and you quit?" He asks. They carried the board along the beach. "One little wipeout?" He whined. "I'm lucky I didn't rupture a disk." She said. "I told you we should have taken up an indoor sport."

"I am not going bowling." Cody said complaining. "There are other indoor sports." Lani said. "But no, you had to insist on Tandum Surfing." Cody still wanted her to give it another try. "Look at those waves!"

"I can't look. My neck is sprained and my arm is killing me from carrying around this stupid board." She said complaining. Cody said, "Come on, it's not that heavy." "I don't even know where were taking it." She said still complaining. "Back to Bobby and Anna." He said helplessly.


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