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White Thunder At Glacier Bay/Pt 2 22 Script
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****Sharkey's Review****
White Thunder At Glacier Bay/part 2
 22nd Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 05/30/98   Encore: 06/06/98
Week of: 05/24/98 - 05/30/98 

Lani and the models posed for the photographers, as the scene is shown where Neely is taken to her destination to Peter's. Hobie and Leslie are on the ground and they take the road to paragliding rentals. They both signed to rent the equipment. Leslie is on a steady pace once she has her gear. Hobie has to run to catch up.

At Baywatch Headquarters, Mitch had called. He needed some information. "Hey, Mitch, calling from Alaska?" Asked the veteran lifeguard on duty. "How is it?" "It's spectacular," said Mitch, talking from a cellular phone. "Hey guys, it's Mitch!" He said. "Hey Mitch!" They all sang out. "They all say hi," he said.

"Listen to me," Mitch interrupted. "Is Craig around?" "He's off today. Anything I can do?" He asked. "I need you to run a police check on two names." Said Mitch. "Paul Nicholas and Leslie Stryker." "Leslie Stryker?" He asked. "Yeah, you know her?" Asked Mitch as Cody and Donna walked up to him. "All I know is that she's wanted for attempted murder." He said.

"Attempted murder?" Asked Mitch, stunned. "Had something to do with the guy that April found last week." "Uhhh...thanks." Mitch was stunned as he pushed in the antenna of his cell phone. "What's wrong, Mitch?" Asked Donna. "Where's Hobie?" Asked Mitch.

"I saw him about an hour ago. He said he was going paragliding with Clair." She said. "Look, you see this Gavin guy, you stay away from him." He told Donna. Then he turned to Cody, "Look, you wanna see a glacier? You're gonna see a glacier. Come on!" Uh, oh! A big mistake here! Mitch didn't even know Paul Nicholas' real name. Only Clair's real name was revealed by the desk clerk. The director didn't even catch Mitch's line when he used the name Gavin. I wonder how many of you noted that error!

Gavin had just made it to the paragliding rentals. "Hi, how are you? You wanna rent?" Asked the man. Gavin started helping himself to the clipboard to see if Leslie had rented equipment. He then started helping himself to the equipment. "Hey!" Said the man. "What are you doing? I'm going paragliding," said Gavin, holding up the gun and threatening him with it. He took the equipment and was on his way. Hobie and Leslie were airborne, Leslie with a determined look on her face. They steer themselves over the beauty of the scenery.

Gavin is soon behind them and Hobie notices it. "Somebody's coming after us. We've got to go the other way." He yelled. "No!" She said. They are soon over the snow and ice covered mountains. They are going toward the icy Mendenhall Glacier. "Clair!" Hobie yelled. "No, not that way!" "Hobie, go back to the ship!" She yelled back. "Just go!" "Turn left!" Hobie yelled. "You're going the wrong way! Clair, what are you doing? This is crazy! Do you know this guy?" "Hobie, leave me alone! Just go away, damn it!" She yelled back.

Gavin who was desperate and wasn't going to let Leslie get away, pulled out the gun and started shooting! "He's shooting at us!" Hobie yelled. "Land on the glacier! Now! Or I swear there's gonna be target practice!" Gavin ordered. "What did you say?" Hobie asked in disbelief. "Land now or you're both-dead!" Gavin ordered. Leslie had no intention of landing. Gavin shot at her again. "This was your last warning!" "All right! O.K.!" She yelled. "Come on, Hobie. We'd better go down!" They all headed toward the slippery glacier.

Leslie and Hobie landed first. Hobie quickly gets out of his gear. Gavin lands soon after and starts discarding his as well. Hobie runs toward Leslie just as she was getting the rest of hers off. Hobie grabs her to urge Leslie along. "Come on!" He ordered. They run away, while Gavin gets rid of the rest of his gear. Gavin sees that they are scurrying and quickly starts after them. "What's goin on?" Asked Hobie as they run. "Hurry up, Hobie! He's coming!" She said desperately while avoiding his question. The chase was on across the extremely slippery glacier. "Leslie!" Gavin called.

The two continued to run. "Who is this guy and why is he after you?" Hobie asked. "Why is he calling you Leslie?" "You don't wanna know." She said. "Yes, I do!" Hobie said. Gavin fires two more shots. The two continue to scurry. Gavin sees that they are not going to stop, so he starts after them again. Leslie slips and falls while Hobie helps her up and continues to run, "Come on!" He yelled. They seem to be at a dead end at the glacier's cliff. "Come on," Leslie said. "This way." Gavin soon arrive at the cliff and then gathers his wits. He heads in the direction of the two. When close enough, he shoots at them while Leslie and Hobie duck while running.

You'd have to wonder where Gavin is getting these rounds of bullets! The gun he stole didn't look like a cartridge type. Leslie can be seen easily at any distance with her red hair, backpack and parka. The two slid down a glacier right under the cliff. The curved edge hid them both. Gavin soon stopped on top looking down, but seeing nothing. He ran off to find them. They hear his crunching footsteps and head on. Gavin slides down the glacier and soon sees them running. Gavin shoots at them again before chasing them again.

Soon, Mitch and Cody head toward the glacier. Cody with binoculars in had trying to spot Hobie and Leslie. "Head toward the Mendenhall Glacier." Mitch said over his communication headset. His order was acknowledged. Hobie and Leslie are still doing their best to avoid Gavin. He is right on their tail! They head through a hole opening and under the glacier. "Keep going. He's right on our tail!" Hobie ordered. They work their way though the tightness of the opening. Gavin notes that he is too large to chase them through. He looks through the opening to see where it leads. He climbs upward and heads toward the cliff.

Cody spots the dumped equipment and says, "Hey Mitch! I think we've got something over there." "All right!" Said Mitch through his headset. Set us down by the shoots. Once on the glacier, they get out of the helicopter. Mitch hands Cody some equipment. "Here!" He said. "All right!" Mitch then said to the helicopter operator. "Thanks! Thanks!" Mitch and Cody head toward the shoots. Mitch picks up the red helmet. "Hobie!" He yells.

"Mitch! Tracks go this way!" Cody said, pointing his pick like stick in that direction. "Hobie!" You'd have to wonder why they are not alternating Hobie's name with Leslie's!

Hobie and Leslie are still avoiding Gavin. "Come on! This way!" Leslie said, grabbing Hobies hand. Gavin who never seems to run out of ammunition continues to shoot at them. Leslie led them right into a snow bank below the cliff. They fell in and were now trapped below. "Are you all right?" Hobie asked, helping her up. "Fine-how do we get out of here?" Leslie said looking around desperately. "I don't know." Hobie said. "We're in an ice cave."

Gavin was now looking down at them. "Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho! Looks a little cold down there, Leslie!" Gavin said. "Here's the deal! You and Junior want to get out of there alive, take off that backpack, undo the straps, toss it up here. I'll lower it down and I'll pull you both out!" "Like I believe you!" Leslie said. "All right, you can just stay down there and freeze to death for all I care. Either way, I'm not leaving this glacier without my emeralds." Gavin said, pointing the gun in their direction.

"Just take off the backpack and throw him the straps, now!" Hobie ordered. "Come on, Leslie," said Gavin. "Junior's thinkin' right. He's not as dumb as he looks. All right sweetheart! The game's over! Ahhhhnt!" He tried to sound like a buzzer. "You lose." Leslie had no choice, so she takes it off and unties the straps as she was instructed. "Atta girl," said Gavin.

"All right," said Hobie, helping her. "Toss it," said Gavin. Leslie tossed it weakly. Gavin can't reach it. "Come on, you can do better than that! Throw it!" Said Gavin. She finally gets it up to him. Gavin extends his hand and said, "All right, got ya!" He starts to pretend as though he was going to pull her up when he has her hand. He then lets go!

"Bye!" Gavin said. Leslie screams and falls back into the cave. Hobie catches her. Gavin searches the pack for the emeralds. She looks up at him as he goes through the pack. "See?" She said to Hobie. "He has no intention of helping us!" Hobie is now getting doubts about Leslie. I must say, it sure took him long enough for it to sink in. He takes Leslie by the shoulders and yells, "Who are you?"

"What does it matter?" She screams back. Gavin who found nothing became angered. "What in the hell is this?" Gavin asked. They both looked up at him. "Where are my emeralds?" "Right here!" Said Leslie, pulling them from her pockets and holding them up for Gavin to see. "You want 'em, you come and get 'em!" She displayed a wicked smile. "You toss them up here!" He said, holding the gun on them, standing up. "Toss them up here! You do it-now!"

Hobie extended his arm. "Let us out of here, all right?" Hobie yelled up at Gavin, trying to calm him down. Gavin's answer? He shoots at them, causing an avalanche. Some of the snow and ice falls downward toward Leslie and Hobie. They try to shield themselves in the curve of the cave. Gavin looks around at what's happened. "All right!" Said Gavin, still holding the gun out at them. "You've got three to throw them up. And that was one! The cause of that avalanche was White Thunder, and that's exactly what you're gonna buried in if you don't give me my emeralds! And believe me, I don't mind doing a little digging to get what I want!"

Hobie takes one of the emeralds from Leslie. She said, "What are you doing?" "They're not worth getting killed for!" Said Hobie. "We'll die either way!" She said. "You throw them up and I'll give you my word I'll pull you both out!" Said Gavin, still aiming the gun at them. Why he aimed the gun at them I'll never know. It was totally worthless. If they didn't throw them up, how was Gavin going to get down there and back up out of the cave? Gavin's word wasn't even as good as the dirt he usually walked on.

"No, we can't trust him!" She yelled. "I can't trust you!" Hobie yelled back. "Come on, toss 'em up!" Gavin said desperately. "Catch!" Said Hobie. As he tossed it up, Leslie blocked the throw when she stopped his arm short. "No!" She said, knowing that once Gavin had what he wanted that he would not hesitate to shoot and bury them in an avalanche so that they could not be found.

Gavin reached down for it only to fall down into the cave with Hobie and Leslie. He quickly gets up! How he managed to hold on to the gun during the fall, we'll never know. "Hand them over!" Said Gavin. "Do it!" Hobie gave him the one he held. Leslie hesitated with a no way intention of giving him anything. "Do it!" Gavin ordered. She finally gave them to Gavin. Once he had the emeralds in his possession, he smiled breathlessly. "You see what five million look like, kid?" Gavin said to Hobie, holding them out. Did he think that Hobie was impressed with stolen merchandise? "Feast your eyes!"

"As far as I'm concerned, you can take those emeralds and shove 'em!" Said Hobie. "Hey, hey, hey! Now you mind your manners, there, Junior!" Gavin said, holding the gun against the boy's chest. "It's not my fault she suckered you into this!" He then looked at Leslie with a wicked smile. "I can understand the attraction, you know. It's not every day that you come across a cold-blooded killer with such warmth and charm. Too bad you got too greedy!"

"You killed someone?" Hobie asked in disbelief. Leslie just looked at him briefly and then at Gavin. "She tried." Said Gavin. "Came pretty damned close too, but Robby came out of the coma." Leslie looked at Gavin with a spiteful expression.

Meanwhile, Mitch and Cody were still looking. "Gavin'll kill that girl and him." Said Mitch. Hmmm, I was surprised that Mitch and Cody didn't hear the gunshot or the thunder of the avalanche. That should have taken them in that direction. They continued the search. "Hobie!" Cody screamed. Mitch looked down one of the cliffs. "Nothing!" "I'd like some answers here!" Hobie demanded, arms folded. "What's this all about?" "My associate and I hired Miss Stryker and her partner to retrieve our emeralds." Said Gavin.

"Your emeralds? Who did you steal them from?" She asked sarcastically. "I don't see how that's relevant right now." Said Gavin. "We have an even bigger problem. We're all going to die of hypothermia. Whatever made you think you could get away with this?" Leslie just looked at him with an evil glint in her eyes. And Hobie with disappointment in his. Just then, they all looked up when Hobie heard his dad calling for him. "Hobie!" "That's my dad!" Hobie said quickly before he answered. "Dad!"

Gavin seemed a bit rattled and pointed the gun at Hobie. He was going to use Hobie's life as his ticket to get out of the cave. He stood behind Hobie and Leslie. "Hobie!" Mitch screamed. "Dad, down here!" Hobie screamed back. "Dad! Save us!" Mitch and Cody scurried toward the direction of his voice. "Down here in the cave!" Hobie screamed.

They both looked over the cliff and down at Hobie and Leslie with Gavin holding them at gunpoint. He had the gun on Hobie, figuring that no chance would be taken with his own son's life. "Throw down the rope, now!" Gavin screamed out his order. "Toss down the gun first!" Said Mitch. "Do I appear to be in the notion to negotiate?" Gavin asked. "You'll never get up this glacier without our help," yelled Cody.

Gavin starts to count, threatening to shoot Hobie. "Three, two..." "All right, all right, all right!" Mitch yelled, holding out a hand for Gavin to cease counting. "Take it easy." Gavin moved toward the front of Hobie and Leslie, keeping the gun centered on Hobie. "Throw down the rope!" Mitch told Cody. Cody does as he is told and Gavin grabs it and puts the loop around his arm and holds onto the line by hand. He then points the gun at Leslie. "I hope you learned a lesson, sweetheart!" He said.

"Why don't you tie that around your neck?" Leslie spat out. "You know, that's real cute," said Gavin. "But, you know what? I'm sick of you!" Cody then pulled on the rope causing Gavin to stumble against the glacier wall. Hobie tries to wrestle Gavin to disarm him. Mitch doesn't want Hobie harmed so he jumps down into the cave. Gavin manages to push Hobie off, causing the boy to fall against the cave. He then gets up to protect Leslie when Mitch began his battle with Gavin. The gun goes off and it causes another avalanche.

Cody continues to pull on the rope, causing Gavin to stumble. Mitch knocked the gun out of Gavin's hand. It falls to the icy ground. Amidst falling snow and ice, Leslie picks up the gun with her own intentions in mind. Hobie grabs her, causing it to fall to the ground. Gavin, who is stumbling from Cody pulling on the rope, manages to get it off of his arm. Gavin charges, causing Mitch and himself to fall into the caves icy water. He tries to drown Mitch, but is kicked off. The fight continues. Gavin grabs Mitch and slams him against the glacier wall, again and again. Mitch finally is able to overpower Gavin and punches him unconscious. Cody looks down, breathing hard, wanting a piece of the action.

Leslie rushes over to his unconscious body to retrieve the emeralds. Mitch stops her, "I'll take these." Hobie holds onto Leslie. They all looked upward when Mitch yells, "Cody! Get us the hell out of here before this thing collapses!" While holding onto Leslie, Hobie goes over to get the rope.

Gavin and Leslie are taken into custody toward the awaiting team. Mitch says, "He's all yours! Get 'em otta here!" "We'll take 'em to the state troopers. They're waiting for 'em below." Said one of the men. "Have a nice flight!" Said Cody. Hold on, said Hobie as he stepped between Cody and Mitch. He approaches Leslie, who had suddenly taken on a hardened look.

There was such hope in his young eyes. "Was anything you said true?" You'd have to think that he had learned everything about the woman who had tried hard to attempt murder without a second thought about it! Gavin rolled his eyes. He had told him about Leslie! She only used him to get the emeralds.

"Get us the hell out of here before we all freeze to death!" Leslie snapped. They were taken onto the helicopter and to the troopers. Hobie lowered his head in disappointment. Poor kid! "All right," said Mitch, holding onto Hobie. "Let's get otta here! Come on, it's over!" He placed an arm about his son's shoulders. Cody placed his arm around the boy's neck and pulled him close by bending it. "Hobe, you sure know how to pick 'em." They all headed toward their awaiting helicopter.

Leslie is a young Cruella DeVil! Hobie! Hobie! Hobie! How could he still want or care about a criminal? Who could blame the equally evil Gavin for rolling his eyes? Back on the ship, Mitch didn't waste any time in getting back to Neely. He seemed out of breath. He opens the door to Neely's cabin.

"Are you all right?" Asked Neely. "Yeah, I'm fine." Said Mitch. "Hobie?" She asked. "He's fine, I'm fine. I'll explain later. What happened with Peter?" Asked Mitch. "Well, uh Peter's married." Said Neely. She walked out on deck from her cabin doors. There was a silence until Mitch broke it, "What?" He followed her out. There was another silence. "Peter's married?" He asked.

"Yeah," said Neely. "I met his wife and their baby boy." "You've gotta be kidding!" Said Mitch. "No," said Neely. "So obviously were not getting back together." When Mitch asked Neely if she was all right about it, Neely told him that actually, it was a huge relief! "I knew in my heart that it wouldn't work." She said. "How can you marry someone when you're in love with someone else? Question is, I don't even know if he is in love with me." She added.

"Uh, who's he?" Asked Mitch. She looked up at him and said, "You." "Me?" Asked Mitch. "Are you?" She asked. "Am I what?" He asked. "Are you in love with me?" She asked. "Am I in love with you?" Asked Mitch. "Yeah," she said nodding.

"Neely, I love you more than anyone on this earth." Said Mitch. He placed his hands on either side of her head, and kissed her. They kissed passionately. When their lips finally parted, Mitch said, "I didn't know. I didn't know. Why didn't you say something?"

"I didn't," Neely tried to get out the same words. "I was so upset, I thought," Mitch said before they kissed passionately again. First, Peter gets both his current wife and ex-wife Neely pregnant around the same time. They both have infants. I guess she learned something here. Second, Neely has to initiate Mitch's feelings for her. She has to tell him that she's in love with him first. Mitch has never been shy in approaching other young women, especially the last one he claimed to be so in love with. Yes, in the To The Max episode, Jenny Wade (Maura Peters). Remember that?

Mitch only seems to care about this moment right after the ordeal on the glacier. Most people would take time to move into thinking about romance. Hobie stood out on deck by himself, perhaps whining inside over his ordeal with Leslie. A whale shot water through its spout. It was a breathtaking sight! "Wow! Hey, you see that?" Mitch said making his way up to Hobie. He was incredibly happy. "This has got to be the most magnificent place in the world." He paused and then asked, "How're ya holdin' out?"

"All right," said Hobie. "Considering that I feel like a total idiot." Mitch pulled him close and placed his arm about his son's shoulders. They began their famous trademark walk, usually done on the beach. "Everybody makes mistakes. Not quite on the scale of that one, but hey, were in Alaska! Everything's big!" "I'm darned sorry that I was such a jerk," said Hobie. "If I had just listened to you, none of this would have happened. Once again I've proved that father knows best, right?"

"The way I look at it, if it hadn't been for you we wouldn't be up here to see all this, so consider it even." Hobie looked up at him stunned and said, "You mean that?" "Yes, I mean it! Next time, think! Just look before you leap especially when it comes to the opposite sex." Mitch warned. "Believe me, I've learned that lesson." Said Hobie. "I've decided already that I'm not dating again until college." "That's next month." Said Mitch.

"You're right," said Hobie. "I probably can't wait that long." "Oh, by the way, you got your tux, right?" "Yeah," said Hobie. "I need a best man." Mitch stated. "What?" Asked Hobie. "I need you to be my best man. I may be getting married tomorrow." "You're getting married!" Hobie exclaimed. "Yeah," said Mitch.

"To who?" Hobie asked. "Who do you think?" Asked Mitch. He knew that it was what his son was hoping for. "Neely?" He asked smiling. "Neely!" Said Mitch. They celebrated with huge hugs and laughter. "I want to show you something." Mitch pulled the tiny case from of his jeans pocket. "Isn't it awesome? Two month's salary." Hobie stared at the beautiful ring. "It's amazing!" He was looking at the size of that diamond.

Cody comes running up to them with a man. There was a little hitch to Mitch's plan. Cody couldn't find the Captain of the ship, but he did find this man who was a Rabbi. They were not Jewish, so Mitch told Cody to find the Captain. Neely was standing on deck looking at the beauty of the glaciers. When Mitch shows up, they commented on the view. She said that if she got married again, she would love to honeymoon there.

"Funny you should mention it." Said Mitch. She looked at him suspiciously as he continued. "I was walking around the ship and passed this jewelry store when it kind of occurred to me that there was this question that I have to ask you." "What?" Asked Neely. He pulled the little ring case out of his shirt pocket. Neely was surprised. He asked, "Will you marry me?" "Mitch," said Neely. "I don't know what to say." "Say yes," Mitch said desperately. "Say yes!" "Yes!" She said. "Yes?" He asked. "Yes!" She said, throwing her arms around him.

"Oops, hang on, I've got it!" Mitch teased as if accidentally dropped it overboard. "Just kidding!" Neely placed her hand over her heart in relief. When Mitch placed the ring on her finger, she said, "It's beautiful, absolutely beautiful." Then they embraced warmly. Neely made her way toward Donna on deck. She showed her the ring and Donna congratulated her. "You know," said Neely. "I was hoping you'd be my Maid of Honor." "Really?" Asked Donna. "Yeah, you've always been there for me. Without you, I don't know where I'd be." Neely said. "Not in Alaska, that's for sure!" Said Donna. They embraced again. "Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!" "Thank you Donna!" She said. The beauty of the whales shooting water through their spouts then drew their attention.


Not far from the wedding cake, a small live classical string orchestra played with a crowd of people looking on. Cody and Lani make their way down the flowered decorated staircase. Mitch patiently looks around, waiting for his bride. Holding Ashley, Hobie then makes his way down the staircase after Cody and Lani. After they take their places, Neely then walks down the stairs with Donna holding onto her train. She finally reaches Mitch as Donna takes her place between Cody and Hobie.

The ship's Captain began, "We've come together today to witness the joining of this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony. If there is anyone here who objects to the joining of these two souls as one let them speak now or forever hold their peace." Mitch and Neely have decided to exchange vows of their own. He then looked at the groom. "Mitch?"

Mitch turned to face Neely and said, "These lovin' eyes love only you. Love you for what you are inside. These lovin' eyes will always be true. To know these lovin' eyes just look into this heart of mine. Neely, I promise to love you, to honor you, and to always be there for you. I pledge with all my heart to be a good husband, a good friend and a good father."

Neely then continued with her vows, "And I promise to trust you as a friend, as a partner and as my true love. I promise to always be there with you through good times and bad. And I vow with all my heart to be a good mother and a good wife." The couple smiled at each other before they faced the Captain. "The rings please," he said. Hobie stepped forward. He gave Mitch Neely's ring.

"Thanks, pal," Mitch said. He looked at little Ashley for a second. She was so well behaved. He then turned to face Neely and said, "This ring is a symbol of my love and devotion for you." He slid the ring on her finger. "With this ring I thee wed." Hobie then gives Mitch's ring to Neely. She said to Mitch, "This ring is a symbol of my love and devotion. With this ring I thee wed." She placed it on Mitch's finger.

They both faced the Captain. "Mitch and Neely, the two of you are united today as more than just a couple. You are along with Hobie and Ashley also united as a family. Therefore, with the power vested in me as Captain of The Dawn Princess, it gives me great honor that I pronounce you husband and wife." He then looked at Mitch and said, "You may kiss the bride."

Mitch lifted Neely's veil and kissed her. Everyone looked on with smiles. The Captain continued, "Ladies and gentlemen, I present Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Buchannon and family." There was applause. Hobie gave Ashley to Mitch. As everyone offered his or her congratulations, Mitch said to Neely, "I smell trouble."

"Perfect job for the new dad." Said Neely. "Uh, we'll be right back," said Mitch. "We have to change a diaper. Elevator!" He made his way quickly toward it. Neely offered another hug to the Captain. "Thank you!" As the couple is carried upward by the glass elevator, Lani and Donna said, "Bye, bye! Congratulations! Bye!" The couple waved.

Mitch and Neely made their way on the train to the Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge for their honeymoon, complete with Ashley. They really should have left her behind with Hobie to have a REAL honeymoon. They really should have. They could bond for a while. The newlyweds got to know each other as husband and wife.

Well you'd have to admit that the wedding was quite lovely and humorous. Unusual, but still lovely. And the bit of humor used with Ashley needing a diaper change was quite a way to exit. I guess we will see how much those vows will really mean for them next season. 


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