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Rescue Me 22
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****Sharkey's Review****
Rescue Me
 22nd Episode/11th Season (2000-2001)
Date Aired: 04/15/2001   Encore: 04/21/01
Week of: 04/09/2001 - 04/15/2001 
My Score: 2 Rescue Cans
This Week's Quote: "You get what you get when you go for it!"
                                            -Barry Manilow (from his 1978 song: Ready To Take A Chance Again).
5 Rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)
Rescue Me marked the final episode of the series for Baywatch Hawaii. It was pretty much expected among all longtime Baywatch fans. It had been a pretty hard adjustment for viewers to get used to the Hawaiian Training Center theme. Many realized that it was a completely different show and left. But for those who stayed to the end, I really think that the soap format sealed the show's fate for good. It was like watching a different series simply because it was a different series. There were similarities though. The Baywatch Hawaii Training Center offered some of the very same services that its original Baywatch counterpart offered on a compact level. Or any other unit for that matter. All lifeguarding branches train their new lifeguards to guard the sand and surf.
Well, I must admit that it didn't go out with a bang. The ending wasn't perfect either, but the writers did ensure an acceptable one. I felt that the storylines could have been a lot stronger. I gave this watchable episode 2 rescue cans.    
Aussie lifeguard Rob Darst was paying his friend Sean a visit. His visit wasn't entirely social. He had an great job opportunity for Sean. He wanted him to leave Baywatch Hawaii and help found a similar organization in Australia. Sean was totally taken off guard by the offer. Before Sean could even think about it, he and Rob were nearly run down by a runaway boat. The boat's captain was a weekend fisherman. He had too much beer to drink and had been knocked out cold after he tripped on his way to the bathroom. Rob was able to dive out of the way. Sean, however was caught in the boat's path. Even though he managed to dive off and paddleboard in time, Sean was dumped and hit in the face by the paddleboard. J.D. rescued Sean while Jason and Zack handled the boat. Zack jumped on the runaway boat as it made its way toward the beach and managed to shut it down just before disaster could have happened.
Later, Zack walked into the locker room without checking to see if the "Men" or "Women" sign was displayed and accidentally walked in on Leigh while she was completely undressed. Being the type of guy he was, he was knocked out by the sight. Leigh was not pleased. It didn't make matters any better when Zack had overheard Sean talking to Rob about the possibility of going to Australia to set up and run a Center there. Sean still declined, but it did start to have more appeal to him. Sean was now confused and didn't really know which road to take. He talked about this with Brian. Sean was told that he really wanted to take the offer. But his feelings for Leigh were unresolved. Sean realized that Brian could be right and decided to see if their relationship can move to the next level. It was too late for Sean. Leigh, who had stopped waiting for Sean to come around, had given Sam Parks a chance. She had just accepted Sam's marriage proposal. Learning now that she was engaged, Sean decided to go to  Australia. Jason and Zack immediately made it clear to Sean that they wanted to go with him. 
Come on! Sean knew exactly how he felt for Leigh since the beginning. While she made her feeling known, he kept his in check. They locked eyes when she was picking his shirt for their dinner date with their new badly needed, attractive sponser. Leigh had gone all out to get that sponsor because she knew what the Center meant to Sean. The sponsor fell for Sean and ignored Leigh. She flirted with him, and Sean was charming her over. This made Leigh jealous and as much as he tried to fend off the idea, he knew that she was. Leigh had tried winning him over countless times. Sean knew this and kept his distance. What was wrong in giving casual dating a try before he became seriously involved? At least she would not have been placed on "hold." But he was still hung up on his ex-wife. When Sam came into the picture, he was concerned and clearly jealous. But the call was Sean's to make. Sean was asking that she was not thinking about going out with Sam. When Leigh told him if he had a better offer, Sean didn't have one. And just moments earlier, even though he did not know that Leigh was engaged when he tried to approach her, he still knew that she was seriously dating Sam Parks. You don't try to win over someone who is attached.
Sam invited Sean to his bachelor party, but Sean declined. That was not a good idea at all. He should have been wishing Sam the best of luck. At the party, Jason told Zack to confess to Sam that he had seen Leigh naked. Zack was nervous, but realized that it was the right thing to do. He didn't realize that Leigh had already told Sam about the incident. Sam decided that he was going to have some fun with Zack. He hinted that he was iupset about the incident and has killed at least ten men in Bosnia with his bare hands! Zack though that he would be next in line, and really wanted to go to Austrailia to get as much distance between them as possible! 
Meanwhile, J.D. was upset with Kekoa's recent bad bout of behavior. She had blamed herself for what had happened to her father. The guilt was so great that she became a wild party girl. She was on the path to destruction. She needed someone to step in to help her. She had broken off her engagement to J.D. At the engagement party, she was dancing with another man who was clearly getting way out of line. J.D. tried to intervene and wound up getting hit. The event led to an argument between J.D. and Kekoa in the parking lot. Thinking about everything the two went through just to be together, J.D. told her that he was not going to let her go. Her parents needed her. His words finally had impact on Kekoa as she bursted into tears. He took her home where she tried to talk with her father. Tortured by guilt, she ran from the house. The next morning, Mr. Tanaka wanted to have a talk with J.D. For once, he realized that he was wrong. He was willing to give his blessing for J.D. to marry Kekoa if he would find her and let her know how sorry was for hurting her.
Examining this storyline, I must admit that although Kekoa thought that she caused her father's stroke, she didn't. Her father's own greed, self-importance, bad attitude and self-enduced stress caused that stroke. He was just plain mean...all of the time. He didn't want to hear anything against his wishes. He tried to control Kekoa's future when he knew that he didn't own her in the first place. When person places undue stress on himself, that person will have higher blood pressure than they would if they displayed a pleasant attitude. 
J.D. asked Sean if he was going to the wedding. Sean should have been the first in line to watch the ceremony. Leigh had always been loyal to him and he should want to see her happy in return. When Sean said that he was not planning to, J.D. told him that he thought that he was making a mistake if he didn't. After a lot of consideration, he decided to go after all. You would have to wonder why he took so long to even decide on going. Since he had missed the last flight, he had to charter a helicopter and then a rental car. On the way to the chapel, he witnessed a motorcycle that got too close to the edge of the bridge. It was sent into the water. Sean stopped to rescued the victim before continuing on the church.
Leigh was ready for her walk down the aisle by the time Sean and two Navy intellegence men reached the door. Sam had been called away on another mission. They had to postpone their wedding until he got back. Leigh was upset, and who could blame her? She told Sam that she understood. This might give her a chance to reconsider their relationship. Does she really want to share her life with someone who will not have time for her? Who will always have to place his job first? Sam had no choice in the matter. This gave Kekoa and J.D. an opportunity to talk. He told her what her father said. She couldn't believe he was suddenly siding with him. But J.D. reminded her that when two people love each other, they can get through anything. Sean who tooked like a total wreck, and was happy to hear that the wedding was called off. He tried to let Leigh know how he felt, but she sensed where he was going and told him that it was too late. It was too late for everything. Sean just gave her a friendly hug.
Given everything that has happened, Sean had decided to stay with Baywatch Hawaii. Jason and Zack were disappointed, but glad to have him back. Leigh, J.D. and Kekoa agree that they were happy he was planning to stay. The Team made their way back to their Headquarters. 
Not too bad an ending for the last episode of the series although it could have been given more "ooomph." Sean doesn't get the girl, but then, with his obsessive attachment toward his ex-wife and his not being willing to give any other interested woman a chance, why would anyone expect any different. Honey, are you still waiting for Maggie? Get over it and move on.
And of course, Mr. Tanaka came around since his stroke. So J.D. and Kekoa had his blessing to marry without any trouble. But as for Sam Parks. The writers should have had Leigh tell Sam that it was over when he left her standing at the alter. She should have told him something. Maybe that they needed to discuss and re-evaluate their relationship. It was apparent that Sam was not ready for the huge responsibility of marriage with his job being so secretive and involving. The show ended with The Team staying together as a team. 
My Score: 2 Rescue Cans
Final Episode Of The Series: Aloha Baywatch Fans!
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