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****Sharkey's Review****
 10th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 12/06/97   Encore: 12/12/97
Week of: 11/30/97 - 12/06/97 

Cody patrolled the beach and noted a young teenaged girl getting slapped and chewed out by her mother. Even though it wasn't harassment, he winced. There is a great difference between harassment and general spanking to keeping a rebellious child in line. The girl was crying more for getting her feelings hurt than from getting slapped and chewed out. She waited for Cody to leave his tower for the day before she went into the water before her little sister and never came out.

Cody had a date with Lani. They were to see a show and it was to start soon. Cody could make it if he left a bit early. He closed his tower, grabbed his bike and left his tower before his shift was over. When he met Lani, they were called back in to aid in the full-fledged search for the little girl. The actress who portrayed Roseanna's mother was heartsick, and feared the worse as she clutched onto her little daughter. Through her tears, she had to use a translator. She only spoke Spanish. 

This leaked out pretty quickly and became a circus. When the press quickly arrived on the scene, Mitch finally got all of the facts. The woman said through translator Manny Gutierrez that the tower was closed at 4:57 p.m. Mitch wondered how that could possibly be? Cody told Mitch that he set his watch five minutes fast so that he wouldn't run late. Caught between anger at the press for exploiting the issue, and disappointment in Cody, his words were memorable, "Never, ever leave your tower before your shift is over! You know the rules!"

Cody's girlfriend, fellow lifeguard Lani Mckenzie quickly spoke up in his defense and said that it was her fault as much as it was his. She called him and asked him to hurry. She got tickets to a movie and didn't want to be late. Mitch couldn't believe it! A little girl's life was at stake because of a movie. A sleazy reporter, wanting a brilliant story at any cost got it on tape. When the Chief saw this, she was not amused. She wanted Cody's resignation on her desk. As the search went on, Cody couldn't leave the beach until the girl was found. So ridden with guilt, he began to have hallucinations, seeing the girl out in the water struggling to stay afloat and crying for help. Jack "J.D." Darius didn't see her. He shrugged and kept asking, "Where?" Post-Traumatic Syndrome set in. The rescue operation was now replaced with a recovery operation. Mitch hated to have Manny tell this mom looking pretty young and vulnerable, who loved her daughter so much that since so much time has passed that there was no hope of finding Roseanna alive. Through her grief, she still wanted to stay until she was found.

Later that night, Cody walked on the beach, unable to shake the guilt. He held his head in his hands. Lani came out and offered him a blanket as it was getting cold. The two cuddled up wrapped inside of it. Later at the office, Mitch was so angry when he was talking with the Chief on the phone. He was fed up with the press, the pressure, and being pulled in too many directions. He was being told to have Cody's resignation on his desk, and out of anger, Mitch said that he quit. A phone call came a while later. Newmy picked it up. There was a smile on his face. It was a call stating that Roseanna was at home. Her mother and sister found out when she got home.

She had admitted that she had faked the drowning. How she swam underwater to the rocks and eased her way behind them unseen. She basically wanted to get back at her mother. And her poor mother was so worried. What she did was wrong, and she knew it. She had to offer a letter of apology. Mitch went out to find Cody to tell him what happened. Cody was relieved.


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