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****Sharkey's Review****
To The Max
 15th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 02/28/98   Encore: 03/06/98
Week of: 02/22/98 - 02/28/98 

Captain Bob's sons had just finished collecting Sea Urchins. They go to the surface. "Hoist it aboard. It's a beautiful sight." Said Captain Bob. A scarab is on patrol with lifeguards J.D., April and Lani. "Anything?" Asked J.D. "Just a fishing boat ahead." Lani answered.

A boon is out of control and knocks Captain Bob and one of his sons in the water. On the scarab, the group notices that their help is needed. "I think they're in trouble, let's go." They jump in and save an injured Captain Bob and his sons. The other is knocked into the water by the swinging boon and is soon underwater. J.D. goes under to get him. They revive him with CPR. Captain Bob is so grateful that he saved him and his sons and their catch. He said that owed them one.

Meanwhile, Cody pulls up in his junk heap. It dies on him, steaming badly. Jordan is drawn to the smoking car, fanning the area around her. He lifted the hood and started talking about the damage. "Cody," Said Jordan. "Do you even know what you're talking about?" She asked. Well, at least he didn't lie about it. He just didn't want to look foolish. "Absolutely not," he said. They laughed. "My dad used to say those things. I never did learn about cars."

"I thought that it was a required course, Macho 101." Said Jordan. She examined the damage. There was a glimmer of hope in his eyes when he asked, "You know anything about cars?" "Ummmm...some." She said. "What do you think it's gonna take to fix this?" He asked. "Honestly, a miracle." She said. "Seriously, what am I lookin' at here?" He asked. "Twelve hundred bucks minimum." She said. "Oh, it's a miracle." He said.

The girls are showering. Lani sneezes and April says, "Bless you!" "Thanks, I think I'm getting a cold." Lani said. They make their way toward the lockers, toweling off. "So, what does Captain Bob do with all of those Sea Urchins?" Asked April. "He must sell them to Sushi bars or export them to Japan." Lani said. Suddenly, J.D. peers over the wall that separated the men and women's locker room. "They consider them a delicacy in the Far East," said J.D.

"What part do they eat? I thought they were all shell." Said April. "You crack them open like an egg and eat the inside." Said Lani. "Eeeuuuso gross!" April exclaimed. "I know that they sell for five hundred dollars a pound. Get this, Captain Bob says that we could dive with them and we get to keep half of what we catch." J.D. said. The girls looked at each other.

Mitch picked Cody up and dropped him off at his tower. He was all too eager to do so. Cody explained about his car. Mitch made his way facing the water up Cody's tower. Cody followed, facing Mitch. The Captain seemed to be looking for something. He grabbed Cody's bright yellow binoculars from his bag and set them on a young woman who was riding horseback, racing along the beach.

"What's up, what are you looking for?" Asked Cody. "Right on time," said Mitch, as if Cody hadn't spoken. "O.K.," said Mitch. "Your day begins." Patting Cody on the shoulder. "Horses are not allowed on the beach. I want you to get her name, address, and occupation and cite her." Cody was stunned. "A citation?" "New procedure," Mitch said, giving him a pad.

Cody shrugged. He didn't have any choice. "Okay," said Cody. He made his way down the tower. Cody did as he was asked. The young woman was surprised at getting cited. Cody told her that it was a new procedure. She said that her horse was recuperating from an operation and that she was a horse trainer. Mitch comes up conveniently after Cody got her information and told him that they wouldn't have to cite her-just let her off with a warning. After getting Jenny Wade's name, he introduces himself as Captain Mitch Buchannon.

Cody realizes that Mitch used him to get to know this young woman. Mitch told Jenny to have a nice day. She thanked him and said that she will. After she was gone, Cody told Mitch about using him to meet Jenny Wade. Mitch said that he had to meet her. He saw her riding every day at the same time for five days.

"Riding lessons?" "You worried me to death about riding lessons." Mitch said. "When I was 9 years old!" Hobie exclaimed. He was now suspicious. "I always say better late than never." Said Mitch. "What you always say is: be honest with yourself and others. Come on, give it up." Said Hobie. "It's no big deal. I just know how much you wanted riding lessons and I met this really great teacher." Mitch explained.

"All right, who's the guy who's gonna be teaching me?" Hobie asked. "It's not a guy," Mitch said. "It's a girl. You'll love her, she is totally awesome." Hobie smiled. Mitch knocked over the milk carton. "Empty, put more milk on the list." Said Mitch. "How awesome is she? And exactly who is going to love her?" Hobie asked. "Hobie, she is so awesome that I cannot get on a horse in front of her. I'd look like a geek." Mitch explained.

"But it's O.K. for me to look like a geek?" Hobie asked. Mitch looked at his son with pleading eyes, "Yeah." "That awesome, huh?" He asked. "That awesome." Mitch insisted. "You know what I always say," said Hobie. "What are sons for, right? To help the old man get a date."

Meanwhile J.D. tells Cody about the Sea Urchins. He really wanted for him to go in on it. "Come on, you know how much money we could make?" Asked J.D. "You know how dangerous that is?" Asked Lani. "It's not like digging for clams. I knew a guy who stepped on one and the spine stick got stuck in his foot. He had to have it surgically removed." She went on. "You have no idea what we're getting into." "We're getting into three hundred dollars a day." Said J.D. "Each?" Asked Cody. "Each." J.D. assured him.

Jordan finds Cody and tells him that his estimate was just faxed over. "What did I say it cost?" Jordan asked. "Twelve hundred dollars? Were you right?" Asked Cody. "What do I know about cars?" She said, handing him the clipboard. He looks it over. "Two thousand dollars for that piece of junk?" He said in disbelief. J.D. smiled. "I'll tell Captain Bob that you're in." With that, he and Jordan left. Before he could get a word in on the estimate, Lani left as well.

Later the guys began to suit up to dive. Lani couldn't dive because her cold had her congested. She wouldn't be able to equalize. At the ranch, Mitch shows up, as the lessons were finishing up. When Jenny dismissed them, she talked to Mitch. She told him how Hobie was a great kid. That he was gutsy and had a lot of talent. When the students took their horses out, Hobie placed his arm around a girl that he had grown interested in. When Mitch noted it, she said, "Like father, like son." She told Mitch how she knew about his little staged citation bit on the beach. Getting the lifeguard to give her a fake citation to meet her and then giving Hobie riding lessons. She said that it was old fashioned and it touched her. Mitch got to meet Jenny's horse, Max. He later managed to get her out on a picnic date. Max was welcome to come along. Just as they kissed, her cell phone rang. She had to leave.

A car with a pregnant woman crashes and goes into the water sinking fast. Mitch goes in to save her, while Jenny phones for help. When the water level was up in the car, Mitch was able to open the door and get her out. There was no time to get her to the hospital. She had the baby right there on the beach. She had a boy! Jenny came to Headquarters with Mitch. The father of the baby was looking for Mitch. He wanted to thank him for saving his wife and baby. He was happy that it was a boy. He gave them both cigars.

Once they finished with their successful catch, they surface and return to the boat. They spot someone signaling for help. One of their team members never came back up. He couldn't go back down because his bottom time was up. If he went back down, he would risk getting the bends. Their bottom time was up too. Lani volunteered to go. J.D. and Cody protested because her cold wouldn't enable her to equalize. But they reluctantly let her go since she was the only option that they had. Captain Bob was not a certified diver. They helped her suit up. Below, she spots the man and they share the air. They start on their way when Lani starts to have convulsions from the pressure.

Mitch and Jenny go inside and see Hobie cover up what he was working on. Mitch asked what he was doing. He just told them nothing, that it was a surprise. Suddenly they get a Code R distress call. They all drop everything and run out. They get out to Captain Bob's boat.

Mitch and April go under to get Lani and the other diver. Mitch calms Lani down and they finally go on their way. April takes the other diver. When Mitch and Lani surface, Lani screams in pain and complains that she can't hear anything. They get her on Captain Bob's boat. There is blood coming from her ear. She has a ruptured eardrum. Reversed pressure, she didn't equalize. Just as Cody and J.D. had feared.

Early the next day, Cody made it to the hospital. She was resting. He drew the curtain for privacy. "Hi," she said when she saw him. "It feels so weird talking without hearing my voice." He writes something down. When he finished, he held the paper for her to see: IT'S ALL MY FAULT.

"No, no. It's not your fault. I wanted to dive. It was my decision." Lani assured him. "I'm just scared." She cried. "Everything I love, music, lifeguarding." "I'm so sorry," he was crying, as he pulled her close. Let's back up here a bit. Cody was the only one there for Lani. Where were her other "close" friends and fellow lifeguards? Mitch was always there for everyone, but in this episode he preferred to push Lani's emergency aside to land a young woman. Even though it was obvious that the woman would be there later. She made it clear that she was very interested. Where were the other rookie lifeguards who trained with her? The writers could have made it look as though they actually cared about her.

To continue to the next scene, Hobie pours juice. You'd have to wonder about Neely's where-abouts here. Mitch expressed so much interest in Neely in Countdown. Neely and the baby did live there. I think that it would have been interesting to see the big picture here. Hobie walks toward his dad, "Still no answer?" "No," said Mitch. "Dad, why don't you just go over there to see if Jenny's O.K.?" He asked. "I just went out with her on my first date yesterday. I just don't want to show up on her doorstep at 7:00 in the morning." Said Mitch.

Hobie told his dad, "The way I see it, if two people bring a baby into the world, together on the beach, unannounced so to speak, they should be able to wave all of the 1st date crap." "You know," said Mitch. "I always thought you'd grow up someday to give me some advice, but I never thought I would take it." He patted a smiling Hobie on the cheek. "Dad," Hobie called before Mitch could get away. "Is Lani going to be all right?"

"The doctors said that she's resting comfortably. They don't know if her hearing loss is temporary or permanent. See ya." That was a bit rushed! Those lines made it sound as if Mitch was totally uninterested in Lani's condition. He was always there for everyone else.

Mitch went to see Jenny. She was lying down in Max's stall, and saw Mitch come in. He apologized for coming so early. She didn't answer the phone last night, and he got worried. Jenny said that she slept in the stall last night. He almost forgot the handmade gift that Hobie had carved for her. He relayed to Jenny that Hobie told him to tell her that "as much as he loved horses..."

She finished for him, that "he'd rather be carving them than riding them." Jenny examined the nicely done horse head. She thought that it was beautiful. Jenny had gotten the news from Dr. Gray's office. Max would never race again. She couldn't stand the thought of him being cooped up in the stall for the rest of his days. Max needed to move around. Mitch told Jenny about a friend of his who lived in Malibu. She lived on a beautiful horse ranch. He went on to explain that last year, they helped save her horses from going to the slaughterhouse. She wanted to return the favor by letting Max live on the ranch. Jenny said that it must cost a fortune. Mitch told her it would cost her nothing. She thanked Mitch by accepting his offer.


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