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Dream Girl 7
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****Sharkey's Review****
Dream Girl
7th Episode/11th Season (2000-2001)
Date Aired: 11/19/2000    Encore: 11/26/2000
Week of: 11/13/2000 - 11/19/2000 
My Score: 3 Rescue Cans
This Week's Quote: "She's not gonna stop at one bite! She wants the whole meal, Sean!"
                                             -Leigh Dyer (Brande Roderick) to Sean Monroe (Jason Brooks) concerning Jenna Avid taking one of their Scarabs and two Jet Skis through Councilman McKenna (Anson Williams).
5 Rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)

I guess that Dream Girl is one of those episodes that is going to offer us some humor. I had to admit that it was funny. A running joke, really. After all, who would want Zack? The guy is a poor-personality pest! Him and a beauty queen? I couldn't see it. But the episode was good. It was interesting. It made me laugh and it kept my interest. I had an easy time doing this writing. I gave this episode 3 rescue cans. I could have easily won over 4 rescue cans if that street talk could just be an occasional measure for Zack. It's the guy's native language and it is irritating. I must have mentioned this in every review so far! But you can't view the show and not notice it. 

Sean patrolled his area of the crowded beach. He saw a small girl playing with her shovel and pail near the surf. He also noted two boys, about 10 years old roughing it with a Frisbee. They could hurt her! They had some close calls, but the girl never sensed any danger. One stepped over her while catching it. Why should she? She appeared to be a toddler. They ran off down the stretch of the beach while continuing to play. Sean walked toward her. "Sweetheart," he said while picking her up. "Were gonna back you up just a little bit and get you out of harm's way. The big boys are playing real rough today." He moved her and her toys several feet away from where the boys were playing. "There ya go!" The boys raced by again. Sean stood, unaware that he was still holding the pail. "Chet! Kyle! Watch for visitors! Take your game down a notch!"  Sean yelled at the boys. They looked back to acknowledge it.

Right after that moment, a man was before him drinking beer. He told the man that he had warned him several please move off the beach with the beer.  The man grumbled something and moved on toward the water. Sean started to go after him, but a blonde woman approached him. "Excuse me," she said. Sean asked if he could help her. She wanted her daughter's pail. He then realized that he was still holding it and apologized. She smiled when he handed it over.

Just then, the man who Sean had just warned about the beer was causing problems with surfers. The man growled in his intoxicated state, telling them all to shut up! Sean started out toward them, but at that moment received a call from J.D. He needed assistance! "In the water off pipeline! Surfer with possible spinal injury. I don't wanna swim her in!" J.D. said talking into the radio strapped onto his upper arm. 

As J.D. described his situation, Sean could see the man causing trouble with the surfers. He told J.D. to take it easy, he would send assistance with a Ski and board. He told him to hang on. While trying to accommodate J.D., the situation before him got worse. A jet skier was trying to cool the man off by spraying him with water. This agitated the man even more! Sean immediately told Leigh and  Kekoa that J.D. needed assistance off the pipeline. It was a possible spinal.  He was stuck where he was with a sinking ship!  

Kekoa was already on the back seat of a Jet Ski with Zack, who was wearing a helmet. They were training the group of trainees who were standing on the pier waiting for their turns. Leigh told them to go. Kekoa said that she got it. She then addressed Zack. She told him to get out of the drivers seat! Zack wouldn't budge and insisted no way!  He was in on the rescue and he was driving. Again, he was disobeying orders given by the guard in charge. They were off!

Leigh relayed to Sean that Kekoa was the rescue with Zack. She was going to go ahead and call the police and hit the beach, as she ran off the pier. The Jet Ski sped to the scene while J.D. held on, supporting the victim's neck and head.  Sean made his way toward the water to take care of the man. Meanwhile, Kekoa and Zack were coming into view. J.D. and the victim were clearly ahead. 

"We're on our way! ETA 2 two minutes! Ambulance in route." Kekoa relayed to J.D. J.D.'s head nodded a bit to acknowledge what was relayed out of habit. On the beach, Sean took care of the drunken man. He told the man that he was out of warnings. He ordered him to get out of the water while escorting him.  The man swung at him, but Sean saw it coming and ducked. Knowing the man's condition, Sean had to use a head lock. Sean kept saying easy to him. The man growled for Sean to let him go! Sean held him while walking him out of the water. The Jet Ski continued its route to J.D. and the victim. "Zack!" Kekoa ordered. "Don't go through the break! Go around!"

Zack refused telling her that it would take longer! His intensions were apparent. He was bent on disobeying the order and going straight through. He told her that he could do it! She warned him that they didn't have the Scarab! They had the Ski!  She warned him again. But Zack kept saying that he could do it. He would not submit to the order. "Go Around!" She reissued the direct order. They were almost upon J.D. and the victim. Very close! Dangerously close and going at top speed. "Go around!" Kekoa ordered yelling.

Suddenly, a huge strong wave of water tossed them off the ski. The ski, still intact continued on without a driver at full speed-right into J.D. and the victim! For J.D., it happened so fast! There was no time to submerge or even react. When it was over, J.D., who had shielded the victim away from the blow was hurt badly. It was a miracle through the writers that we were not looking at his funeral. 

The overthrown pair had recovered quite rapidly and got the Jet Ski. Thanks to Zack, instead of rescuing one victim, they now had two to worry about! They loaded the victim's face up onto the bed with J.D. on the bottom and the victim laying on top of him. J.D. was still supporting her neck and head. His head was bleeding. Kekoa was angry with Zack, but showing it would have to wait until both victims were in the hospital. Kekoa took the driver's seat and Zack tended the victims. They sped on their way to the beach.

Kekoa was driving the Ski to shore with Zack still tending the victims. Kekoa reached the shoreline. Zack wondered where the paramedics were. Suddenly, the ambulance's siren was within hearing range. They were working their way through the crowded beach. Kekoa got off the Jet Ski to check the condition of the victims. Kekoa got a collar on the girl. "Get a collar on her!" J.D. said. "Get a collar on her!" Zack said that J.D. was delirious. He looked around desperately for the paramedics to take over. 

"You did it! She's still living." Kekoa cooed gently to J.D. The paramedics finally got through the crowd. Zack flagged them down needlessly, wavering his arms and whistling and yelling. "HEY! HEY! HEY! OVER HERE! LETS GO!" The paramedics brought over a gurney for the girl and had to work with Kekoa and Zack to get her on with no further damage. They lifted the girl slightly and moved the bed over her to make the transfer easier. Kekoa supported her neck and head during the transfer. They had to move her over to the ambulance. She told J.D. not to move. They would be right back! 

The team proceeded to take the girl to the ambulance. While doing so, J.D. got up off the Jet Ski bed and began staggaring toward them. When the girl was loaded into the ambulance, J.D. passed out, falling to the sand. "J.D.!" Kekoa cried. She and the paramedics raced toward him. "Awww, man!" Zack cried. The paramedics checked him out. Kekoa was worried and asked if he was all right.  "Laceration on forehead...possible concussion." One of the paramedics said. "And dislocated shoulder. Vitals are stable!"

"Oh, man!" Zack said, grunting. "It's gonna be tight," said one of the paramedics. Let's get him in." When they arrived at the hospital, Kekoa gave the account to Sean. She told him that the girl was going to be O.K., but she was worried about J.D. Sean wanted Kekoa to give him a call when J.D. came to. Kekoa acknowledged it. He clicked his radio off and muttered that this was a mess! He then clicked it on again, "Hello, hello! You're all right, all right?"

Kekoa told him yes. Sean told her that she did a good job as he walked down the tower ramp and onto the pier. He frowned at what was ahead of him. He told Kekoa that he would get there as soon as he could. He clicked off again, concerned about the scene with Leigh and Jenna arguing. As he got closer, he could hear them better. "Coming here, making demands...expecting people to jump!" Leigh growled at Jenna. "What I've earned is your respect. I'm not someone you can dismiss," Jenna said in her new usual calm, syrupy sweet, but threatening demeanor. It was quite stuffy, too. "I'm your superior."

Leigh told her that marching around making demands didn't scare her. "Go steal from somebody else's sandbox." Jenna started in with her threats. "Oh Leigh. Even if you were the best, I might consider squashing you." Jenna said, pushing back her windblown hair. Sean yelled what was going on. Leigh, Surprised to see him tried to explain.  

Sean interrupted Leigh, holding a hand up. Jenna's movement toward a Scarab grabbed his attention. He saw two of her young lifeguards on his Scarab! "Get your butts off my Scarab!" He ordered. "Come on, lets go!" The young male and female lifeguards were starting to get off. This infuriated Jenna! She turned toward the two. She told them to get their butts back on that Scarab if they knew what was good for them! She threatened in a fast, snapping tone. The sugary sweetness was gone. They got back on. They looked at her in fear. He told her that it has been a hell of a day! So do him a favor and put the righteous act aside.  Her sweet, stuffy tone returned. She told Sean that he was about to kiss his toys goodbye. Leigh exclaimed that she was taking the Scarab! Sean dared her to. He wasn't going to let her take anything. He then addressed Jenna. She was not touching...! Jenna cut him off before he could finish. Councilman McKenna approved it! She wore a satisfied smile. 

There was a silence. Leigh was hoping that Sean could stop it as she watched helplessly. Sean explained to Jenna that the equipment belonged to The Center. Jenna informed him that two Jet Skis and a Scarab were now property of The Hawaiian Lifeguards. He demanded that she had all of the paperwork to back it up. Jenna handed him the file folder containing the orders. Sean looked them over and realized that everything was in place and it was out of his hands. He gave the folder back, to Jenna's satisfaction. "Theyre going over to Brian Keaulana?" He asked firmly. "Uh-huh!" She said. He said fine. Brian could use them until he got them back. "Uh-huh!" She said. Sean warned her that he would get them back. He added that she could count on it! 

Jenna just looked at him wickedly over her shoulder and then kept going in silence. Leigh told Sean that he couldn't let her do this! Sean Sean informed her that Jenna had already done it. They stopped walking. "She's not gonna stop at just this," Leigh said. "She's not gonna stop at one bite! She wants the whole meal, Sean!" Sean looked over in the direction of the Scarabs. He told her that he was so tired of fighting. "Sean," Leigh pleaded. "This was a first. Sean Monroe doesn't give up." He told Leigh that he's been wondering about all this. He said of the days events. Its been one of those days and he just couldn't get from under it. He then explained that J.D. was in the hospital. "Oh God!" Leigh said.

He explained that the rescue was a complete screw-up. J.D. was lucky to be alive. He then looked at Leigh's dismal expression. He was going to hold her by the shoulders when telling her that it could have been worse, but he stopped himself. He didn't want her worrying about Jenna. She may have McKenna in her pocket, but she hasn't won this war. Once he had assured her of that, Leigh nodded. Not by a long shot. He added, giving her a pat on the shoulder before running off. She looked at him as he went. At The Wahiawa General Hospital, Kekoa met with the victim's parents. She offered for them to please, sit. They sat in two chairs. Kekoa walked over toward Zack to confront him. Zack stood, clutching the bag he had for J.D.

I brought J.D. some refreshments. Hospital food being what it is. He showed her the bag. "I told you to go home!" She said angrily, keeping her voice in check. "Look, I just wanna make sure hes good." Zack said. "This whole accident...!" "Accident?" She demanded in question. "You nearly killed him and their daughter! J.D.s still unconscious. I don't think refreshments are in order!" Zack said that he was sorry, holding up his hands. He was really sorry. "Really! Sorry doesn't cut it, Zack." She snapped. "Your ego is way out of control and one day it's gonna get you killed! And hopefully, you won't take somebody with you." He watched her walk away. Zack walked down the hall past the girl's parents. They stared at him as he passed them. He dropped the bag onto an empty stool.

At Headquarters, Councilman McKenna was having words with Sean. He was extremely angry. Jenna was there, chewing gum and smiling to herself. She was pretending to work on the clipboard she held. He understand that Zack McEwan was real nosey, and now this fiasco. The Counsilman told him that he had reporters flooding his office asking him. He could eat him sick! Councilman McKenna growled. Sean informed him that he would handle it. Jenna was enjoying the fact that Sean was getting chewed out and was in trouble.

The Councilman continued. He told him that he was right that he would take care of it. He didn't want tourists terrified of lifeguards. They were supposed to be pulling people out of the surf, not drowning them! What kind of school was he running? Sean caught sight of Jenna enjoying this and figured that she was behind all of this in the first place. She was actually laughing. How would she have known about the accident so fast? His attention returned to the Councilman. The Councilman told Sean that he wanted this boy's tail in the slammer! Councilman McKenna was demanding it. Sean defended himself and The Team. He told him that his Team put it all on the line. His best is in the hospital from saving a surfer's life. But it was because of his expertise and training that she was going to be O.K.

Jenn stuck her nose into the heated battle. She told him to come on! She could have handled the rescue without losing him. Jenna suddenly added her own opinion to make Sean's situation worse. The Hawaiian Lifeguards, with her guidance and... This angered Sean. He had words of his own to add. Brian Keaulana, head of The Hawaiian Lifeguards had no respect for her. He barely tolerated her. Sean was telling her off, now standing next to her. She told Sean that it was funny how she just didn't get that from him. She kept chewing her gum and looking up from the clipboard. She added, but then again, Brian had manners. Councilman McKenna grew impatient with the arguing. He growled that they were off base here! The two kept at it, ignoring the Councilman. He asked her what she did here besides cause trouble. His arms were folded. She looked at him. "You know what I am Sean? I'm fury! It all just comes with me." She walked away.

Sean made a face, mouthing the words. Councilman McKenna growled for Sean to sit! They had to talk about funding! Meanwhile at the hospital, J.D. finally came to. He slowly looked at his surroundings and then turned his head. Kekoa was the face he saw and greeted her. "Hi," Kekoa said. A bit confused, he asked what happened? His voice strained and weak. J.D.'s face wrenched with pain. She told him that Zack happened, She said. Water...please. He begged. Kekoa placed the water tube to his mouth . She explained further. She shouldn't have had him driving the Jet Ski. He tried to get through the break and he lost control. She was so sorry. 

Through his weakened state he told her to look at him. He was all right. It wasn't her fault. He stopped in pain. She explained that Zack could have killed him. His face was a mess. After she said that, J.D. only had one concern and that was the victim. He asked how she was. She told him that Bella was just fine. They were keeping her overnight. She informed him that he had saved the daughter of the Kanakauni family. She has important blood ties. She was from a prominent Hawaiian family. He asked no joke? He tried to smile. No joke she assured him softly. She is very special to her the Hawaiians. If he hadn't saved her, it would have been the end of their linage. They came to show their gratitude. J.D. was stunned and asked, Now? He had realized that she meant that they were there waiting. He tried to rise. "Well...well," He needed to get up to accept them properly.

"Easy! Easy!" She instructed. "Don't push it! They've come to knighten you. It's a powerful symbol how much they value you." J.D was worried and asked if he should stand. He didn't want to insult them. This was important. She told him that normally he would, but he couldn't. She tried to enforce his condition. She told him to relax. The honor was theirs. He nodded weakly. She left the room to get them. At the doorframe, Kekoa signaled for them to come in. J.D., struggled to get up, determined to greet them properly, and not insult them. Despite the pain J.D. felt, he managed to hold steady. The woman held out a lei as the couple prepared to honor him.

"Thanks for our daughter," the man said. "Thanks," the woman said. Seeing J.D. get up like this made Kekoa think about how much she loved him. Zack sat in Sean's office waiting for his fate. He was nervous. Sean walked in. He told Zack that he didn't know where to begin. Sean sat on the edge of his desk, facing the boy. Zack repositioned himself in the chair prepared to give some sort of excuse. Sean told him that he didn't want to hear it. He ignored Kekoa's instructions and he nearly killed himself and three other people. Defending himself, Zack told Sean that it wasn't like that. There was his side of things. Sean told him to go ahead and explain. He given the benefit of the doubt. He allowed Zack to have his say. What was his side? There was a short silence while Zack tried to find the right words.

He told Sean that it all happened really fast. And the swells were bigger than he  thought. "The curve was righteous...and..." Zack said. "And what?" Sean asked. "And, and what, Zack? And what?" Zack was now speechless as Sean now going to have his say. He was a trainee...not one of the lifeguard trainers. He was sent to The Lifeguard Training Center to learn and hone his skills. He is in no position to give orders or to take charge of any rescue. There was absolutely no excuse for his continuing to ignore Kekoa's orders. He had warned him from the beginning to trust your guard in charge.

Sean continued, "No amount of charm, nor one liners, nor bull will erase one simple fact. And that is, you almost killed one of your own! A member of your team-your responsibility! Im placing you on suspension!" Zack couldn't believe it! "No! No man, come on!" Zack pleaded. It sounded more like he was speaking to Jason, who was gullible and easy to persuade. But Sean was not Jason. He meant business. Sean always meant business! He had no choice. Zack had to be punished. Zack was lucky that he was not cut off completely, or jailed as Councilman McKenna wanted. "You're done here!" Sean said sternly, sitting at his desk to open a file folder. Zack knew that the conversation was over and Sean was not about to change his mind. He got up and left while Sean's attention was on his work. When Zack got up to go, Sean watched him leave. When he was gone, he let out a sigh. His head rested on his hand. He had to do it.

Now that Zack was suspended, he was at the Hilton Hawaiians Bar, complaining to the bartender. A man wearing sunglasses was sitting close, sipping his drink. Like the man never made a mistake in his life! Zack said. He looked at the man drinking and addressed him with a question. Have you ever played team sports? The man got up and walked away.

"Forget it," Zack said in disappointment. He continued to talk to the bartender. "The point is, Sean has like team fantasies. I dream about babes, you know! But this guy. When he does a gig, it's like, I'm his Han Solo." Unknown to the clueless Zack, he was being watched. In the nearby plants, someone was shooting photos and getting down his every word. It has been obvious that he had been followed. Jenna's handy work, no doubt.

"I'm the Han to his fluke! That's gospel! See, he's like the golden god of lifeguarding and I'm not. I'm the low breaker! Danger boy! But so was Han Solo, but he got the job done! When it came to the test, the man was there!" Zack continued his whining, full of beer. There were at least five empty green bottles before Zack on the counter. And the one Zack held in his hand was recently given to him! "You see what I'm getting at? I'm that guy!" He said, tapping the counter-making his point. "I'm the guy you want defending the galaxy because I'm gonna get it done." There was a short pause. "No matter what!" He turned the bottle up to his mouth. He put it on the counter. "I'm gettin too old. Do the rest over and show Sean I can do it. Do over! Do over!"

Suddenly a girl walked up to him at the bar. The girl was headed directly toward him, which seemed like a terrible mistake. She was interested in him and only him. With her face close to his, the dream girl put a chip into her mouth.

"Heyyy...angel!" Zack exclaimed. Those photos were continuing to roll. "You want a beer?" He asked. "Take a seat." She took his beer to drink from. "Thank you," She said when finished, placing the bottle on the counter. With that, she turned to go. He looked at the bottle for a second. He turned to see that she was completely gone. "Oh, man! I'm losin' the touch, man!" Zack said. "Yesterday, a woman like that would know, in love with The Zack Man. Yesterday when I was living the dream." The camera buzzed on as Zack continued to make a spectacle of himself.

At the hospital, Kekoa visited J.D. His face brightened with a smile. He seemed much better than yesterday. She had some magazines, sitting on his bed. While she looked down at the magazines, he found it hard to hide his feelings for her. "God!" He exclaimed. She was concerned and asked if she had hurt him. He had assured her that she hadn't and it was O.K.! She just stared at him in a strange manner and stood. J.D. was confused. He asked her what was going on. "The rescue shoot up some things for me," She said. "Changed things. I knew it would come to this." He tried to assure her that she couldn't blame herself for an accident. It happens!

She told him that was not what she was trying to say. She wanted to tell him how she felt about him. "I know," He said. "Don't worry. Were friends." She seemed disappointed. "Yeah...friends. I'd better go. I'll see you later." When turned away from J.D., Kekoa showed that disappointment in her expression. J.D. was even more so. Being clueless, he wondered what he had done. Meanwhile, Sean was taking his anger out on a punching bag. Zack was approaching him. "Hey man!" He said. Sean stopped punching and looked at him. "You've got the attitude stare going," Zack said smiling.

When he got no response, Zack asked how Sean felt about the two of them. Sean just suggested to Zack, that he just turn around and walk away. Zack told him that was just what he needed. A do-over. Sean said no doubt. Zack  continued that he figured he'd do the rescue over...a mock rescue...but he noticed that he wasn't getting anywhere with Sean. It was apparent that he was in no mood for games. Zack said that this is not alrightous. He was feeling singled out and these suspension rules. It was weighin' him down. Sean told Zack that this was a team. Zack told him that he already knew that. He lowered his head, smiling. Sean couldn't understand this boy's reaction. Did he think that this was fun and games? "I'm sorry. Did I say something funny?" Sean said with a firm, serious tone to his voice.

"I'm sorry. That word Team, bro. Love that word team, man. You've got to get up on some other word. Like squad, group, maybe." Zack said laughing. "Team is decked up." There was a silence before Sean spoke. "O.K., I'm going to ignore the fact that you've been drinking. I'm going to erase this conversation from my memory. It's the furthest thing you're going to get for a do-over from me. Zack tod Sesan that he hadn't been drinking. He realized that his piled up lies just didn't work with Sean. "All right, maybe beer...four...look Sean, I mean no disrespect." 

"Look Zack. You're a hell of a lot of fun. And you're a good guy..." Sean did one of Zack's silly little gestures before he added the rest of his thought with a tilt of the head ". doubt." His tone returned to its stern tone. "But you are suspended. Do yourself a favor and take it seriously. I've had one of those days that spark homicidal rage, and I don't wanna see your face."

"Well, its no..." Zack said. Sean cut him off, "ZACK! DISAPPEAR!" Zack finally realized that he was defeated and left with his head lowered. Still agitated, Sean sighed, shaking his head. Zack wandered over toward the ocean, looking up at the sky. Give me a break, Big Guy. He said desperately drunk. Suddenly, the beautiful bikinied beauty suddenly started walking out of the ocean toward him. She stopped before him. "Hey!" Zack said. He then realized that he was repeating himself. "I said that. Good swim? I usually have some good line, baby! You're gorgeous!" The beauty ran her hand through her long, dark wet tresses. "I saw you at the bar. You made me smile." She said. "I like that. I like that a lot, Zack." "Whoa! Zack said, smiling, still staring at her. "You know my name." 

"That's right." She said. He asked why him. She asnwered with why not him? He told her that he was a mess.  A screw up. So was Han Solo. She challenged her to tell him that he wasn't everybody's favorite. They kissed madly and fell to the sand to have sex. Later, Zack strolled the beach in a beret and flamboyant sunglasses. He started yelling out the products they had to people as they passed by. The beach vendor told him that he was scaring the people! To take it easy! 

He told him that he was working the people. The vendor told him to say, Aloha, not scary tactics. Zack, who was still stuck on himself told him to relax, that he was "the man." The one and only...king of the beach. The vendor admitted that Zack was driving him crazy. The people came to them! It wasn't the other way around. Zack's dream girl appeared again. She started pawing him. "Darling," she said. The beach vendor's mouth was opened. His eyes as big as silver dollars in disbelief. Him and...her? She told Zack that tonight she was going to need some serious rescuing. She took off after another kiss. Zack looked at his disbelieving friend. Zack told him that he hoped that he was taking notes. That was gold. Pure gold!

Jenna found Sean at the bar drinking a bottle water. "Drinking on the job?" She said, smiling. Jenna sat on the stool next to his. "Bottled water." Sean said. "Look Jenna, I've just finished my mandatory shift on Waikiki with your Councilman McKenna. So take it easy, O.K.?" Jenna seemed very agitated. "He's not my Councilman," she said. She tried to caress his hair. "You look beat." Sean didn't want her hand on him. "Pease, don't..." He said firmly, brushing her hand away " that!"

"You know Sean, don't you wish sometimes we could just erase all the stupid things we did and start over? And knowing what we know?" She asked. Sean answered "And make the same mistakes?" She deperately said, "Maybe. I'm just tired of this feuding." Suddenly, her voice took on that fake syrupy sweet air again. Sean just looked at her. "Me too." Jenna quickly got in the business of the Scarab and two Jet Skis. "Then you won't mind signing these. I had the insurance of the Scarab and the two Jet Skis signed over in my name." She opened a folder containing the paperwork for them.

Sean gave in to sign. "All right, no more feuds. I know it won't be for long." She then continued into her sweet, sarcastic voice. "Come on, Sean...just when things are going my way." She said. Zack McEwan created some bad press for him and his Center. "Just when I thought it was a roaring success." Sean said sarcastically. He never bothered looking at her. He kept staring straight ahead. Jenna informed him that Councilman McKenna was having a little get together today with some big money people. If things had been different, it could be going his way. She got up and took his bottled water, drinking from it. She left the bar. He threw the bottle cap at her in disgust.

At Wahiawa General Hospital, the nurse took J.D.'s almost full tray away. So she stepped out of the door. Zack appeared and knocked. He was carrying a brown paper bag. J.D. encouraged and welcomed him in. "How's it?" Zack asked. J.D. informed him that the doctor said that he was looking good. He should be out of the hospital soon. Zack told him that he felt terrible for nealy taking his head off. He kept his distance. "Kekoa still ticked?" He asked J.D. J.D. said yes because something had her going. He didn't know. She's mad at him one minute. "And then, she's you know." J.D. said.

"I am not gonna go too for the female perspective, man. You're sittin' on the beach, down about this whole biz and ask the Big Guy to give you a break. And then-Wham! A goddess walks right into my heart!" Said the selfish Zack. It always had to come back to him. "Really?" Asked J.D., with his face frozen, not believing Zack. Zack continued to rattle on about himself. "I'm as low as I can be possibly be and she makes me feel like superman."

"It's nice how someone can do that," J.D. said in pain, trying to change positions. "It's not fair. Love's a drug! One morning! Wham!" J.D. whispered the other words. "You're dead. Man, you got it bad," Zack said. He gave J.D. a knowing look. "No," J.D. said.

Zack kept nodding and smiling. Yeah, J.D. admitted. He just couldn't get her to see it. Zack exclaimed that it was brutal! Leigh and Kekoa made their way down to the beach from their outdoor lockers. ILeigh told her that she was glad that J.D. was O.K. Kekoa said that she was too. Leigh admitted that it was some rescue. It would have rocked her. She then moved on to personal matters. She asked Kekoa if she was all right? Kekoa didn't know what she was talking about. Leigh went on to say that she didn't know if she felt like talking. Kekoa confided in Leigh that she was in love with J.D. Leigh exclaimed that was so amazing! She smiled. 

Leigh told her about her father. "Ke, my Dad was my best friend...and when he died...well, the door closed for me. Well, I know!" Leigh said. "Life's too short! You have to go for it, Ke! You cannot hold anything this huge and this wonderful to yourself." Kekoa told her that it wasn't that easy. There were so many obstacles. Did you ever go for a guy only to find out that it would never work? Two different places in the world. Leigh told her that she will have to be herself and be strong. She couldn't sit and wait for him to come around. She had to respect your feelings. There was a silence as Leigh looked over longingly at Sean, who was getting into a lifeguard van.

After that longing look Leigh said. "Ke! Forget I ever said a damned thing, O.K.? I'm a fool for love. I muck it up." Leigh said, realizing that she wasn't following her own advice. Kekoa noticed her staring and knew that Leigh was in love with Sean! Leigh continued. "I always fall for Mr. Wrong. If Mr. Right ever rung me up, I would think that he had the wrong number." Kekoa placed a comforting arm around Leigh. "So do I Leigh. So do I." They walked out to the beach. At the hospital, paid a visist to J.D. "One hell of a lucky rescue. It's about the only good that's come my way in days," Sean said.  "You got your picture in the paper." He handed the paper over to J.D. for him to view.

"Nice-my pain is your gain," J.D. said, smiling. "It's the hell of the thing." Sean said. "You had no choice," J.D. said sadly.  "You had to suspend him." He added. "It was one of the stupidest things I've seen in a long time, I'll tell you that much." Sean said. "He doesn't think J.D. He's all impulse and instinct. I don't know if I can...I don't know if I can get to him. I don't know if I can get to teach him." He then looked at J.D. and was reminded of his condition.  "Ahhh, forget about him. We've gotta get you out of here." "Yeah, J.D. said, struggling to get up-his face contorting in pain. "Out of here. Sean, I'm not mad at him.   Sometimes stuff just happens. Sometimes people just need a second chance to prove themselves. If I had been driving that ski, I would have done the same thing." J.D. said, feeling compassion for Zack. It looked like Zack charmed him-if you could call it that. 

Sean couldn't believe his ears!  And neither could I. "You're defending him? J.D.!   He doesn't take any of this seriously." J.D. said. "Please. He wants to be a star so bad. He can smell it." Sean had to remind J.D. that it's not about being a star.  It's about team. "You have to believe in yourself before you can believe in The Team." J.D. said. Sean stared at him and said, O.K., who was he and what did he do with J.D.? It made J.D. smile, trying to ignore his pain. Sean knew that there was more to this. He told him that he was injured, so be patient. He walked (or limped) toward Sean. He stopped before him. He had a sense about people, you always did. He was a natural teacher. Hell if you couldn't help him. The two men locked eyes. Sean seemed to rethinking his decision concerning Zack. 

Meanwhile, Jenna led that party about aboard the Scarab taken from Sean. The VIP party viewed the scenery. Councilman McKenna was driving. After giving one of the rich VIP, Bart a drink, Jenna made her way toward Councilman McKenna. She told the Councilman to get between the channel markers. He told her that he had it. Councilman McKenna spoke through his locked smile.

Suddenly, they hit a sandbar. It jarred the boat violently. All people aboard asking each other if they were all right. She told him between the markers! Jenna snapped. He told her that he did, but they were off. Jenna was angry and remarked that was why he hit a sandbar. She added on snapping that he was an idiot!  One of the VIP's told Jenna that they were not moving. He added that it wasn't normal. She said tht she knew that. Jenna feigned her smile for Bart and the other rich people aboard. She pushed Councilman McKenna away from the wheel. She told them all that she had it under control. Councilman McKenna re-enforced her words.

Jenna tried to steer the Scarab out of the sandbar, but could not. This caused another violent jar. Embarrassed, she and the Councilman laughed. "I'm so sorry, you guys." She apologized. "I've got it under control. I'm gonna call my Team.  They're the best." Jenna held up her radio to show the rich group that she was about to call for help. Councilman McKenna added in defense that she would call her team and they would be here in no time. Jenna made matters worse by saying, "And what a great opportunity to see our lifeguards in action, huh? O.K.," Jenna said lowly to the Councilman. He told her not to over-exaggerate. Just talk.  Jenna proceeded to call Brian. "Hey Brian, this is Jenna. I've got a situation."

Brian listened as she went on. "I need a pickup. The boat's been grounded." She continued. Brian assured her that they would send someone right down. Braian stated that it was a great time because of the Scarab. Jenna informed him that they were on the new Scarab. Jenna had to admit it in embarrassment. Brian told her that he would check to see if Sean could handle it. "No! No, don't do that!" Jenna said in protest. "What about the new Jet Skis?" Brian told her that he would check. She had to hold on. Let me check.  He checked with Sean to see if he could handle it anyway...and for a chance to get back at Jenna. "Hey Sean! Jenna's grounded her Scarab. They have a few broken egos. Do you want the rescue?"

At the hospital, going down the hall, Sean's day suddenly brightened. Oh man! Yes, he wanted the rescue. He thanked him. Brian got back to Jenna. He lied and told Jenna that the Jet Skis had to be taken apart. Mandatory maintenance. He would relay Sean. He quickly click off before she could comment. Jenna's face displayed defeat and embarrassment. This would have to happen just after she taunted Sean about things going her way. Now she had to see things go Sean's way. She hid her feelings and feigned control. Jenna reported back to Council McKenna. "Well?" He asked.

Jenna had a hard time getting the words out of her mouth. Her lips moved several times before something actually came out. "They're sending Monroe to pick us up." She told McKenna. He asked what happened to the new Scarab? He demanded. She told him that they were on it! She walked away from him angrily. Bart looked at them suspiciously. The Councilman managed to fake a smile. He kept telling them that everything was fine! Fine! Sean was already on it! He filled Leigh in! He had news that brightened her day. Jenna needed their help!

Leigh's face suddenly lit up! You're kidding! He ensured her that he was not.  They were going to have a little fun with her. Leigh was to meet him at the dock in five. Meanwhile, Councilman McKenna was out of the boat on the sandbar. Jenna was not pleased. She ordered him to get back in the boat! The Councilman told her to hit the throttle! That she needed to shut up! She told him that he looked ridiculous! This was not going to work! They were stuck! They only had one engine left! 

He snapped that he was not the one in the red suit doing squat! She was the lifeguard! Call somebody!

She did! She snapped back. Just throttle! He ordered. Jenna reluctantly and angrily went behind the wheel. Councilman McKenna push while she pulled the throttle. The boat suddenly went back a bit causing Councilman McKenna to fall into the messiness of the sandbar. No other member of the group noticed the other Scarab in the background. Leigh and Sean looked on, enjoying the moment. They shared a pair of binoculars. They didnt notice them. They were all looking at McKenna. He was in the water! Leigh peered through the binoculars and then passing them on to Sean. They laughed. "All right, let's get this party going!" Sean said, putting the binoculars on the shelf above the dashboard. "Sounds good to me!"  Leigh said. The Councilman got up. "I think I broke my arm!" Bart exclaimed that he saw something in the water! Was that a shadow? 

Jenna was extremely angry because Councilman McKenna did more damage to the boat. She had words for him. That he broke her boat! He broke his shoulder! He was on a roll! For him to think that for a second that she was going to pay for this! He brought them out, he would have to pay the absorb dent! He wondered if she could be of any help than just running off at the mouth? She told the Councilman that she was darned good at her job, not backing down! 

"Oh, you're damned right! But it ain't at lifeguarding!" Council McKenna fired back, indicating their sexual relationship and that it was the ONLY reason why she had as much power as she did. If they had not been in an intimate relationship, she would not so much as dare to speak to him in this manner. She would have been fired on the spot and replaced. Their argument was interrupted as the boat was jarred. Some of the people fell out of the Scarab. Jenna quickly grabbed her yellow rescue tube and swam out to them. "Just hang on, Bart!"  Jenna said.

"I saw a shadow!  Something moving!"  Bart said. Jenna calmed him down by stating that it was a turtle. When asked if they bite, she told him no. Everything was going to be fine. Meanwhile on the Scarab II, Sean was preparing to dive off and was giving instructions to Leigh. "O.K., Give me five...then drop it." "Have a nice swim," Leigh said. Sean dived in with the chain tow line. Jenna was trying to get the others on board the broken Scarab. She offered the tube. Bart told her that he would rather take his chances. He thought that the two of them were crazy. Jenna insisted that he take the tube. Although Bart was frustrated, he finally gave in. You too, she had said to the woman. After they had a firm grip, Jenna proceeded to swim them in. Sean placed the loop of the line on the boat. He then walked over toward Councilman McKenna. The Councilman did not see or hear Sean. "HELL OF A FUNDRAISER!" Sean yelled. This startled the Councilman and he fell down on the sandbar. Sean laughed.

The Scarab moved off the sandbar as Leigh towed while steering. He radioed Leigh and told her that they were off loft now. They were off the sandbar. He needed to check on their guests. Leigh read him loud and clear! Sean was now before both Councilman McKenna and Jenna!  He stepped up to the embarrassed Jenna. "Everyone O.K.?" He asked. She told him that they were fine. The two were completely humiliated to have Sean Monroe come in to rescue them-and see added disaster! Sean then addressed the crowd. "O.K., folks. It's basically a fifteen minute tow-in. When we hit The Training Center, we have towels and hot coffee for you. I suggest you take us up on the offer when we head home."

Sean walked toward Jenna and the Councilman. "If you have any problems, you radio me on the Scarab II." He said to Jenna. And then he informed her. "Oh, and Jenna! The insurance cleared on the Scarab! Its all yours!" Sean then looked at the Councilman and added, "McKenna."

When he left the two, Councilman McKenna gave Jenna a super angry expression. She felt a bit defeated at that moment. Jenna took a deep breath and faced the crowd. They sure didn't look very friendly! She walked uncomfortably toward them. "Everybody, I'm terribly sorry for this inconvenience." She said with an uneasy smile. They continued to stare angrily at her. Bart snapped, telling her what a mess this was. The smile disappeared from Jenna's face.

Zack took a Gameboy from his vendor friend. Man, you are so toast, I am the Billy The Kidd of the Gameboy! He then started wandering off away from him while playing with it. Sean quietly walked up behind him. "You becoming a bona fide beach boy?" He asked. It startled Zack. "I...uh...I was just checkin out the locals." Zack lied. "You know, spot them on the beach. Zack," Sean said. "Sean," Zack said interrupting him. "Look-the other day...!" Sean told him to ZIP IT! "I still think what you did was irresponsible, stupid and dangerous, but it was also brave. And I'm thinkin that a do-over is what we both need!" Zack was happy. I won't let you down! This is my dream! Being on your team is..."

Sean just said, "Please! Group, unit....uhhh...squad. Family!" After Sean left, Zack threw the Gameboy back to his friend to exclaim, "Playing down the six-shooter for the perils of real danger!" Meanwhile, Kekoa was shaving J.D.'s face. He asked Kekoa if she was O.K. She didn't have to be. The rescue did a number in his head too. There was no answer to his questions. She continued shaving his face. He asked her what was going on? "There's no deal!"  She said while placing the shaver in water to rinse it. She then put it down.

J.D. wiped the rest of the shaving cream off of his face! "You can't even look at me and you're sitting right in front of me!" He said. "Are you uncomfortable with the friends thing? I mean between us. I know you know how I feel and that I want something more from us, but I know you don't." He rattled on. "I don't even know what I'm saying. I don't want you to be uncomfortable...but that's exactly what I've succeeded in doing. You wanna be friends..." He said. She cut him off. "Shut up, J.D.!"  Kekoa said softly, placing her hands on the sides of his face to kiss him.  She took Leigh's advice and went for it. J.D. got the answers he was looking for.

At The Tropics Bar, Sean spotted Jenna as she sipped her alcoholic beverage.  He couldn't resist teasing. "Jenna all dry?" He said. "Your humor slays me, Sean." Jenna said stiffly. "Listen, I wanted to apologize." Sean said. "Oh wait! Now this I need to pay attention to." Jenna said turning to face him. She had picked up her drink to stir it with the straw. "The way I handled the rescue with you and McKenna." Sean said. "I had a little fun at your expense and...uh...well, I hope it didn't cause you any trouble." She informed him nothing that she couldn't handle! She pasted on her usual smile. "I'm glad," He said. "Yeah!" She said.

"You know," Sean began. "Those out of port motors...gonna cost a fortune. A king's ransom!"  She insisted, but did not seem to be bothered about it at all. "You know Sean, I have an apology to make to you." "Hmmmmm?" He asked. It seems the transfer papers for the Scarab never made it to the insurance company. They got lost or something." Her eyes shifted away uncomfortably. Sean's face froze. There was silence before he spoke. "What are you talking about?" The news kicked in hard. "The Scarab is still insured under your name."  She informed him. Sean was shocked and silent. "Bummer!"  She said. "They've got to have copies or something..." Sean said.

"No, actually they don't! It seems someone must have shredded them or something." She said in that fake voice. "Ooooops!" There was a short silence before she went on. "And because of the wonderful show you put on, our party was a huge success. "We got our money." With that said, she got up and left in triumph. Things had returned as they had been in the beginning. Things going Jenna's way and Sean's day in havoc. When the bartender showed, Sean asked him, "What do you think of do-overs?" The bartender was absolutely clueless.

With a rainbow in the background, Zack walked along the beach. The dream girl showed. She thanked for waiting. He said that she was dream. All his life he had never this would be his story. She deserved a guy who was going to give her 150%! A guy who knew that the world revolved around her. And for a couple of days, he was that guy. She nodded, giving him that knowing look. She knew that he was going back to lifeguarding. And back to his dream. It was all he ever wanted. And Sean's giving him a second chance. And he had to go for it. And as much as it was killing him, he couldn't do this. She told him that he was a catch. He was honest, and that said it all. She had her say before turning to go toward the ocean. Part of the way, she looked over her shoulder and said, "That doesn't mean we can't have one more night, does it?" They ran down the beach to disappear into the distance. 

In this episode, we got to see and learn more about Zack. And I must admit after watching, that I thought he got off much too easy. He should have remained punished over a few episodes. It would have made for a more interesting series. Trying to earn his way back, instead of having things handed to him on a silver platter.

It would have given him a realistic view of the world. A reward is like trust or respect, you have to earn it. It is not something given to you automatically. He is totally dishonest and he tries manipulation to get people to see things his way. You would have to figure what is going on in the heads of the writers. They seemed charmed to write about someone that can esily be dismissed by most Baywatch fans. Most women are attracted to champions, like Mitch Buchannon. 

As for J.D., he was in his hospital bed and still defending Zack. Was something jarred loose or what? J.D. finally got the girl. Jenna had her happy ending, but left without Sean. Jenna's skills have rusted tremendously. That was displayed last season. She got this job by having intimate relations with the Councilman. It is what Sean suspects anyway. 

I gave the story 3 rescue cans. The story was funny as mentioned above. This second season is finally coming together.  My Score: 3 Rescue Cans 

Next Review: The Cage  

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