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White Thunder At Glacier Bay/Pt 2 22
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****Sharkey's Review****
White Thunder At Glacier Bay/part 2
 22nd Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 05/24/98   Encore: 05/30/98
Week of: 05/24/98 - 05/30/98 
My Score:  5 Rescue Cans
This Week's Quote: "It's not who I am, it's what I do!"
                                             -A female villian replied to Sisko (Avery Brooks) after he asked her who she was after she tried to drain the life force out of his son Jake (Cirroc Lofton)/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
5 rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)

The exciting second part of White Thunder at Glacier Bay offered the action scenes between Gavin (Don Diamont), Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) and Leslie (Heather Stephens). They made the dangerously slippery surfaces seem easy to run on during the chase. And when Mitch (David Hasselhoff) and Cody (David Chokachi) mounted the icy glacier by helicopter to look for Hobie and Leslie to encounter Gavin holding them prisoner, the fight between Mitch and Gavin had to be a freezing one in the cave's icy water.

This scene was no easy task from actors to the camera crew. How did they manage to do it? There were challenges of getting to the top of the slippery 400 foot Mendenhall Glacier. To shoot the scenes, a fleet of 10 helicopters had to take the crew and camera equipment over a mountain ridge to the frozen plateau for the action scenes. The actors encountered the slippery surface of the glacier and did well. And they all made the temperature appear to be a lot warmer than it actually was. Their goose bumps must have had goose bumps!

Hobie and Leslie make their way to the paragliding and are soon airborne. Gavin is after them. He forces his way for the signup sheets to see if Leslie's name was on it and threatened the poor man with the gun that he had stolen to take the equipment. Mitch calls Headquarters to ask if a police check can be done on Leslie Stryker and Paul Nicholas. He finds out that Leslie was wanted for attempted murder. It had to do with the victim that April (Kelly Packard) had found. Mitch was stunned! Donna and Cody walk up to him as he was talking on his cellular phone. Mitch was finished talking and although nothing was mentioned about Paul Nicholas' real name, Mitch started referring to him as Gavin when he gave Donna (Donna D'Errico) this line, "Look, you see this Gavin guy, you stay away from him." From then on, he referred to Paul Nicholas as Gavin throughout the whole episode. I wonder how many of you noticed that mistake! Mitch takes Cody with him to look for Hobie.

Gavin is soon upon them and Hobie notices a man behind them and advises Leslie that they turn around. Leslie refuses and heads in what Hobie perceives as the wrong direction. He keeps yelling to Leslie that she was going the wrong way. She still refuses to change direction. Gavin yells for them to land on the glacier. Leslie refuses and he starts firing warning shots at them. He aims at her and forces her to land. Hobie and Leslie land first. They get out of their gear. Hobie soon discards his and runs over to Leslie and pulls her along so they could escape. They scurry as Gavin lands. He sees this and hurries to get out of his gear to go after them. He is soon in pursuit and is firing at them again.

I must say though, you'd just have to wonder where this guy is getting all of this ammunition! He never seems to run out of bullets! The tram loading guard only had a loaded gun in his holster. The gun seems a bit old fashioned and not the cartridge type. But then even a cartridge type must run out of ammunition some time! They never even show Gavin reload!

With Mitch and Cody in the helicopter looking for them, Cody notices the colors of the paragliding shoots. They get their equipment from the pilot and soon the abandoned gear. They start to make their search calling for Hobie. Did you notice how they didn't call for Leslie?

Hobie and Leslie are still on the run and manage to avoid Gavin. On their tummies, they make it into an opening and through the tightness of a flat cave. Gavin notes that he is not small enough to pursue them through the opening, so he peers through to see where it leads. He makes his journey to the other side. Once out, Leslie decides which way they should go and grabs Hobie's hand to lead. They end up falling down the glacier into an ice cave. They are now trapped and soon have Gavin looking down at them. The wicked one smiles at them. He told them that he would get them out if she took off the backpack, undo the straps and toss it up so that he could lower it down and pull them both out. Leslie didn't believe him.

Gavin told her to stay down there and freeze to death, but he was not leaving the glacier without his emeralds. He kept pointing the gun at them. Why, I don't know. It was a pretty useless tool with them stuck in the cave and all. The threat of them not being able to get out was enough. Hobie got tired of games and ordered her to take the pack off, undo the straps and toss it up so that they could get out. When she did as she was told, Gavin did seem as though he was going to pull them out when he purposely let go of Leslie's hand with the intention of leaving them down there. He searches the pack frantically.

And this scene was one of my favorites in this second part. He was angered when he found that the emeralds were not in the backpack. He screamed, "Where are my emeralds?" Leslie pulled them out of her pocket with her Cruella DeVil smile. She must have really enjoyed his searching that backpack with such desperateness. She told him if he wanted them he'd have to come and get them. Gavin ordered her to toss them up. He even held the gun on them again! Hobie tried to calm him down and get him to let them out. Gavin shoots, causing an avalanche. Some of the snow and ice falls downward toward Hobie and Leslie. They shield themselves in one of the caves curving walls. Hobie was incredibly protective of Leslie, even though he knew that she deceived him. Gavin was deliberate when he told them that the cause of the avalanche was White Thunder and that's what they would be buried in if she didn't give him his emeralds. He also told them that he didn't mind doing a little digging to get what he wanted. Hobie took one of the emeralds from Leslie. When she asked what he was doing, Hobie told her that they were not worth getting killed for. He proceeded to throw it up when Leslie blocked his arm to complete the toss. She knew that once he had the emeralds, that he wouldn't even have to shoot them. He could just cause another avalanche to bury them so that there would be no evidence. That had to be what Gavin had planned after that first avalanche, as his associate had told him that he never wanted to see Leslie Stryker again. And Gavin gave his word that she would never get off the cruise ship alive (Bon Voyage, the prologue of the 2-parter, White Thunder at Glacier Bay). Gavin tried to grab the emerald and fell down the glacier into the cave with them. Amazing how he hung on to that gun, huh? The fall had to be a total surprise! But he got up quickly and forced them with the gun to hand the emeralds over. Hobie gave his to Gavin and Leslie had to be told twice before she gave her two up. Now they were all trapped down there together! How was Gavin going to get out to enjoy the benefits of the emeralds?

And then while they were trapped together, Gavin actually enjoyed telling Hobie all about Leslie and who she was. How she was hired by him and his associate to dive for their emeralds and how she tried to kill Robby. He informed Leslie how Robby had come out of his coma. How she suckered him into her plot. She wasn't so wonderful in the boy's eyes now.

Mitch and Cody were still calling and searching for Hobie. Hobie hears Mitch's voice and answers. He tells him where they are and to help them. Save was more the word he used. With all of the scrapes that Mitch has gotten him out of, he should be more than used to it by now.

Gavin tried to threaten Mitch and Cody into letting him out and had the gun on Hobie to ensure that he would be taken seriously. He placed the noose of the rope around his arm and when Leslie remarked that he should tie it around his neck, Gavin got so sick of her, that he points the gun her direction. This distraction enables Cody to pull on the rope to throw him off balance, causing the man to stumble against the cave's wall. Hobie tries to disarm Gavin but he is only thrown against the cave. Seeing this, Mitch jumps down to battle Gavin. The gun goes off causing another avalanche. Snow and huge chunks of ice falling everywhere! Cody continued to pull on the rope to make Gavin stumble. Mitch manages to get the gun out of his grip. While the ice fell, Leslie tries to go for the gun. Hobie stops her. Gavin and Mitch continue to fight until Mitch manages to overpower his evil opponent. Cody gets them all out of the cave and Leslie and Gavin are soon taken to the helicopters that are waiting. They would deliver the two evildoers to the state troopers.

This is another favorite scene, when Hobie asked them to hold up for a minute. He asked Leslie if anything that she said was true. Gavin rolled his eyes while Leslie's reply was to the men taking them to the troopers, "Get us the hell out of here before we all freeze to death!" The poor young thing lowered his head brokenheartedly. What did she think was going to happen when she mislead him into thinking that she wanted him as a boyfriend?

Mitch hurried back to Neely. She asked if everyone was O.K. Mitch only wanted to hear what went on with the visit with Peter. Neely told him that Peter was married. She met his wife and infant son. So, he mislead Neely into thinking that he was interested in getting back together and was cheating on his wife. He must have taken his ring off in the progress. This can only explain why he got both Neely and his wife pregnant around the same time-give or take a month or two. Is Peter even worth the dirt he walked on or what? Neely shouldn't have had to go through all of the trouble to track Peter down. If he really wanted to be found, he would have come to her since he knew where she worked last.

Mitch was shocked that Peter had a wife and child. Neely was relieved because she couldn't see herself married to Peter now when she was in love with someone else. When Mitch asked who? she replied, "you." She told him that she was in love with him and asked if he was in love with her. It looks as if she has to do all of the work again! First with Peter, now with Mitch! He told her that he loved her more than anyone else in the world. They sealed it with passionate kisses.

Again, I must give this finishing episode the highest mark! I must say that it was quite enjoyable. And all of the actors were terrific! The camera crew and direction were excellent. They encountered a few mistakes, but they did not affect the overall enjoyment of the episode. The wedding was quite different, but beautiful. The best man, holding Ashley during the ceremony, and after the bride and groom were pronounced as husband and wife, the two had to change the baby. And what a way to go out for the season! The honeymoon scenes showing Mitch and Neely getting to know each other. The only spoiler here was the baby taken along on the honeymoon. No, no, no, no! Three's a crowd! Ashley should have been handed over to Hobie.  My Score: 5 Rescue Cans

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