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Lifeguard Confidential 6 Script
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****Sharkey's Review****
Lifeguard Confidential
 6th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 11/08/97   Encore: 11/14/97
Week of: 11/02/97 - 11/08/97 

An announcer's voice comes over the air..."And now for channel 10 news. Here's "Riptide" Rodger Peltyn with the surf report..." "Riptide" goes through his routine. "The surf sucks. There's some generous surfers out there waiting for a swell. Why? Because they don't watch me in the morning." He continues to fly wrecklessly over the Bay. The T.V. lens is taking shot of the beach, his monitors gives him a view of what he has. "You don't watch for the surf don't watch for the traffic watch for the lifeguard report."

"Forget the beach-you can tan in your back yard." He flies toward Baywatch Headquarters. He spots Donna. "Here's a lifeguard that has stimulated my fantasies this Summer...Donna." Donna spots the helicopter and shakes her head in disgust. She gets into her lifeguard truck and takes off. "That woman is so hot that I would die and got to Hades just to get her to give me mouth to mouth. Seriously I would." He looked at whose truck she was getting into. "It looks like "J.D.", alias Jack Darius...the Daytona pier killer..." He bothers Newmy. Poor guy. He was trying to get away from this jerk. "Ahhhh..and here's Newmy. This guy is always working out. I guess it works for him. This yutz is going with a girl who has the most lucious lips I have ever seen in my entire life."

He spots headquarters. Taylor sees the helicopter and waves a rescue can at him, yelling, "Get that helicopter out of here!" She kept waving it. "It's Lt. Taylor Walsh. I just go weak for a woman in uniform. You gotta love that firey red hair. That woman wants me." The other lifeguards are watching on the monitor in the weight room. Mitch sees her on T.V. and goes out to tell her to get back ignore him. She's giving him just what he wants. Taylor told Mitch that she wasn't breaking down in front of 100,000 people watching television.

Suddenly there is an announcement over the helicopter's system to respond to a three car pile-up. "Riptide" finally leaves. Thank goodness! I was glad when that scene was over. Taylor figured that they had a spy at Baywatch. They had to find out who it was and stop the leak.

At Cody and Caroline's apartment, no one was back yet. J.D. thanked Cody for letting him stay there. Donna was just worried that he'd get the wrong idea. Cody just told J.D. that he hopes that "Riptide" doesn't start a rumor about them. When J.D. opens a bedroom door, Cody tells him not that room. It was Stephanie's and Caroline made him swear that he would leave everything just the way it was. We learn a little about J.D. here. He told Cody he was on to that...his Dad's workshop. It just makes the pain last longer. So we find that his Dad has passed away. Cody just reminds J.D. that she's just not ready to let go yet.

That he could stay in Caroline's room until she gets back from New York. J.D. asked about that. "Did she get the part?" Cody said that she was supposed to call. He's heard from her five days ago, but no one's heard from her since. Later that night, when they were both asleep, an exhausted Caroline gets home. She drags in her luggage and goes for her bedroom to take off her outer clothing. We hear two screams-one is hers and the other, a lower pitched J.D's. Cody ran to the scene. He explained that J.D. was living with them until he could find a place of his own. When Cody tried to change the subject as to how did "Shannon's Hope" go? Caroline said that she was cranky and would discuss that and J.D. in the morning. J.D. had to sleep on the couch.

The next morning she was back on the beach under the helicopter. "Caroline Holden is back on the beach. Thought that she'd be tired after 5 days on a bus. Comes home to find that J.D. has moved out of Donna's condo and in with her and Cody." He goes on to say that Donna wouldn't be too thrilled with that. How Caroline ripped the blanket off J.D., Checked out his bod, and the two of them ended up sleepin' in the same bed. When Lani and Donna were talking about what "Riptide" had just said, Caroline dispelled the rumors.

Away for almost six months, Taylor gives her a beach where there is no action. A beach full of children and parents-Mother's Beach. When Mitch's Captain's truck pulls up, Caroline was more than happy to see him. She begs him to get her off this beach. Mitch reminds her that it was her first day back and Lt. Walsh wanted to make sure that she gets her feet back in the sand. Caroline came back with that he was the Captain, and he can over-ride her.

Yes, he was the Captain, but Lt. Walsh made out the schedule. When Mitch has to respond to a distress call, Caroline said that it wasn't fair when she couldn't go with him. Mitch told her that life wasn't fair. "Riptide" interferes with the rescue and Mitch has him kicked off the air.

This is the part that didn't fit the mold of the show. Newmy and his girlfriend Chantal, along with Cody go to a night club. J.D. turned down their invitation and stayed at home. They all discovered that Lani was a dancer at the club. She was mainly used in dance contests with challengers paying who can out-last her. Lani was stunned when she saw Cody, who called out to her. She froze. The club owner got the bouncers to kick him out. She continued the contests with the challengers.

When Cody got home, he caught Caroline and J.D. kissing. Caroline jumped up when she heared the door slam, and explained that they were doing a scene from "Shannon's Hope."

The next day Cody asks Lani what happened to her. She said that she just went home. He had waited for her to come out. Lani said that she slipped out the back door. She was ashamed of what she was doing. Cody told her that she had nothing to be ashamed of. He thought what she was doing was great. Lani told him that he did not understand the dance business. She didn't want "Riptide" Roger announcing to the world that her dance career was equal to a bull riding contest. "Whoever last the longest wins."

Meanwhile Mitch argues with Taylor that Caroline deserves to work a tower. Taylor told Mitch that she has been off the beach for almost six months and by all rights, she should have made Caroline wait for next month's recheck before assigning her to a tower at all. Mitch told Taylor if she was insecure about her ability, assign her to a tower next to Newmy's. "Is that an order?" She asked. "No," Mitch told her that it was her call. If she thinks that Caroline is too inexperienced to have an active beach-it was her decision. "Is that Manipulation?"

Mitch assured her that it wasn't in that psychologic type of speech again ("Charlie" 5th episode/8th season 1997-1998). He placed an arm around Caroline's shoulders while she gave Taylor a begging look. Caroline got her tower next to Newmy's thanks to Mitch. Newmy's girlfriend lay on her beach towel close by his tower and blew kisses at him. Of course she's going to blow kisses at him. She was using him. She did a great job in fooling everyone.

Mitch goes into the weight room. Donna tells him to come over here. That he won't believe it. "Riptide" was on Cable Assess. "I'm Backkkkk...!" Mitch hurries to his Captain's truck (and what a nice silver job it is too) and jumps in to get to the scene. The clown was hoovering over Lani's tower. He found out about the nightclub act and announced it to the world. His cameraman was positioned dangerously outside of the helicopter. "Riptide" sees that the Captian's truck pulled up and says, "What's the difference between Mitch Buchannon and a sea turtle? The sea turtle can run across the beach faster and knows how to swim!"

Caroline was assigned tower 12 and she saw a dorsel fin, meaning shark! She quickly grabbed her rescue can and a megaphone to tell everyone to get out of the water. The water is soon cleared. The cameraman sees the shark and "Riptide" remarks that he likes the respect that a shark gets, the same respect that he gets-they see him coming and they all run. They close in to get a better view. The cameraman falls in when the helicopter tips a bit.

Newmy grabs his rescue can and quickly heads out. Caroline follows suit. Mitch and Taylor quickly get out there as well. A siren blasting scarab and Cody on a wave-runner are also on the way. The cameraman tries to grab hold of the helicopter's landing base when "Riptide" lowers and tries to help. The man soon slips back into the water. And "Riptide" crash-lands into the water. The buckle of his safety-belt feature shorts and remains stuck preventing him from freeing himself. He was going under pretty fast.

Taylor tries to go for "Riptide." The tether of her rescue can gets caught on the helicopter. Her strained movements propel her into the helicoper, hitting her head. She floats to the water's surface unconcious. The shark is closing in, and Caroline gets to her first. She sees it coming at them, and with Taylor in one arm and the with the other, reaches out quickly and takes the Lt.'s floating rescue can to use as a weapon. She uses quick, but short forward thrusts to hit it as hard as she could everytime it tried to come in for an attack. It finally gives up and leaves. Cody finally gets to them and ask Caroline if they were O.K. They swim in to shore.

Mitch and Newmy rescues "Riptide." I would have prefered him being the shark's decoy fishfood, so that every else could get away safely.....((((LAUGHING)))).....just kidding! Once safe, he thanks them and said that he was sorry for all of the things he's said about them. Mitch said that it was a little late for that. Chantal was ripping and running through the crowd like mad. She kept saying, "Sweetie, Sweetie!" Newmy smiles and stands, thinking that she is running to him when she plants herself in "Riptid's" arms. "I was so scared! Are you all right?" Newmy was shocked as well as hurt. He kept saying how she was so beautiful. He couldn't understand how she could be the spy. Mitch said my favorate quote line for this week, "Telephone, telegraph...tele-Newmy." Mitch pats him on the shoulder. "Loose lips, sink ships." Enough said! I thought that Newmy was in love with the raving beauty he discovered through his binoculars. She could only speak Spanish ("Golden Girls"/7th season 1996-1997). Why he didn't fight to keep her, I don't know! In Manny's words, "Newmy...Newmy!"

Caroline tended to Taylor's head wound. Taylor thanked Cody for saving her. Cody told her that she should be thanking Caroline. She got to her first. I detected a silence before Taylor said that she was glad that Caroline was back at "Baywatch." Caroline said that she was too. 


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