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White Thunder At Glacier Bay/Pt 1 21 Script
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****Sharkey's Review****
White Thunder At Glacier Bay/part 1
 21st Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 05/23/98   Encore: 05/29/98
Week of: 05/17/98 - 05/23/98 

The Dawn Princess sails along its course as the girls enjoy being pampered with massages, and having their faces and hair done. The guys, planning to surprise them later enjoy theirs while trying to keep out of sight. Mitch and Cody make their way down the steps on deck. "Awesome, huh?" Asked Cody, who still couldn't believe that he was on an Alaskan cruise?

"Yep. Ever been on a cruise before?" Asked Mitch. "Nah, you?" Asked Cody. "Yeah, once. Pretty awesome until Stephanie fell overboard and I ended up jumping in after her." Mitch said. "What happened?" Asked Cody.

"You never heard of that story?" Asked Mitch. "No, but I have a feeling you're gonna tell me." Said Cody. "Step into my office and I'll buy you a beer." Said Mitch. They pulled up at a table and sat down. "A couple of more sarvesas, please," said Mitch.

"Right away sir." Said the waiter. Mitch continued where he left off. "So, here we are cruising down the Mexican Riviera," said Mitch. "I look out the window, through the porthole and Stephanie.." said Mitch. "Red alert! There's Neely." Said Cody, pointing. Neely was wheeling little Ashley on deck toward them. "There goes the big surprise." Said Cody.

"Follow me." Said Mitch. Neely went past the now empty table. The waiter who had returned with their drinks had wondered where they went. Mitch tapped on the waiters shoe and told him to come here with the jester of his finger. When the waiter kneeled down, Mitch said, "Thanks," as they took their drinks. Mitch continued where he left off, "Anyway, there I was..." They soon pulled the table cloth back down to conceal them as Mitch gave him his account of the event.

Cody walks along the shop and sees Hobie, who seemed to be in another world. Cody pats him below under his shoulder. Hobie pops back to reality and was startled for a moment. "Hey, whats up?" Asked Cody. "Nothin' much." Said Hobie. "Have you seen the girls?" Asked Cody.

"No, I've been layin' low." Said Hobie. "I haven't seen 'em." "Cool," said Cody. "Don't wanna spoil the surprise." He looks over in a clothing shop where Leslie was trying on clothes. She looked at herself in a mirror. "So, how's your friend doing?" Asked Cody. "You know, I think she's a really cool chick. I don't know why my dad's all bent out of shape." Said Hobie. "My dad was the same way with me." Said Cody. "They always think they know what's best for you. It'll be the same way when you have a kid." Hobie grimaced, "Ughhh."

Mitch makes his way toward them while looking around. "Hey, buddy!" Mitch gave Cody a warm greeting, showing the affection that he usually showed toward Hobie. "What's happening buddy?" Asked Cody. Mitch just stood by his son and greeted him coolly, "Hobester." "Hey!" Hobie said weakly. He still felt the iciness toward him. "What are you doing?" Mitch asked. "I'm..uh, buying Clair a dress." Hobie said. "What?" Mitch asked.

"It's my money, right? I can do what I want with it." Said Hobie. Leslie looked over at them. She knew that Mitch resented her there on that cruise with them. "That's not the point." Said Mitch. "The point is, you're still trying to run my life." Said Hobie. "Why don't you just let me enjoy my cruise." He left to join Leslie.

Mitch looked at Cody suspiciously. Cody raised his hands and just shrugged his shoulders. He wore a clueless expression on his face. "You been talkin' to him?" Asked Mitch. He was upset. Cody just shrugged again. Later that night, Lani and Neely made their way into the boat's dining room. "This place is amazing," said Lani.

The host greeted them and welcomed them to the dining room. "You look so wonderful." "This is a beautiful room." Said Lani. "Beautiful, I've reserved a special table for you." He said offering both arms for them to hold onto while he led them to their table. Mitch and Cody made it into the dining room. "I wonder what J.D. and Newmy are doing about now?" Mitch asked in a teasing manner.

"Probably getting a haircut." Cody answered. They managed to point out the girls. Mitch asks a waiter to do him a favor. "I'm going to start with the shrimp cocktail and then I'm going to have a caesar salad. Said Neely." "Bon Jour, madam. I was wondering if you'd like some wine." "Mitch!" Neely Exclaimed. "What are you doing here?" "Or perhaps you'd prefer some Champaign?" Asked Cody.

"Cody!" Lani exclaimed happily. She stood to give him a warm hug. "What's going on?" She then asked. "How'd you guys get on board?" "We stowed away." Cody said in jest. "I missed you so much!" Said Lani. "You guys look great!" Said Cody. "Seriously," said Lani. "How'd you get here?"

Mitch did the explaining. "There was a contest put on by Princess Cruises' Alaskan Airlines. Hobie entered the contest. Hobie won the contest and the first prize was four tickets on The Princess Cruises." Why didn't you tell me?" Asked Neely. "And miss that look on your face? Are you kidding me?" Asked Mitch. "Where's Ashley?" "Oh, she's back at the room. We have a sitter." Said Neely.

"I thought she might be needing these." Said Mitch, pulling a present from his inside chest pocket. "Diapers? Ho, that's so sweet!" Said Neely, throwing her arms around him. "Come on you guys. Sit down!" Said Lani. "Yeah, let's pop this baby." Said Cody, opening the Champaign.

Hobie and Leslie just enter the dining room. "Table for two please." Hobie said. The host told them to follow him while he led them to the tables. Cody asked, "Where's Donna?" "She wasn't hungry. Too busy lookin' for love." Said Lani. "Well, this is The Love Boat." Said Mitch.

"Oh, there's Hobie! Come on! Get over here!" Said Neely. She waved at them to get Hobie's attention. "Who's that girl he's with?" Asked Lani. "I don't know. He brought her on the cruise with him." Said Cody. "You're kidding!" Lani said in disbelief. "I wish!" Said Mitch. "Isn't she a little old for him?" Lani asked.

"I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed." Said Mitch, still hurt over the fact that Hobie took her instead of someone he actually knew. He was heartsick over the whole thing. Neely who was so happy didn't say anything. She just got up to go over to give Hobie a warm hug. "Hobie, thank you so much! Winning this contest!" She said. "Ohhhh, come on!" She pulled him along by the hand to their table. Hobie held on to Leslie with his other hand.

When they all got to the table, Hobie introduced his date to the girls. "Neely, Lani," Said Hobie. "This is Clair Hodges." "Hi," said Neely. "Hi, nice to meet you." Said Leslie, putting on her innocent act. She was indeed a con-artist. She smiled and shook their hands. "Hi," said Lani.

"Hello," said Leslie. "Have a nice dinner," said Hobie. "Aren't you guys gonna join us?" Asked Lani. She seemed surprised. "No, that's O.K.," said Hobie. Then he looked at his father, perhaps wishing that things had been better between them about this. He sounded hurt. "We know when we're not wanted." He told Leslie, "Come on." They sat at a table nearby. Mitch kept looking over at them. He was steamed! The way he was arguing with him over this woman.

Meanwhile at the casino, Donna had just lost a game of blackjack. She picked up her chips and drink to leave the table in disappointment. Lani and Cody soon greet her. "Hey!" Said Cody. "Cody!" Donna said. "What are you doing here?" They embraced warmly. "It's a long story." Said Cody. "He's here with Mitch, Hobie and Hobie's girlfriend." Said Lani. "Hobie's girlfriend?" Asked Donna. She didn't recall meeting anyone special that he dated. "That's an even longer story." Said Cody. "I'll fill you in on all the details later." Said Lani. "In the meantime, what's up with you and Mr. Limo?"

"I haven't been able to find him and believe me, I've tried." Said Donna. "I've walked every deck of the ship." "It's only the first night. He's bound to show up sooner or later." Said Lani.

Gavin walks into a dining room of the Emerald Deck. He sees a blonde sitting alone from the back. His Associate's description goes through his mind. MID-TWENTIES, BROWN EYES, BLONDE HAIR. PERFECT GIRL NEXT DOOR. He sits at her table facing her. "Hello Leslie," said Gavin. "It's ironic that we should meet on the Emerald Deck, isnt it?" "I beg your pardon?" Said the woman. "I believe you have something that belongs to me." Gavin said. "I don't know what you're talking about." She said. "I'm really not in the mood for..." said Gavin. His words were cut off when a man showed up.

"That's my chair! That's my wife!" He stood his ground angrily. Gavin just realized that he had just made a complete fool of himself. "I am terribly sorry. I thought you were someone else." He pasted on a smile and displayed phony charm. The woman looked at him as though he was crazy. They were not amused. Gavin got up and left.

Donna was at the roulette table. "Wish me luck." Said Donna to the table's operator. She lost again. Cody and Lani are at the slot machines. "All right, it's my last dollar." Said Cody holding up a coin. "You've gotta win or I'll haveta borrow money from Mitch." "All right, come on," Lani said. "Come on, baby!" Said Cody.

"All right, baby!" Said Lani. She put in the dollar and hit three Princess Cruise symbols! She hit the jackpot as they placed the dispensed winnings in the container provided. Gavin made it the casino and spots Donna at the roulette table. He forgot about the description and just uses her long blonde hair as his guide.

Donna was not the perfect girl next door nor did she have brown eyes. She was a sexy blonde with vivid blue eyes. Her taste was in rich men. Gavin realized after the last incident that there were countless blondes on the ship. Instead of coming out to accuse the person he approaches of having the emeralds, he had to handle things differently in order to track down the right blonde. He walls over and sits down next to her.

"That's it for me." Said Donna. "This is for the lady." Said Gavin, pulling out a short stack of large bills. "And this is for me." He placed a $100 bill on #32 RED. "No, I can't let you..." Donna said reaching for the money to give back to him. "I insist." Gavin said. Gavin introduced himself. "Paul Nicholas." Gavin said. "Donna Marco." Said Donna.

The roulette wheel landed on #32RED. "You won!" Donna squealed. "We won!" Said Gavin. Keeping up the phony charm. "I can't believe this!" Said Donna. Gavin was still holding onto her hand. "You won all your money back?" He asked. "Some," said Donna. "That's what I like to hear." Said Gavin. He looked at the table's operator and said, "Thank you." "You're welcomed," Said the woman.

He then looked at Donna and said, "How would you like to go somewhere quiet where we can talk?" "I'd love to." Donna said. They got up. "For you," said Gavin to the roulette operator. He tossed over a chip. "Thank you," she said. Gavin and Donna make their way to the bar. "Would you like a drink?" He asked. "Sure," said Donna.

"Strawberry Daiquiri?" He asked. "Yeah," she said. "Two Strawberry Daiquiris,  please." Gavin said to the bartender. He seemed very careful now in case his suspicions were wrong and she wasn't Leslie. He turned to Donna and asked, "So, what do you do in Santa Monica? I'm a county lifeguard." Said Donna.

"Really? I always thought that would be a great job." Hang out on the beach, watch the pretty girls go by." Said Gavin. "Well, there's a little more to it than that." Donna said. "I'm sure there is. That's just the part that appeals to me." Gavin said, trying to continue to display his phony charm. "So, what do you do?" Asked Donna. "I'm an importer." Gavin said. "Oh," said Donna. "Importer of what?" "I specialize in rare jewels." Said Gavin. "Wow!" She said.

He placed his arm on the counter where she had placed her purse. "In fact, I was admiring your bracelet." He said. He knocked her purse off the counter and made it look like an accident. "Oh, I'm sorry." "That's all right." Said Donna. "As you can see, I tend to be very clumsy." Said Gavin. He got up off the barstool to pick the things up off the floor and proceeded to place them back into her purse. He used his pick-pocketing skills to keep her cabin's card key.

"Don't worry about it." She said. "I think that's about everything." Said Gavin as he closed her purse. Meanwhile on the dance floor, Mitch and Neely are dancing. "Are you having a good time so far?" Asked Mitch. "Such a good time, that I've forgotten why I'm here." Said Neely.

"Well, what's the worse thing that can happen, huh?" He said. "He may not want anything to do with you and Ashley and come back home." "Where is home? I don't even have an apartment." She said. "You can stay with me as long as you want." Mitch said. "Let's stop talking and let's just dance." Said Neely, snuggling her head closer to his shoulder.

Later out on the deck, the two walk Ashley. She seems to be quite restless. She is starting to make a lot of noise. "Thanks a lot Mitch." Said Neely. "What are friends for?" He said. "Besides, its a gorgeous night, huh?" Ashley was getting a bit louder. "Beautiful," she insisted. They both looked at the baby. "Awwww, sweetie," Neely cooed. "Awwww, come on Ashley," cooed Mitch. Neely then picked her up. "Awww, it's O.K., it's all right." She cooed. "Mitch, you should get back in there and dance. You shouldn't worry about a fussy baby."

"That's all right." He took Ashley and then proceeded to sing These Loving Eyes to her softly while the baby fell asleep. Neely looked amazed that she settled down and fell asleep. Mitch then looked over at Neely and smiled. They walked back to the cabin. The next morning, the group took in the breathtaking Alaskan scenery. Below deck, Mitch makes his way toward Neely's cabin. Gavin is walking several feet behind him. Mitch knocks on the door. He notes the man going into Donna's cabin, which was located next to Neely's. He uses the card key to let himself in. Neely soon answers the door and she greets him happily, while Mitch steps in.

The Dawn Princess stopped at Ketchikan, Alaskas 1st city, the Salmon Capital of the World. Leslie is peering out over the deck. She sees Gavin looking for her. When then spots Neely and Mitch. Leslie just knew that she could not go into town and take the chance of being discovered by Gavin. She goes over to greet them. "Hi! This is Ashley?" Leslie peered into the carriage pretending to be enchanted with the infant. "She's absolutely adorable. Can I hold her?" She asked with an innocent smile.

"She's a little fussy, so," Neely explained. "I can't wait to have a baby," she said. Mitch, who didn't like Leslie's words asked, "Where's Hobie?" "Oh, he should be right back." Said Leslie. "We're going into town." Mitch just pasted on a smile. Cody then showed up with a guide map and says, "Hey Mitch, I found the perfect fishing spot." He pointed to the guide. "Salmon Falls. I already rented the gear. We're all set."

"Ashley's a little cranky. I'm gonna stay here with Neely." Said Mitch. "You guys wanna go Salmon fishing." Cody whined. "Mitch, you go ahead. We'll be fine." Said Neely. "Can't you use that baby sitting service again?" Asked Cody. "You hafta book in advance." Said Neely.

"Uh...look, why don't you two go? I'll stay with Ashley." Said Leslie. "Im sure Hobie will understand. "Thank you very much for the offer, but I don't think so," said Mitch. "It's O.K., really," she said. "I practically raised my baby sister." "Come on, man. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity." Said Cody. "The streams are overflowing with salmon." "Actually, I wouldn't mind going." Said Neely. "It sounds like fun." "Yeah, Neely!" Said Cody, placing an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close with a wide smile.

"Are you sure?" Asked Mitch. "Ashley'll be in good hands." Said Leslie. "It'll be O.K. I'll treat her like she was my own, plus Hobie will be there to help me." "All right." Said Neely. "She just had her bottle, so she should be fine and there should be diapers in the stroller." "O.K., said Leslie. "Say bye-bye Ashley." She turned the stroller around and started pushing it the other way. She glanced back in the direction of Gavin before she started on her way. They all said good-bye to Ashley.

"Bye, have a good time." Said Leslie. She was soon out of hearing range. "I don't think this is such a smart idea. I really don't." Said Mitch. "Well," said Neely. "She's a little old for Hobie, but he's with her and she's a sweet girl." "Will you stop worrying? They'll be fine!" Said Cody. "Big pitch."

Leslie wheeled Ashley along and ran into Hobie, who had been on his way to meet her. "Hobie!" She said. "Hey!" Said Hobie. They embraced. What's goin' on? Why do you have Ashley?" He asked. "I'm baby sitting so that your dad and Neely can go Salmon fishing." She said. "What about Ketchikan?" He asked. "Well, you can go by yourself." She assured him. "I guess I'll just stay here then." Hobie said.

"Dont be silly." Leslie said. "You've got to see this town. It is so neat! Go to Creek Street. It is so cool!" "Are you sure that you'll be all right here by yourself?" He asked. "Of course, now, go ahead." She insisted. He gave her a warm kiss on the cheek. "All right, I'll go hang out with Donna." "O.K., have fun, bye." She said. "See ya later." Said Hobie.

With everyone gone, Leslie wheeled Ashley into the lobby by the cabin's hallway. She pulled out her cellular phone and dialed her partner up. At that moment, Ashley started crying. Gavin is on the ship. "I don't know how he found out. All I know is that he's here. Yes, I promise you that he will not find the emeralds. Just meet me in Anchorage and I'll see you then." Said Leslie, looking around.

While the baby continues to cry, Leslie then puts her phone away and takes off her pack. She takes the emeralds and places them deep into the head of Ashleys stroller. "Shut up you little brat!" She said lowly, while wheeling Ashley into the hall to her suite.

Meanwhile, Neely, Mitch and Cody made it into town. "I swear. And it was this big!" Said Cody."Why is it that when someone tells a story about a fish, it's always this big?" Asked Mitch, showing the size with his hands far apart. "Because that somebody is usually a man and they usually exaggerate about measurements." Said Neely. "Hey Cody, you think she's trying to tell us something?" Asked Mitch.

The scenery was breathtaking and Cody looked at his watch and says, "The ship sails for Juneau in five hours." "I say let's not wait another minute." Said Mitch. "Let's do it!" Said Cody. "You guys go," said Neely. "I'd rather stay here and take some pictures." "You be careful, huh?" Said Mitch. "O.K., have fun!" She said as they left her. "Bye."

Neely takes photos of the animals and breathtaking scenery. She kneels to get some photos. Suddenly, a shadow appears behind her and a breathing noise causes her to slowly lower the camera. Neely turns around to see a bear standing on its hind legs. With her body facing upward, she drops everything and uses her hands and feet to crawl away backward. "Oh my God! Oh my God!" She cried. Neely then scurried to get up to run. The bear started after her. She went down the path with the bear still in pursuit.

Mitch and Cody caught a Salmon. They soon hear Neely, who was trying to get to them. "Mitch! Mitch! Cody!" She cried. They drop what they are doing and run in the direction of her voice. Neely soon has nowhere to go but a log that is lying out toward the water. She mounts it and balances herself as she tries to walk across its length. The bear is soon there, but she continues to make her way across. Until she fall on top of the log. The bear tries turning it to flip her off. She screams louder for the guys. Mitch and Cody are soon there and try desperately to distract the bear. It continues to turn the diameter of the log trying to get Neely off. "Mitch! Cody!" She cried in fear.

"Hang in there!" He yelled. He then told Cody to find something to distract it. Cody comes back with two large heavy branches. "Get otta here!" They yelled, using the branches as weapons. The bear turns the log until Neely falls off into the water. Her legs are trapped under the log. She holds on with her arms and hands to keep her upper boy from going under as well. They manage to scare the bear away.

"You O.K.?" Asked Mitch. "Yeah!" Neely said. They realized that Neely's legs are pinned under the log. They tried lifting it, but cannot. "Go find something for leverage around here." Mitch said to Cody. He stays with Neely. "Are you sure you're O.K.?" He asked. "I'm really cold. I can't feel my legs at all." Said Neely. "We're gonna get you out of here!" Said Mitch. Neely nodded quickly. "I know that, I know." She said.

Mitch tried to keep her mind off the situation until Cody could get back by telling her a story. "Did I ever tell you about the time Eddie Kraimer was trapped. Pinned underneath a vault inside and armored car? Sinking to the bottom of the ocean? Did I ever tell you about that?" Mitch asked. "About ten times." She said. "I thought I did," said Mitch. "Did I ever mention that he got out O.K.?"

Meanwhile, Cody had just found a huge, thick branch strong enough to lift the log. He scurries back. "Mitch, I'm really, really scared. Ashley..." She said. "Ashley will have a mommy to tuck her in tonight." Then he yelled. "Come on, Cody!" Cody was there. "On three," Cody lifted and Mitch pulled her free. They got her out of the water and helped her back to the ship.

Cleaned up and checked out, Neely was sitting in a lounger with Mitch placing a plaid blanket over her. "Why don't you get some rest, huh?" Said Mitch. "I'll take Ashley back to your room. "No, I want her to stay." Said Neely. "You know, there for a minute I didn't think that I'd see her again. All I kept thinking was, who's gonna take care of her? And then I looked up and I saw you, saving me. Thank you."

They looked at each other for a moment. They kissed for a moment and when they started to kiss again, Mitch stopped himself. "I'll go get the uh..." "Diaper bag," Said Neely finishing for him. He looked back at her as she peeked into Ashley's stroller and then laid back to rest. Making his way from Neely's cabin, Mitch runs into Donna. "Hey, you!" He greeted Donna. "Mitch, Hey!" Donna returned. "I heard what happened. Is Neely O.K.?"

"Yeah, she's up on deck lying down. I just went to get the diaper bag." Said Mitch. "Hold on, I'll go with you." Donna said, looking in her purse for her card key. "Sounds like a really close call." "Yeah, it was. Is this your room?" Asked Mitch. "Yes, why?" Donna asked. "Did you switch cabins?" He asked. "No, I've been here the whole time." Said Donna.

"Donna, I saw a guy go in your room this morning and he had the key." Said Mitch. "Are you sure it wasn't one of the stewards?" Asked Donna. "Yeah! He was tall, dark and had a goatee!" Mitch said. "No wonder I can't find my key!" Donna reasoned. "He must have taken it when he knocked my purse out of my hands. Why would he do that?" "Who is this guy anyway?" Asked Mitch. "His name is Paul Nicholas. He's a jewelry importer from Delute." She said.

Leslie makes her way toward the desk. "Excuse me, do you have a map of Juneau?" Yes ma'am," said one of the clerks. "One moment." He gets a map from behind the counter. "There you are ma'am." "Thank you," she said. "You're welcomed!" He said. Leslie looked it over. Hobie finds her. "Hey, what's up?" Asked Hobie. "Hey, Hobie. I'm just checking out what there's to do at the next stop." Leslie said.

"Juneau?" Said Hobie. "That Glacier's supposed to be unreal! I heard that you can go paragliding from the Mendenhall Glacier back down to the ship. It's supposed to be incredible! Have you ever been paragliding Clair?" Leslie was lost in her own thoughts. "What? No, never. But I'd love to learn." She said. "Lets go!"

"Well, we'll be docking soon. I guess this is the moment of truth." Neely said. "Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" Asked Mitch. "Always there to back me up." Said Neely. "That's what lifeguards do." Said Mitch. "Remember, this is your vacation." Neely said. "Right, that's what it is." He said. "I just hope I'm doing the right thing." Neely said picking up Ashley. "I just hope Peter likes surprises." Mitch stated. He offered to walk her down on their way out.

Leslie makes her way up the stairs to one of the upper decks. Gavin is there, looking for Leslie. She stops short and stares at him in fear. She gives herself away when she makes eye contact and gasp revealing her identity. Her reaction triggered Gavin's memory as to where he had last seen her. It was at the hospital where he went to check up on Robby. He remembered crashing through her and a teenaged youngster. Gavin's search was over.

You'd have to wonder why she didn't just walk by him without looking at him as a redhead. He was looking for a blonde. But she runs proving to him who she was without a doubt. Gavin chases in pursuit. Mitch is on deck and wonders why Paul Nicholas is chasing Clair! After chasing her over the ships deck, she finally rests behind a screen in the shape of bars. He catches up with her and pulls Leslie upward by the collar. "Leslie, I want my emeralds, and I want them now!" He demanded.

"They're in my suite." She says. He let her lead the way while holding onto her roughly. Mitch sees that the man is taking her forcibly and decides to follow. Finally at her cabin door, he tells her to open it. She uses her card key and fumbles with it, pretending as though she could not.

"Won't go," She said. Gavin takes it while still holding onto her. When it is opened, he had planned to get her inside. "Come on," he ordered. When he tried to pull her inside, she shoves him in the cabin and tries to close the door. She then speeds down the hall with Mitch calling after her. "Clair, what's going on?" Mitch yelled. "Clair, wait a minute!" He was running after them. "Clair, Stop! Who is this guy?" He yelled.

Gavin was standing behind a wall and punched Mitch in the face while he was running, catching him by surprise. When Mitch went down, Gavin continued pursuit. Mitch was going to get to the meaning of this guy. First Donna and now Clair. He needed to know who this guy was. Mitch was at the reception desk holding an ice pack beneath his eye. "I'm afraid there's no Paul Nicholas on board." Said the clerk. "How about a Clair Hodges?" Asked Mitch.

The clerk checked the register while Cody walked up to the desk. "Oooooh, what happened to you? You O.K.?" Asked Cody. "Never had a better day!" Said Mitch. "Sorry, there's no one registered under that name." He said. "Well, she's in room B422," said Mitch. "That room is occupied by a Miss Leslie Stryker, at least that's the name on the passport." Said the clerk. "Leslie Stryker? What the hell's goin on?" Mitch wondered aloud. Then he looked over at the clerk and said, "Thank you." Mitch and Cody make their way out of the lobby when Mitch asked, "Who is Leslie Stryker? I've gotta find Hobie."

The models and Lani work for the camera. Neely passes by wheeling Ashley. She sits and says, "O.K. sweetie, let's feed you before you meet your daddy.

Above Neely is Leslie on her cell phone talking to her partner in crime, "Stop telling me to calm down, he's found me!" She said. "He doesn't have the emeralds. I do. That is, if I can get to them. Never mind, I don't have time to explain. Just meet me in a town called Sicily. Its due east of Mendenhall Glacier. Don't worry about calling when you get there! Just be there!" She ordered. "O.K., bye!" Leslie then eyes Ashley's stroller where she stashed the emeralds. She makes her way down and behind the stroller unseen. She retrieved them and slipped away.

The models were finishing up the current segment and were told that the next shoot was in Juneau. Lani made her way over toward Neely. She peered into Ashley's stroller. "She's so beautiful." "Thanks," said Neely. "Good Luck with Peter." Said Lani. "Thanks, I need it. Have fun in town. You look beautiful." Said Neely. "Thank you." Said Lani. Neely wheeled Ashley on.

Meanwhile, Gavin is all eyes, looking for Leslie, who escaped him when Mitch interfered. Leslie finds Hobie. "Hobie!" "Where've you been? We're just about ready to dock in Juneau." He said. "I thought you wanted to be the first to be on the tram." "I know, I'm sorry. I had a really bad headache!" "You gonna be all right?" Hobie Asked. "Yeah, I'm O.K. Let's go." She said. Fearing that Gavin might see them and catch up , she hurries Hobie along. "Come on, Hobie." "I'm right behind you." He said. "Hurry up or we'll miss the tram." She said. She grabs his hand and pulls him along. "Come on." Gavin sees them. She's sticking out like a sore thumb in her red parka, red backpack and hair. He makes his way down, pushing people out of the way.

Neely is escorted and makes her way toward a horse and carriage, so that she can be taken to Peter's residence.

Meanwhile, Hobie and Leslie make it in the line for the tram. Gavin is following. They get into the ticket line and hand in their tickets for the tram. Leslie looks behind her and sees Gavin. Gavin pushes his way through the line and to the tram. He tries to get on, but is stopped and told to go in the ticket line first. He goes back, pushing everyone. Everyone was complaining. You'd have to wonder why the police wasn't called to restore order. When in line, he grows impatient, behind a woman who is purchasing her ticket. He keeps tabs on the tram and Leslie. He hears the message announced over the intercom: "THE TRAM IS NOW BOARDING. PLEASE STAND CLEAR OF THE DOORS. ENJOY THE RIDE."

Gavin grabs the woman's ticket and tries to get in before the doors closed. The woman yelled after him. "Hey! What are you doing? You're gonna pay for that ticket!" As Gavin gets closer to the tram, Leslie stands and stares in fear as he gives his ticket to the attendant. "Here!" He thought he had her! Suddenly the doors closed and the tram is soon on its way. "How long before the next tram?" Gavin asked.

"Theres' only one tram." The attendant said. "It takes 20 minutes to go up and come down." Gavin eyes the attendant's gun and asks, "Is there any other way down?" "Only if you wanna paraglide." He answered.

The tram made its journey down. Gavin was going to paraglide down. Soon he had overtaken the attendant guard and he was now unconscious. His gun was missing from his holster. Gavin now had it and was now continuing his pursuit of Leslie and Hobie. He was now armed.

Continued: White Thunder At Glacier Bay/part 2


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