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The Cage 8
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****Sharkey's Review****
The Cage
8th Episode/11th Season (2000-2001)
Date Aired: 11/26/2000    Encore: 12/03/2000
Week of: 11/20/2000 - 11/26/2000 
My Score: 2 Rescue Cans
This Week's Quote: "You in this just for the recognition? Maybe you shouldn't be wearing that red suit!"
                                             -Essie Jackson, the lei vendor (wife of lifeguard legend Santa Monica Max Jackson), to Jason Ioane (Jason Momoa).
5 Rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)

Sean, J.D. and Kekoa were gathering the markers after the marathon they oversaw. J.D. joined Kekoa taking in the line. They all talked about how amazing the athletes were. And how with so many in the water elbowing and shoving that no one was hurt. A two mile swim, twenty-six mile run and a one hundred and twenty on the bike. And J.D. even commented that they didn't take a break for the bathroom! Sean told them that they had to get the markers back to Race Headquarters. While Sean's back was turned, J.D. and Kekoa got super chummy. Instead of leaving their love life at home where it should be while working as professionals, they kept snuggling. They got too engrossed in personal romantic affairs. J.D. sat so close to Kekoa that they seemed welded together.

I've got a date already! Kekoa teased J.D. while pushing her hair back. Saying that she had a date already. J.D asked with who? She told him that it was no one he knew. He was tall, dark...handsome. He didn't resort to the bathroom fever. J.D. told her that it sounded boring. Try him instead. He had an account room at The Turtle Bay Hotel. After more chattering while watching Sean and keeping their voices down, J.D. quickly sneaks in a kiss.

Meanwhile, not that far away, there was a large blue fishing vessel named The Lokelani with a large cage on the rear, in the ocean. It is in the vicinity of two divers. The Captain of the boat was a grungy, grumpy man. His crewman was a slim young boy. The Captain growled, telling the boy to put some "spit" into it! That cage is their bread and butter! The young crewman asked the Captain what he wanted him to do with the rest of the chum. He pointed to the bucket. The old man told him to dump it overboard! The boy questioned this and reminded the man that they were close to shore. He knew what the result would be if he threw the chum into the water close to where people were swimming. The Captain growled that he didn't care if he dumped it or ate it. Just get it off his boat! The grumpy old man just didn't care to see past his own nose. The young boy did as he was told and picked up the bucketful of chum. He began pouring it overboard. The two divers had surfaced in the foreground.

Meanwhile, the Scarab makes its way toward shore. J.D. standing next to Sean, looked through a pair of binoculars. "Sean, check out the divers at 9:00!" The divers were being attacked and they were screaming for help. The one diver was holding onto the other now unconscious diver. It was apparent that the chum dumped into the water had attracted some sharks. Sean looked through to see one of the divers waving frantically for help. "Help! Over here!" The diver kept yelling. Sean realized that something was wrong. They quickly got to the divers to hear the cries for help a lot better. "Please! Please, help us!" As they got closer, Kekoa said, "There's blood!"

J.D. looked out at the ocean and then at Kekoa. He picked up the radio. He contacted emergency. He told them that they had an injured diver in the water. They needed the paramedics now. After the call, Sean yelled out to the diver to stay calm. They wree coming to them. "Shark!" Kekoa yelled, noticing them swimming under the boat. To keep the sharks at bay, Sean threw out the rescue tube and held onto the other end. "Grab on to the end of the tube! I'll pull you over!" Sean ordered. "Slowly! Slowly! You don't wanna bring the shark to you!" In trying to hold onto the tube, the diver lost his grip on his friend. "Hold onto your friend!" Kekoa yelled.

J.D. jumped in to get the injured diver. Kekoa, not acting on the level of a professional lifeguard was overly concerned for J.D. and forgot everything else. "J.D.!" She screamed. She tried to go into the water after him. Sean had to stop her from going in. After the restraint gave her orders, "Just keep an eye on the shark!" He then jumped in as the tow did not go well. As J.D. swam the injured diver in, Kekoa panicked and went toward the other side of the boat to pound on it. This sent vibrations into the water that confused the shark. J.D. was getting the man up while Kekoa, still concerned, yelled out to him. "Get him out of the water!" She didn't have any relief until J.D. was safely on board.

When they were all aboard, Kekoa checked the victims vitals. There was no pulse, no breathing. They begin CPR. Sean held up the victim's bloody leg, which had been torn open during the shark attack. "I've got a major artery severed. I need compression now! It's bleeding out!" Sean yelled. J.D. brought it over and had the radio again to call for paramedics to be ready for the victim. "We had a shark attack! One man down! Bleeding! Possible shark. Back at Baywatch Headquarters. EPA five minutes! Have paramedics waiting at the dock!"

J.D. started to help Sean. But Sean had a clear head and saw the urgency to get the victim to the paramedics. "Get out of here, now! Lets go!" He ordered. J.D. got behind the wheel to get the Scarab to the dock. When the victim was loaded into the ambulance, Sean needed to speak with J.D. He told Kekoa that they needed a second witness to the accident report. If she could please take care of that. She did go..reluctantly, looking at J.D. While Kekoa was taking care of what he asked, Sean started in on J.D. "What happened out there?" Sean asked. "The guy was drowning. He wasn't gonna make it." J.D. explained his actions. Sean asked, "You thought I was gonna leave him there? I was gonna put on a mask, see where the shark was and go from there." Sean told him.

"I don't know what to say. I had this feeling. That feeling was to save him. I made the call." J.D. said. Sean told him that it wasn't his call to make. Incident command, that's him! What he did was make the situation worse by putting other lifeguards at risk! He told J.D. to come on, man. This was basic training. He was not a trainee. Sean said, scolding him. "You know better than that!" J.D told Sean that he was sorry. It wouldn't happen again. Kekoa walked over and added, "I dont get it." She came to the defense of J.D. "Shark attacks are rare. Even without their natural food source. They don't attack unless they're provoked." Sean had a feeling that this wasn't an accident. He was going to talk to the divers to see what was going on. 

J.D. told Sean that it wasn't their turf. Maybe they should let the authorities handle it. Sean, who had a passion for solving crimes while telling everyone else that they could not stated that they were already involved. They were the first on the scene. They had to see it through. With that said, Sean went over to the unharmed diver. He needed some details. Sean told the unharmed diver that the victim lost a lot of blood. But he thought that they would be able to save the leg. The diver was still shaken and told Sean that he couldn't thank them enough. If they hadn't shown up they did, they would have been goners. Sean was glad they got there in time. He wanted to ask him some questions about what happened if he felt up to it. The diver said sure.

Sean stated that he noticed some chum on the surface when they arrived. He question the diver if they were using bait to attract sharks. The diver told Sean, was he kidding? No way! It was a peaceful ocean dive. They were just checking things out. That shark just came out of nowhere! Sean then asked if he saw  anything unusual...or any boats, or anything unusual at all. The diver did recall seeing a boat. It was carrying this weird cage on the back of it. When asked if he caught the name of the boat, the diver said that everything happened too fast. Sean sighed and told him to tell Pete, the other diver, that he would be by later to check on him. 

On the beach, Jason carried in a victim who was having trouble breathing. "Out of the way! Out of the way!" He ordered. He managed to get him onto the sand. A crowd gathered. A chubby man with glasses came through the crowd. "What happened? He asked. Did he drown?" Jason just ignored him answered, "Please stand back! Let me do my job!" The man seemed to think that he was a lifeguard. He kept asking questions, but his young son tried to hold him back. "Dad!" He said. "Get out of the way!" Jason looked around. He got up and headed up the beach. "Hey!" The man said, looking at Jason go. "Don't be afraid!" He thought that Jason abandoned the victim. He said that he would take over. With his way of doing CPR, he positioned himself and hit the victim's chest hard with his fist. "Clear!" He yelled. Meanwhile, Jason had located the victim's blanket and back pack. He emptied its contents and picked up an inhaler. He raced back to the victim. On the way, Jason could see what the man was doing.

"What are you doing?" Jason yelled. The man told him it was called CPR! He  learned it. "Get back!" Jason ordered. "Is this yours?" Jason asked the victim while holding it up for him to see. The victim nodded. While Jason got the inhaler to the victim's mouth, he explained. "He's asthmatic! He's breathing. He's gonna be fine, O.K.?" The man was amazed. "How did you know that? You some sort of psychic genius?" He asked. Jason just gave a quick explaination. "He passed me a few minutes ago. I heard him wheezing. He's a guest at The Hawaiian village. All you have to do was find the right towel." Jason said. The man stood up and said, "Well, listen. I'm just glad to help any way I could." Jason wasn't please and was hoping that the man would go away. "Right thought, wrong action!" Jason said. "You give CPR to someone who doesn't need it, you can do more harm than good." Jason warned, looking up at him. "You give chest compressions in the wrong place, you can break his clavicle and puncture his heart."

His son Noah was both disappointed and disgusted. He told him nice going. He almost killed someone! He walked away. Jason told the man not to worry about it. He and the man did their own handshake. "Thanks man!" The man said. "All right," Jason said. Jason watched as the man caught up with his son and tried to place his arm around the boy's shoulders. Noah shoved it off. The lei stand vendor waved at Jason. He waved back. His attention then returned to the victim, dropping to his knees. Jason asked him if he was all right. The victim nodded.

Sean went over to the dock to find the boat responsible for the shark attack. He stepped aboard the only fishing boat docked. "Hello?" He yelled. The boat seemed to be empty. There was no answer. He walked toward the cabin. "Hello!" He repeated. With no answer, he turned to go, but noticed the cage on the rear of the small boat. Sean started to examine it.

"Intimidating, isnt it?" Said the Captain, who had been below deck. "I had it made with an extra large opening, so when I lower you down with the sharks, you'd get right in the thick of their feeding frenzies and feel those razor sharp teeth gnawing next to you." Sean told him that it sounds dangerous. "If it wasn't dangerous, it wouldn't be worth it, would it?" The Captain said. "I'm Captain Blake. How about it?" He stepped forward to extend his hand for Sean to shake. He wanted Sean to work for him. "I got an opening tomorrow. Take you into the bona fide tiger shark nursing round. Up close and personal with "Jaws" and all of his friends." Sean shook his head. "Naw. Thanks though." He said.

"What are you worried about? I've got everything you need on board." Captain Blake assured him. "Wetsuits, air tanks, spear guns...I can even certify it on the way out if you want to make it official." "What about bait?" Asked Sean. The man's face brightened. "Now youre talking!" Captain Blake said. "I've got the best chum in all the Islands!" He picked up a yellow bucket of the stuff for Sean to see. "I make it myself. It makes the sharks crazy!" Sean continued witht he questioning, "You didnt happen to dump some of that overboard earlier did you?" The Captain's friendly demeanor suddenly took on a violent turn. "You a cop?" Sean told him no, that he was just one of the lifeguards who rescued the divers from the shark attack this morning. 

"A lifeguard? No kidding!" Captain Blake said, reaching back to grab a hook. He threatened Sean. "If you wanna take a ride its 200 bucks. Otherwise, get the hell off my boat!" Sean wasn't intimidated as Captain Blake would soon see. He gave the man that knowing expression. He knew that the man was responsible for the shark attack. He had no choice but to get off the boat or it was trespassing. This wasn't the last Captain Blake saw of him. At one of the vendor tents for a triathlon banquet sign-up, Sean took out his cell phone to make a call. J.D. and Kekoa were with him. "Hi, this is Captain Sean Monroe from Baywatch Hawaii. I need you to put me through to the Harbor Master."

While Sean's back was to them, Kekoa pulled on J.D.'s arm telling him to come with her. Sean didn't notice them at all. He told the person on the phone that it was urgent. It was about a shark attack. Kekoa lead J.D. through brush and an isolated spot where they could not be seen. When the two were alone, they kissed madly. When they finally managed to stop, Kekoa said that she had been wanting to do that all day long. "I...I...," J.D. said, continuing to kiss her. Between kisses, Kekoa told J.D if he could just tell Sean that he wanted his own room.  Just tell him that he snores or something? J.D. told her that he tried. Sean snores too! J.D. said. He would tell him that he sleepwalks. "Well be quick! Quick!" Kekoa said. "J.D., this isn't the cab of your truck. Those are king sized beds upstairs. I wanna wear em out."

J.D. advised her that he didn't think that now was the time to go public. They kissed. J.D. kissing her neck. She asked him that Sean wanted them to be happy, didn't he? J.D. told her not this happy. Kekoa told him that she didn't know if she could can stand it. Knowing he was next door to her and not being able to touch him. They then continued to kiss.

In a tower, Al who gave Jason problems earlier, called himself guarding the beach. Jason drove up in his Lifeguard truck, stunned. He got out and looked up. Jason asked the man if he was keeping his seat warm. Al told him that he was just checking out his view of the world. He took off his sunglasses. Did he remember him? Jason said how could he forget? He warned Al not to go up there again. Al brought up how Jason kept saying stay prepared for an emergency. The only way to really be prepared is experience, so he thought he'd hang out with him for a few days. "Uh-huh." Jason said in a humoring tone. Al continued. He noticed a lot of people out there, a lot of swimmers with those flags up. Also, a lot of the vendors. They were in their way. He then pointed to the Lei stand. "Like that lady standing over there."

Jason couldn't believe he said that. "That's Essie Jackson, wife of Santa Monica Max Jackson. The greatest Lifeguard on earth?" Jason hoped that it would ring a bell for him. Al just stood there. It was as if Jason had never spoken. Al continued stating that he thought that she should move back a few feet. Jason was already fed up with Al. He got his board off the truck and carried it toward the tower. Trying to humor Al, he told him that he would take care of it as soon as I open my tower. Al wanted to help. Jason informed Al that they had a  lifesaving program for swimming. Once a The Training Center. He should check it out there-next month. Al noted that it was great for beginners, but not for him. He spotted a child and raised the speaker phone. "Hey kid! Get off those rocks!" He ordered. Jason asked him what was he doing. He took it away from Al. Didn't he have a kid of his own?

He told him yes and that was the reason why he was there. He only saw him a couple a weeks a year because of a messy divorce. He told Jason that he was great kid. A kid can't grow up right without a father, that's for sure. Al rattled on and finally told Jason about his plans. He had to take Noah up to Honolulu Bay. They were gonna do a little surfing. They would only only going to be a couple of hours. Maybe he should go look for him right now? Jason thought that it was a good idea. With that, Al told him that it was good hanging out with him. He went on his merry way.

Meanwhile, Sean had his share of problems in trying to get the Harbor Master to listen. "Look, all I'm saying is you've got a real problem on your hands. Sean said. "Now this Blake crackpot is an accident waiting to happen! it's a matter of time before people die."

The Harbor Master just kept walking, his face ahead. As far as he was concerned, Sean was wasting his time. That shark attack was an isolated incident. He wasn't about to close the beaches and cause a panic-especially for a pushy lifeguard. Sean told him to guess what? "This pushy lifeguard is gonna keep pushing until you do your job." Sean warned him. "I've got a guy in the hospital with half his leg chewed off! I've got a lunatic on the water causing shark problems. So what are you gonna do about it Reeves?" The man just told him that if they had a problem, he would handle it. 

"Surprise me!" Sean said. "Handle it! Or are you just willing to side arm him to impress the ladies?" Reeves told him that he had a task force looking into it right now. He advised Sean to go back to his little tower and he would be sure to call him whenever anyone needed a swimming lesson. Reeves then walked away angrily.

Leaning against the Lifeguard Truck and looking at the ocean through a pair of binoculars, Jason saw that Al and his son Noah were coming his way. "Hey, partner!" Al yelled. Jason grimaced. "Oooooh!"

Al and Noah stopped before him. He found that the surfing trip was awful. As Al explained, there were wall to wall people. Some of them couldn't even tread water. You couldn't see the bottom of the ocean. They were bumping into each other. They could have used him out there. Little Noah was embarrassed and fidgeting.  Al told Jason that he was going to go eat his food and then see him at the tower.  Jason just humored the man in front of Noah. The two went along to eat their food, but on the way, Al tripped over someone, spilling the food and drink as well as the beach chair. After Noah asked Al if he was O.K., he was totally embarrassed and told him off. He walked away.

Annie, the woman at the lei stand saw what was going on and sympathized with Al. Jason got out of the truck. They watched as Al finished picking up the food and then his beach chair. He left with his spirit broken. Jason then sat in the truck facing the woman as she made her way over to him. Jason told her that he had been following him around all day. Jason kept complaining, having only criticism for the man. She told him that Al was harmless. He was just trying to look good in front of the little one. Didn't he know a victim when you see one? The man needs a break! Life is tuff! Things don't always turn out the way you want them to. 

But Jason kept his same opinion with no sympathy, so the woman continued. "Let me tell you something, and don't get me in trouble with my Max. His Dad's been in heaven a long time now. And Max didn't talk to his Dad ten years because he thought his Dad was no good. If you listen to me, there is nothing he regrets more in his life than Max." Jason's face indicated that he did not like getting told off. But he was listening and kept silent. "So you let that guy's Dad tag along. You in this just for the recognition? Maybe you shouldn't be wearing that red suit." With that well said, she walked away. Jason started to have second thoughts, feeling guilty for once in his life.

Seeing Sean before them, J.D. and Kekoa got out of the Lifeguard Truck. J.D. didn't waste any time reporting to Sean. He wasn't going to believe it, but Blake's fishing license expired six months ago. That was enough to shut him down, right there! 

There was only one problem. Captain Blake was not fishing. He ran his operation as an eagle tour. Just then, Captain Blakes' voice came out of nowhere. He was just doing his part to save the environment. Fishing wasn't what it used to be. You can fish, tour seasons, or both. Competition out there was intense. Sometimes it falls off. He was forced to get creative just to make a living. Sean told the man to spare them the rash. This was HIS boat. The man told him that it was real pretty too! Yellow! Perfect color for him. Sean had to laugh, as did J.D. and Kekoa. Sean asked him what he wanted. The  Captain was angry, "I've heard all the noise you've been making downtown trying to get me to shut down." Captain Blake said. He was now standing before Sean. "You crossed the line. Almost got two kids killed. Time to close up shop." Sean said sternly.

"If I were you, lifeguard. I would think real hard about my next move...or you just might end up swimming in a pool of chum surrounded by man eaters." Captain Blake threatened. Sean wasn't intimidated and smiled. Blake was still furious as he walked away. J.D. and Kekoa stopped smiling, looking at the angry man as he walked past them. "Pool of chum," Sean said to himself. "Just put the Harbor Master on the phone, please." Sean said. "I realize we already spoke. Look, just tell him that I'm not hanging up 'till you get him on the line. Fine, fine. I'll hold."

J.D. mentioned that he has never seen Sean this way-so single minded. Brian Keaulana should be here any moment. Kekoa didn't get it. If they couldn't get anywhere with the Harbor Patrol, what was Brian going to do? "I'll tell you what he's not gonna do. He's not gonna go out there killing sharks." Kekoa said angrily. "Because it's not gonna solve anything." Giving J.D. a hostile expression. "I'm not saying it's right, but it's a natural reaction. People are scared. They want to be safe." J.D. said. "They want the beaches safe."

"There are families here on the Kula of shark. They talk about killing their family, body and spirit." She snapped. "Easy, Ke! You're really fired up." He said. "I'm not kidding around, J.D.!" She said, as if J.D. was to blame. "This is big!" J.D. just nodded. He didn't really share her concern for sharks, but he had never challenged her. 99% of the population didn't either! "At least Sean realizes that he needs help and he's gonna get it done right". She said. He just kept staring at her. "Stop staring at me like that." She said. "Like what?" He asked.

"Like that." She said. They both laughed at each other and stole in a quick kiss while Sean's back was turned. Brian just showed up just as Sean was getting off his cell phone. "I hope you got me one of those." Brian said of Sean's burger.

"Oh, hi Brian. Thanks for coming." Sean said. "Here, take this one." Sean didn't catch Brian's joke of the burger, as he really did not want it. They were going to meet Buffalo. Sean told J.D. and Kekoa to come along. "How did he get the name Buffalo?" Sean asked. "My family have always been ocean people." Brian said. "My father spent most of his time in the ocean. My grandmother used to say he's so much like a water buffalo. His friends heard it and it kind of stuck." Kekoa added that "Brian's father is Kahuna." 

"That's Hawaiian for Chief of Police." Sean said. "It means well respected teacher of the water. He's got a lot of weight on this island. People listen to him. It's just what we need to get Blake off the water." They greet the Buffalo with hugs. "Al Makua is not a hunter and Al Makua is not an evil spirit." The Buffalo said. "He's here for a reason." Brian said. "I understand you want me to understand Al Makua and his beliefs." Sean said. "But a man's legs been mangled. Do you know what Munna is?" He asked. "Munna is everywhere. Munna is here and in here. Munna makes us strong. I do my part. Make sure I set the balance." The Buffalo said. "I used to believe in that sort of thing, but my son died." Sean said. Buffalo also revealed J.D. and Kekoa's relationship. This didn't please Sean. He had too many problems with J.D. and Jessie before this relationship. Brian hoped that Sean would heed the word of his father. 

Well, the next day, Captain Blake was at it again. He caught a tiger shark. It wasn't the one that was involved in the attack. Sean tried to tell the crowd this, but Blake tried to get business up. Captain Blake's  assistant was angry and quit immediately. Sean could only watch as the man as he rode off with several tourists. Sean tried to follow him, but the Scarab stalled. He then called Brian, J.D. and Kekoa. With their help he managed to chase after the boat. 

Meanwhile, Captain Blake started to lower tourist into the water. He strted putting in the chum, but he trips and hits the winch holding the cage. This caused it to fall to the bottom of the ocean. He fell into the water and then started swimming after his boat, ignoring the warnings of J.D. and Sean. Sean tried to use the anchor to bring the cage up, but it would not catch on. One of them had to go down to hook it. J.D and Kekoa fought over who was to go down to do it. This is what Sean was afraid of. Their romantic envolvement. It causes problems with their job. Sean went down himself while J.D. and Kekoa moved over to Captain Blake's boat to try and devert the shark. To do this, they put chum in the water. Blake refused to help. He got attack by sharks and was killed. Sean was able to attach the anchor. Using the wench, was able to pull the cage and tourist up to safety. 

Once back on shore, Sean was angry over what happened out there. Sean told J.D. to choose between Kekoa and The Team. J.D. was upset and saw another option. He said that he could go and work for Brian. Brian had a talk with Sean and told him to trust his friend. Sean saw what he was saying and finally apologizes to J.D. and Kekoa.  

In an instance, Sean is right. Fighting over who would go down because sharks were in the water! With people in danger, you can't be protective over someone who you have romantic ties with just because you work with them! Here, people were in danger at the bottom of the ocean while Kekoa was worried about J.D. going into the water. They were lifeguards, for goodness sake! It shouldn't matter who went down. They had to get these people out of the water. They knew the risk of the job when they took it. They could go on a rescue and not come back.

But Sean was wrong in reasoning that he could make J.D. choose between someone who he was in love with and The Team. It was unreasonable. They just should not be sent out on the same assignments together. Because while they are on the same rescues, they will he nothing more than a hinderance. It was good to see that "The Iceberg" finally came around to apologize. Brian here, was the voice of reason.  My Score: 2 Rescue Cans

Next Review: Ben 


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