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Eel Nino 8
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****Sharkey's Review****
Eel Nino
 8th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 11/16/97   Encore: 11/22/97
Week of: 11/16/97 - 11/22/97 
My Score:  4 Rescue Cans
This Week's Quote: "The world is filled with beauty when your heart is filled with love."
5 rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)

This week's episode, Eel Nino centers on three story lines that blend in together amazingly well. Comedy, romance, adventure, suspense, excitement! This episode had it all! And the standout star, the bad guy, wasn't even human! It was a dangerous 20-foot electric eel! The prop was positioned into the water scenes extremely well. The direction of the eel scenes was wonderful. A humorous storyline, really. The plots were excellent.

The Santa Ana winds blows into Baywatch and strange things begin to happen. The first plot is about what was thought of as weird pranks. The huge hole in the center of the beach. Missing lifeguard trucks that ended up being buried, and sandbars in the ocean where they should not be. An angry county employee named Max (Gregory White) complains that the lifeguards get all the glory and the ones who watch the sand (the maintenance crew) are ignored until something goes wrong. It turns out that he was the one who did everything out of revenge. How he did everything so fast still remains a mystery.

The second was about our main star-an electric eel that was one of the lab specimens that escaped through a cracked tank. It survived out of its natural habitat and has grown 20 feet long and is on the loose. It killed sea lions and has attacked people. Mitch decides that it has to be stopped before it is too late.

The last is a love triangle: Manny Gutierrez (Jose Solano) and April Giminski (Kelly Packard) are in love, and Hobie Buchannon (Jeremy Jackson) has eyes for April and tries to win her affection by taking her to the Cave of Sirens. There, she tries to tell Hobie what he manages to tell her first: That she liked Manny. He leaves it at that and as they headed back to the beach, April felt something brush against her leg. The giant eel was trying to attack. Hobie told her to head for the rocks, and helped her up. He made it up himself just before he was attacked.

Mitch, who had already started his search for the eel where the sea lions had been found, saw Manny and Lani McKenzie (Carmen Electra) in the water. Manny had been attacked by the eel. With Manny very jealous, the two had come after April and Hobie. Trying to get into the opening, they had encountered the eel. They tried to make it back to their boat. Its strong jaws which was 10 inches around, grabbed and held Manny's leg and dragged him through the water. Soon he was lifeless. Lani really surprised me in this great scene! She came back to Manny's rescue and attacked the eel. Lani kept hitting it hard until it let him go and went away. This is the first time that she thought of someone other than herself and her dance career! Lani was now very close to the other lifeguards. She got Manny to the surface where she saw Mitch and Cody Madison (David Chokachi) in a scarab. Cody jumped in to help get him back to the scarab. They managed to revive Manny with CPR and the defibrillator.

The concerned Mitch quickly went under to see about April and Hobie. Once he found them, the eel came after him. He got it with the spear gun. Then it attacked Hobie, getting him in the shoulder (the eel actually jumped out of the water and aimed itself at them). Mitch struggled with it. It wrestled the spear gun Mitch had out of his hands. Well, I did say that it was humorous. The eel seemed to know that the spear gun was a weapon. It dropped it in the water below and came back after them. Mitch held it off, struggling. He told Hobie to get the defib ready. Hobie quickly gave the handles to his dad. After it finished charging, Hobie told him that he was shocking while Mitch held them in place and finished the eel.

In the last scene, Lani told April that a lot of the trouble would not have happened if she had listened to her. And Hobie made up with Manny about trying to win April over. Mitch saw them all on the beach and invited Lani, April and Manny to join him and Hobie for dinner. He hoped that they all liked smoked eel. They all gave expressions of disgust.  My Score: 4 Rescue Cans

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