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Night Of The Dolphin 16 Script
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****Sharkey's Review****
Night Of The Dolphin
 16th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 03/07/98   Encore: 03/13/98
Week of: 03/01/98 - 03/07/98 

A beach crowd is standing around a dead dolphin. A lifeguard truck pulls up. Mitch and April gets out, walking toward the crowd. "Stand back folks, let us through please! Don't touch it! Don't touch it!" Mitch warned making his way through.

"A dead Dolphin. What happened to it? Do you think a shark got it?" Asked April. "I don't see any teeth marks." Mitch said. "Maybe it just got sick and died." Said April, offering an explanation. "Do me a favor, huh? Get the marine lab on the phone. Have them come over and check it out." Said Mitch.

Meanwhile, a man on a Wave Runner makes his way toward the beach. Two men on four-wheeled scooter-type motor vehicles (ATVs) meet him. Garner Ellerbee observe their actions from behind the bushes. The men give the man on the Wave Runner a nod. "You're late! Where's the stuff?" One of them asks. "Where's the money?" He asks in return.

"Right here." He was shown the money and the man took the stuff out and they then proceeded to make the transaction. Garner quickly jumped onto his horse to pursue and make an arrest. The man on the Wave Runner goes back out onto the water to keep from getting caught. "A cop, let's go!" The two guys mount their ATVs and make their escape. Garner opts to go after the two riders.

April pulls up beside Mitch in her lifeguard truck. "Hey!" Said Mitch. "Hey!" She said. "I dropped the dolphin off at the marine lab. They should have something tomorrow." "Great." Said Mitch. Suddenly Garner zooms past Mitch after his assailants. "Look at these guys." Said April. She didn't quite know what to make of it. "Mitch!" Garner yells as he zooms by. He knew that Garner needed his help. "Garner?" Said Mitch. He was very surprised. "Who is he?" Asked April.

"A friend," said Mitch, quickly standing on the truck. "Follow that horse! Go, go, go!" April soon pulls up alongside Garner, keeping pace with the horse. "What?" Asked Mitch. "Drug dealers!" Garner yelled. "Which one do you want?" Mitch asked. "The one on the right!" Garner yells.

"April, take the one on the left." Mitch said. He jumps his assailant, forcing the drug dealer to fall off. Meanwhile, Garner ropes his. The guy is quite stunned from the jolt and is out of breath. He lay there on his back, like a beached whale in the sand. Mitch has a little trouble, as the criminal tries to put up a fight. Mitch overtakes him, leaving the guy out cold in the sand. It wasn't without consequences though. Mitch hurt his hand and was shaking out the pain. April asked, "Mitch are you O.K.?" "Yeah," he said. "Get on the radio and call the LAPD." She does so, "LAPD, this is a Baywatch lifeguard. We have two suspects in custody. We need backup ASAP."

Garner pulls up on his horse. Mitch looked at him and said, "I thought you hated the sand." "I do, but the horse loves it." Said Garner. They all laughed. Mitch and Garner walked along the beach with the horse along for the stride. Mitch got sentimental. "Just like old times, huh?" He asked. "So, what brings you to my part of the sand?"

"I work with the FPU." Said Garner. "The FPU?" Asked Mitch. "The Federal Police Unit." Garner explains. "Drug traffickers on the beach, trying to find the suppliers." "I thought that was the NSA." Said Mitch. "That's DEA." Said Garner.

"Oh, DEA. Is that part of the CIA?" Asked Mitch. "No, FYI, CH.." Said Garner. "No, wait, stop this!" Said Mitch. Mitch offers him a drink on the house and has a lifeguard toss down two bottled waters. Garner ties the horse to the tower's ramp railing.

"Good work," Garner said as he sat on the inside ramp side of the railing, making himself comfortable like in the old days when he and Mitch fought crime on the beach together as a well-tuned machine. "Earl, my man, good work." Mitch looked at the horse and said, "Earl?" "Yeah," said Garner. "You got a problem with that?" Mitch gave him that look. "Yeah, I do," said Mitch. "I mean, Hi ho Silver, away! Trigger! Good respectable horse names, but Earl?"

"Mr. Ed?" Garner reminded Mitch. They make their funny comments in their own special way about horse names. Garner unties and takes off each boot and pours out the sand. He wanted and needed Mitch's help in capturing the drug dealers and the main source of the problem. Mitch had no problem with that and would help out any way he could.

Meanwhile, Lani sits in a room at a table with monitoring equipment in front of her. The doctor speaks with Cody and tells him how he will test Lani to see if she could hear at this point. Lani looks through the glass that separated them rather impatiently as the two talked. Cody asked how bad the damage was. The doctor said that he did not know. He'd try a Pure Tone Threshold System. Not quite understanding, Cody asked for an explanation. "That's a frequency test." Said the doctor. He went on to explain that he would try 500 hertz to 8000 hertz. If Lani was to get her hearing back, he wanted to pin point the range of restoration.

When he was ready to start the testing, the doctor held up a sign for Lani to read: WHEN YOU HEAR SOMETHING GIVE below the words was an illustration of a hand giving the thumbs up sign. Lani nods eagerly with high hopes and gives then gives the thumbs up sign. She puts on the earphones and the testing begins. The doctor starts at 500 hertz. She couldn't hear anything. 2000-nothing! 3000-nothing! He takes it to the maximum and she still could not hear anything. When they were all together, the doctor conferred with them. "I couldn't hear it!" She said whining. "I couldn't hear a thing!" The doctor held up a note that he had just written: IT COULD TAKE TIME. "Time? How much time? Doctor, can you tell me?" She cried. "Am I gonna be able to hear again?"

The doctor looked at Cody. There was a short silence. Lani was itching to know and said, "You have to tell me something, doctor." She continued to whine. He wrote something down right under his previous note and held it up for her to read: 2 DAYS, 2 WEEKS, OR ??? Cody tried to comfort her.

Cody was wonderful here, showing his caring, tender side for Lani. He stayed by her side throughout the whole ordeal. But you'd have to still wonder why no one else was bothered to support her. Losing your hearing is serious business! Lani is the only one of all the lifeguards who seems to have only one person to care about or what happens to her. You think that any of the other rookies who trained with her would have been written into the script just to offer her the support she needed. The writers could have at least written in the feelings of the other lifeguards here.

Lani is driven to headquarters. Another lifeguard sorted equipment. Lani grabbed her bag and the strap came lose, causing it to fall to the ground. Her belongings fell out of the bag as well. She crotched down to gather them as she placed the items back into the bag. Lani couldn't hear the Rig behind her and the driver, who got in without checking the way behind his vehicle, backs up. The other lifeguard saw this and ran to get her out of harm's way. The driver seeing this stopped. Her fellow lifeguard warned her, momentarily forgetting that she couldn't hear him. "Lani, you have to be careful when you don't have (hearing)." Lani could only look at him in tears. She couldn't hear what he was saying.

Mitch and Garner jogged along. Mitch had Ashley in a baby jogger-type stroller. "How's Neely doing?" Garner asked out of concern. "She's doing great!" Said Mitch. "I think taking care of Ashley keeps her on the straight now." "You baby sit?" Asked Garner.

"Once in a while I take Ashley jogging. You know that baby is in awesome shape." Said Mitch. "She never breaks a sweat." They both laughed. "By the way, the marine lab reported back that the dolphin you found was poisoned." Said Garner. Mitch looked at Garner frowning. "Poisoned?" Asked Mitch. "Who would do something like that?" "Drug smugglers." Said Garner. "They found NK19 in the dolphin's system." "Whats that?" Asked Mitch.

"Natural Killer 19." Said Garner. "Cyanide based. It's phosphorescent. Turns the water a lime green color. Drug smugglers use it to mark the ocean for nighttime air clip drops." "You tell me that a dolphin swam through that stuff?" Asked Mitch. "Yeah," said Garner. "What would happen if a kid swam through that stuff?" Asked Mitch. "We're dealing with some very, very bad boys." Said Garner.

On duty at the beach club, Neely watches the water from her chair. A good looking man walks over and says, "They say your name is Neely." "It is. What's yours?" She asked. "Mike Donovan." He said. "Why didn't you just ask me instead of them?" She asked. "Would you believe I'm shy?" He asked. "Not in a million years?" She stated. "Would you believe I'm hitting on you?" He asked. "In a heartbeat." She stated. "You're a member of the club. I've seen you around."

"Really?" He said. "I'm happy that you noticed." There was a pause. "Listen Neely, I'm having a party on my boat. I would like you to come as my guest." "I don't think that's such a good idea. Me, an employee and you a member." Neely said. "That's fine, I'll check with your boss." He assured her. "Any strings attached?" She asked. "None," he assured her. "You can bring a friend if you like. I hope not though." He smiled and continued. "At the Marina, C-13. Chow." "Chow, bye." She said.

At Headquarters, Lani is looking at an old classic black and white movie on TV. She sighs and is frustrated in not being able to hear it. She turns up the volume because she can't hear anything, irritating other lifeguards around her. Cody walks in and is shocked at the TV's loud volume. He goes over with the intent of turning the volume down, but the phone rings and he quickly answers it. He has to shout because he can't hear and places a finger to block the other ear. "Hello! Hello? Hang on, hang on!" He momentarily forgets that Lani can't hear and says, "Lani! Lani!" He then realizes that she can't hear and grabs the remote from her, turning the set off. He then returns to the phone. "I'm sorry. What? Yeah, she's here but.." He didn't know quite how to explain the situation, so Cody just told the person, "She'll have to call you back."

"Was it for me?" Lani Asked. Cody nodded. She threw magazines to the floor and then just storms out angrily. Cody felt so helpless. Lani runs out onto the busy street where she felt like an outsider. She had to deal with the fact that she could not do many of the things she took for granted that required hearing.

Neely, Mitch and Garner made their way toward the boat. Mike Donovan saw them. "Hey!" Neely greeted him. "I'm glad you made it." He said. "I hope you don't mind. I brought two friends." Neely said. "The more, the merrier." He said. "Welcome!" "Mike Donovan, this is Mitch Buchannon and Garner Ellerbee." "Come aboard!" He said happily. "O.K.!" She said, motioning her hand for Mitch and Garner to come along with her. "Wow!" She said when she got on board.

"Gentlemen please forgive me. I'm going to steal Neely for a second." Said Donovan, looking around. "Lucas! Lucas?" The muscular man came to see what he wanted. Donovan continued, "See that the gentlemen get a drink." He took Neely away. Lucas looked at them. "Beer please," said Mitch. Garner, who wore a more serious expression said, "Soda's fine." Mitch was impressed with the boat and the amount of money that Donovan must have been making. Garner told him that Donovan sold Dope. "You sure about that?" Asked Mitch. "Yeah, we've had him under surveillance for three months." Said Garner. "Catch him in the act, we can bust him." Garner then asked what Neely was doing with him. Mitch said that she met him at The Sand and Sea Club. They both looked back at Neely who was having a good time as she was being introduced and was mingling with others.

Mitch helped Neely down from her lifeguard chair and said, "Neely, the guy is dangerous. He's selling drugs up and down the beach." "Okay, I didn't know that." She said. "He might even take his yacht and set up a floating drugstore off shore." Said Mitch. "And might start shopping for a drive through druggie." Garner added. She just shook her head and said, "Mitch, I just met him." Mitch asked, "What do you know about him?" "Not much. Nothing really. He said that he was an importer." Said Neely. "Yeah, he imports drugs from Mexico!" Mitch added. "I said I didn't know that." She reminded him. "I mean, he seemed like a nice enough guy. Mitch, don't worry." "I can't help it." Said Mitch.

"I'm a big girl now, I know what I'm doing, Okay?" Then she looked at him. "Mitch, you don't think that I..." She added. Mitch just shook his head helplessly. He didn't know what to think with her just getting over her prescription painkiller addiction. "Hey Neely, it's easy to fall off." Mitch explained. Garner was looking on. "No, not when you have what I have. I quit. I quit because I wanted to be a good mom." She cried. "Because someone I cared about showed me that they cared about me. I guess they stopped believing in me. Well, I didn't." She walked away hurt.

Before going on to the next scene, I have to say that Donovan had a lot of gall walking up to what seems to be a decent girl in his eyes. He knew that he was garbage that imported illegal drugs. He knew that it was illegal and that drugs ruin the health of people. Note that he didn't tell Neely about his real profession. I guess he's one of those people (if you can call him that) who think that if you have money, that women were theirs for the taking. Wronggggg!

Lani sat in Cody and J.D's living room eating ice cream. She suddenly starts to hear voices. "Mitch?" She puts the ice cream container down. She then hears April's voice. "April, where are you?" She called. The voices kept coming, confusing her. She then screams, dropping to her knees, "I can't hear it!" Cody then comes from the bedroom. "What's wrong? What's wrong?" He asked, comforting her. "Cody, I'm a dancer." She said, wrapped in his arms. "I can't even hear the music. What am I going to do?" "Shhh," he cooed. "It's Okay." "I'm so scared." She said. "Shhh." Cody said.

That night, Mitch and Garner made their way around Donovan's Yacht. They discover that the luminous lime green chemical in the water. Look at that, Mitch said. "Electric Jell-O," said Garner. "K-19? A sample will tell us for sure." Mitch in diving gear says, "Be right back." He goes in to collect the sample while Garner acts as the lookout. Mitch makes it on the side of the boat to scrape off a good sample with a knife. He goes back to their motorized rubber raft.

"I got it." Said Mitch. He hands it to Garner. Suddenly the light of a lantern is shining on them. "Hey, What are you doing down there?" Lucas screamed. Mitch submerges, while Garner ducks and speeds away in the raft, trying to get away unseen. Lucas tries to keep his lantern on Garner as he moves away.

Walking alongside the ocean, the next day, Mitch and Garner talk about the incident. Realizing that they needed more evidence than just the fact that Donovan used K-19 around his boat. Garner wanted to stash a transmitter aboard the boat until the deal went down. "Good luck," said Mitch.

"You're not gonna do it Mitch." Garner told Mitch. "Nope," said Mitch. "I'm not asking, I'm telling." Said Garner. "Oh, I get it." Said Mitch. "Reversed psychology. You say you don't want me to do it and I say that I wanna do it." "Wrong." Said Garner. "Right," said Mitch. "I'm lost. Your serve." "I'm not gonna do it, you're not gonna do it." Garner told Mitch. "Neely is." Mitch's demeanor grew dark, "No way!" He said. "Donovan's hot for her," said Garner. "I said, no way!" Said Mitch.

"Donovan likes having her around." Said Garner. "She could stash the transmitter under his bed and he'd never know it." "Garner, it's not gonna happen." "It's too risky." Mitch said. "She's the only one who can stash that transmitter and get away with it." Said Garner. "I said-No!" Said Mitch. "Yeah, well Neely said yes." Garner told him. "You already asked her." Mitch stated in disbelief. He went off in a huff. "Mitch!" Garner called after him.

You'd think that Neely was Mitch's wife the way he spoke! Neely is a single woman and is free to make her own decisions. She didn't have to ask Mitch for permission to do this. She on the other hand wanted to use the mission to prove where her loyalties were. Especially after the little scene Mitch displayed.

Lani walks along the beach. She pauses to look out at the ocean. She suddenly hears a child calling for her mommy. She focuses in on her hearing and turns toward the sound. "It's Okay, honey. It's Okay." She cooed, caressing her hair. Her mother was running toward her little girl as well. "Where's your mommy?" Asked Lani. "I don't know," the little girl whined.

"Oh, sweetie, we can find her. You're gonna be Okay." Lani said smiling, taking the little girl in her arms. The girl's mother finally reached them. "Here's your mommy." The woman took the little girl into her arms, "Mommy!" "She's fine," said Lani. She was both happy and relieved that her hearing had been restored.

That night, Donovan had Neely on his boat, entertaining her. He popped the cork on the champagne bottle that he was holding, filled one of the glasses and offered it to her. "No thanks, I don't drink." She said wisely. "Would you like a club soda or something else?" He asked. "A club soda would be great," said Neely. "Lucas!" He yelled. Lucas made his appearance. "Could you get Miss Capshaw a club soda?" "Sure," said Lucas, giving Neely the eye. "Adosa called." He kept looking at Neely. "Excuse me," said Donovan. "I'll be right back."

"Sure, take your time." She said. Neely made sure that they were gone before she started looking for a secure place to plant the transmitter. The cabinet behind her was locked. "When is Andosa going to make the drop?" Asked Donovan. "In about an hour." Said Lucas. "That's too bad." Said Donovan. Meanwhile, Neely checked the seat cushions. "I'll have to ask the lady to leave then." Donovan said disappointed. "What's she even doing here?" Lucas questioned. "Tonight of all nights." "She is my guest." Donovan said. "That's none of your business." Neely found a red medal case attached to the wall and opened it to plant the transmitter. You'd have to ask why was the transmitter was so big! It could have been a lot smaller to be undetectable!

"She's the one who brought that nosey scuba diver and his buddy to your party the other day." Said Lucas. "Are you sure?" Asked Donovan. "I'm positive." Lucas said with assurance. "I got a good look at 'em. They were checking out the boat, very carefully."

Once she secured the two latches back in place, Neely sat back down on the sofa, zipped her purse and tried to look comfortable, crossing her legs. "We have a change of plans, huh?" Said Donovan, leading the way back to Neely. When they arrived, Neely stood and said, "You know, I have to get to work really early, so I'd better be leaving." "I'm sorry, but you can't." Said Donovan, grabbing her arm. There was irritation in his voice. She snatched it free from his grip. "Come with me, so we can start." Donovan pulls her along while Lucas sat at the table to open her purse. He poured out its contents. He finds nothing. The boat is out at sea while the transmitter continues to send out its signal.

"It will be light out soon. There is the last sunrise." Donovan said to Neely. Lucas informed Donovan that, "they dropped the gift." "Alright, get it onboard." He ordered, pulling out his phone. "Give me Andosa." The two men were out in a raft to pick up the two huge silver packages that made up the cargo. One of the men said to the other, "Give me a hand." After getting them on the raft, they row back to the yacht. "I said no, my friend. The price is not negotiable." Said Donovan. Lucas waited for Donovan to get off the phone before showing him the transmitter. He handed it to him. Donovan examined it and then looked at Neely.

Meanwhile, Mitch and Garner waited on a boat for something to happen. "I don't like this-it's taking too long," said Mitch. "We've gotta go!" "Wait a minute," said Garner. "They're not moving." Donovan shut off the transmitter. "They found the transmitter. Neely's in trouble." Said Mitch. "Lets go!"

"Point Bridge, move out." Ordered Garner over his radio. "POINT BRIDGE, ROGER. I'M BOARDING CABLE. READY TO GO." A Coast Guard Unit answered back. "Code Red, let's do it." Said Garner.

Meanwhile, Donovan said, "How thoughtful of you Neely. How very, very stupid." The Coast Guard quickly prepares to move in. Standing on the boat, Donovan said, "I'm sorry it didn't work out. I hope you are a good swimmer." He raised his glass in a toast to her farewell.

Neely had been forced into an inflatable rubber raft with meat dangling from the bottom of it into the water. It was to attract sharks. Lucas was close to the raft. "A little appetizer for your dinner guest." He said, pouring bait into the water to bring on the sharks. And then he let the blade of his retractable knife free. "You make a great main course." He punctured a large hole in the side of the raft. Then he ordered one of Donovan's other puppets to shove it off. They make their way back up the boat while Neely drifts along as the air moves out of the raft. A shark finds its way toward the meat.

Meanwhile, Mitch, Garner and The Coast Guard are on the way! "Come on Garner, faster!" Said Mitch. The shark is swimming around the deflating raft. Neely tries not to panic as she sees its distinct dorsal fin getting closer and closer. "Point Bridge will go after anybody who makes a break." Said Garner. The Coast Guard moved past their boat. Donovan sees The Coast Guard and then peers through his binoculars. He makes a break for it! He goes down the ladder and onto a motorized raft. "Hey! Wait for me!" Said Lucas, carrying a gun.

"Give me the gun." Said Donovan. Lucas does so without question. He extended his hand toward Lucas. Lucas extended his in return, thinking that he was going to quickly help him into the boat. Donovan grabbed his hand and pulled so hard that he dumped Lucas into the water. As far as Donovan is concerned, it was every man for himself. He didn't care what happened to his puppets, as long as he got away! Lucas then saw that he meant nothing to Donovan. He had been used and casually discarded as easily as soiled tissue. In other words, his services were no longer needed. Donovan sped away. Mitch and Garner pursued him.

The Coast Guard launched a small boat. They sent out a team to pursue the yacht. The big boat broadcasted a message to all on board the yacht while the small boat made its way over with the boarding team. "PASSAGE VESSEL WEST. I'M SENDING OVER A BOARDING TEAM. HAVE ALL PERSONELL ON BOARD ASSEMBLE ON THE STERN OF YOUR VESSEL IN OPEN VIEW. PLACE ALL WEAPONS ON THE DECK."

Mitch and Garner see Neely in pursuit of Donovan. Neely seemed relieved! "Hey! There's Neely!" "Mitch! Help! Hurry!" Neely screamed, waving furiously. "Take the wheel and get me close-go get Donovan!" Mitch yelled. He dives off the boat and swims over to the deflating raft. The shark hovers closer than ever. She helped him aboard the now flimsy raft. The shark had just missed him. "Thank God! Oh, thank God!" She said gratefully.

"HANDS ON YOUR HEAD-TURN AROUND! NOW!" A Coast Guard ordered. He held his gun firmly in place. The three men did as they were told. "ON YOUR KNEES!" He ordered. After they dropped to their knees, he yelled, "PLACE YOUR HANDS OUT BEHIND YOU!" The other Guards came on board. While the armed Guard maintained his position he said to his men, "CUFF EM!" The three men were cuffed. "POINT BRIDGE, THIS IS BOARDING TEAM! VESSEL SECURE! ALL PERSONELL ON BOARD ACCOUNTED FOR AND IN CUSTODY.

Garner continues to chase Donovan. He is joined by The Coast Guard's helicopter that is speeding above and keeping the assailant in sight. A big vessel is also in pursuit. Donovan cannot get away! He'd have to be completely stupid to think that he could. The big vessel broadcasted its message to Donovan. "VESSEL OFF BY STARBOARD VALVE, YOU'RE UNDER ARREST. EASE TO AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!"

Donovan stops and puts his hand in the air. "DONT MOVE! YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!" Garner joined The Coasties and said, "Good job gentlemen. Thanks!" Donovan turns to look at Garner. He gives Donovan a serious, but disgusted expression in return.

Meanwhile, Mitch and Neely find themselves in trouble as air continues to move out of the raft. "We're gonna sink, Mitch," said Neely. They try to shovel water out of the raft. Garner is quickly on his way back. "Mitch! The shark!" Neely cried. While driving with one hand, Garner uses his other to display his brilliant roping skills! It was quite a scene! I absolutely loved the use of the super slow-mo here. Garner took aim while preparing to throw a lasso out to Mitch and Neely. Mitch sees him and gestures toward Garner to hurry up. "Come on, come on!"

Garner was right on target! Mitch grabs the rope's loop and tells Neely to hold on. "Lets go!" Mitch yelled. Garner speeds up quite a bit. While the boat speeds along, it takes the now seemingly motorized raft with it! The shark loses the scent and turns off into another direction. What a cool rescue scene! Only Mitch and Garner could do and get away with a scene like this! And bravo to the brilliance of The Coast Guard. I always love it when those great looking guys are involved in the rescues!

"Have a good one!" Said Cody, now off duty and leaving his tower for the day. He sees the baby and goes down the ramp to her. "Awww, what's the matter with Ashley!" The baby was crying her tiny head off. Neely was holding the crying baby. "She's fussy when it's close to her nap time." "Can I hold her?" Lani asked. "Are you sure you want to hold a crying baby?" Asked Neely. "It's never sounded so good to me!" Lani assured her. "Let's go change her and give her her bottle." Said Neely.

"I've gotta get back to work. Let's go Earl." Said Garner. Mitch has some fun, talking John Wayne-style for the horse, while hidden. It appeared as though Earl was talking until Mitch appeared. Mitch and Cody laughed. "Okay man, take care of yourself." Said Mitch. "You too!" Garner said. "Stay out of the sun, Cookie! Whaaaa!" Mitch said. "I've got my tan." Garner said. "Okay, whaaaa," Said Mitch. "See ya!" "We'll be seeing each other." Said Garner. "There you go with the other stuff again." "Will you stop with the other stuff, stuff?" Said Mitch, "Get otta here!" Garner laughs and then rides off.


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