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Father Faust 14
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****Sharkey's Review****
Father Faust
14th Episode/11th Season (2000-2001)
Date Aired: 02/18/2001   Encore: 02/24/2001
Week of: 02/12/2001 - 02/18/2001 
My Score: 2 Rescue Cans
This Week's Quote: "There is nothing we cannot live down, rise above, and overcome."
                                             -Ella Wheeler Wilcox
5 Rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)

A man who had lost his Rolex watch complained to Sean. Sean offered to fill out a report. He lost the watch. He didn't state that anyone had stolen it. Sean opted not to investigate others at the beach. This made the man very upset.

Mr. Tanaka was on the crowded beach. He had decided that he needed to learn how to swim properly. Being the rich and old man that he is, he is impatient with the other people at the beach. He was completely unaware of the dangers of being in the water. Kekoa who was on duty, kept an eye on him. Suddenly, a loose catamaran strts careening toward him. Everyone shouts at Mr. Tanaka to get out of the way, but feels that he is an important man who does not need to move. Sensing the danger brewing, a 14 year-old named Kala'i pulls Mr. Tananka under the surface of the water. The catamaran glideed over them, narrowly missing them. Sean, in a daring move, leaps onto the catamaran and with the help of Kekoa is able to stop it. Mr. Tanaka, though, keeps accusing Kala'i of attempting to mug him. He refused to listen to anyone who tells him other wise.

The next day, Sean has decided to open up version of the Junior Lifeguards, which will be run by Zack. Sean feels that Zack, his most recent graduate, will be the most appropriate teacher for the new kids because he was so recently one himself. Jackie Love, a woman who was a Special Investigator for the governor's office arrived at headquarters. She was impressed by Sean's set up, but announces he is being sued by the man who lost his Rolex and Mr. Tanaka for negligence. Until he investigation of him is complete, he is suspended and connot go anywhere near the water, much less run a junior lifeguard program. It looks as if Sean is out of lucl. Later, at the gym, he watches as Jackie defends herself against a guy who has become a little too pushy. Being a championship female boxer, she flattens him. Afterward, it was clear that she and Sean respect each other. SHe is impressed by what he has done with the training center and his determination to keep it running. However, he is to face the city council who willdecide whether he will continue to run the lifeguards or not. JD will take ober his duties temporarily. Sean is determined not to let the city council and Jenna who is obviously behind a lot of this win.

Kekoa knows that her father's lawsuit is completly frivolous and tries to get him to stop his lawsuit. He will not listen to her. He is determined for her to quit the lifeguard, one way or the other-especially ater JD tries to ask Mr. Tanaka for Kekoa's hand in marriage. JD confronts him while he is polishing his car by himself-proof that he wastes money on nothing. Mr. Tanaka says he is more than willing to drop the suit-but only if JD breaks up with Kekoa. Mr. Tanaka reminded JD that he only plays to win. JD suggested that Kekoa pretend that she and he are broken up until Sean is off the hook, but she refuses. Finally, she confronts her father, telling him ythat he might think that he has won, but she holds the trum card: if he soesn't stop, she will marry JD and never speak to him again. Nor willl she ever let him see his grandchildren. Mr. Tanaka is so stunned by her words that he had a serious stroke. The doctors say that he may have one side paralyzed for life, if he survives.

Zack is surprizingly good at motivation the junior lifeguards, especially Kala'i. Unfortunately, Kala'i's father Mo'l needs him to quit because he needed the boy to help him vatch lobsters to support the family. Both Zack and Sean understand, but the two decide to see if they can convince him otherwise. They headed for the beach to talk with him. Mo'i, meanwhile, has been putting a lobster cage in the water. Suddenly, he is bitten by a moray eel. Kala'i yells for help. Sean and Zack immediately spring into action and, after a fiece battle with the eel, rescue him. They Nextel the emergency service. When they arrive at the hospital, Jackie is sorry to inform Sean that the city council does not look kindly on the fact that he was involved in a rescue when he was expressly forbidden from going to the beach. However, she might have a couple of aces up her sleeve.

Things ultimately work out for the best: Zack relays to Jason that Sean's appearance before the city council went exceptionally well. Jackie and he fired his lawyer and Sean made an impassioned speech. He was supported by many of the local, including Mo'i and the man who was initially suing over the loss of the Rolex. It seems that the man had only dreamed he brought the Rolex to the beach. For a victory celebration, everyone headed to the Tropics Bar, where Jackie sings a rousing song.  My Score: 2 Rescue Cans 

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