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****Sharkey's Review****
 9th Episode/8th Season (1997-1998)
Date Aired: 11/29/97   Encore: 12/05/97
Week of: 11/23/97 - 11/29/97 

The scene opens at a pharmacy. Neely is there filling a prescription. She seems ill-at ease, as she waits her turn. There is also a suspicious looking man out of sight, peering from behind a rack of merchandise. Sam, the pharmacist says to an older gentleman, "Your prescription will be ready in just a minute, Mr. O'Hara." The man says that it was O.K.

He had to pick out a birthday card anyway. When the man head toward the cards, Sam turns to Neely. He tells her that the prescription is expiring and to make sure that she takes the pills with food. "They are very powerful." "I probably won't even need these. It's just in case." Sam tells her, O.K. "It'll be just a couple of minutes." Neely tells Sam, "Thanks."

Now the man behind the racks was wearing a dark ski mask and had a gun. He emerged from his hiding place. He knocks over a rack. He orders Sam to give him the cash from the register-now, pointing the gun at him. He tells Neely to back off. And for the old man to stay where he was. Mr. O'Hara held his left arm and falls to the floor unconscious. Sam holds the money in his hand, stunned. The thief orders the man to get up twice. He tells Sam to give him the cash. Neely goes over to help Mr. O'Hara. She looks up at Sam and tells him, "I think he's having a heart attack." The thief grabs the money from Sam's hand and flees. Neely quickly tells Sam to call 911-to hurry. She gives Mr. O'Hara CPR while the pharmacy's security camera catches it all on tape.

Mitch and his staff watches proudly as the security camera segment is run as a part of the news. The robber was still at large, but the man who had the luck of the Irish with him was fortunate enough to have his attack near an off duty Baywatch lifeguard. As the anchorman announced: "Neely Capshaw successfully managed to restore his pulse. She was administering CPR when the paramedics arrived.Mr." "I'm going to summit her for a medal of valor." Mitch told her this afternoon. "Her skiing accident was pretty bad, huh?" Donna asked. Mitch explained that Neely had a disherniated disk in her back, contractions, the whole works." With problems like that, you'd have to wonder how she could still qualify as a lifeguard. What if her back went out or hindered her from making a rescue? She'd be the one in big trouble. When Donna asked if she was ready to lifeguard, Mitch tells her that Neely was going to need someone to help her get back in shape. He was appointing her as that person. Once in a parking space, Neely takes a couple of pills and swallows them with the aid of bottled water.

Donna helps her to get back in shape. Suddenly Neely is holding her back. When Donna asks if she was all right, Neely assures her that she was fine. Donna asks her if she can jog. Neely says sure. They began with a slow trot. As she starts, Neely holds her back. Donna asks again if she was all right. Neely nods and forces a smile.

Lani sees a group of Native American Indians constructing something out of driftwood on the beach. She goes over to investigate. "Excuse me," she says. "What are you guys doing here?" A young woman stands and says, "You don't wanna know." Lani tells her, "I need to know." She then eyes the old man. The woman takes her out of hearing range, "That is my uncle. He says that it is time for him to die." Lani seemed confused. "Die? When?" The woman says, "He says soon." Lani asked, "Here?" The woman tells her that she was afraid so. Lani tells her that he can't die here. It's a public beach. The woman who was later introduced as Anna (Elaine Bilstad) just told her not anymore. Lani needed to get Mitch and told Anna to make sure that he stays alive until she gets back.

Neely holds her back as she opens her locker, pills in hand. She takes the pills and water. In the next scene, we see Mitch pulling up in his Captain's truck. He pulls off his sunglasses and looks at the old man. He walks over toward Lani and the woman who she introduces as Anna. Lani told Mitch that the man was Anna uncle, Eyes That See At Night. When Mitch asked what he was doing, Anna told him that it was a Chumash Death Bed. He has chosen this place to die. Mitch tells her that if her uncle is sick, maybe she should take him to a hospital. Anna states that he was in a hospital, but he chose to come here. She was sorry for causing a scene. But her uncle was very old fashion. "Very traditional, very stubborn. Once he makes up his mind."

"Well, we've got a bit of a problem here. We're L.A. county lifeguards. This is our beach. He can not die here," Mitch tells her. Anna says, "He says he won't leave. He's waiting for his lawyer to get here." Mitch told her that she wouldn't want to get into legal matters here. That they should be able to settle this among themselves. Anna said that she would like to be cooperative, but he won't leave now that he has started his journey down the path. Lani asks, "What kind of path?" Anna answered, "The path from this world. If he doesn't go down the path from here, the land of his ancestors, he believes that his spirit will wander on forever." Mitch excused himself, and walks toward Anna's uncle. He squats and introduces himself. That he understood what he was doing, but his path could not be here. Eyes That See At Night says, "It is here, as it always has been." Mitch told the man that he "could not just stand by and let him die on this beach-nothing personal, it's against the law."

"White man's law, maybe, but that's secondary to his tribal law." Mitch recognized that voice. He turned his head toward the voice and stood. They both smiled and embraced. "Craig!" They were so happy to see each other. "What are you doing here?" "Well," Craig paused, and looked at Eyes That See At Night. "I'm his lawyer." They stared at each other with Mitch surprised. They both smiled.

At a nearby restaurant seated at an outdoor table, the two reminisce and catch up on their lives since Craig's absence from Baywatch. Craig is on his cellular phone. He got the answering machine, trying to reach Gina. He had to leave a message. "Gina not home?" Mitch asks. Craig said, "Uh-uh." They continued to catch up on their lives. Mitch suddenly says, "I admire you for what you're doing for that guy-what's his name Eyes..." Craig finished for him, Eyes That See At Night. Mitch nods, "Yeah, that's cool." Craig thanked him. "Six years of reducing corporate tax liabilities." He shakes his head. "It's nice to be able to have people instead of portfolios. But what you do-making a difference in peoples lives-that hits me," said Craig. Mitch told him that so he'd know-the county was going to send an attorney out tomorrow to make the old guy leave. Craig told Mitch that he'll get a court order and he'll be back. Mitch asks him, "what if the guy doesn't die? He could be on the beach for the next ten years." Craig tells Mitch that the guy was "terminal-he's going to die. I think that he's got a right to die on that beach, and I'm just trying to protect that right."

Donna and Neely soon joins them. "Mitch!" Neely called out to him. Donna greeted, "Hey!" Mitch introduces Donna and Neely to Craig. He says that Craig was an old friend. Donna sits next to Mitch on his side of the table, and Neely on the other side facing them next to Craig. When Craig said, "Well, I'm not that old. I've still got some miles on me." Neely, in a very flirtatious manner said, "I wouldn't mind taking a test drive." Mitch spoke right up. "Sorry Neely, Craig is married." Neely looked at Craig's finger and said, "I don't see a ring." Embarrassed by her behavior, Donna tries to change the subject. "So Craig, how long have you been lifeguarding?" In pursuit, Neely asks Craig, "Is that a tan line on your finger?" She tries to get a better look and causes poor, embarrassed Craig to spill his drink. Mitch quickly offers some napkins to get it up and hands over a beer. Neely grabs the bottle and places the opening to her lips to drink. "Cheers!" She acted as if nothing happened. Embarrassed, they all look at her. After a sip, she looks over at Craig suggestively.

Hobie was skateboarding, with his friends J.B. and Connor on roller blades trying to keep up with him. J.B. calls out, and tells Hobie to hold up. "I think we should go to the Club Rio tonight, man. It's the hottest club in town right now." Connor agreed insisting that there would be wall-to-wall babes. Hobie told them that it may be the hottest club right now, but also reminds them that you had to be 21 years-old to get in. J.B. said, "You have to have an ID that says you're 21 to get in." He offers his fake ID for Hobie to examine. "That looks real! Where'd you get it?" J.B told Hobie that he knew a guy who makes them. "It works every time. Twenty bucks and you're in," says Connor. "What do you say?" By the look on Hobie's face, he was impressed and was going to do it.

That night, Craig thanked Mitch for dinner. He asked Mitch if he was sure that he didn't mind him bunking there for a while. Mitch reminded him that he had a guestroom. Wow! They must have had an extra bedroom or two built on. Being promoted to Captain gave him a big boost financially. In all of the show's previous seasons, the Buchannon household had only two bedrooms. He was a guest, it all works. He asked if it was all right if he used his phone to call Gina. Mitch told him to help himself. When he got her, tell her he said "Hi." Craig gets the answering machine again. He left a message, "I just called to see how you're doing and uh...Mitch says Hi." He holds up the phone in Mitch's direction. "It's the machine." Mitch calls out, "Hey Gina!" Craig puts the phone back against his ear. "So I guess I'll try again sometime tomorrow, goodnight." Mitch seemed concerned, as it was odd how he could never get her. "Where is she?" Craig tells him that "Gina is out somewhere." He didn't know, the movies or something. Mitch knew that something was wrong. And had to ask what was going on. Craig had to give in and tell Mitch that he and Gina were separated. It had been three months now, which explains his ring-less tan line." What happened?" asked Mitch. Craig told him that it was the same old story. They grew apart. "Gina loves the Washington social life. She got sucked into it more and more." He just got to the point where he didn't. He went on and said that he "couldn't stand it or his job. It was everything. The politics, the back-stabbing." Mitch asked if they had tried counseling. Craig just said that they didn't fight. They just started talking less and less until there was nothing left to talk about. Mitch told him that he had to give it some time. When Craig asked how much, Mitch told him as long as it takes.

The boys get into the nightclub with no problem. The club's dancer Kyla is taking on a dancer who has not been able to keep up with her. The guy keeps dancing. He has to be pulled away from her and dragged away as he was still trying to dance. I just had to laugh at that one. The scene was funny. Give it up pal! You've lost it already! The first thing Hobie noticed when he joined J.B. and Connor was the poster indicating to win $1200 if you can win a dance-off with Kyla. $10 to enter. Hobie said that he could use that kind of cash. Holding his shoulders, J.B. tells him that he should go for it. "You're totally good," said Connor. "You think?" asked Hobie. "Definitely," says J.B. Connor said, "Easily." Hobie decides to give it try with his pals cheering him on. He walks over to Kyla and was surprised that it was Lani! "Hobie, what are you doing here?" she asks. She was surprised knowing that Hobie was under 21. Hobie tells her, "I'm here to win the $1200. Let's go!"

They begin. He wins the dance-off. With second thoughts he asked Lani, "You didn't let me win, did you?" Lani assured him, "No you were really good, congratulations." She gives him a kiss on the cheek. The manager counted out the money as the guys look on. He wanted to see his ID in order for him to get the money. There was a bit of panic in their faces. "I showed it to the guy at the door." Hobie said. The manager suspected that he was under-aged and said, "You showed it to him, now you've gotta show it to me." Hobie seemed a bit nervous as he pulled it out. The manager examined the ID and then looked at him.

The next morning, Hobie goes to Craig with the problem. "I won and they won't give it to me." Craig reminded him with Hobie following closely, "You broke the rules when you used the fake ID." Then Craig paused and looked at his haircut. "You've got kind of a Bart Simpson finger in the socket thing going there huh?" Hobie said that he was serious. "What does age have to do with winning a dance competition? I was the best dancer, I should get the money."

"Yeah, but you represented yourself when you entered the contest." Craig told him. "Then we should take this to court," said Hobie. "We?" asked Craig. "You're my lawyer." Hobie informed him. Craig told him that there is a press thing going against him. "Teenager in Las Vegas. He won a whole bunch of money in the slots when he wasn't 21. They didn't give him the money." Hobie was bent on getting that money. "I say we should go for it. What do you say? Will you be my lawyer?" Craig told him that he will look into it. Hobie was satisfied. Craig addressed him as he picked up his tote. "Does your father know what happened?" Hobie says, "Uh, no. And you can't tell him. Lawyer/Client confidentiality." Craig said, "That's not fair." Hobie said, "I know, it's the law." He left.

Eyes That See At Night is surrounded by on-lookers separated by a barrier ribbon. Anna told Mitch and Tully (Art La Fleur) that he wouldn't leave until his lawyer gets back. Anna is told that her uncle is trespassing on county land. "It's on the news and is giving the county a black eye." Anna informs him that he would have to pick him up and carry him away. He looks at Mitch. Mitch tells him, "Don't look at me, look at him." Craig walks up to them and is introduced to Tully. Craig had a court order for Eyes That See At Night to remain where he is until the final decision concerning the land lease is made. This is the lease between the landowners and this beach. The Chumash Indians leased the land to the Spanish settlers. The lease was handed down through the Chumash family. Tully looked at it and couldn't read the lease. Well, Craig said that he couldn't either. The Chumash could. Tully asked what did this have to do with county beach jurisdiction? The county bought the beach from the Spanish settlers. "The Spanish couldn't sell it because they only had the lease. The lease expired. The beach reverts to its original owners-The Chumash Indians." Tully told Mitch to do something. Mitch said, "What?" Eyes That See At Night could have them thrown off his beach for trespassing.

Craig and Mitch are jogging along the beach. Mitch asks Craig why doesn't he take a recheck. Re-qualify as a lifeguard. Craig says that he's not lifeguard material anymore. Mitch says, "Sure you are." Craig tells him, "You're not sure about anything." Mitch says, "Sure I am." Craig goes into another subject, "What about Eyes That See At Night? Are you sure that you're doing the right thing?" Mitch says, "Huh? Maybe. I don't know. What do you think?" They laugh while they stop jogging. Mitch tells him that they are not sure because it goes against everything that they're taught as a lifeguard. Craig told Mitch that he's signed papers in the hospital. "He's refused all extraordinary measures to save his life. He's willing himself to die right now. We are not choosing when-he is! We're helping him choose where." Mitch told Craig that he was putting a spin on this thing to ease his conscience. "What's that supposed to mean?" asked Craig. Mitch began raising his voice, "Meaning is not the thing, but where it is." Craig said, "O.K., so I don't know how I feel-you don't have to yell." Mitch says, "I'm not yelling...I'm" He realizes that he is yelling and stops short. "It's just that this thing is confusing." Mitch told him. Craig told him how does he think he feels? He asked how Mitch felt. Mitch told Craig that he's never had to deal with this type of situation. He didn't know.

Donna and Neely practice from the lifeguard manual. Neely seems far away as she is being tested. Donna reminds her that she's going to have to pass the first-aid test to pass recheck. She also reminds Neely that a physical and blood tests are required as well. Neely seemed incredibly depressed. She had feelings of hopelessness.

That night, a fire for rituals is made. Mitch and Craig show up. Lani tells Mitch that she will take the blame for the fire. It was ceremonial and didn't have the heart to make them put it out. Mitch told her that it was O.K. Mitch tells Eyes That See At Night, "Two things: we're on the beach..." Eyes That See At Night told them "that this fire must be honored." He and his friend understand this. "He had respected his debt. They have shown that they have respected his life." Mitch tells him that he respects him, but he was a lifeguard, he had to respect him too. His job is to save lives. The Chumash told him that he understood. He will do what he has to do. Mitch was to do what he has to do. The old man goes on to say that his spirit will leave his body and fly on the wings of an eagle to the stars. Mitch lets out a helpless sigh and looks at Craig. The ceremony continued.

The next day on the pier, Craig is on his cellular phone talking to Gina. He tells her that he was sick of being on the A-list of parties. It was about something that feels right. While talking, being the lifeguard he is, was watching the pier. He'd call her back at 8:00 p.m. A woman left her grandson alone in a stroller while she went to get some popcorn for them. This is something that I could not understand-her reasoning. So many people do it too. Why didn't she just wheel the child over with her to the stand? Never leave a small child alone. They get ideas of their own. She's raised children of her own. She should know better. This is how bad situations start. The child gets out of the stroller (which is why people strap them in. I've asked why a child that age is in a stroller. The answer was to keep them from wandering away. Children move very fast) and climbs onto the railing to look at the water. The grandmother did not see this. And she wasn't that far away!

Craig sees what is about to happen, and tells Gina that he had to go, he'd call her back later. He runs toward the little boy as he calls out to him. The boy climbs on the very top and falls over as Craig tries to tell him not to step up. It's too late! His grandmother now sees this. Craig jumps in after the little boy. Once he has him, he surfaces under the pier and between the pilings. He approaches the beach and gives CPR. Once the toddler was revived, Craig was relieved. He embraces the precious young life. He told the boy that he'd be all right.

Neely makes her way down the stairs of Headquarters. The recheck is today. Donna sees her and asks her if she's ready for the recheck. Neely says, "I don't think so." Donna tells her that she can't be a lifeguard until she passes recheck. "Yes I can," Neely says. Donna argues, "No you can't!" She tells Donna that "The Beach Club is hiring. L.A. county is too picky about its lifeguards." Donna asks her what she's taking about. "I'm not good enough shape, all right?" Neely tells her. Donna tells her that yes, she is. "No, I'm not. My back." Donna was going to get right to the point. "This isn't about your back Neely..." "How do you know what this is about?" Neely demanded. She was very upset. Donna looked at her squarely and said, "I know." Neely flies off the handle and says, "You don't know anything! No one does!" She walks away.

Lani asks Mitch if it was true about Neely. He said that he was afraid so. Lani asks without her, how many did they have for recheck. He counted five. Craig says, "Six." Mitch asked him what changed his mind. Craig replied that it was the sound of a young child crying. Mitch said that he read the report. Mitch told him that we'd see if he was still lifeguard material.

Donna examines Neely's locker. She finds her prescription pills. Neely catches her in her locker. "What are you doing?" Neely demanded an explanation. Donna said, "I thought you quit." Neely told her that she came back to clear out her locker, but she sees that Donna was doing it for her. Donna holds up the bottle of pills. "Is this why you quit?" Neely snatches them from Donna's hand. "Give me those!" She tells Neely that she was addicted. Neely tells her that this was none of her business. "I am not addicted." "Then throw those away." Donna begged her. When Neely said that she didn't know what she was going through, Donna said yes, she did know. She held onto her shoulders as the two looked at their reflections in the mirror, "My sister was hooked on pain pills. You're on the edge of a cliff, Neely, either back away or those will push you off. Let me help you." Donna holds out her hand, palm up, to accept the bottle. "Give me the pills."

Neely held them for a long time, staring at the prescription bottle. When she brought it close to her chest, and indication that she was going to keep them, Donna's face displayed despair. She tried to take them by force. They struggled over the bottle. The cap came off (how, I dont know. As safety caps are used these days. The darned things can be really tough to open, depending on what  type is used) and the pills flew to the floor.

"Look at what you've done," cried Neely. She got on her hands and knees to pick them up one at a time, putting the now dirty pills back into the bottle. Donna shook her head slowly in disbelief...and so did I! Neely seemed too proud to display such a desperate act. But Sam the pharmacist did warn her to take them with food-that they were extremely potent. She didn't. Even though she lied to him saying that she might not need the pills-it was just in case. Her face was extremely desperate as she picked them up. Donna said, "When you're ready for help, call me. I'm here for you Neely." Donna then left.

During the recheck, Craig gives all to make it as a lifeguard. Neely soon was on the deck of headquarters looking on. Once when she had come to terms with Matt as to why she lied (they were forced to work together when Matt put in his ten days to stay qualified as a lifeguard), she claimed that he had backed her into a corner. Neely said that being a lifeguard was the only thing that made her feel good about herself (Home Is Where The Heat Is/6th Season 1995-1996). She seemed to be thinking about how much she wanted to be out there. All the trouble she went through to reopen the sexual harassment case against Matt Brody (David Charvet) and Baywatch to win (Trapped Beneath The Sea/parts 1 & 2/6th Season opener 1995-1996). And her arguments with the late Lt. Stephanie Holden (Alexandra Paul) over scheduling. She was usually placed on switchboard in the beginning and wanted to prove herself (Hot Stuff/6th Season 1995-1996) other than being the "receptionist," as she had put it. She started to change and wanted her friends to be other lifeguards. Being an L.A. county lifeguard was what she really wanted. She seemed so proud to be one and always offered help to her co-workers. Craig was welcomed back by Mitch who had a jacket ready. A perfect fit. It looked good. Mitch told Craig that he was proud of him.

Eyes That See At Night was waiting to go. It was time. Tully had the lease investigated and it was over. He wanted him off the beach. Many people were there in support of the Chumash Indian. Craig told Tully that he knew that this wasn't about L.A. county rights or about Native American rights. It was about human rights. Anne begged for Tully to respect her grandfather. Tully said that he couldn't stay here. As the ceremony went on, the chants for the guys rights, Eyes That See At Night dies unnoticed.

Eyes That See At Night's words were recalled, "When I do what I have to do, you do what you have to do." So Mitch tells Craig to begin CPR. Craig looks at him. "I can't not do this." Mitch tells him. Craig said that he'd do chest compressions. They begin CPR. Anna asks them to respect her grandfather's wishes. Suddenly, they see an eagle in the sky as Eyes That See At Night had described. They all look up. The men resume CPR in a not so enthusiastic manner. They both knew that he was gone. His wish had been realized. He died naturally.

On the beach, Mitch says remembering what the old man said, "My spirit will fly on the wings of an eagle and soar to the stars." Craig agreed that it was what he said. Mitch asks why Craig was still here. He thought that he would be in Washington D.C. by now. Craig told Mitch that he was thinking about opening up a store front law office in Venice. "Fresh air." Said Mitch. They take a deep breath. "Ahhh...I missed it," said Craig. "A little lawyering, a little lifeguarding," said Mitch. "Exactly," said Craig. "One day at a time. Go with the flow."

They begin walking when Hobie catches up. Mitch says, "Heyyy, Hobester!" Craig pointed to Hobie and stated, "One of my new clients." Mitch's smile turned into a frown. You could almost hear him say, "What?" Craig wanted Hobie to tell Mitch about the nightclub incident and money. "Did you tell him?" Hobie asked. Now that Craig had said that he was his new client, he would have to tell his dad now, before he found out from someone else. "No," said Craig. "Attorney/Client confidentiality." Mitch didn't look too pleased. "Tell me what?" he demanded. Hobie started off with, "I won $1200 in a dance competition." Mitch couldn't find anything wrong with that. "They wouldn't let me keep the money." Hobie continued. Mitch was suspicious and asked, "Why not?" Hobie shows him the ID. Mitch examines it and reads aloud, "Height: 6 ft. 2 in., Weight: 360 Lbs., Eyes: Blue, Alphonso Teiste? Step into my office Big Al." He reaches for Hobie to take him along. He looks back at Craig, "I'll talk to you later, pal."


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