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Dead Reckoning 20
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****Sharkey's Review****
Dead Reckoning
20th Episode/11th Season (2000-2001)
Date Aired: 04/01/2001   Encore: 04/07/2001
Week of: 03/26/2001 - 04/01/2001 
My Score: 2 Rescue Cans
This Week's Quote: "A problem is a chance for you to do your best."
                                             -Duke Ellington
5 Rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)

Sean, Jason and Zack were headed to the big Island to participate in The Showdown 2001, a 12 mile course of natural obstacles. Leigh was in charge of supervisory duties while Sean was away. J.D. was tending to Kekoa, who had come down with the flu. Forutnately, J.D. had an iron constitution, despite the fact that he didn't have his annual flu shot. Jason had always wanted to participate in The Showdown 2001, and this was going to be his big chance. However, as part of their sponsorship by Trail Tracker magazine, they need to take along a reporter who will participate. It turned out to be none other than Jessie Owens. This was her big chance to change her career and make something of herself. Sean reminded her that The Team would be playing by all the rules, and there will be no exceptions made to help sell her story. Jessie is agreeable to these terms. She, though, has already chosen who her partner will be. She chose Jason. He was not happy with this. He still was holding a grudge based on the way she behaved toward J.D. She lied about Luke being his child and trying to break up his relationship with Kekoa. While trying to prover herself not only to Jason, but to make the story better, Jessie refused to be tied together with Jason. Because of this, and their somewhat confrontational manner, Jessie almost fell into the crevice. While trying to pull herself back up, Jason sprained his ankle. He tries to hide the fact that this has happened, but Jessie, then Sean eventually catch on. Sean insist they quit the race-he is not going to run a big risk just to win a trophy. Jessie tries to concince Jason and Zack to continue with the race, and for a moment she was winning. Then Sean pulls out heavy artillery. If they don't give up, they will no longer be part of his Training Center. That cuts it, and they agree to go back. Jessie is horribly disappointed and threatens to blame Sean in her article for not finishing the race. She explains to him how important the race is to her future. But, Sean held his ground. The Texas team, which had been razzing Jason earlier, have gotten into trouble in the rapids. Everyone put aside their bad feelings and jump in to save them. Even Jessie was able to bring some of the burly Texans to shore. Zack, Sean and Jason prove their heroism. At the end of the day, Jessie realized that Sean was correct about teamwork and priorities. She also had an even better story. The tale of a daring rescue during Showdown 2001.

Meanwhile back in Haleiwa, Leigh is having a rough day. First of all because of the food poisoning, she is short handed. She must take on one of the crowded beaches herself. She placed a call to Brian, but they too are shorhanded because of the sudden outburst of the flu. In desperation, she placed a call to Jenna. Deke once again started making passes at Leigh. Suddenly, Jenna came up behind her, dressed in her bathing suit. She pretended as if she and Leigh were lovers. Deke got the message and quickly moved away. Leigh wondered why Jenna had shown up. Jenna told her that she was there to help. She was a lifeguard before she was a City Council Woman. Leigh admitted that she was right, but she was still suspicious that Jenna had ulterior motives. During the course of the afternoon, they got to know each other better. Jenna revealed some of her vulnerabilities and Leigh found herself actually opening up to her.

Deke rents a sufboard and of course, wipes out. The two women rush into the surf and in a combined effort, bring him to shore and safety. Not to be undone, he immediately asked the two of them for a date-together. Sean, Zack and Jason posed for photos. Sean asked Leigh how things went. She claimed that everything went fine. No trouble at all. He offered to take her out to dinner. Leigh told him that she already had a date: Jenna. Sean just looked on in confusion as the two women walk off together.  My Score: 2 Rescue Cans

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