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White Thunder At Glacier Bay/Pt 1 21
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****Sharkey's Review****
White Thunder At Glacier Bay/part 1
 21st Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 05/17/98   Encore: 05/23/98
Week of: 05/17/98 - 05/23/98 
My Score:  5 Rescue Cans
This Week's Quote: "The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try in a different way."
                                             -Dale Carnegie
5 rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)

White Thunder at Glacier Bay/Part 1 continues with everyone aboard the Dawn Princess. The filming of Alaska's scenery was breathtaking and all camera angles during the shooting were first rate. They managed to do this despite gigantic headaches that came along with maintaining the scenes. The cruise involved helicopters, hundreds of extras, 43 boxes of costumes, lifeboats and unpredictable weather. Again, I must admit that this second part of the 3-part stunner was immensely enjoyable and was overall very well done. The writers, actors, directors and all of the staff must all be congratulated for their fine effort. Everyone was believable and the story just flowed nicely throughout. All characters had meaningful purpose for being in the episode. No one was wasted here, even the baby.

The plot really heats up here as Gavin (Don Diamont) starts out on deck looking for Leslie Stryker (Heather Stephens). He studies the faces that belonged to blonde women in their mid-twenties.

Cody (David Chokachi) sees Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) near some shops while Leslie tries on dresses. She looks in the mirror to see how it looks. Hobie couldn't understand why his father was so bent out of shape about Clair. He thought that she was pretty cool. Cody told Hobie that his dad did the same thing to him. They think they know what's best for you. Cody also warned him that it would be the same when he has a kid.

When Mitch (David Hasselhoff) shows up to join them, he shows warm affection for Cody when he greeted him, the affection that is usually reserved for Hobie. This time, Mitch just stood by Hobie and greeted him coldly. Oooooh, brrrr brrrr! Iceberg! Mitch asked Hobie what he was doing. When Hobie said that he was buying Clair a dress, Mitch was ready to blow up. Hobie reminded him that it was his money and he could do what he wanted with it. Mitch told him that it wasn't the issue. Hobie answered that the issue is that he was still trying to run his life. Just let him enjoy his cruise. Leslie was in the mirror to check the fit of her dress when she looked over at an arguing Mitch and Hobie. At least Hobie didn't try to hide that he was buying her a dress. She knew that Mitch disapproved of her being on this trip. Since Mitch has more experience in the area of picking the wrong women, he was one person that Leslie couldn't charm.

It was nice here that the writers managed to get back to the meaningful father/son type of storyline. The conflict between the two blended in extremely well into the action plot. Mitch and Hobie have had a history of arguing over certain issues. Hobies always been a rebellious type since he was standing at his dad's waistline. And he has a great knack for getting himself into trouble-usually over trying to impress a girl. Now that he's trying to find his own identity and as well as making his own decisions, it's only natural that they would continue to butt heads here. Besides, it's always nice when they dole out the hugs and kisses at the end to make up. And Hobie always has to apologize. Cody is trying hard not to take sides and talks with Hobie about the situation and then when Mitch is around and Hobie is out of earshot, he plays dumb.

Later, Lani (Carmen Electra) and Neely (Gena Lee Nolin) entered the Dining Room and the host greeted them and took them to their table. Donna (Donna D'Errico) said that she wasn't hungry and set out looking for the what she and Lani perceived earlier as a rich man in a limo. That rich man that they saw getting out of his limo was Gavin. Mitch and Cody made it to Dining Room and Mitch asked a waiter to do him a favor. They surprised the girls by posing as French waiters. They were indeed surprised and wondered how they got onto the ship. Lani was so happy because she really missed Cody. With all the whining she did at the airport and stalling trying to look for him before boarding the plane, he was all she could think about on the cruise. And who could forget Cody's whining about Lani not coming back like C.J. (Pamela Anderson)? Neely was also very happy that Mitch was there. It just made her cruise! Mitch gave the explaination about how they got on the ship. The Princess Cruises and Alaskan Airline sponsored a contest.

Hobie entered and won first prize, which was four tickets for an Alaskan Cruise aboard The Dawn Princess. Neely was so happy that when Hobie and Leslie made their appearance in the Dining Room, she got up to go over to give him a warm hug. She thanked him for winning the contest enabling them to come. She then pulled him along by the hand to their table. Hobie introduced Leslie as Clair Hodges to Neely and Lani. Leslie pasted on her sweet, innocent smile and greeted them, shaking their hands. Hobie told them to enjoy their dinner. Lani asked if they were going to join them. Looking at Mitch and sounding a bit hurt, he told Lani that's O.K. They knew when they weren't wanted. They sat at a nearby table with Mitch staring at them angrily. I had to admit that I was delighted to see Hobie in clothing that actually fit, rather than his usual very oversized attire-Baywatch uniforms included.

Donna had spent time at the Casino losing money. When she walked out, she sees Lani and Cody. She was both surprised and happy to see him! She gave him a warm hug. She asked how he got on board. Cody said that it was a long story. Lani told her that he was there with Mitch, Hobie and Hobie's girlfriend. Donna was stunned and didn't remember him having a steady girlfriend. Cody said that was an even longer story. Lani said that she would fill her in on all of the details later. She wanted to know what was going on with her and Mr. Limo. Donna complained that she couldn't find him. She has really tried. She has walked all of the decks of the ship. Lani told her that it was only the first day. She would find him, he's bound to show up sooner or later.

Meanwhile, Gavin wasn't exactly displaying cleverness in trying to track down Leslie. He remembered the description of the woman given him by his associate. MID-TWENTIES, BROWN EYES, BLONDE HAIR. PERFECT GIRL NEXT DOOR. This description could fit countless blonde women on the ship. Instead of going to the desk for the list of passengers on the ship, he sits down at the table of the first blonde he sees. He sees her sitting from her back, not the front. He just sits at this woman's table facing her. He greet her with "Hello Leslie." She said, "I beg your pardon?" He then tells her that it was ironic that they should meet on the Emerald Deck. She looked at him, as if he was someone who had just stepped on the planet. He told her that she had something of his. When she told him that she didn't know what he was talking about, he was going to tell her that he wasn't in the mood for games. His words got cut off when a man showed at the table. It was the woman's husband and he was sitting in the man's chair. Gavin realized then that he had made a fool of himself. An unprofessional one! He apologized and got up, trying to display his phony charm. When Gavin saw her face, it should have registered that she had blue eyes, very blue. And that she had a polished, high-class look to her instead the lady being of a "girl next door" type.

There was one thing that I couldn't understand though. In the clips showing what happened in the previous episodes before the actual current episode began, there was a different line that had Gavin's partner stating Leslie having BLUE EYES, BLONDE HAIR, PERFECT GIRL NEXT DOOR. In the actual story while they were in the limo, Gavin's associate stated that she had brown eyes. Unless my hearing was impaired while listening to this line, I just shrugged it off and reasoned that two versions must have been filmed and it was decided later which they would use.

To avoid the same type of mishap, Gavin would have to find a different approach. And he does when he sees Donna at a Roulette table in the Casino. He sits next to her and pasted on his phony charm again. He placed money down on #32 RED and won. He helped her win some of her money back. He wanted to fish information out of her that could give him some clues. He managed to talk her into seeing him alone at the bar so that they could converse. Donna placed her purse on the bar counter. She told him her name and that she was a County Lifeguard. He introduced himself as Paul Nicholas. He was a jewel importer.

And this is his second strike. Donna is definitely not the girl next door type. She is a sexy blonde who has taste in rich men. But he ignores that and knocks her purse over and gets her card key to her cabin out without raising suspicion. I guess he started off as a little thief and con artist too! After he gets everything back into her purse, he apologizes and that hes clumsy. Donna didn't seem to mind. All she could seem to see was dollar signs.

The next day when Mitch made his way to Neely's cabin, he saw Gavin use a card key to let himself in. Later, Leslie who was looking over the deck saw Gavin searching for her. She and Hobie had planned a day in town. While waiting, she saw Neely and Mitch with Ashley. She heads their way and pretends to be enchanted with the baby. Cody shows up and told Mitch where they could go fishing. Neely was going to stay behind because of Ashley. This, however was the opportunity that Leslie was looking for. She insisted that they all go and see the town while she took care of Ashley. Mitch wasn't sure about leaving her alone with Ashley. Since Hobie never gave any of the information that she told him to anyone, Leslie gave the excuse that she practically raised her baby sister. She would treat Ashley like she's her own. Besides, Hobie would be there with her. Given the fact that Hobie would be there with her, they all went on their merry way, while Leslie wheeled the carriage back toward the cabins.

When the three were gone, Leslie sighed with relief that she would be able to use the baby to avoid Gavin. But Hobie, who had returned, wondered what she was doing with Ashley. Leslie told Hobie that she had offered to baby sit while they saw the sights. When he was going to stay with her, Leslie insisted that he should go out to see Ketchikan too. That she'd be fine. Although disappointed, he went in to see the town.

It was amazing here how everyone trusted someone that they didn't know well enough to leave the baby with her. O.K., I could understand Hobie's situation. He was blindly infatuated with her. She could do no wrong in his eyes. But the rest! Usually, a mother would wait until the other party that she knew well and trusted to show up and then leave. But it didn't happen here! Neely didn't seem to have anything against Leslie where as Mitch did. It seems as if Mitch would have used his own best judgement to insist on this.  My Score:  5 Rescue Cans

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