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Memorial Day 4 Script
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****Sharkey's Review****
Memorial Day
 4th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 10/25/97   Encore: 10/31/97
Week of: 10/19/97 - 10/25/97 

The scene opened with a Luau lifeguard beach party to kick off the Memorial Day weekend. Opening day of Summer on the beach. The busy season. Lani McKenzie was excited about an upcoming audition for a video. She thought that this could be her big break. Cody asked, "What about Baywatch?" Lani just said, "Baywatch is just a job. Dancing is going to be my career."

The guys were all doing their comical versions the hula. Lani wasn't pleased and looked each one over with her remarks. She was not pleased at all. She took Newmy's grass skirt and proceeded to show them all her version of the hula, while everyone watched. Meanwhile, two men threw a body into the ocean from their small boat. The next morning, Mitch took two rookies, April and Sky along for the experience on a dive search. As a fishing boat had reported seeing two men dumping something into the water last night. They made the dive and soon came upon a body. The shock of seeing a body caused April to drop her can of air, while trying to scream. Mitch quickly placed his can of air over her mouth and nose.

When backup arrived, Sky asked April if she was all right. April said yes, that she was caught by surprise. Sky admitted that she had never seen a dead body before. April told Sky that when she was a little kid, they had a cabin by the lake. She went ice-skating. When she looked down, she saw a dead man under the ice. She still had nightmares about it. When Newmy asked who would volunteer to accompany him to the morgue, Sky declined, but April volunteered. When Sky asked her why she volunteered, April said that the guy under the ice had no home, family or friends. Someone should care.

Memorial Day week-end started with an extremely crowded beach to kick off the Summer. The scene centered on the beaches of Baywatch Headquarters and Baywatch Zuma. The rookies looked absolutely impressive running out to victims. Running, running...running in the video to "Freedom."

At Zuma, Hobie Buchannon was watching the assigned stretch of the beach from his tower. You could almost hear his exasperated sigh as he eyed his ex-surfing buddies carrying surf-boards. He quickly grabbed his rescue can and walked their way. Hobie told his old surfing buddies that there was no surfing on the beach...swimmers only. It was too crowded and dangerous. Despite seeing that the flag was up turning the water over to the swimmers, they tried to talk Hobie into letting them go out into the water anyway. They used how they used to surf together. Hobie told them that he knew, but he was a lifeguard now and had to do his job "Rules are rules, right?" Then Hobie told them to have a nice day. These guys left a bit steamed. They had plotting and scheming written all over their faces. 

Assigned tower 12 together, Lani and Cody grabbed their boards when two wild jetskiers collided, sending them into the water. Lani injured her ankle trying to get to the victims, while caught in an inshore hold. She got onto her board and continued. The sarab came as backup. She had a problem after surfacing with a victim. In getting him over to Newmy, the pain was obvious to her. When Cody asked her if she is O.K., Lani didn't even answer back. She just whined and pined, reaching for her ankle.

Cody later massaged her ankle and wrapped it for support. He told her to put ice on it four or five times a day for tewnty minutes. And that she should elevate it. He also suggested that she stay off of it for a couple of days. Lani refused, as she wanted that audition badly. She said that she nailed the routine and for him not to worry. Until then, she'd ice it as he suggested. She'd be the perfect patient. Cody then asked when was the audition to take place, out of concern. Lani told him that it was tomorrow, after work. Cody offered to drive her to the audition and come along as head cheerleader and team physician.

Poor Hobie had trouble out of the same guys. They were the only trouble he was having on the beach over the Memorial Day weekend. They had made a fire on the beach to cook burgers on their grill to entertain their girlfriends. Caught between wanting to turn them in because of their lewd behavior, and not, because he used to surf with them, Hobie approached them again without calling for backup to enforce the laws of the beach. This was his first rookie mistake! He gave them a warning, with them challenging him. Hobie stopped short and then waves his hand in disgust and leaves. These guys celebrated victoriously after Hobie left.

Sky and April talked about the "John Doe" as they walked, patrolling the beach. The coroner thought that the body was dead before it hit the water. Later that night, April had a nightmare. She dreamed that he was calling out to her saying, "Help me." His silver necklace was shining in the water. It must have fallen off when they brought the body in. She had seen it when they were underwater during their search. April wanted to go back down to find it. She talked Sky into going with her. April and Sky dived with a medal detector to find "John Doe's" dogtags. They succeed in finding them and surfaced.

Lani didn't take care of the ankle until the audition as she had promised. What happened to "the perfect patient?" Well, she worked out jogging and doing dance sequences, which weakened it further. Obvious of the incredible pain, she kept hopping and then bending to grab her ankle. But Lani didn't use her common sense to stop and think of her health first.

April and Sky took the tags to Mitch and he did some investigating. He found out  that the victim's name was Wallace Tuttle. That he had been a U.S. Navy veteran from WWII. April and Sky narrowed the name down by calling the few in the phone book. All of the other men were alive. It had been traced to a retirement home. They find that Wallace Tuttle's buddies, Ed and Jigger lived there as well. They had known each other for 50 years. Mitch also told April and Sky that the body was stolen from the morgue.

In the next scene, we find the troublemakers again, this time drinking beers with their girlfriends. Hobie told them to pour out the beers. They agreed to do so...right on his feet! Hobie was steamed! One of the guys shoved Hobie hard, and he retaliated by punching the troublemaker. Soon there was a fight and since these guys couldn't handle a one-on-one battle, both were on him, finally knocking him unconscious.

April and Sky paid a visit to the retirement home, and to Wallace Tuttle's buddies. They were playing cards. They played dumb, claiming that they didn't know him or his family. They dangled the tags in front of them. Although shocked, they still claimed that they did not know him. The girls left after that. April knew that they had to know more than they were telling. The two men got a little nervous about the situation and the fact that they had stolen the body from the morgue. They decided to try and give their deceased buddy a decent burial at sea once more.

Lani went on to the audition. The girls all knew the dance sequence. Everything seemed to be going well without a hitch until disaster strikes. Lani's ankle gave way and the director asked if she was O.K. She said that she was, and tried to stand. She couldn't stand under her own power and had to have help to leave the area. The audition went on without her. She was devastated. She should have taken heart! The director did say that she was good, and to come back after she healed. She might get to work with him again. He might remember her.

The men decided to get rid of the body now. April and Sky had just joined Mitch. One of the girls had just found out from a staff member of the retirement home that Ed and Jigger had just gone fishing. Mitch had his suspicions about what the men were about to do, and took a scarab out to look for them. After trying a heavier weight of 25 pounds to throw him into the water, they proceded to try to hoist the body overboard. The boat came to a sudden stop. The propeller was caught in kelp. They got into a fight over whose fault it was and who was supposed to watch the boat. Jigger tried to reach the kelp to free their boat. Ed held onto him so that Jigger wouldn't fall into the water. The poor guy lost his grip on Jigger's shirt, causing him to fall into the water, while the momentum of losing his grip caused Ed to fall back to hit his head on the floor of the boat. It rendered him unconscious. Jigger was crying out for help, in an attempt to stay afloat.

The scarab was soon there, and Sky dived with a knife in hand to cut Jigger free. The men were rescued, and the team retrieved the body. It was taken back to the morgue. Mitch demanded an explaination from the two men. That's when Mitch, April and Sky found out about the pact. The one who died last would see to it that the others had a decent burial. Mitch told them that what they did was illegal. Feeling that the two men were only acting out from close friendship with Wallace Tuttle, Mitch, being the wonderful kind of individual he was, arranged to have Wallace Tuttle's body buried in a Veteran's Cemetery.

Lani limped from Headquarters with her stuff. Cody saw her and asked, "Going somewhere?" She told him that she was quitting Baywatch. Cody told her because of a video, there's always next time. Lani told Cody that if she hadn't been running around in that red swimsuit, she wouldn't have hurt her ankle. As far as she was concerned, Baywatch cost her a job. She tried to limp onward, but her ankle almost gave way again. Cody kept her from falling, and Lani told him that she could have gotten that part. Cody told her that the guy she saved could have died. That she saved his life. "I wanted to be a dancer." Lani said painfully, almost as if he hadn't spoken. But Cody reminded her that she was also a lifeguard, and that she can be both for now. When she told him "No," Cody told her, "I don't want you to leave." They stared at each other. 

Mitch pulled up in his lifeguard truck just as Hobie was closing his tower. Mitch really got around in this episode, didn't he? Hobie was struggling, trying to close and lock the shutter. Mitch made his way up the ramp and asked his son if he needed help. Hobie toold him no, that it was just being stubborn, he would get it. Seeing that Hobie really needed help in closing it, Mitch placeed his palms on the shutter and pressed against it to assist anyway.

Mitch managed to strike up a conversation about the incident that happened earlier. Lieutenant Cunningham told him that he had a bit of trouble today. Hobie looked up at his father and said, "No problem." Mitch asked, "What's that on your face...shaving accident?" Hobie explained what had happened. He told Mitch that they were some guys from their school. They hung around his stretch of the beach all weekend. They wouldn't do as he said. They kept causing trouble. The last time they were drinking beers. He tried to stop them. Mitch then asked how many guys there were. Hobie said, "A couple." Mitch asked if he had called for backup before the fight. Hobie told him no, that he thought that he could handle it. Mitch told him that lifeguards work as a team. To try and take on the whole beach wasn't his job.

Hobie then asked what was leading up to something he knew was going to hurt both him and his dad, but he felt that he had to say it. Hobie said that it's hard enough being the rookie son of a Captain. He asked his dad, would he have come all the way to Zuma for another lifeguard? Mitch told him no, that he would have let Lieutenant Cunningham take care of his beach. And then Hobie said, "Then please, let Lieutenant Cunningham take care of this. I'm not your little boy anymore...I'm a professional lifeguard." He continued, despite the painful look on his dad's face. "This is my first weekend. I wanted it to be perfect. For you, for me. I got a little cocky. I screwed up. But I've learned something."

Mitch regained his composure and said, "Yeah, so did I." With the shutter finally closed, Hobie picked up his tote, and Mitch continued, "Well, the day's over. Does the rookie need a ride home?" Hobie said, "No, but the son could use one." Mitch placed his arm about his son's shoulders as they made their way down the ramp. Hobie suddenly stopped short and moaned, "Oh no...!" Mitch asked what was wrong and Hobie said, "I forgot to lower the flag." Mitch said, "You know what that means." They looked at each other in the same way as they had been doing over the years when they had the same thought. They both grumbled, "Unlock the shutter." And then Mitch added, "All right, let's sneak up on it."

Lani met Cody on the rocks. They agreed that it was nice there. Cody wanted her to stay at Baywatch. She asked what about C.J. That Caroline Holden told her that they were a pretty hot item. Cody told her that they were, but now they weren't. That C.J. met a rock star while vacationing. She fell in love and got married. The nose-ring and tatoos type. She asked that it must have hurt. Cody asked jokingly, "the nose-ring or the tatoos?" She meant the breakup. But Cody was happy for C.J. She found love. She got married. He wanted to see how things went with them. They kissed and Lani said that the kiss went well.

Later at Veretan's Cemetary, Mitch and Hobie were paying a visit to Mitch's dad's gravesite. Both in dress uniform. They put their flowers in place. After they both said how they both loved him, they stood up and turned to go. On the way out, they saw the two old men paying their respects to their friend, Wallace Tuttle. The two men said they were grateful about how Mitch, who is also a Veteran, pulled some strings to get Wallace Tuttle buried there. Their promise was kept to Wallace Tuttle. And how some day that all three of them will be able to sit down and talk about the good old days.


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