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No Way Out 12 Script
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****Sharkey's Review****
No Way Out
 12th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 02/07/98   Encore: 02/13/98
Week of: 02/01/98 - 02/07/98 

Manny has a tower assignment next to April's. They see and started walking toward each other. They stand facing the water as they talk for a while and then go their separate ways to patrol the beach. Manny pops back into reality when he faces his old neighborhood buddies. They are angry and upset. They criticize him for dating a White girl. "She your new date Manuelo?" The one who appears to be the leader asks. He thumbed his nose in April's direction. He goes on to tell him "this the reason why your mother busted her tail to get you out of the old neighborhood, so that you could be a cowboy for the White folks?" His voice was filled with so much anger. Then he softened, "In like, Malibu?" Going into a valley boy accent.

"Cute," says Manny. "But I'm not a cowboy. I'm a county lifeguard." The leader continues, "Malibu Manuel to the rescue!" He laughs, "Oh, Uh, I'm sorry. They're calling you Manny now, huh? Pretty soon, you'll start changing your name to Michael and start hooking up to some blonde in Malibu who doesn't know that you used to be one of us."

"I haven't changed anything about me." Said Manny. The leader said to his little puppet, "Forget this fool man, let's go in the water." Manny stopped them. "I wouldn't go swimming in those cutoffs like that-it's not safe." Manny said, warning them. "Its not safe." He mocked Manny, making a face. "What do you care? Give a brother a little red uniform and he don't remember nothin'." He growled. "Homeboys like me can't afford swimsuits. We have to make do with what we got-or don't you remember that?" They took off leaving Manny standing there speechless and pressured.

Wow! This "old friend" of Manny's is one disturbed young man. His anger while criticizing Manny says that there is more there than just resentment for Manny's dating a White girl. He seems jealous that Manny's mother was a strong woman who worked her butt off to keep her son away from the wrong crowd. She wanted much better for him, something that most parents seem to want for their children.

A young boy is caught in a rip current while boogie boarding. April and Manny go in after the little guy. Although I have to admit that the little boy's perspective of the accident was interesting, I would have actually preferred seeing them swim out there to the victim and bringing him in. I long to see the rookies go out to rescue the victims from the viewers perspective. We haven't seen too much of that lately. He kept slipping into unconsciousness and regaining consciousness until they were able to get a pulse and breathing with the aid of the defibrillator. After the rescue, Newmy told the two that they did a good job. April smiled at Manny.

"Ready for the big dive?" Asked Mitch. "Yeah, just checking some equipment." Said Craig. "Newmy and I are going out too help some of the rookies get certified." "Why do I have the feeling that you are never going to practice law again?"

"You're not on the schedule, but I need you to work anyway." Mitch said. "No, no, no. Tomorrow I'm going diving. It's been a long time since I've been checked out of the fishing house." Mitch told Craig that he has a training seminar in Santa Barbara and he needed him to stick around for a couple of days to give Taylor (Angelica Bridges) a hand. Craig agreed and said, "If you need me, I'm there." He kept following Mitch around. "How did it go?" Asked Mitch. "How did what go?" Asked Craig. "Your date." Said Mitch.

Before going on to the next set of lines, I must admit that Mitch must not trust Taylor very much. Why ask Craig who is just coming back from a long layoff from his lifeguard days (and I mean long) to help Taylor manage things? Craig is capable of running things while Mitch is away but this is something that I can't understand. Mitch managed things on the beach when he was lieutenant so, Taylor should be able to take care of her own beach, and should be given a free hand in doing so. If she needed help, Newmy should be next in line for the position while Craig adjusts to a lot of changes. Newmy seems to be made of lieutenant material.

"How did it go?" Asked Mitch. "How did what go?" Asked Craig. He seemed confused. "Your date." Mitch reminded him. Craig still didn't know what he was talking about. "What date?" Mitch said, "The Jaguar Lady. This is Mitch you're talking to-not the Captain." "That's tonight." Said Craig. Mitch smiled and said, "I'll expect a full report when I get back." Craig said, "I know you do."

Manny searches the beach through his binoculars. He hears an all too familiar voice. "Manny, turn around. I want to get your picture." Manny seemed surprised and totally off guard. "Mom!" Said Manny. "What are you doing here? I thought you had to work."

"I took the day off. I want to see my son at his job." She gets the attention of a passerby and says, "That's my son, the lifeguard." "Mom, stop that!" Said an embarrassed Manny. "Can't a mother be proud of her son?" She asked. "Come on, give me a smile, and hold up that booie thing over there." "That is not a booie thing, it's a rescue can." Manny said correcting her. Manny posed for her by holding the rescue can in one hand and his yellow binoculars in the other. "Ohhhh, you're so handsome!" She was so proud. He just laughed.

"Hi Manny." Greeted another lifeguard. She was an attractive little number. He waved back, "Hi." His mother took new interest, "Is that her? Is that the new girlfriend? She looks like a nice girl." Manny just looked at her and said, "Mom, that's not her." "Well," she said. "When do I get a chance to meet her?" Manny didn't seem too eager to introduce April to his mother. Later, he said. "I have to work right now." "O.K." She said while unfolding her chair and preparing a spot to settle on, "you do your work. Just pretend like I'm not here, O.K.?" Manny just looked through his binoculars. He just couldn't believe that his mom was on the beach today! Especially since he was assigned a tower near April.

As Craig loads his diving gear, April passes by and says hello. Craig had heard about the little boy they had rescued. I heard you had some excitement on the beach this morning. April looked at him and said, "A little boy got caught in a rip current. For some reason they're really strong today."

"The storm last week changed the bottom all around." Craig explained. April said, "I'm still learning about the ocean." Craig was in agreement with her there." Me too, it's a big ocean. A lot to learn." April then changed the subject, "So, Manny says that you're helping some of the lifeguards get certified. He's really excited about it." "Good, you interested?" He asked. April held up a piece of the equipment, "Actually, I'm already certified. It's one of the first things I did when I came to California. I love diving."

"Maybe we could go out sometime." Craig then rephrased that. "I mean diving." April smiled and said that she'd love to. "If you need a buddy, just give me a call." Craig then asked, "Want a lift?" "Sure," said April. "Hop in." He said.

It was obvious here that Craig was still vulnerable concerning his divorce from Gina, and was infatuated with April although he tried hard not to let it show. Manny caught sight of April being dropped off at her tower by Craig. "Thanks for the ride," she said. "Any time," Craig said, assuring her that it was no problem. April reminded him, "Just give me a call and well go out."

"Diving," Craig corrected her. April made her way backward up the ramp to keep an eye on the water. Manny was concerned about April seeing his mother. What would she think of April since she was White! She greets him, waving her rescue can. He looks at her making her way down the ramp and then at his mother. He wanted her as far away form his mother as possible, so he quickly walked down the ramp and met her. As soon as they were standing together, April said, "The little boy's gonna be O.K. It was one heck of a scare. His mom came and got him." Manny just stood there uncomfortably and just said nodding, "Ummmm." His eyes set straight ahead toward the water. April didn't seem to notice his snubbing her and continued. "I told her that he swallowed a lot of water which could sometimes cause secondary drowning." Manny continued to nod and said, "Yeah, that's great." April looked at him. "Manny, are you listening to me?" Two little boys were about to enter the water with innertubes. Manny took off in their direction.

Looking at her son dart out in that direction raised curiosity. "What is he doing?" Asked Mrs. Gutierrez. "Oh," said April. "You're not allowed to take innertubes into the water." "Why is that?" She asked. "It's dangerous when the surf is heavy." April explained. "Oh, no wonder he took off so fast." Mrs. Gutierrez reasoned. "I'm Manny's mother." "Really?" Asked April. Her face lit up brightly. "His Mother? I've heard so much about you. I'm finally glad to meet you. I'm April." When there was no reaction, she tried again. "April Giminski."

"You know, becoming a lifeguard was probably the best thing to happen to Manuel." Said Mrs. Gutierrez. "It opened up a whole new world for him." "Me too." Said April. She managed to keep a frozen smile on her face. "It's all he talks about when he gets home at night. What he does, so I decided to come see for myself." Mrs. Gutierrez went on about her son.

"I'm sorry, would you excuse me?" Asked April. "Oh sure, I know that you have a job to do too. My son can't be the only one watching this beach. It was nice to meet you April." April said, "Me too." April was so angry. She walked away from Mrs. Gutierrez and up to Manny's tower, making her way up the ramp. Mrs. Gutierrez was looking on. The display made her catch on that this is the girlfriend that Manny did not want her to meet. "Manny, you have something that you want to tell me?" She demanded with her hand on her hip. "What do you mean?" He asked.

"Oh, I don't know-like why your mother is standing on the beach and you forgot to mention this?" "The boys had innertubes in the water. I had to go and get them out." He said. "Manny, she has no idea who I am." April said. "Have you even told her about me?" "Of course I did." He assured her. "Just not my name or what I look like, right?" She asked angrily. They looked at each other and then Manny looked straight ahead. There was a silence. "What I look like-that's what this is about isn't it?" "April, you don't understand." Manny said. "I understand all right. You're ashamed of me and don't want anyone to know about me." She whined. "That's not true. I never said that." Manny said in defense. "Yes Manny, you did." She then storms from his tower.

I must interrupt here. Oh, Manny, Manny, Manny! When will you ever learn? I couldn't understand why he was too ashamed to be seen with April outside of Baywatch's vicinity in the first place. The first thing that he should have done was to take her home to meet his mom. Did he honestly think that his mother wouldn't find out? Manny claimed to be crazy about this girl! He should have been more than proud to show her off every chance he got! Now he is force to tell the truth when the whole thing has blown up in his face. Yes, she did understand.

Manny's mom packs up while he closes his tower. He watches as April storms angrily down her tower ramp after closing up. There was nothing he could do about it. She was not going to speak to him. A lifeguard truck pulls up. Lieutenant Taylor Walsh asks Manny's mom if they needed a lift. Mrs. Gutierrez says no, that they had their car there. She introduces herself, as does Taylor. "I'm Lieutenant Walsh. Your son's doing a real fine job. We're really glad to have him here at Baywatch."

Mrs. Gutierrez wanted a photo of Manny with the boss. She calls Manny. He tells her that he will be right there. Lieutenant Walsh tells her that she has some photos from the Baywatch camp barbecue from last week. Mrs. Gutierrez looks at the photos and see one of Manny and April. She asks if she could keep it. Taylor says yes. Taylor gets ready to leave telling Manny's mom that it was nice meeting her. Manny quickly makes his way down the ramp. "Is something wrong?" He asks. "Maybe you can tell me." She answered.

They take a walk along the beach while he explained the situation. "I don't blame her for being angry. Manny, you should be ashamed of yourself." His Mother told him. Manny told his mom that he wanted April to meet her, but was afraid of how she'd react. His mother said that he knew her better than that. She also told him that this had nothing to do with her. Why doesn't he tell her what's really bothering him. Mom, look around you. "Look where we live." He was missing the point as she told him that they came there for him to have a chance to do something better, and he wanted to go back? He didn't belong in the old neighborhood. Manny said that he didn't belong there either. "Everywhere I go, I feel like an outsider." He never felt that he never belonged anywhere except at Baywatch.

His mother told him that he knows who he is and the most important thing is what's in his heart. She wanted to hear more about April and that he had to make up with her. When Manny asked how, she suggested that he should invite her over to dinner. He threw his arms around her and said, "I love you." "I love you too," she said.

Craig is looking at a document when Mitch knocks on the window to get his attention. "Hey! What are you doing here? What happened to your training seminar?" Asked Craig. Mitch makes his way inside. With Mitch not going now, it meant that Craig could go diving. Mitch wanted to hear all about his date. Craig told her that she cancelled at the last minute, that something came up. She was coming here today. She was meeting him at 5:00 p.m. Mitch asked if he was ready for his first date since the divorce. It's a milestone.

"It's a dinner and maybe a movie." Said Craig. Mitch reminded him that he had to get back into the saddle. He was a little rusty. "As I recall, you fell in love with Stephanie before the ink was dry on your divorce papers." Said Craig. Mitch was in agreement. "That's why you have to be careful. Women can sense when you're vulnerable."

April works out her anger as Craig walks up to her. "Working off your aggressions?" He asked. She looks over at him and said, "Relationship problems." Craig admitted that he did too and that he had a Ph.D. in that department. "Got any advice doctor?" He told her that he was going diving and needed a partner. It would clear her head. She agreed to go. The two head out. Once under the water they explore the bottom. They soon see a shark. April points while Craig calms her down and they make their way toward a pipe tunnel opening. A lock that was on the grate closed it. With the shark now coming toward them, he breaks the lock. They barely made it inside. The shark tries to break the grate open with the force of his nose coming in at high speed. After several attempts, it gives up. Just as it does, powerful intake suction begins and they try holding onto the grate to keep from getting sucked in. The are carried through the pipe and are dumped into a sixteen-foot metal room. It sweeps them toward the deadly blades as the cycle suddenly stops. Craig had lost a fin at the opening of the pipe.

They looked around the room. April asks, "What is this place?" Craig tells her that they must be in a power plant. "The turbines must be a part of the cooling system." Luckily they weren't sucked into the blades. April wonders how they will get out. Craig tells her that his regulator was gone. They shed their tanks and Craig notices that she is bleeding badly on her upper arm. He cuts the sleeve below the wound and uses it as a bandage, tying it under the puncture to control the bleeding. He placed the rest over the wound. There, now you won't be losing too much blood. He told her. "Now what?" She asked.

"We find our way out." He said. He notes that there is a hatch above them and a ladder to reach it just as the cycle starts again. April can't open the hatch. "Relax, hold on!" He demanded. They tried holding onto the ladder. The ladder weakens and becomes detached. They are being carried toward the blades. They hold onto the grates that separated them and the blades. April is trapped underwater while trying to hold on. The grate loosens and falls out of the blades stationed position. It lands on April, pinning her underwater. Craig goes under to get her out. He gets her head to the surface, but her foot is still trapped in the grate. The cycle stops again. "Hold on!" He ordered. He asked if she was all right. He tells her to hang on. He was going to try to get her foot loose. She had to hang on. Craig goes under to work her foot out.

She was going into traumatic shock and has trouble staying conscious. She slips down until she is underwater. Craig gets her back to the surface. "April, April, April, you've gotta hang on. You're gonna be O.K." He knew that she was suffering from shock and had to keep her talking.

"You know something that I don't." She said. "You've been keeping secrets in here." Craig tells her that it's fishy, but he liked the attitude. She continued whining. "An hour ago, I had relationship problems and how there are sharks, and I'm gonna die." He tells her that she's going to be O.K. "Tell me a story." He said. He had to keep her focused. She continues telling him about Manny's mom being on the beach and how he never told her about her. He was afraid of her reaction toward her. She might not accept her because she wasn't Hispanic.

"I think she likes me," she nods, smiling. She goes on while Craig submerges again to try at her foot. Then he was had to come up for air. April was still rattling on. "What?" He asked. "Well, if I'm gonna talk, you're gonna listen." She snapped. He agreed totally. She then went on. "I really want a boyfriend." She whined. "I want a relationship." "Hold on, hold on," says Craig. He submerges again, while she continued to talk. He was successful in freeing her this time. "Great, good." He says. He places her arm over his shoulders to support her weight. "Can we go home now?" She whined.

"Soon," he says. He grunts as the blades move again, indicated the start of the cycle. Manny catches up with Mitch and asks what tower April was working in today. He goes into his problems, seeing Mitch as the father figure. How he and April had a little misunderstanding. She hadn't returned any of his calls. Mitch told him that maybe she wasn't ready to talk to him yet. Manny explained that he invited April to dinner with his mom, and it wasn't like her to at least call him back. Mitch said that she'd probably call him back when she returns. She went scuba diving with Craig.

"Don't worry pal, he'll be back at 5:00 to meet the Jaguar Lady." Mitch pointed to a young woman sitting in her car waiting impatiently, looking at her watch. "At 5:00? It's 5:30 already." Said Manny. "5:30?" asked Mitch, looking at his watch. "Hold on. Must have lost track of time." Mitch radios their boat and got no answer. Mitch got worried. He put a full-fledged search operation in place. He sent J.D. and Newmy on to their boat and to search that specific area.

Craig tried to get April to hang on to hope that they will get out. She sees a dorsal fin coming at them. He tells her to hang on above. She lifts her body above of the water and safely out of the way of the sharks fin. Craig made his way toward the blade with a knife and flashlight in hand, trying to coax it toward him. "Come on, I've got something for you."

J.D. and Newmy make their way under and see the open pipe. They find Craig's fin at the opening. Meanwhile, Craig was still battling with the shark and uses the grate toward it. The system starts up again. The grate holds Craig in place, but the shark is pulled into the blades and is killed. J.D. and Newmy try to hold on for dear life. J.D. is finally sucked in, but Newmy fights the pull and manages to get away.

Craig makes his way toward April. "Hold on, Hang on!" It was a good thing that he was in that position because J.D. was swept down the pipe. They see him and Craig grabs him, and holds onto his hand to keep him from getting killed by the deadly blades. The strain is hard. Back at headquarters, Mitch is impatient. He paces, waiting for word back. Newmy is back on the boat and quickly radios for help. Good job, babe!

Meanwhile, J.D. is slipping. They are holding on by their cupped fingers. "I'm slipping," J.D. cried. "Let me go." "No!" Yelled Craig. "If you go, we all go!" April finds the strength to slip down to hold on snuggly behind Craig to grab onto J.D.'s hand to strengthen the grip. Mitch calls the plant and asks personnel to shut down the power plant. He said that there might be someone inside the intake system.

"Are you serious?" Asked the man. "Yes, I'm serious, shut it down," says Mitch. The voice told him that it would be hard to do. "Shut it Down!" Mitch yelled. He didn't want any excuses. Lives were at stake here. They were all slipping just as the plant shut down. They then let go of his hand. J.D. was saved! They were all saved thanks to Newmy and Mitch. Now this is the kind of work that I love to see! Kudos to all cast members, the writers and director for these spine-tingling scenes. This storyline was truly a wonderful piece of work!

"Listen," said Craig. "It stopped! They shut off the motor." Relieved, J.D. makes his way over toward April and Craig. "How much air you got in there?" Asked Craig. "More than half," said J.D. J.D. embraced April. "We're getting out of here. Come on," said Craig. They make their way out.

April joins Manny and his mom for a picnic dinner. "That was delicious," said April. "Next time, I'll make dinner for you. It may not be as delicious, but I can make my mom's special meat loaf with bacon and cheese." She looked so happy that things were finally working out.

Craig pulls up in his lifeguard truck to make sure that April was O.K. Her arm was taken care of. He was glad to see that she and Manny had made up. She thanked him for saving her below. She knew that if he hadn't been there, that she wouldn't have survived. After Craig takes off and when April rejoined Manny and his mom, she told them, "I'm never going diving with him again."


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