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Out Of The Blue 7 Script
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****Sharkey's Review****
Out Of The Blue
 7th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 11/15/97   Encore: 11/21/97
Week of: 11/09/97 - 11/15/97 

After their failed attempt in the hoisting training exercise, April and Manny felt really bad about it. After a slip of the hand, their "victim" had fallen in the water. Taylor had snapped for them not to just stand there, to go and get their victim! She was a bit too hard on them. The beach scene opens with young boys playing football close to Jordan's tower. She catches a very wide pass. The boys were in awe at her skills. How someone so soft looking could tackle such a tough pass. She tells one of them, "Go, go on...go for a pass-deep!" She can throw! What an arm! The kid caugh it. The other boys gave him "high-fives." She smiles a the scene. Mitch pulls up and complements Jordan on her arm. He asked how everything was. Jordan told that everything was going O.K., but a little slow. Mitch told Jordan that he was thinking of getting John to watch her water. They needed to talk. "Anything wrong?" she asks.

"No, no-nothing's wrong...something's come up." As they walk along the beach, Mitch tells her that he got a call from a private investigator. "He said that he was hired to find you by your mother." He went on, "Look, we really haven't talked about your family, so I really don't know what to make of this guy." Upset, Jordan said, "I knew this would happen. I was adopted at birth. I never knew my real mother-or father. I never heard from them. As far as I was concerned, they didn't exsist." She grew very upset. "And if it's all the same, I'd rather keep it that way."

She turns to walk away, but Mitch takes Jordan's arm to get her to stop. He asked her if she was sure about that. Jordan told Mitch that she had gotten along for 25 years without her. She really couldn't see any reason to change that. She has two loving parents who have always been there for her. She didn't need a third. When she started to walk away again, Mitch asked Jordan if she was the least curious about why her mother tracked her down after all these years. Jordan figured that she was trying to "hit her up" for some money. She told Mitch that she knows that it sounds cold, but that was the way she felt.

She didn't have anything to do with her and Jordan certainly didn't want anything to do with her mother. She walked away in a very controlled anger (I don't now how else to describe it. Traci Bingham needs work in displaying emotion that can match her expressions. David Hasselhoff did such a wonderful job in giving her the support she needed here). Mitch sighs, brings his hands, palms together to his mouth. How was he going to get her to change her mind?

April heads up the Headquarter's tower. She greets Manny. Manny tells her that Taylor "stiffed" them. April says, "What?" "She stiffed us! We don't get tower assignments!" he says. April says, "You mean we don't work today?" He told her, "You got it!" April sighs in disappointment. She folds her arms. Manny continues, "This means that we're in the Lt.'s doghouse!" He handed her the schedule for her to view. She gives it back, folding her arms again.

Caroline has her eyes on more than the water. She's looking at J.D. working out. Her binoculars are only on him. He eyes her and says, "Hey Caroline, got a minute?" She quickly says, "I might." She stands as if she has no interest in him at all. She quickly hands him a towel to dry off. J.D. thanked her and picks up a paper in her chair. "Drama Log? I thought your acting days were over." Caroline assured him that they were over. She found the issue on the sand. He told her that she wasn't supposed to read on duty. "Come on, it is so dead out there, nobody's even been out in the ocean." J.D. said that it was O.K., he wouldn't tell. He found something to converse about.

"So, you're closing up soon?" She told him, "Yep." Trying to ask her out, J.D. asks if she has plans for tonight. Caroline just tells him that since Cody was out of town that she'd have a nice quiet evening at home....make a little dinner...he was welcomed to join her. He said that it sounds like fun. But he was going sailing. That she's welcomed to join him. When Caroline tells J.D. that she's not much of a sailor, he tells her that he'd teach her everything she needs to'll be fun. They smile at each other. Yasmine Bleeth also does a wonderful job in supporting Michael Bergin.

They enjoy sailing until Caroline sights an unusually large wave. The wave was created by seismic activity beneath the Continental Shelf. It capsizes the boat and its mast topples, ready to hit Caroline. She freezes, but J.D.'s quick actions pulled her out of harm's way. Later that night, J.D. hears her crying. He opens the door and sits beside her. She sits up. He asks her what is wrong. She confides that the mast of a sailboat killed her sister Stephanie. He told her that he didn't know. That he was sorry. She wasn't there, Mitch was and he had told her everything. She keep seeing the terror in her eyes. It hit her. She cried in his arms. J.D. kept cooing that it was O.K. She lifts her head and they stare at each other. With Caroline in a weak moment, their lips met.

A very weak moment I might add. I couldn't understand why J.D. didn't stop the kiss right then and there. It could have happened at a better moment. Caroline was vulnerable right now. The next morning J.D. had an early shift and kisses Caroline, who was still in bed with her eyes closed. He tells her that there was some coffee ready. Caroline told J.D. that she was glad that things didn't work out in New York. J.D catches up with Lt. Walsh. She was under the outside shower next to Headquarters. He told her about the unusually large wave, about ten feet tall.

Lt. Walsh thought that he was exagerating. That he just had his hands on Caroline, and the wave was probably closer to six feet. J.D. told her that it was no joke...that they almost got killed! Taylor said that she'd call that National Ocean Service to see if the satelite picked up any unusual wave patterns.

April gets out of her car with her drawings. Manny asks, "What's that?" It was a project from school-due next week! They had to design their own line of clothing. She asked him if he wanted to see them. When he saw them, he tried to hide hide his true feelings. When she asked him what he thought of them, Manny said, "April, these are even better than I thought!" She showed him her favorite. Wanting to impress her, he said that it was his favorite too. She asked, "You hate them, don't you?" He told her, "No, I really like them." She looks at him. There a slight silence before he answered again. "They're really good." She looks at him again. He finally gives up the lies and admits, "What do I know about fashion?"

April told him that he had to be honest-brutal if necessary. This was half of the semester grade. He told her that they were too "Wisconsin" (things are a bit more conservative in the midwest-polished business suits). "Wisconsin?" she asked. Manny told her that "it's not what people are into out here." She looked disappointed. He takes her to the Venice Boardwalk to get ideas for new designs. Love is in the air as well.

Caroline is talking to Mitch (trying to get his face to meet hers for his full attention, actually) while he is "pumping iron." She tells him that remember when she and Logan (Jaason Simmons) broke up? She promised that she would never date another lifeguard. Mitch says, "I don' think I like the sound of this."

She explains how the situation was different with J.D. She lived as well as worked with him. She eats with him. Jordan comes in and excuses herself. He gives Caroline the weight. She asked why she didn't get a tower assignment. Mitch said that they were over-scheduled. Why doesn't she just take the day off. Jordan tells him after coming all the way down here? She wished he had have called. Mitch said that he did, he must have just missed her. He was taking the day off, so you know "it's got to be dead." She said that he was the boss. She turned to go when Mitch stops her and says, "Jordan..." He tells her that they could use the time because she needed someone to talk to. She started to protest, but he went on to say that he realize the issues that she delt with were complicated. He wasn't going to tell her how she felt, but as a parent, he thought he knew how her mom felt. "When Hobie was born, I was in the delivery room, right? And I held him in my arms. I felt that he was a part of me and was a part of him...forever. The little guy was crying his eyes out, and you know what? I was too. Come on Jordan, let's get out of here."

He took her fishing. They boarded the fishing boat, "The Great Escape." They seem to be having fun. She asks him why didn't they just go to lunch or something. Mitch tells her that there were no interuptions. No phones, no distractions to help put things back in perspective. Besides, he said that he had her trapped for three hours. He told Jordan that he spoke to her mom this morning.

"What?" She asked. Mitch told that he got her mother to meet them there. Then Jordan told Mitch that he had no right to interfere in her life like that, he came back with, "She brought you into the world. It's the least you can do." She didn't want to hear it. She didn't care. Mitch reminded Jordan that he told her mother how she feels and she doesn't expect any miracles. "O.K., fine." She gave in, "All right, where is she?" Mitch told her that he didn't know. I just spoke to her on the phone. He had no idea what she looked like.

She looked around quickly, not really wanting to. "Well, I don't see anyone onboard who looks like me." Come on, given American history, did she really think that her mother couldn't look like her? There are many Blacks and others of different Heritages that look nothing like their parents. Mitch reasoned that she might have gone below deck. Jordan gave an alternate answer, "..or maybe she didn't come...which is my guess." A woman steps behind them. "Excuse me, Jordan?" she asked. "I'm Rena Jaffee, your mother." Jordan was both stunned and speechless. When Jordan regained composure, she said that there must be some mistake. She told Jordan "No." She had been searching for her for six months. Jordan said that this was crazy, and didn't know what to say.

Rena knew that this must have been a shock for Jordan. She went on to tell her that she and her father, who was also Black, met at a concert. She was a flower child. He was the handsomest Marine she had ever seen. They fell very much in love. He was shipped out to Vietnam. The night she went into labor was when she learn that his platoon was ambushed. All sorts of emotions started to go through Jordan's head.

J.D. and Caroline was washing one of the lifeguard trucks. She squirts him a bit on purpose. He tells her to watch it. She was getting him wet. She kept doing it. "Hey!" he yells. "What?" she says. "It was an accident!" She turns the hose on him when he warns her. He chases her around the truck. "You stay away from me!" She laughs. He catches her and takes the soapy sponge from the bucket and squeezed it over her. She screams with a disapproving Taylor walking up as he takes the bucket and pours it over her.

"Caroline!" says Taylor. "You have a phone call." "I do?" She hits J.D. "It's Selma from New York." It was her agent. She called her last week to tell her that her services were no longer needed and now she was calling her back. When Caroline was gone, Taylor told J.D. that she had just finished speaking to the National Ocean Service. They detected unusual seismic activity off the Continental Shelf. That could be what produced his big wave. She also tells him that they were "talking big reaccurances," so watch out for "those after-shocks."

Caroline picks up and finds that she got the part after all. They had changed their minds. They wanted someone who could do comedy. Caroline said that she didn't know. Selma said, "What do you mean that you don't know? This is your big break!" She looked over at J.D., who was now positioned outside of the office, looking at the assignment log.

Jordan's mother couldn't blame her for hating her. Jordan told her that she didn't hate her. It was just that all of her life she tried not to think of her. She couldn't understand how someone could give up a child. She did it so that Jordan could have a "life." It was different time then in 1972. People were less tolerant. She came from a small town in Oklahoma. She couldn't go home with a Black baby. Jordan says what happens now? After 25 years she expected to become a part of my life. Her mother states that she had no intention of ever looking for Jordan until about six months ago, when she was diagnoised with Huntington's disease. A disorder of the central nervous system.

There was no cure. The disease was hereditary. If a parent has it there is a fifty percent chance that their children will get it. That's why she had to find her. So that she could get tested to find out if she has the defective gene. The doctors said that Rena had about a year to live. Later while examining a windjet, placed on a lifeguard truck, Taylor told Manny and April that she was sorry that she came down so hard on them. She going to try to schedule another training session sometime next week.

The Captain of the fishing boat told Mitch that there was a report of seismic activity off the coast. They're requesting that all boats go back to port. When Rena dropped her cane, Jordan asked if she was O.K. She said yes, that she just need her medication. It was in her bag below deck. When Jordan offers to get it, she said that it was O.K. she'd get it she needs to stretch. She gets stiff when she stays in one place too long. She passes Mitch on the way down.

Mitch said that she seems like a pretty neat lady. Rena goes to get where her bag is stored, just as the wave came at the boat. On deck, Jordan sees it coming. "Mitch..." He sees it too, and pulls Jordan close to protect her out of instinct. When it hit, the door below deck closes and locks. Rena is trapped inside. The wave flips the boat over. Rena is startled, but unharmed. She cringes in a corner, frightened. Two chemicals containers had become uncovered and their fumes starts to fill the tiny space.

Rena calls for Jordan. Mitch and Jordan's help get the victims to safety. Manny and April are practicing Wave Runner skills with Taylor looking on. The call comes in about the boat accident. Taylor tells them to hurry. They had a code "R." Jordan goes down to find Rena. The Wind Jet arrives on the scene. Rena sees Jordan and bangs on the glass. The pressure was not the same on both sides, so the door would not open. Jordan does to get Mitch to help. Manny offers spare air tanks. They go down to release her. He instructs how to use the air as they prepare to go under.

The helicopter comes and lowers a hoisting bed. Jordan sas, "Careful, that's my mom." Manny who is on the Wind Jet gets the real life experience correct this time. A Coast Guard boat comes for the victims. J.D. finds out about the fact that Caroline got the part when he checks the answering machine for messages. He question why she didn't tell hom. She was going to. He said, "Great" in disappointment. She said that he could come with her. J.D. said that he couldn't leave Baywatch, he just got there. Besides, it wasn't his dream. She was sorry. He was too. When Caroline asked if he could be happy for her, he said that he was, and left the room. Well, so much for the right man.

Manny says that he likes April's outfit. He asked if she made that. She said, "yes." Now outfit was California! She gave him a kiss on the cheek for all of his help. It was time for Caroline to leave for the airport. Mitch and the other lifeguards wanted give her a big send-off, so a limo was going to take her. She hugged Mitch and gave him the photo of him and Stephanie. She found it when clearing out her room. Although happy for her, Mitch was sorry to see her go. She looked up at J.D., who was looking down at the scene for a a long moment, before leaving. Manny and April were there to help send her off. When the limo finally left, Mitch declared, "A star is born."


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