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Hijacked 11
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****Sharkey's Review****
 11th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 12/07/97   Encore: 12/13/97
Week of: 12/07/97 - 12/13/97 
My Score:  4 Rescue Cans
This Week's Quote: "Past experience should be a guide post, not a hitching post."
5 rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)

The eleventh episode Hijacked had two very strong storylines. The episode was directed and written well. The storylines are starting to pick up more momentum.

The first was about Caroline (Yasmine Bleeth), who had come back to Baywatch on her hiatus from the soap, "Shannon's Hope." Caroline wanted to get placed on the roster to stay eligible as a lifeguard. While on her way Headquarters, a roller blader had snatched her luggage and made off with the bag by skating away. He returned a short while later and told her that she should watch where she was going. This event played an important part in her being able to describe him later on in the episode.

She dismissed him as a jerk as he skated away and then continued toward Headquarters. She managed to catch Taylor (Angelica Bridges). She had seen Caroline on "Shannon's Hope." Caroline quickly changed the subject, as she really wanted to be placed on the active roster to stay eligible. Taylor told her that she was in luck that Newmy (Michael Newman) called in sick. She could get her into a tower today. Caroline begged her not mother's beach. Taylor told her that she was ready for the real thing and told her to get ready and she'll give her an assignment.

She is reunited with J.D. (Michael Bergin) here, and the two are caught kissing in the women's locker room by Taylor. His assignment was given to Caroline as retaliation and he was placed on the switchboard as punishment for being in the women's locker room.

After her shift, Caroline called J.D. and wanted him to meet her at Headquarters. He was on switchboard duty for another half-hour. She decided jokingly that they should meet in the locker room. On her way toward Headquarters, a young thief had just committed a robbery. He made his getaway (or I should say, skate-a-way) to avoid the cop that showed up. He spots Caroline's truck and jumps in. He waves the gun and tells her to drive and hurry. She was running out of road, so he told her to hit the beach. She did so with an observant Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) after them. He begins shooting, so Mitch has to hold back a bit and call for backup. Caroline purposely aims the truck into a tree and brush. She manages to get out with him trying to grab her. She fends him off until Mitch could get to him. He manages to skate away.

Caroline has nightmares about the event. And decides that she couldn't let that one event make her stay cooped up inside. She sees a man trying to steal a car and thinks that he is the one who was the robber. When they chase him down and catch him, she realizes that he wasn't the gunman. This is Yasmine's fourth episode as she has only one left to appear on the show. She displayed strong acting skills as always and supported Michael Bergin and Angelica Bridges very well in all scenes.

The second was about Neely (Gena Lee Nolin) and the consequences of her addiction to painkillers. We learned in the episode Homecoming that she was afraid that someone would find out about the addiction, as a physical and blood tests were a part of passing the tests to remain a certified LA lifeguard.

Donna (Donna D'Errico) notices that there is a barge too close to the beach. Mitch goes to see about the problem. Neely is happy to see him. She gives him a hug and a kiss. Mitch asks why the barge is so close to shore and that it seems to belong to the private beach club that she was working for. She told Mitch that one of the members was getting married. When he asked if all the permits were in order, she assured him that they were. They were in the office, and if he would like to see them. He said no, and told her to keep an eye on things as she can run into problems with swimmers and jokers. They way the two kept eyeing each other during this scene, you'd think that they were just holding back from asking each other out on a date. He asked her how she was, he hardly saw her anymore. She said that she liked it there and that they were thinking of making her a social activity director. He told her that he was glad that things worked out for her.

Inside, you could tell that he really wanted her back at Baywatch and couldn't understand why she would leave a job that she created so many violent waves to get. She reopened the sexual harassment case against Matt Brody (David Charvet) and Baywatch only to win it and agreed to drop the suit if they took her back. Surely, no one has forgotten this. But over time, Neely changed and she dropped her drinking, leather wearing motorcycle pals for healthier friendships of other lifeguards. She worked hard at becoming one of Baywatch's best and someone who other lifeguards could actually trust.

After Mitch left, a Jetskier splashed water onto the barge and left. The water dripped toward the fireworks. An explosion was the result and Neely was on it. Donna called for backup. Unfortunately, Neely left without her rescue can. Neely got to the victim first after a second explosion sent the man into the water. His heavy uniform and boots became weighed down with water. Disoriented, the man grabbed Neely taking her under with him. Mitch and Donna got the man and Caroline helped with the rescue. When the man was finally breathing with a pulse, Neely had to face Mitch.

Later, Mitch asked Donna what was wrong with Neely. With him pressing and saying that if she was a friend, she'd help her. Donna broke down to tell him the truth. Mitch used her disability check that she asked about as a ploy to get her to the office. When Neely showed, Mitch wanted to talk to her. He closed the door to the exercise room for privacy and to get her to tell the truth. Donna told Neely that she told Mitch everything. Neely tried to play dumb, but Mitch brought up the fact that there were no hospital records of her in aspen. She found no recourse than to tell the truth. She didn't hurt her back. She had a baby. It was her ex-husband, Peter's baby. They were trying to rekindle their relationship. She didn't want Peter to marry her because she was pregnant. Her pregnancy was hard and she had to take prescription painkillers. And after the birth, she couldn't stop taking them. Later, Neely decided that she would take the help and brought her baby to Headquarters when she went in to see Mitch. She let him hold the little girl that she named Ashley. While giving him the infant she asked, "Do you remember?"

Well, you can't blame a girl for trying. You could tell what she was thinking. She did like the way the baby looked in his arms. He is the biggest catch on the beach and is experienced as a father as well as stable. We all know what's going to happen. We all just want to see how it happens. Great job on all sides!  My Score: 4 Rescue Cans

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