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****Sharkey's Review****
 13th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 02/14/98   Encore: 02/20/98
Week of: 02/08/98 - 02/14/98 

Mitch patrols his stretch of the beach until he locates a small girl playing at the base of his tower ramp. She was shoveling sand into her little blue pail. He goes over. He scrunches down to her height. "Hi," said Mitch. "What's your name?" "Bridget," she says. "That's a pretty name." He said. "Are you lost?"

"No," she said, pointing to a woman in sunglasses reading a magazine, not paying any attention to her at all. "My mom's over there." She looked at him. "Is it O.K. if I play here?" "Sure," said Mitch. "Just stay on his side of the ramp, O.K.?" "O.K.," said Bridget. "Have a nice day," he said.

"I will," said Bridget. She looks at Mitch as he dips his feet, one at a time in the blue pail at the base of his tower. He then went up the tower ramp, facing the water to position himself to watch the beach.

The little girl empties the sand out her little blue pail, and goes to the ocean. She fills it with water and carries it back. She then places it at the foot of the tower. When she mimics what the lifeguard did by dipping her feet into the pail, one at a time, Bridget looks up at Mitch to see if he was watching. Mitch was looking and he laughed, thinking that it was cute. She then jumps back to her spot and continued to play in the sand.

He then continues to watch the beach. Bridget wanders on off to the ocean and sees a hand grenade. Not knowing what it was, she picks it up to examine it. Mitch notices that she was missing and searches the beach through his binoculars. He notices that she was holding a grenade. He couldn't believe it. He looks again.

"Gotta be a toy." He says lowly to himself. The grenade looked too real for comfort, and Mitch makes his way down the tower ramp. Bridget pulls the pin, when he realizes that it was not a toy! Toys always have a pull string attached to a ring that retracts so that it can be pulled again and again to a child's delight. Bridget is still examining it as time is running out for the thing to go off! Mitch runs out toward her. He managed to take it and throw it out into the ocean as fast and as far as he could. To protect the little girl, Mitch pulled her close, turning Bridget away from the water. There was a thunderous explosion. After it was over, Bridget started to cry. Mitch cooed that it was all right. The girl's mother finally manages to locate her daughter and runs out toward them!

Cody hears the blast and is stunned going for his tower phone. "This is Madison, there's been an explosion off the water at tower 15." He said looking over to get the exact tower to relay. "Possible injuries, request backup." "O.K., honey, it's just a big noise. It's O.K." Mitch comforted her. Bridget's mother runs up to get her. "Thank you." She said to Mitch. He looks out at the water and then at two little boys playing with one. He made his way toward them as he ordered, "Don't move!" One of them was ran away frightened. The kid with the grenade froze. Mitch took it gently. The boy ran away terrified as well. Mitch places it in the sand just as Cody makes his way through the crowd. "What happened?" He asked.

"Live grenades. The little girl just pulled the pin on one of 'em." Mitch said. Cody asked where they came from. Mitch said that he didn't know, but they will soon find out. He tells Chris to get Headquarters and to get every available lifeguard out there, and for Cherri to tape off the area. April's truck pulls up. Mitch tells Cody to have the beach combed to see if there were any more of them. Cody orders everyone to get back, that there was a live grenade.

Mitch tells April to search the water to see if there are more. Bridget was still scared, clinging to her mother. Mitch goes over to ask if she's O.K. He tells her that she didn't do anything wrong. He asks where she found the grenade. She pointed and said, "there." Mitch thanked her and made his way out to the area. There is a search for the weapons. April finds a box with a supply of grenades. It was a U.S Marine Armory case. There were 22 grenades inside! There was suppose to be 24, but the two found by the children accounted for the ones missing. Mitch warned Cody and April that the bomb squad would be there soon and that no one was to get near the case.

The moment was relived with Bridget picking up the grenade and pulling the pin. This time it was Neely running out to her frantically crying, "Ashley! Ashley!" The little girl pulls the pin and it explodes. Mitch is awakened from his nightmare. Later he makes his way down the stairs. He sees tiny Ashley in her seat parked on the kitchen counter. "Hey, morning sweet pea, how are ya doing?" He cooed. Neely comes in, robe and all with laundry in her arms. They startled each other. "I thought you had already gone." She said.

"No, I was up all night with a nightmare. I slept in. I haven't in the morning." He tried to find the words to say. He stops, noting her appearance. She had just had the rollers removed from her hair, and sported no make-up. "What's that?" Asked Mitch. "Cotton balls, my toe nails are still wet." She said a bit embarrassed. "And your..." he said staring tthe cream all over her legs, unable to finish.

"Legs?" She finished for him. "Yeah, uh, Nair." She picked up the bottle to show him the hair remover. Neely didn't like shaving. And Gayle never did any of these? He's been single for so long, I guess Mitch has forgotten what Gayle looked like when she did things to groom herself to look beautiful for him. "This is so embarrassing," she said. "No its not. It's just new." He assured her. He looked into the cupboard. "Where are the coffee cups?"

"Oh, they're on the left side." Neely said, pointing. He gets one from the cupboard as she goes on. "This is the way I've always done it. I hope you don't mind." "No, no, I don't mind. It'll just take a little while to get used to." Neely just took over the house to suit her needs and no one else's when she moved in. It will be interesting to see how she fairs in the long run when she does things without consulting Mitch, leaving him stunned. Will he be able to hold his anger then? Or will Mitch and Hobie put her on a pedestal because they haven't had a female live with them since little Joey Jenkins (they really treated her like she was porcelain/6th season 1995-1996).

Neely asked about his nightmare and he told her about the hand grenades on the beach. Ashley was in it, but Ashley was really Bridget. He drank his coffee and spit it out back into the cup. "Is this? What is this?" "Coffee." She said. "It's different." He said. "Decaffe." Neely explained. "I need caffeine." He said. Then he notes her underwear in the sink. He pulls it out. They were too delicate for the washer. She thought that he had gone.

You'd have to wonder what was wrong with her using the bathroom sink here. The same type of scene could have been played out with her hogging the bathroom sink with her underwear. But the kitchen sink? Gross! Neely's a bit helpless and spoiled isn't she? Mitch shakes it off. He goes for the cereal. She has to tell him where it is since he couldn't find it. He goes for the milk-there was none left in the carton. What was an empty carton doing in the fridge? "And the milk would be?" He asked, thinking that she had placed it elsewhere.

"Gone." Neely said. "There was a little bit left, and Ashley." Buying a gallon would solve the problem. With two men in the house-one of them still in development, you'd have to wonder how they got along with a meager half-gallon carton. And now with a baby who needs even more milk, two one-gallon bottles would do nicely.

Mitch said that it was no problem-that he'd add it to the list and go the store. He writes when he notes her handwriting. He couldn't make it out. So she told him, "Meet Cody at the pool." He realized that he was late for his class. He scurries. Mitch needed his blue sweater and asked Neely if she had seen it, it was right here. She held it up while clearing her throat. She explained weakly that it shrunk after she put it in the dryer, too hot. Mitch said that it was a nice sweater for Ashley before he left.

In the next scene, youd have to wonder why Neely was in the pool with them training the kids. Mitch had just left her at home and besides, she was not working at Baywatch yet. Cody and Mitch get into a silly contest in who could stay underwater the longest. Cody said that he could stay under at least 3 minutes and longer than Mitch could. So, they stayed under with April monitoring and as timekeeper. They tried coaxing the other up. They show no signs of budging.

Both men are suddenly flat on their backs on the side of the pool gasping for breath, each claiming that the other gave up. They really could have saved this boys stunt for Hobie and Manny. Young boys look better on screen playing games such as this one.

Mitch is sitting on the back of a truck. He sees Neely and says, "Hi." She returns the greeting. "Are you still mad at me?" She asks. "I am not mad at you." Said Mitch, patting the spot next to him. "You know, I'm really sorry. I should be more considerate. I really thought I was trying to help." Said Neely. "You were trying to help. The whole thing was my fault. I was tired, over-reacting."

"Mitch, you have done so much for Ashley and me. I don't know where we'd be if you hadn't been there for us. But we're cutting into your lifestyle. We don't want to overstay our welcome." "It takes time for two people to adjust living with each other." Mitch assured her. Neely felt that she was cutting in on his lifestyle and said, "I'm going to start looking for a place. I think I have enough saved up for a deposit.

Mitch's face showed protest. He didn't want her to leave. "It's time I started looking for Peter-he's Ashley's father. He should know about her. I think it's time for us to go." Poor Mitch looked so dejected.

"Any luck out there today?" Asked Mitch. "Nah," said Cody. "I'm going back out a little later today." He asked Mitch if he had any luck. "I made a few calls. Pulled a few strings with the Navy Seals. It turns out that the grenades didn't fall off a ship. They were stolen from a Military Base in San Francisco. It looks like we've got a full load of stolen Military explosives somewhere out there." Said Mitch.

Cody was really getting concerned, and who could blame him? "Won't the government do something?" He asked. Mitch told him that they were doing everything they could. Mitch makes his way up his tower ramp facing the water. Cody was facing Mitch while following him. Cody said that it was scary and what if more of the grenades wash ashore. They looked at each other.

Neely and April pulled up in Neely's car. They talked about Neely's finding an apartment. April told Neely that she hoped that she finds Peter. She was close with her father. Every girl should have a father. Neely agreed. She couldn't imagine her life without her father. How much he taught her, how important he was to her. And she wanted Ashley to have someone like that in her life.

Mitch makes his way from Headquarters. Cody catches up, "Hey Mitch! I think I found something big. It might be a boat." "Checked with The Coast Guard and no one reported a boat missing or going down." Mitch said, "If you had a boat full of stolen explosives, would you report it missing?" "Exactly!" Cody exclaimed.

They took a scarab out to investigate. "We're getting close," said Cody, keeping his eyes ahead as he was driving. Mitch makes his way toward the front of the boat. Cody changes the subject. April told me that Neely's moving out. "She's thinking about it," said Mitch. "She went out today looking for a place with April." Cody said.

"Really?" Asked Mitch. Deep inside, he didn't think that Neely would go after all. He realized then that she had been serious when they had their talk. "I guess it'll be good to have some peace and quiet, huh?" Asked Cody. Mitch grumbled a low and disappointed, "Yeah" Cody rattled on, "She's sweet, but I can't imagine having a crying baby around all the time." "She doesn't cry that much. Only when she's scared or hungry. That's her job. She's only a little baby." Said Mitch. "But still, it'll be nice to have your privacy back. When Hobie moves off to college, just think what it'll be like." Said Cody.

Mitch didn't like the thought of Hobie leaving either. Their bond was just incredible, even when they argued. Mitch just wasn't the type to settle into a house all by himself. He loved having people around in a family type structure. "Yep. Just me and a big empty house." The radar showed them that they were at the exact spot. "Bingo," Said Cody. "Bingo," said Mitch. I hate that expression-bingo. "I'll get the anchor," said Cody.

"I'll get the gear." Mitch said, moving toward the back. The two made the dive and look around. They arrive at their designation. Cody was right! It was a ship. They swim their way through the door and come up to look around. Cody discovers weapons. As they examine the weapons they figure that whoever was collecting them will come back. They both elected to get out of there. Suddenly Cody screams that something has his leg. He wrestles for a while. It was just a cable. They both laugh until Cody turns to see two men, with a spear gun.

One of the men tells Mitch and Cody to hold it right there and drop "them things" (meaning the gear). Mitch tells Cody to do as they say. Cody suddenly tries to use his tank as a weapon and the man who appears to be the leader shoots. He tells them that they picked one hell of a bad day to go for a swim. The men tied them up, with their wrists tied over their heads to a metal pipe.

That's not too tight, for you is it, pretty boy?" The leader patted Cody's cheek. You're stealing US Marine property boys. Said Mitch. The follower blows up in anger. "We are not! We paid for this!" "Taxpayers bought it!" Said Mitch. "We're taxpayers!" The leader growled. "Yeah, right." Cody mumbled lowly. He was then slapped across the face. And then one of the men placed a finger to his lips for him to be quiet. He laughs.

"Nobody asked me how I wanted to live, what I wanted to do. What am I paying to send food to Africa for?" He rattled on about how he fought for his country, and what did they ever do for him? Nothing! They turned their back on him, threw him out on the street when he needed them most. "What about us?" Asked Mitch. "Wrong place at the wrong time. You know how the sayin' goes, it does happen." He punched Mitch in the stomach. "You're gonna just leave us here to die?" Asked Mitch.

"Tell you what, let me check with the President-see what he has to say about it." The cowards left with a box full of weapons. After they were gone, Mitch and Cody knew that they had to get out. They worked on the pipe until it loosened and were able to free themselves. They got their hands free. When the two men got back, Mitch and Cody had placed the pole back in place and simulated that their wrists were still tied.

"Bad news boys, we just talked to the President and he said we can leave you here to die." While one of them rattled on bragging, the other set a bomb's timer and activated it to count down. The plan was for it to go off when the time ran out. One of the men looked at his watch, "O.K. boys, you got 5 minutes. Just make sure it's quality time."

Mitch and Cody looked at each other and made their move. Two fights ensued. The men thought that they had Mitch and Cody defeated, and realized that their own lives were in danger. They decided to get out before the bomb went off.

Cody was trapped and pinned by a heavy barrel. "Mitch! Mitch!" He cried. "Help!" He then submerged to try to get himself free. 3 minutes, 31 seconds remained. Mitch made his way out before the two men and had to wrestle with them. He managed to remove on of the men's breathing gear. The other swam toward them with his knife. Meanwhile, Cody was screaming for Mitch while trying to get himself free. Water poured in while the bomb continued its count down.

During the underwater fight, Mitch fended off the guy with the knife, while the other surfaced for air. While Cody still desperately trying to free himself, looked over at the timer. 2 minutes, 9 seconds remained. Meanwhile Mitch managed during the struggle to remove his breathing gear, forcing both to the surface. The fight continued with Mitch facing both. One held Mitch while the other punched him. Mitch went under.

"Come on, let's get out of here." They swam for their boat. Mitch wisely resurfaced behind the scarab's nose unseen. When they were on their way, Mitch radioed Headquarters. He relayed the emergency situation. The Coast Guard's help was needed to go after the two men. Mitch went back for Cody. He surfaced, "You all right?" Asked Mitch. "Yeah, the bomb, the bomb!" Cody screamed.

With 58 seconds remaining, Mitch got Cody free. "Were gonna get the hell out of here! Mitch said. "Take this spare air. This is the only one left. You're gonna need it." "No," said Cody. "You take it," said Mitch. "I don't need it," Cody insisted, being stubborn. "Listen, you're hurt. You're gonna need this air." Said Mitch. "We're at 75 feet." Cody reasoned. "At least, said Mitch. Can we make it?" Asked Cody. "Just hold on to me." Said Mitch.

Oh, no, no, no! I must stop the scene right here. Oh good grief! Come on guys! Get out already! They could have gotten out in the time that was wasted here while the timer counted down! While they argued, the time should have been gone, and the timer counted down to .00 seconds. It would at least take more than a minute to get out of the vicinity of the bomb!

Honestly, if that had been Hobie in Cody's place, Mitch would not have even thought twice about it! He would have freed him, quickly placed the air over his face and told him to "Hold on to me, were getting the hell out of here!" Hobie wouldn't have argued, as he would have known that Mitch was pulling rank as his dad, and that he meant business!

I couldn't understand why so much time was wasted arguing over Cody needing the air. Mitch just should have pulled rank as Captain over him instead of compromising as the caring friend. 18 seconds remaining. They swam out of the door. 11 seconds remaining. Cody holds on to Mitch while he leads them up. 7 seconds remaining. Still swimming. 1 second remaining. They were still swimming to safety. .00 seconds remaining.

The bomb went off when they surfaced near the scarab. Another scarab with its siren blaring made its way toward them. "I've never tasted anything so good!" Said Mitch, referring to the air. "I could have stayed down longer." Said Cody. "Liar," said Mitch. "Bingo!" Cody exclaimed. After he looked at his wound, they swam toward their scarab.

At Headquarters, Cody's arm was treated and now in a sling. Mitch found him and said that The Coast Guard got the two guys within an hour. They spilled their guts. Cody told him so much for the tough guys. Mitch went on to say that they were part of a malicious group in Northern Oregon. They took the whole group in for questioning. Cody thanked Mitch for saving his life. "I told you I could hold my breath longer than you." Mitch said. Cody was set for a new challenge, despite his injury. "Rematch in the pool tomorrow!" "I'll be there!" Said Mitch. Just as Cody rounded the corner to leave, April rounded it to find Mitch.

"Mitch, doing anything for lunch?" She asked. "Why? Is that an invitation?" He asked. "I brought a sandwich. I just thought you'd be going home for lunch." She said. "Why would I be doing that?" He asked. He was now beginning to wonder if something was wrong. "Well, Neely's there." She said. "Trust me, you need to go there as soon as you can." "Is there something wrong?" He asked. "No Mitch. Just go home for lunch." She insisted. When he got there, Neely was packing. "Were you even going to say goodbye?" He asked. "Yeah, I was." She said. "You found Peter?" He asked. "No," she said. "I think I found an apartment." "I told you. You don't have to." Said Mitch.

"Mitch, Ashley and I have imposed for too long. We're all packed up. I put your dishes back where you've had them. I bought you a pound of real coffee." She said. Mitch smiled then. "I've been thinking. I really like having you and Ashley here. And I know that Ashley likes it here, hey Ashley?" The baby smiled. "See?" He said. They both smiled. "And I could get used to left handed cupboards. I could learn to read your writing. And you know that sweater? I hated that blue sweater! I hated it." "You did?" She asked.

The phone rings and Mitch picks it up. "Hello...uh yeah, she's right here." He looked at Neely. "It's the apartment manager. He wants to know if you still want the apartment." She looked up at Mitch and asked, "Do I want it?" She wasn't so sure about leaving now that she was absolutely sure that Mitch wanted and liked them being there. "What am I going to do with a pink bedroom?" He asked.

She smiled. "Yeah, Mr. Overstreet. Thank you very much. I think I'm going to pass on that apartment. I'm pretty happy where I am right now." "Great!" He said. He bent over to kiss her. Her eyes flew wide open. He was now satisfied that he had talked her into staying. She was surprised but let's face it, she was dying for him to do it anyway. Uh-oh Mitch, watch out! How many more tender kisses will it take for Neely to bring on another sexual harassment suit? ((((LAUGHING)))) just kidding!


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