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****Sharkey's Review****
 5th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 11/02/97   Encore: 11/08/97
Week of: 10/26/97 - 11/02/97 

During training for the Talpin dory race, Cody and J.D saw April and Newmy rowing. Cody yelled, "Why don't you two try rowing together? This is a team sport!" When Cody and J.D. laughed, Newmy told them that they were shooting peas at a battleship. As they passed by April and Newmy, J.D. asked why Newmy was practicing with April. Cody explained that Mitch wasn't going to compete this year. That he wanted to give Hobie a shot at his own title. That Newmy thinks he can win it all by himself. The only reason that April was in the boat was because the rules state that there must be two people in the boat.

Two men were drinking while operating a boat. They saw the dories. Coming in at April and Newmy, the one of the men said to the other, "Let's scare them a little." Once almost upon them, Newmy managed to get April out of the way. The boat turned in another direction. They aimed toward Cody and J.D. Cody and J.D. stood to get the driver's attention. It wasn't letting up. Seeing that it was deliberately coming at them, both men dive to safety into the water. Going down the middle, the boat splits the dory in half. The driver lost his judgement and crashes into the end of a pier. The impact sent both men flying into the air and into the water. Cody and J.D rescued them.

At headquarters, Hobie was following his dad Mitch around. He asked Mitch where he was going. Mitch explained that he had a meeting with The Coast Guard about the two guys who almost killed Cody and J.D. When Mitch asked, "Do me a favor will ya, cook dinner?" You'd think that he asked Hobie to do another eight-hour shift. Hobie groaned and asked, "Why can't you pick something up on he way home?" Mitch explained that they had been eating junk food for two weeks. The least he could do was cook them dinner. Testing Mitch, Hobie goes on, "Dad, you know how long that takes. I just finished an 8-hour shift. I'm exhausted." Well, he didn't seem exhausted to me! The way he followed Mitch and keeping pace with his long stride. Hobie was just used to persuading Mitch and the other lifeguards into letting him have his way.

Mitch just said, "O.K., O.K. You're right, you need your rest. I'm sorry I asked. It won't happen again. I'll cook dinner." There was quite a bit of a rehearsed psychology speech in Mitch's voice. But Hobie kept following closely saying "Dad," between each of the sentences to get Mitch's attention. "Dad," said Hobie. "What?" says Mitch. "What do you want? Mexican or Chinese?" Asked Hobie. Mitch smiled, "Chinese." This time Mitch got his way.

They made their way onto the tower when they see a women and a little boy coming toward them. The little boy excused himself and asked if they had seen April Giminski. Hobie said that he just saw her out on the beach. The little boy introduced himself as April's brother, Charlie and the woman as their mother, Paige. Paige says, "Thank you, Charlie." Charlie extended his hand out to shake theirs. Mitch introduced himself as Mitch Buchannon. Paige says, "Oh, you must be Captain Buchannon. April's told me all about you."

Mitch then said, "This is my son Hobie. Rookie lifeguard at Zuma Beach." Mitch showed a great deal of pride when he said that, while bringing Hobie forward by placing his arm around his shoulders. They each shake her hand. "Zuma Beach," say Charlie. "Where is that?" Hobie told him that it was a little north of here right before the county line. Charlie went on, saying that they were from Green Bay. Hobie said that he just loved the Packers.

Charlie's attention turned toward the huge binoculars, set up like a telescope. "This is humungous." He proceded to touch them. His mother reminded him that the binoculars did not belong to him. Mitch said that it was all right. That they were binoculars and they used them to watch the water. "You can see Zuma Beach from here." Charlie asked if he could look through them. Hobie offered to help him by lowering and focusing them. Paige told Mitch that Charlie had been cooped up and couldn't wait to come to the beach. April had told Mitch that Charlie had gone through tests at UCLA.

Charlie told them that he had what they called Medullary Thyroid Cancer. His mom said that it was very rare, usually striking children. Charlie told them that he had stopped kemo-therepy six months ago. He lifted his cap off to show Mitch and Hobie that he got his hair back. He was thinking of dying it blonde since he was in L.A. Paige told Charlie that they would talk about that later. Hobie asked if they were staying with April. As he looked through the binoculars, Charlie said that they were, even though it was cramped in her apartment. They couldn't afford a hotel. He spotted April, who helped pull a dory onto shore. He was excited and wanted to go out to her. "April! April! I see April! Can I go down there? Please, mom?" Hobie offered to take him down to see her.

Once on the beach, he and April embraced. She asked him how he was doing. He was impressed with her job and exclaimed that it was a neat place to work. April introduced Charlie and her mother to everyone. Charlie eagerly eyed the dory and asked what kind of boat it was. Newmy told him that it was a dory. Cody added that in the old days, lifeguards used to row out in the surf so that they could be closer to the swimmers. Charlie asked why they still needed them. Hobie explained that they still used them to train, for competitions, to race, work out, all kinds of stuff like that.

April asked her mother what they were doing here. Paige informed April that they released Charlie early today. April understood that Paige wasn't going to bring Charlie to the beach. Charlie wanted to come to the beach. He seemed to have charmed everyone. It was evident that no one pitied Charlie. They all would have done the same for them if Charlie hadn't been sick. Charlie was as cute as a button!

Cody described the big competition coming up called the Talpin. How they race against all of the other beaches. J.D. said in fun how Newmy needed a new partner. Maybe he could show Charlie the ropes. Newmy asked Charlie if he wanted to go for a row. April spoke up immediately, "He can't get wet." Charlie had a Morphine drip in his stomach. It was in his back until he got this infection. He asked them if they wanted to see it. They all nodded. He showed them his scars and how he got them.

Lieutenant Taylor Walsh showed up and introduced herself. She told Paige that Mitch said that they might need a place to stay. April, not wanting help out of pity said, "We're fine, really." Taylor offered them her place. She would be in San Diego all week for a conference. She had just given Mitch the keys. She told them that they would like it, that it was by the water. Although April felt uneasy about the whole thing, Charlie and Paige smiled at each other. Their votes were "yes." Mitch covered the boy's eyes until they got to the boat. "Don't look...don't look...don't look." Once in front of the boat, Mitch said, "Now look." Charlie was so impressed! He exclaimed, "Awesome!" He couldn't believe that they would get to sleep on a boat. Mitch dangles the keys before Charlie. He grabs them and runs onto the boat. Hobie showed him around.

Paige was overwhelmed by their kindness. "I don't know what to say." April said, "Neither do I." She turned on her mother, "Mom, I can't believe you're doing this!" Paige asked, "What?" April told her about the guilt trip she was laying on her friends. Bringing all of their problems out on them. Mitch assured her that it was not the case here. But April went on to say that her family was not a charity case. Paige tried to calm her down to see reason. April stated that they could not stay there on the boat. Mitch asked, "Why not?" April looked at Paige and demanded that she tell him. That her mother hadn't been completely honest with him.

Again, she demanded her mother to tell Mitch. April told Mitch that there was no cure. That there was no hope for Charlie. He was only going to UCLA to be a "Guinea Pig." They were going to study him while he dies. She ran off sobbing. Paige lowered her head. She and Mitch were both silent. In the next scene, Hobie was examining a dory until Mitch showed up. Hobie wanted to see him. Actually, he said that he came to see April because she was pretty "sketched out." She was in pain watching her brother die. It couldn't be easy.

Mitch asks Hobie what's on his mind. Hobie said that he had a question. Mitch said, then he had an answer. Hobie said that "they" say that he wasn't going to race. "They" were right. Hobie needed a reason. Mitch had none and asked his son if he had a problem with that. Hobie did. Mitch explained that he wanted to watch his son's first Talpin, not beat him. But Hobie told Mitch that he wanted to race him. Mitch said, "Oh, uh, you plan on winning it, I take it?" Hobie kept begging, "Come on dad, race me." Mitch told Hobie that it was time to pass the torch from one generation of Buchannons to the next. Hobie tried to bait him with the chicken line. That "they" were right, he was chicken. Mitch told him that he was too mature to be baited with that line.

Hobie told Mitch that if he doesn't want to race because he's afraid to lose...! This kid never gives up, does he? He still doesn't stop if he knows that he's going to get his way. Mitch came back with, "You don't want a piece of me grasshopper." Hobie finally came out with a reasonable line to get his father to race. If he was going to be the best, he had to beat the best. Mitch agreed and shook on it. Charlie plays with the siren of a Call Car. He followed Mitch to the back of the Call Car. Mitch opened the back doors and told him to "Check it out." Charlie was allowed to go in to examine everything. April showed up. She saw her mother and Charlie. She asked, "Mom, what are you doing?" Paige explains that "Charlie wanted to see the equipment on the Call Car." April told Paige that this wasn't a movie studio or Disneyland. This was where she worked. She couldn't expect a guided tour. Charlie saw and heard what was going on and told her that it was his idea.

Mitch wanted to talk with April. He suggested that Charlie and his mom go down to the beach and hang out at the surf. They will be right there. Charlie agreed and Mitch helped him out of the Call Car. Once alone, April apologized to Mitch. He shouldn't have to waste his time just because he felt sorry for Charlie. Mitch extended his arm toward April. He told her to come and sit down. They both sat on the back of the Call Car. Mitch told her that they needed to get something straight. Charlie was not at Baywatch because he felt sorry for him. He was there because everyone liked him.

April thought that it was because he can kind of bring you down. Mitch told her, not him. Her brother inspired him. He showed what courage was all about. Paige had told him that he was undergoing tests at UCLA so that maybe, just maybe, he can save another child's life. Mitch saw him as a hero. So, if Charlie wanted to hang out in a Call Car, or a tower or Jet Ski, that was fine by him. April was speechless. Mitch got up to leave. Who was she to argue with the authority of the Captain?

Charlie had the time of his life with all of the lifeguards. On dry land, learning how to use a paddle-board with Mitch, pretending how to row in a dory with Newmy's help, hanging out and learning the ropes in a tower with Cody. He helped J.D. by carrying a bucket of water to him to assist a woman with a foot injury. They all pose for a photo with Charlie, with Paige aiming the camera. J.D showed Charlie a board and stroke form to swim out. And with Mitch in a tower in this cute scene. Charlie in an adult pair of lifeguard shorts well below his knees and a jacket. He was holding on to a pair of binoculars through the jacket's sleeve. Mitch showed him the famous "slow-motion Baywatch" trot.

Cody and J.D. pushed their dory closer to the water. Cody brings up the fact that Hobie got a new partner for the Talpin. J.D. said, "so what? No rookie's gonna beat us, kid." Cody told him that the new partner was Ingo. Cody nodded when J.D. asked if it was the Aussie. J.D. said that he should have thought of that. April walked toward them and asked if they had seen Charlie. They stopped dragging their dory and Cody spotted the Windjet he was on. He pointed toward the water, "There he is." April looked worried. She covers her mouth and wondered how Mitch could take him out in the water. When J.D. asked why, April said that Charlie couldn't get wet.

Cody told her not to worry about it. He had on a dry-suit. It was something that The Coast Guard used sometimes. You can go in the water, but you can't get wet. It's fun. She still looked worried as she looked from Cody to J.D. When they stopped close to shore, April went out to meet them. Waving his cap, Charlie shouted, wanting her to look at him. April told him that she could see him. She asked him if he O.K. Well, of course he was O.K. Charlie was with Mitch. Charlie invited her to come with them. Mitch helped her up. Charlie sat with April's arm around him. When he asked April how he looked, she said, "like a lifeguard."

Charlie thanked her for all the cool stuff that she's done for him. It was the most fun that he's had in his whole life. April told him that she was glad he came. Mitch asked Charlie if he wanted to drive. Charlie was surprised, but he got up and took a shot at it. The little boy played with the radio. A distress call came in over the air. They responded to the call with April calling it in. They boarded the Waverunners. Charlie rode, placed in front of Mitch. When they got to their designation, Mitch told April to stay with Charlie.

When they got to the victim, they learned that he had gone into cardiac arrest. April performed CPR while Charlie looked on. April continued while Mitch pulled out a mini defibrillator. He placeed the thin pads on the designated areas. After the second shock, the professional, robotic voice ordered them to "check pulse." April places two fingers on his neck's artery. He had a pulse and was breathing. Charlie was relieved that the man's life had been saved. The parametics got there and took over. Mitch told them that he had a pulse and was breathing. He looked up over at Charlie, giving him the "thumbs-up" sign.

Charlie wrote a song with Hobie. He sang while Hobie composed the music with a keyboard. Paige and Mitch looked on. Paige told Mitch that when Charlie was younger, you had to bribe him to take music lessions. That he didn't start to write music until he got sick. Mitch told her that he guess Charlie has something that he needs to say. When the two finished, April told him that it was a great song. Hobie said that it sounds really good. He asks if he wanted to hear the playback. Charlie said ys no, he'd like to get some rest so that he could see him race tomorrow. Hobie got him to promise. They shook on it. Mitch said to Hobie, "Good Luck."

Mitch asked Charlie how long he had worked on the song. Charlie said he started the last time he was in the hospital. He wanted the other sick kids to know that even if you didn't have a lot of time, that you could still make a difference. Mitch told him that it was a good message. Charlie said that he meant "really make a difference" like how they saved that guy's life. Mitch told him that the man was alive because of him. Hobie backed it up and assured Charlie that it was a good thing for that guy that he had been playing with the radio.

The lifeguards gathed for the Talpin race. Everyone was shocked that Mitch and Newmy were back in the race. April pulled her scarab to Lieutenant Walsh's boat. Paige didn't think that Charlie was strong enough to watch. He wanted to go. He had his dry-suit on, and what if there were no more races for him? He had promised Hobie.

This 16 2-lap dory race was around the North Malibu pier. Participating beaches were Baywatch 1 & 2, Zuma, Catalina, Malibu and Venice. The guys ran to push off to get the dories started. Baywatch 1 looked strong. Mitch and Newmy rowed strong to keep the lead. Charlie had grown incredibly tired and kept saying in an equally weak voice, "Come on Hobie, you can do it."

The stewart man turns and sat facing the bow man. The bow man pulled the boat close to shore. The stewart man rounded the flag. The dories have turned and started on the second leg. As they had done so, Charlie had become so weak that he could no longer watch the race. He rested in the arms of April and Paige with his eyes closed. He told them concerning the race to "watch for me." Charlie knew that it was time for him to go. He was far too tired to "stay."

In the home stretch, Zuma challenged Baywatch 1. They passed and kept the lead into the home stretch. Hobie, the first to hop out, pulled the dory to shore and started to sprint up the beach toward to the finish line. Mitch hopped out second and proceded toward the finish line. Hobie kept the lead over his dad and crossed the the finish line first. He headed toward the awards table and quickly kissed the girl presenting the trophy. He held it overhead proclaiming that the streak was broken. When Newmy asked Mitch if he was disappointed, he said yes, but at least the title stayed in the family. Newmy told Mitch that it was easy for him to say. Hobie decided to give the trophy to Charlie.

Mitch and Hobie were soon on their way to see Charlie and give him the trophy. They were rowing fast. Hobie was seated behind Mitch. He told Mitch that he wasn't hitting his elbows enough at the top of his stroke. That was the problem right there. Mitch told him, "In your dreams." Hobie said, "I'm just trying to help you out." "Mitch says, "yeah, right."

They made it alongside the boat. Mitch told Hobie to drop oar. Their smiles immediately melted into sadness as they noted Charlie's lifeless body in the arms of his tearful mother and sister. Mitch placed a comforting arm around Hobie's shoulder. As he has never experienced anything like this first hand. Seeing someone you love front of you.

THE FUNERAL WAS THE LIFEGUARD'S TRIBUTE TO CHARLIE. April started to speak and soon could not go on. She was too emotional. Mitch took over. He proclaimed his strength and courage. "...because of Charlie, other children will live. In a way, Charlie was a lifeguard. And Charlie is still saving lives. Charlie made a big difference to all of us at spending time with us. Just by being Charlie...we will never forget. Enthusiasm for life, will to live...and that smile," Mitch said, choking back tears. "That wonderful smile. Charlie pal, believe me, you made a difference, a big difference. We are glad that you could be here."

Hobie stepped into the awaiting flower-filled dory. The wreath was handed to him by Charlie's mother. She then embraced April tearfully as the lifeguards pushed the dory into the water. Newmy rowed out to Mitch's awaiting boat. Hobie stood and handed the wreath to Mitch. Mitch held it up for everyone to view. Hobie then sat and Newmy rowed away from the boat. Mitch placed the wreath onto the water's surface. The boats all sailed in unison. Mitch's scarab turned off from the other boats.

The emotional scene fades out to a dedication to the real Charlie Hays.


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