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A Knife In The Heart 2 Script
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****Sharkey's Review****
A Knife In The Heart
 2nd Episode/11th Season (2000-2001)
Date Aired: 10/15/2000   Encore: 10/21/2000
Week of: 10/09/2000 - 10/15/2000 

A scarab was in pursuit of a teen on a Jet Ski. J.D. was doing the driving. Leigh was beside him with the trainees all standing in the rear of the boat hanging on for dear life. "YOU ON THE JET SKI! STOP!" J.D. yelled. He sped after the boy with so much determination that it was hard for the trainees to maintain their balance. Zack stumbled. "Hey! What's the deal lawman? We're all gonna die?"

"If we don't head for this boat, we're all gonna die." J.D. said. "J.D.! Careful!" Leigh yelled, as he weaved skillfully through people. The boy stopped and turned to face them. J.D. came to a halt. "How many people you gonna take on this beach, kid?" J.D. growled. "Take it easy guy! I wasn't goin' in." The boy said. "Don't lie to me, wise guy! If I ever see you doggin' that piece of garbage on my beach again, I'm takin' you! understand?" J.D. growled out a warning, wavering a finger. "Now put the kill switch bracelet back on and get otta here!" J.D. ordered. "Take it slow!"

"All right!" The boy said. "Don't bust the vessel!" He did as he was told and moved on. When he was gone, Zack looked at Carrie and said, "Ya know, J.D. is kind of losin' it!" Unfortunately, J.D. heard this remark and was not in a pleasant mood. "ZACK!" J.D. said. "SWIM YOUR BUTT BACK TO THE SUN STAGING AREA." Zack laughed while looking at his fellow trainees. "Brotha, I didn't mean anything." He said to J.D. "NOW!" J.D. growled, as if Zack had never spoken.

Zack dived into the water and proceeded to swim back to the training area. "J.D.," Leigh said. "I'll take us back out. I don't know what's gotten under your skin, but you'd better chill out before you really do something dumb." J.D. stepped aside with his hands up surrendering the wheel and throttle.

Meanwhile, the boy who was stopped earlier by J.D. was close to shore speeding through swimmers. His dad was cheering him on. The boy's name was Axel Greer and it was apparent that he was a spoiled brat courtesy of a doting father. "You got style on that machine!" His father yelled from the beach waving a fist.

Kekoa, who was guarding the beach, did not like what she saw. She had the standard rescue can today. "That's my son out there!" The man said proudly, pointing at Axel. "He's a natural in the water!" Kekoa approached him. "Well, tell him to stay farther out. There are other people here."

Kekoa kept her eyes out at the ocean. Especially on a swimmer and a young couple learning to paddle a canoe. Axel was flirting dangerously around them. She then noted the swimmer, a man who appeared to be having a heart attack. She quickly ran to her kayak and got it out to paddle toward the victim. From the opposite side, facing him, she flipped it over and pulled the man by the arms over the kayak. She hopped onto it to force her weight so the board right itself. Kekoa positioned the man so that his head was facing the front of the board. She quickly got on behind him and paddled in. Axel's dad was watching as she made the rescue.

During the event, Axel had gotten closer to shore near the swimmers and the rocks. He caused the couples canoe to flip over, tossing the two into the water. Axel lost control and was thrown into the rocks and waves. His Jet Ski, however kept going. The young woman surfaced near their overturned canoe only to have the speeding Jet Ski head into her. There had been no time to react.

Meanwhile at the training site, J.D. was on a Jet Ski and Leigh on the scarab. They had been doing training exercises. J.D. received the call for help. "Yeah, I copy! Paramedics ETA? All right, I'm on my way!" J.D. said. When he got off the radio, he looked back at the trainees on the Jet Ski bed. "Everyone clear out!" He then looked at Leigh. "Leigh, Kekoa's beach is blowing up. I'm going over there! Shut this down and head on over there, O.K.?"

"Yeah!" She said. "J.D., can I come?" Zack asked with pleading eyes. "Trust me, I'm good." "Get on!" J.D. said against his better judgment. Zack crawled over the bed and hopped on the Jet Ski behind J.D. They were soon on their way.

Kekoa worked on the man with a crowd closely around her. A little boy was holding up the radio for her so that she could work while having access to communication. The paramedics soon arrived. They finally made their way toward her with equipment. "He was reassessing for 8 minutes. I've got more trouble in the water." She said.

J.D. and Zack were getting close to the scene even as Axel who was hurt, stayed afloat. The young man was keeping his wife's face above the surface. She was unconscious and bleeding. "O.K., we've got him. Go!" Said one of the paramedics as they continued to work on the victim. They took out a defibrillator.

Kekoa ran out only to come to a complete halt. She saw Axel who was hurt, but still able to keep himself afloat. And then there was the unconscious woman with her husband holding her up. The choice was clear as to who needed the help first. Grabbing her rescue can from the sand, she made her way out toward the couple. Axel's dad stopped her. He grabbed her arm, taking away precious time from the rescue situation. She tried to rip free. He got a firm grip. "What in the hell are you doing?" She demanded, trying to break free. "My son!" He said. "My son! He's over by the rocks."

Kekoa tried to get out of his grip so that she could help the couple first. He then held her forcefully by the shoulders. "Didn't you hear me?" He asked sternly almost ready to shake her. "Get my son first! He's gonna die!" The man demanded desperately. "Let go! Now!" She ordered, still trying to struggle. "Hey stupie! He's gonna die!" He insisted.

Kekoa had no choice. She had to use the flat end of the rescue can to hit him with enough force so that the man could release her. He was preventing a rescue and every second counted. She ran out to the water to help the couple first. Kekoa managed to get out to the couple just as he was sinking. She got the woman.

J.D. got to Axel and Zack dived in. J.D. gave Zack instructions that since the waters were cold and had rips. "Stay put and keep him floating! I'll be back! Clear?" "I hear you in Jersey bro!" Zack said. J.D. was satisfied and quickly got over to Kekoa with her unconscious victim. They got her up and onto the Jet Ski bed. "It's O.K., honey!" Her husband cooed softly. "That's it! Get her up!" J.D. ordered. "She's lost a lot of blood! I'll give her air until you get us in. The paramedics are coming." Kekoa said.

Both Kekoa and the woman's husband climbed onto the Jet Ski bed. Since she was still wearing the harness, Kekoa handed her tether to him to keep it from dragging behind her. "Here, take that." J.D. headed for shore. Another paramedics ambulance arrived. When they reached shore, J.D. immediately hopped off giving orders. "Make sure the other C-Collar." J.D. yelled to the paramedic. Mr. Greer ran over and didn't see his son. "My boy! Where is he?" He demanded. "It's O.K. We're going after him now. He's in safe hands." J.D. assured him. "Leigh?" Kekoa asked. "Zack!" J.D. said. Kekoa noticeably winced. She couldn't believe that J.D. would leave Zack out there with anyone. The paramedics held up the backboard stretcher.

"Get ready to roll her on three!" J.D. ordered. "1-2-3! Going back out for Zack!" They got her onto the board while Mr. Greer just looked out at the water worried. Zack held up under the elements. "These waves are gonna kill us!" He said. "We gotta hide behind this stump."

J.D. was soon out looking for Zack. He wondered what had happened as the boys were not where he had left them. Riding around, J.D. finally found him. "Zack! Stay where you are!" J.D. yelled. "I'm gonna throw you a tube." Zack caught it and got a good grip with one hand while holding onto Axel. "Hit it!" Zack said.

Later, Kekoa was in the outdoor shower. Jason found her. "Heard about your save today. Nice job with the can, island girl." He said, leaning on the ledge with his chin resting on his hands. "You would have done the same thing, island boy." She said. "Kekoa, you're under the same star as King Koenoa." Jason said.

After Jason was gone, she noted a figure standing in wait for her. She grabbed her towel and exited the shower stall. "Drew!" She said. "How long have you been here?" She asked. "Long enough." He said with his eyes scrolling over her. "You always did look good wet." She sort of laughed in embarrassment. "You never did have a way with words, did you!" She said.

"You didn't jump in with me by phone, so I thought I'd try to work you in the flesh." Drew said. "Nothing's changed in the last week." She said. "I still have a full bag here and I'm not gonna put it down for you." "I told you girl, it's not for me. It's for your beach. They're going to bring in the bull dozers after the rains." Drew said. "Drew, it's not my beach," Kekoa said correcting him. "So, forget that, O.K.?"

"It is so!" He said. "Remember that little girl who learned to fish there with her grandpa!" She lowered her head as he continued. "So what's up? Ke! You save lives! Why wouldn't you want to save that part of your Island?" Drew said. "I need what's in your head. No one knows about that part of the beach and the land around it better than you. The more you can teach me about it, the better." He said.

"Drew, you can't drop back into my life after two years and start making these demands." She said. "When we were together Ke, did I ever demand anything from you?" He asked. There was a silence before he continued. "No, and I'm not now. All I'm asking is what a warrior asks with a spear in his hand." She smiled while thinking about it. "Now I guess you're getting a little better with those words, huh Drew?" Kekoa asked. "All I needed was a little inspiration." Drew said as they walked along.

Leigh and J.D. were cleaning the boats. She wanted to know what was wrong with him. "You ever gonna tell me what was going on this morning?" She asked, looking over in his direction. "Personal junk. Nothing important." He said in a robotic sort of way. "Toss me another rag, would ya?" "Junk named Jessie?" She asked, tossing the rag.

"Before your time Leigh, and I don't wanna talk about it." He said, catching the rag. "And even if I did, why would it be about her and what she and I would talking about?" He said. "So, you've been talking to her." Leigh said. "Yeah, so what?" J.D. demanded.

"Nothing. It's just that word is you guys have broken up and she returned to the mainland. I just thought..." She said. "Look what happened today..." J.D. said cutting Leigh off while walking toward her. "Look what happened today, O.K.? First thing this morning, Sean puts me off The Sunset Waikiki over Kekoa to cover the trainee water games with you."

"These aren't games, J.D." Leigh said. "Training is what we do here." "Yeah. We're here to save lives too, right?" He asked. She nodded. He started yelling, "Then Ke gets D-Dayed in her face! I'm backing her up! We have to ditch the training! Sean had to run off to kiss ass in Waikiki! Tell him the way to run an operation!"

"Hey! Back off, all right? He had no choice there, all right?" Leigh said in Sean's defense. "We all have choices, Leigh! Some of them can screw you up damned good!" J.D. growled. Leigh just stared at him. J.D. realized that he was yelling and suddenly went silent. He just sat. "Jessie dumped her boyfriend and wants me back." He admitted. "Is that good or bad?" Leigh asked. "I loved her." He said. "And?" Leigh asked. "She made it simple. It's either her or lifeguarding." J.D. said. "She wants an answer by tomorrow night." "It doesn't sound like she made it simple at all." Leigh said.

J.D. turned his head to see Sean pull up at Headquarters in a lifeguard truck. He sighed. "Later. I'm not in the mood to deal with the True Believer right now." He got up and out of the scarab. He raced off just as Sean approached the boat. "Hey J.D.!" Sean yelled after him. When he was standing before Leigh, Sean had question. "What's up with the Troubled Genius?"

"He just called you the True Believer." Leigh said while continuing to clean. "Yeah, well we've been friends for a long time." Sean said. He asked about Zack. "Yeah, two bruised ribs and a battered ego. The doctor's fixing him up now." Leigh filled him in. "Kekoa got lucky, that's for sure." Sean said. "With a lot of help from J.D." Leigh said. "Yeah, it's not a good day for everybody and their brother who's tried dying in their life." Sean said.

"Like you need more to worry about in your life." She said. "I'm not worried, Leigh." He said. "If you keep that act up, you're gonna make the Troubled Genius look dull in the long run." Leigh said. "I'm fine. This place is fine. The world's fine. The whole universe is singing." Sean said. "Not everyone around here is singing. The pressure isnt just on you, Sean." Leigh said. "Leigh, there's no pressure on our job." Sean said sarcastically. "I've found a way to help make things easier for you. Get your life more organized." She offered.

"Thanks, but I can juggle schedules with the best of 'em." Sean said. "Besides, it's my life, O.K.?" "No, it's not! It's The Team's too!" Leigh pointed out. "Look, as soon as I get some things cleared up..." Sean said. "Look, shrinks have a word for this and it's not a river in Egypt." She said. "Lighten up Leigh. Let me worry about it, O.K.?" Sean said, before walking away.

"And I'm sure you will!" She yelled after him sarcastically. The doctor was finishing up with Zack. His ribs were taped up. J.D. approached them with a cup of hot coffee for Zack. "Here ya go Zack," J.D. said. "Knock yourself out." A shocked Zack accepted it. "Mahalo, man." He took a sip. "My pleasure," J.D. said, leaning against a counter. He was waiting for the doctor to finish but more time was being taken than expected. "Doctor, could you give us more privacy, please?"

"You know," Zack said. "It's bogus how first impressions can be. Here I thought you were this jack looted, stark shupid, fallacious foud, and factious dip-lock." When the doctor was gone, J.D. poured right into Zack. "What in the hell did you think you were doing out there?" "Oh man, the bait and switch!" Zack exclaimed. "I told you to stay put until I got back!" J.D. growled.

"And I did! And then this bogus set of waves came in and nearly wiped us out!" Zack tried to explain. "So I had to bring him in!" "That's just it! From where you were, there was no way in! And then you put yourself between him and the rocks!" J.D. said. "I'm trying to keep his safe?" Zack said.

"By knocking yourself out?" J.D. said. "No Zack-that's the way to kill him!" "Hey! You were the one who chased that freak with the Jet Ski right off your beach and over to the rocks." Zack brought up. "Don't even think about going there, hot shot! You said you were good! You said trust me!" J.D. said. "Instead, you were out there playing half fast hero!"

J.D.'s little scene was attracting a lot of attention. The staff had stopped what they were doing to gather around. "I'm not an idiot, man! Im a trained lifeguard!" Zack said in his own defense. "Not in these waters you're not!" J.D. reminded him. "Don't get creative out there and make more work for us when we're understaffed and overworked." Sean appeared before the scene. "Easy, J.D." He said. "Zack may have made a mistake, but he was trying, all right? He trusted his instinct. We don't wanna kill that. We just wanna help him make better choices."

J.D. then started on Sean. "You mean like your choosing to hang out in Waikiki? Sucking up to some old girlfriend while all hell breaks loose on our beaches? We're the ones left in the real world tripping over trainees, pulling bodies out of the surf!" "J.D., you go somewhere and cool off." Sean cautioned. "Ahhh, J.D. You're totally trippin'." Zack said. "Zack, take a hike!" Sean said. "It's your show, man. You don't have to listen to this guy!" Zack said. "NOW!" Sean ordered.

Zack did as he was told, easing himself out of the arena. The crowd had gotten even more interested now that J.D. was now telling Sean off. They had fear in their eyes and wondered what would happen. Zack just looked at the crowd and just hid his bruised ego. "They wanted me to mediate, but the boys gotta work it out for themselves." He said. Sean walked away from J.D., but J.D. wasn't finished. "HEY!" He yelled angrily. Sean stopped and turned to face him. "I said cool off and I meant it!" J.D. approached Sean defiantly. He stood close-in his face.

"You know what I mean, Sean! Maybe next time when it's not working out! Maybe it's time YOU made better choices! Because the ones you're making are driving this team in turmoil!" J.D. said. "Now listen up, J.D. We're all friends, O.K.? We're all tired! We're all pushing it! We're all sick of not getting everything we want or need to do our job, live our lives or sleep through the damned night." Sean said.

"You can't stop pouring it on, can you? You don't have a life, so why should any of us?" J.D. growled. "This isn't about me, J.D. You're the one who's been a hard case for the last week." Sean reminded him. "Is that it? Thats the lousy, unprofessional way you run this team!" J.D. said. Jason and Leigh who had been looking on feeling uneasy about the situation, intervened. Jason tried to take care of J.D. and Leigh tried for Sean. "Guys! Take it easy!" Leigh said. Now it was Sean who wasn't finished. He was going to have his say. "You take a couple of days off, J.D., or I will cut your ass out of here permanently!"

Although shocked that Sean would say such a thing to him, J.D. rebounded to save face. "That's not such a bad idea." J.D. said before he walked out. Sean walked off in the other direction. Leigh and Jason were left speechless...and stunned. The crowd finally broke up.

Mr. Greer, Axel's father opened the door to The Training Center Headquarters. He had a bomb of his own to drop. Kekoa saw him. "Mr. Greer, right?" She asked. "I'm sorry about what happened between us out there." Mr. Greer walked past her as if she hadn't spoken. He spotted who looked like the person in charge. "You the big boss here?" Mr. Greer demanded. Sean turned around to face the man. "I'm the Captain of the team, if that's what you mean." Sean said.

"I don't care what name you give yourself mister." Mr. Greer said. "My son nearly died on one of your beaches because of the incompetence of the so-called team. Add to that, an assault on my person by one of your professionals." He paused a bit before continuing. "You're looking at one hell of a lawsuit. Rescue yourself from that-Captain!"

Mr. Greer stormed out, walking between Carrie and Zack. Sean watched, sitting on the edge of the desk with his arms folded. "Is this place Oliver Stone or what?" Zack asked Carrie. Carrie just shrugged, shaking her head. Jason kept pace with J.D. and was trying to convince him not to leave the team. "Hey Genius," He said. "You're not really gonna do this thing are ya?" "Sean's the one who pulled the plug." J.D. said stiffly.

"Just for a couple of days, man." Jason reminded him. "That's all man. I don't want to see you get on the plane." "Look, Jason," J.D. said. "Ive got a tough choice here. Jessie..." "I know," Jason said. "Leigh told me." "She doesn't waste time spreading the news." J.D. said angrily. "She doesn't care about you, man." Jason said. "It's a team thing." "The Team is what I'm not on right now." J.D. said. "The hell you're not! You're gonna throw your life away selling shoes or condoms." Jason said. "You can't! You belong here, not in Sacramento!"

At Headquarters, Kekoa found the courage to approach Sean. "Good morning," she said. "Sean, can we talk?" "Sure, anytime." Sean said, looking over some documents. He didn't seem to be paying any particular attention. "This old friend of mine is here from Hawaii...." She started. "He's an activist of the Native Island Group." "Uh-huh..." He said. "There's this unspoiled beach that I used to fish at when I was a kid." She explained. "Sorry Kekoa, no days off." Sean stated without so much as stopping the viewing of his papers.

"Sean, this project is bad news." She explained further. "These waters are treacherous to swim in-even for the locals." Sean just told her that he could not spare her. Leigh had just stepped up to them interrupting. "Excuse me, Kekoa," she said. "Sean, bad news." Sean sighed and said, "Now what? Someone drain the ocean?"

"We just got served by Greer's lawyers." Leigh said, holding up the documents. Sean took them. "He's really going after us?" He asked in disbelief. "Jerk!" He then looked over the papers. "Oh God, I'm sorry," Kekoa said, thinking back to the incident. "No, Kekoa. It's not on you." Sean assured her. Kekoa still left the two disappointed. "What's next?" He asked.

At the Hilton Hawaiian Village we find most of the group at its Hilton Tropics Bar and Beach Club. "It's real generous of Sean cutting me loose like this," J.D. complained to Jason and Leigh. He rambled on how he needed his salary to pay the gas bill. "J.D.! You know that Sean will pay you every cent!" Leigh told him. "But he can't afford us this lawsuit. How can we fight when we don't even have money to pay bills?"

"As far as I'm concerned, he brought it on himself." J.D. grumbled. He kept whining and grumbling. After Jason made a comment about Sean, J.D. him why he put up with him. Jason told him because he wasn't leaving yet.

A young girl in a bikini eyed Jason and she had passed the table more than once during the trio's conversation. Jason looked back with a smile. "Right now there doesn't seem to be much left..." J.D. grumbled before raising his glass to his lips.

"You know, J.D., if you really feel that way, maybe you should leave." Leigh shot back. She was fed up with his whining that seemed more appropriate for a young boy like Jason to do. And speaking of Jason, he got up to go over to meet the girl who was not going to leave anyway. J.D. seemed a bit stunned at Leigh's remark.

"Hey! You said yourself that he can't fight this lawsuit!" J.D. growled. "Oh yeah?" Leigh defended herself. "Just watch me!" She got up and left, taking her drink with her. As she left, Kekoa stepped up to J.D.'s table. "Hey!" Kekoa greeted him. "Hey..." J.D. said sighing. "I just chased all of my friends away!" "Not quite all." She insisted. She smiled at him and sat down.

At another table, some of the trainees hung out. They could view Jason's talking to the girl. "Ooooooh! Our boy sure is a babe magnet Carrie!" Said a mocking, but jealous Zack. "He's already been in the promised land more times than we will ever be." "You've got that right!" Carrie said in disappointment, more to herself than to the others. Zack seemed very pleased with this. The skirt chaser seemed to have the idea that he had a chance with her. Carrie began to tear a bit.

"So what's this mountain?" Zack asked. "Somebody says, whatever it is, you lose." Carrie said trying to control her tearful voice. "Oh yeah?" Zack said. "I'll beat him at whatever it is. I mean, I've done some serious rock climbing." Carrie kept staring at Jason.

On the beach, Kekoa and J.D. walk along the shoreline. "Being a lifeguard was just another gig to Jessie. What she really wanted was a normal life." J.D. explained. "Security, kids, home...all that stuff." "And now you're trying to put it all together?" Kekoa asked.

"Kekoa, I've watched her walk out of my life once. I've been beating myself up over that ever since." J.D. explained. "You know, this old boyfriend of mine just showed up again. After we broke up, we had our truces for about a year. Crying all the time over something that never was. But, I stuck with my choice." Kekoa said. "And now that I see him again, I knew I made the right one."

"That's great for you Kekoa, but what happens when you meet the right guy? When you fall in love?" J.D. asked her. "The right guy will love me for who I am and what I do." She said with confidence. They stopped walking. "You have a real life here, J.D. With real friends. Not some fantasy feature on the mainland. And if I were you, I'd think long and hard before giving it up."

"All I've ever wanted to be was a lifeguard." He told her. "Now? I can't even remember why!" He then told her thanks before he left. Leigh was soon standing next to Kekoa, watching J.D. as he walked away. "How is he doing?" She asked. "Honestly, I really don't know." Kekoa said.

That night, J.D. was getting up the courage to call Jessie. He then hung up and angrily threw the phone across the room. It broke the framed photo of him and Jessie as it fell to the floor.

Sean and Kekoa walked toward a tower with equipment. "Believe me Sean, I have nothing going on with this guy. No date here, no romance there!" She told him.

"Uh-huh!" Sean said. He walked up the tower.

"Before I went to bed last night, I pulled out my favorite picture album. It was all my gramps. Sean, half those pictures were taken at that beach." Kekoa said.

"Kekoa, I know that this place has a lot of sentimental value for you," said Sean, heading down the ramp part of the way.

"This is not sentimental. This is part of the island and part of me." She said, looking up at him while he on the ramp. "People go down to this beach and die. We're talking unsafe waters here, Sean." She added. "Look, I know that this lawsuit is making life even more difficult for you. I feel really responsible." "Kekoa, I told you it wasn't you. This guy is a hump." Sean said reassuring her.

"Oh Sean-with everything that's going on around here there's nothing left. Everything to believe in around here takes second place." She whined. "I don't have anyone to cover your shift." Sean said. "What about J.D.? He's available!" She suggested. Sean hated the thought of putting someone out there on the beach with a bad attitude problem. "I didn't EVEN hear that!" Sean huffed. "He doesn't know yet Sean, but he needs this." She said. "What he needs is rest," Sean told her. "No, he needs trust." She corrected him. "He gave up a lot for this. I think you owe him that much." Sean was skeptical. He wore the expression of guilt.

Elsewhere on the beach, Jason was training the lifeguards. They all looked out over the ocean. "Ladies and gentlemen-meet The Mountain." Jason said. With that introduction, a humungous man pops to the surface of the water. He was...The Mountain. A Sumo wrestler. He was to play the role of their rescue victim. All 475 pounds of him! "He's like an Olympian god. Laughing at us mortals" Zack said. "It's a good thing you did all that rock climbing." Carrie said sarcastically.

Sean, who was there with the others saw J.D. walking away to patrol the beach. When he caught up with him, he tried to talk to him again. "I wanted to thank you for taking over Kekoa's shift on such a short notice." Sean said. "No problem Sean," J.D. said coldly. "I didn't need much rest."

Kekoa met her ex-boyfriend, Drew. He was already telling her where they would drop the banners and get the signs up toward the edges of the cliff. This brought back memories for Kekoa concerning the area. "When we were kids, we used to call this Devil's Hole." Kekoa said of the partially encased waters below them. The sharp rocks, lava tombs and rips. They made their way down the rocks to get a bit closer to the water. But Drew seemed to have only one thing on his mind. "We're going to tear all this down and we're going to tear up this beautiful place with this beautiful woman I grew up with." He said. Kekoa didn't understand and was not amused. She was more disappointed. "Are you here for this beach?" She said. "Yes, but understand I'm always here for you." Drew said. "You are my Island Queen." He tried to make physical advances and she yanked her shoulder out of his grip. "You dragged me out here for this junk." She said. "I'm not trying to dig up old bones." Drew said. "You dug up my grandfather's bones to get me up here." Kekoa told him.

"Not like you used me against your dad." He shot back. She tried to leave, but he prevented her. "So I played you-so what?" She said. "You played too. It's dust right? It's done! Years! None of that matters now. It's over, understand?" She said. "Don't get tripped, O.K.?" He said. "I wasn't trying to pick you out. But you-here!" He said lustfully. "It's heavy."

She had serious doubts about Drew's reasons. "Is there even a hotel, Drew?" He made an expression as if thinking of an answer. "Umm-yes, there is." Kekoa took him at his word and placed her hand on the side of his face. She gave him a forgiving smile. He pulled her toward him and he started kissing her. "Drew, back off!" She ordered. He stopped and backed up, only to fall into the water below. "Drew!" She cried and immediately jumped in to rescue him. She swam over against the current and managed to grab him.

Meanwhile, the trainees make their attempts to rescue The Mountain against the clock. Everyone had failed. After Zack had finished his failed attempt, Jason told them all that they needed to rely on team work. It had to be in their blood before they left.

Leigh greeted Mr. Greer. She introduced him to the couple his son almost killed. Mr. Greer stared at them-to the husband who stood behind and held onto the wheelchair that his wife occupied. Mr. Greer's expression was an indication of serious thought.

Kekoa managed to get them against the rocks. Kekoa also managed to get her radio out of her blue jeans phone pocket. "This is Kekoa! Whoever is listening, I need assistance! I need assistance! Can anyone hear me?" Her voice sounded a bit breathless as she tried holding onto Drew while talking.

Sean, who was packing his truck, heard the call. J.D., who was patrolling the beach also heard it on his radio. "Kekoa, this is Sean. I'm at the docks. I'm loading the gear right now! ETA. 10 to 15 minutes. Just hand in there, alright?" He then ran over and hopped on a Jet Ski. J.D. ran over and hopped on one behind him. "I'm going with you," J.D. said. "Are you still a hard case?" Sean asked. "Probably, but I'm working on it." J.D. said. "Let's go!" Said Sean, tossing a bag of gear to J.D.

The two were soon on their way. Kekoa fought hard to hold on without letting go of Drew. Sean and J.D. had to stop at the opening of the water. "We can't get to them from the water. You'll take the right, I'll take the left. We'll do a CODE BLACK." Sean got the rope from the trunk of his Jet Ski and J.D., a yellow rescue life saver (older version of the rescue can) on. The two dived into the water and made way on the rocks across from each other. Sean gathered enough line to throw across for J.D. to catch. "Kekoa, when I tell you, you'll let go and grab the line, all right? The current will swing you down to J.D. and he'll pull you out. Got it?" Sean yelled. "Got it!" She managed to get out. "All set? Go!" Sean ordered.

Kekoa let go and the two were carried toward the ling that stretched across. She grabbed it. J.D. started pulling them toward him. Sean let go of his end when J.D. had them close. He had Drew and pulled him up to safety. It was now Kekoa's turn. She was told by J.D. to give him her hand. She lacked the strength to hold onto the line. She was carried away from him. Sean immediately jumped in to swim over to get her. He swam her back over as far as he could to J.D. The current wouldn't allow them to get closer. J.D. looped the rescue life saver for Sean to grab. He just missed it and J.D. tried again. Sean caught it this time as J.D. pulled them in. He had the line anchored around his athletic shoe. He immediately pulled Kekoa up to safety. He then grabbed Sean's hand and had to work with both hands to work the grasp up to Sean's arm for a firm grip. J.D. paused for what seemed like the longest time before pulling Sean up as if deciding whether he'd pull him up or let him go. The two seemed to lock eyes for the longest moment. J.D. then pulled him up.

At the bar, Jason and the trainees everyone enjoyed drink and food with The Mountain. The man seemed to be at home with everyone and was enjoying himself. At the table, Sean and Leigh were talking. Sean was sharing his feelings concerning J.D. with her.

"I've never been so angry at a man in my life. I could have killed him with my bare hands. Then he showed me that we share the same...I don't know...part. The same need to believe. What I figured out was is that we believed in the same thing. I guess I didn't accept that his heart was breaking." "Sean..." Said Leigh. "Yes?" Sean asked with a modest smile.

"I really like the way you look at people." Leigh said. "You never give up." "Thank you," he said. "Things are starting to work out for us we've got this stupid, selfish lawsuit to deal with." "I think there might be light at the end of the tunnel there." She reassured him. "For an oncoming train." Sean added. "Trust the team Sean." She said smiling. Leigh then placed her hand on his. "And me too." "I'm beginning to." He said. They smiled at each other for a long moment.

Meanwhile J.D. and Kekoa are walking and J.D. still excited about the rescue. "We made an amazing rescue today. You jumped in to save your friend. Sean jumps in to save you..." He chirped. Kekoa told him that they all have a shared dream.

As they were talking, Mr. Greer approached them. "Hey, I've been looking for you!" He said. Kekoa was uncomfortable. But she managed to speak. "Yeah?" She asked. The man looked at her. "Something on your mind, Mr. Greer?" J.D. asked. "Yeah, I had a long talk with my son at the hospital." He said. "And our lawyer. We're not gonna sue." "That's swell." J.D. said. "What are you gonna do?" She asked. "That injured couple, who's wife was injured forgave us because of the kind intervention from one of your team. If they forgave me, who am I not to forgive you? You saved my son's life." Mr. Greer said. "Thank you, Mr. Greer." J.D. said. "Thank you," Kekoa said lowly.

With that, the man started on his way without so much as a "you're welcomed." They were relieved. Kekoa then asked J.D. if he remembered now why he did this job. "Sean has a point." J.D. said. "Maybe you ought to tell him that." Kekoa said. "I don't know," J.D. said. "Maybe later. How about a cup of coffee?" "Oh, I don't know," she said mimicking him. "Maybe later." He laughed as they left.

J.D. went to apologize to Sean, who was working. He pretended as though he was looking though some things at the desk. He made the sound of clearing his throat for Sean to look up. Sean was viewing some documents. He walked over.

"What are you reading?" He asked. "Leigh's business proposal. Leigh says it'll get us organized and out of the red." Sean said. "That's a good idea." J.D. said. "Look J.D., if you came here to get into it again, I am too tired." Sean told him. J.D. told Sean that he didn't come here for that. He told Sean about the old Hawaiian phrase Po Ho Pakahi. Sean said that he knew about it. J.D. stated that he had just learned about it. Sean stood and walked around his desk to face J.D. J.D. didn't know what to expect. Sean just gave him a warm, forgiving hug. He then told J.D. where tomorrow's schedule was. After J.D. was gone, Sean smiled to himself, shaking his head. He then went back to his proposal.

J.D. called Jessie and received her answering machine. He left a message. He made his choice. He told her to give him a call and could talk. He then walked outside to see Kekoa standing there waiting for him. "Hey, how about that cup of coffee?" He asked. "I thought you'd never ask." She said. They walked off into the moonlight.

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