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****Sharkey's Review****
9th Episode/11th Season (2000-2001)
Date Aired: 12/03/2000    Encore: 12/10/2000
Week of: 11/17/2000 - 12/03/2000 
My Score: 1 Rescue Can
This Week's Quote: "I miss my son. I miss Mike...I really loved that kid!"
                                              -Sean Monroe (Jason Brooks) crying bitterly to Brian after Mike was killed in a surfing accident.
5 Rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)

Sean was surfing with a young boy named Mike Miller. They sat on their boards in the ocean to talk. Mike wanted to be a pro surfer. Sean advised strongly that he go to college first. Mike told Sean that college wasn't for him. Mike asked Sean if he thought he was good enough to make it as a pro. Sean said yes and Mike seemed satisfied that he was proud of him. Sean told Mike that it was time to get back to work. He was going in and asked Mike if he was coming. Mike wanted to stay out to catch a bigger set. Sean got to his Lifeguard Truck to drop his board and get out of his wetsuit. He looked over at the ocean to see Mike still there waiting for waves. He started getting out his equipment. It just took a spit second for a wave to come in and Mike disappeared underwater. As he got his equipment, he noted the boy's board floating in. Sean looked out at the ocean to see no sign of Mike. He quickly ran out to find him, hoping that the boy would surface. He dives underwater and came up fruitless.

Other lifeguards J.D., Leigh and Jason noted Sean's efforts and came in as backup. They all kept up the search until Leigh found Mike. The boy's head was completely consumed in a coral reef. They quickly got him to the beach and gave him CPR. Sean kept giving chest compressions as the boy was taken to emergency. Mike had died. As Sean sat in shock Brian told Sean that Mike's father wanted to see him. The man was pacing and asked that since Mike was with Sean that his son had to be O.K. Sean hurtfully told him that he couldn't save Mike. Mr. Miller blew up and blamed Sean for his son's death. He started throwing things aside and was ready to throw a punch to Sean's face. Sean closed his eyes and waited for the blow that never came. He opened his eyes to find that Mr. Miller had stopped. He told Sean that if it had been anyone else in that ocean with Mike, he would have killed him.

Jenna arrived at the hospital and tried to take over the situation by trying to turn it into something that it wasn't. She wanted to see Sean in trouble while he was down and since it seemed the only way to ruin him, she pursued it. She was going to order an investigation as to how the boy died and if Sean was to blame. J.D. told her that Sean loved Mike as if he had been his own son and practically raised him himself. Everyone there at the hospital defended Sean and Brian told Jenna that Sean was suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome. But she came back with if it had been any other lifeguard, an investigation would have been conducted and Sean was no different. With Sean in such a vulnerable condition, he couldn't take anything anymore. He walked out of the hospital.

Sean was supposed to take the role as team leader at the Ocean Fest. The team bickered. Zack complained that he was just a bench warmer. He should be placed on the team. Jason told him that he was the alternate at last year's games and being the alternate was Zack's place. He was the new lifeguard. Since Sean was not there because of the tragedy, Jenna designated herself as team leader for The Training Center. No one was thrilled. Zack tried to get his way as a competitor for the team. He wanted the empty spot left by Sean. Jenna told him that he was still the alternate. Zack was angry. She wanted to talk to everyone, but they were leaving claiming to have more important things to do. Leigh was getting ready to leave while Jenna complained about demanding respect. Leigh told her if she wanted respect, she would have to lay off Sean.

The games began and the teams gathered. Zack had not been loyal to his own team. He managed to join Chicago's team. He expected the team to be excited for him. They saw that he was a traitor. Zack seemed clueless. There was an argument as to who would anchor the outrigger competition.

Sean had taken out a board and was in the middle of the ocean. He was having hallucinations. His first was J.D. an Jason.

During the outrigger competition, Jenna was paddling for Baywatch Hawaii, which is surprising since she works for The Hawaiian Lifeguards. As they paddled, a buoy was spotted. They would have to steer to the right to avoid it. Jenna told them that she had it under control. She didn't paddle and had leaned, causing them to tip over. The team was disappointed. They all knew that Jenna was the cause.

Sean saw a shark surrounding him. It surfaced as Jenna. She tells him that he was a failure. Their relationship, his family, everything. Leigh suddenly appeared in a long white gown to get rid of Jenna and to steer him in the right direction.

Mr. Miller met with Jenna. She tells him that she would have an investigation to find out what happened to his son and if Sean was to blame. Mr. Miller knew that Sean loved his son like he was his own. He had been so proud of Mike. He had high hopes for him. He told Jenna to leave it alone. With her eyes welling up with real tears for once, Jenna backed off. Perhaps the wicked snake was thinking about the fact that Sean lost a young son. And this was a second blow. Brian looked for Sean. He was not answering his phone. He still had the Leigh image. Brian found that Sean had not even touched the schedule. He took a Scarab out to find him.

Sean sees his son, who was an absolute cutie. He was telling him to wake up. Then Mike tries to run over him with a Scarab.

Zack was competing for Chicago's team. They had asked him to sit in since he was just a benchwarmer for The Training Center. J.D. and Leigh won the next event...the swim relay rescue. Zack got to see what it was like to betray your own team to compete for another. His own team shunned him. They didn't have kind words for him.

Sean floated unconscious thinking about Ben. He sees Ben as he goes out with a turtle. Ben explained what had happened that day he died. He snuck out when he was told not to go out. It was not his fault. He thought about Mike and many other events. Brian found him and got Sean aboard the Scarab. He had to give Sean CPR. Sean came to. Meanwhile Zack told Carrie off about his competing for another team. He continued to compete anyway. The guy was just too selfish to see that you must remain loyal to a team in which you are assigned.

Sean related his visions to Brian. He apologized for the words he had said to him in the hospital. Sean broke down and Brian understood. Sean cried bitterly. He missed his son. He missed Mike...he really loved that kid.

Zack competed against Jason in race. Zack and Jason were left and with one marker. Zack bested Jason, but the Baywatch Hawaii team surrounded Jason, not Zack. Zack had expected the team to surround and congratulate him on his efforts. To see him as a star. When it didn't happen, he was clueless. They surrounded Jason and congratuated him. Zack was looking to be a star, but his Chicago team didn't congratulate him either. They were not concerned about him, as he was not an original member of the Chicago Team should have been disqualified for having someone from another team win. Other teams would have challenged that.   

Well, in viewing this episode, I had to give it 1 rescue can. The writers could have given this one a bit more snap to make it stronger. And as for Zack winning a race against Jason. That was too unbelievable! A Chicago Team wanting him was unbelievable as well. I always thought that a team could get disqualified if they used someone who wasn't registered with the team. Or someone from one team going onto another. Well, another Zack fantasy! The writers seem to be obsessed with this character. And I honestly can't see why.

Jason Brook's acting is tremendous. He is such a gifted actor. This episode could not support his talents. It is impossible to keep your eye on someone every second. It just took the blink of an eye for a wave to come in and claim Mike. Sean was not on duty even though he was over-protective of Mike. As he worked, he kept looking out at the boy. Sean's need for a replacement for his own son seems to be great. This was displayed during the last several episodes. Wishful solution would be that the writers could come up with marrying Sean off to Leigh and having children of their own. They are already in love anyway.  My Score: 1 Rescue Can

Next Review: The Ties That Bind 


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