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****Sharkey's Review****
Soul Survivor
 Season Premier/11th Season (2000-2001)
Date Aired: 10/08/2000   Encore: 10/14/2000
Week of: 10/02/2000 - 10/08/2000 

Sean realized that The Training Center was going to become a reality. He had a meeting with Councilman McKenna and his staff panel, which included a bitter Jenna Avid. "Jenna tells me you snatched Leigh Dyer from Hawaiian Lifeguards." The Councilman said. Jenna was sitting beside Councilman McKenna wearing a defiant grin.

"She wanted to teach." Sean explained. "I don't care if she wanted to jump off a cliff. You didn't clear it with Jenna Avid, the Chief Tourism Liaison." Council McKenna snapped. "From now on, everything is to be cleared through her. Do you understand?" Sean was not about to be treated like a puppet and had his say. "Councilman McKenna, I'd like to remind you that we're an independent training center." He said.

"That's working on district land and out of a district building and you pay us zip." Jenna said, speaking right up in their defense. "But we provide lifeguard services for the North Shore." Sean said. Councilman McKenna didn't want to hear anything else. "Listen, Monroe, if I had been in office last year, I would have dropped this money costing deal down the toilet, but I wasn't. So, from now on everything has to be cleared through Jenna." Sean was stunned into silence as the Councilman continued. "So while I'm thinking up ways to flush you off the island, you take your business up with Jenna." With nothing else added, Councilman McKenna got up and said sternly, "We're done here."

His staff also got up and left. Jenna lagged behind. She "apologized" to Sean concerning the Councilman. She then showed Sean a photo and explained that Cliff Tyler, a Jet Ski trickster was going to bring a little money into the district this week. "Cliff Tyler?" Sean asked stunned. "You know my history with this guy." "That's why I invited him." Jenna said, giving him a snake-like satisfied expression. "But you know if we were still together, you probably wouldn't be having these problems." Sean let out a sarcastic laugh which stopped abruptly. That's good. Jenna you can cause all the trouble you want, but in the end, I'm gonna win." His expression grew serious. She laughed, giving him a glance over her shoulder. "We'll see."

With music playing on the way back to headquarters, Sean's head bounced slightly to the beat. Jason got him over the radio. "This is Baywatch Hawaii. Do you read me?" Jason asked. "Yes, this is your Chief, Jason." Sean said. "What's that you're playing, Sean?" Jason asked playfully. "Like you don't know, light weight. You gave me this CD!" Sean said laughing. After talking for a while, Sean saw that he would be approaching a stop sign soon. "This Training Center's gonna change the world." He told Jason that he would be there in fifteen minutes.

"Nothing's changes until you get here." Jason said. "Roger," Sean said. He stopped for the stop sign. Someone flipped over the hood of his truck and landed on the ground. Sean was concerned and gave instructions to the patrol as he ran out toward him. "Stand by, we have a possible injury situation." The young surfboarder saw the Baywatch Hawaii logo on Sean's truck. "Are you O.K., kid?" Sean asked. "Yeah. Uh, listen man. It was like all me, man. I hope I didn't hurt your wheels." He said.

"Forget about my wheels. Sit down for a second. Make sure you're not in shock." Sean said. "I'm O.K." He said. "Really!" Sean said. "I'm really sorry about your truck. I'll figure out a way to get it fixed." The boarder said. "Truck! Forget about it, all right? Look, why don't you get in and I'll take you to a doctor to make sure you're..." Sean said, taking the boy's arm and trying to pull him along. "I'm all good. I'm totally good!" He said, interrupting, brushing himself off. He then picked up his skate and surf boards. "Are you sure?" Sean asked. "All right man. Look, you're gonna hafta be more careful if you plan to see any more sunsets, that is. I'm Sean Monroe, Captain of Baywatch Hawaii." Sean said reaching into the door window of his truck to get a card. "You and your parents can get hold of me at this number if I can be of any help." "Good, thanks. I'm cool!" He said before taking off on his skateboard.

Zack glided along on his for-wheeled skate board. He managed to wheel himself before a little boy named Casey who was arguing with his 19-year-old sister, Peggy. Zack saw this and decided to step in to intervene. "Are you out of your freakin' mind, Casey?" Peggy exclaimed. "You're not jumping into the ocean from a twenty foot cliff!" "Why not?" Casey snapped. "Kids here dive off here all the time, sis!" "They were born here, Casey!" Peggy said. "Their parents are ancestors to a long line of Mohegans!" "This is turning into a big, long drag." He said, folding his arms in defiance. "Because you won't let me.."

" man! You atta heed your big sister. You don't know the water. You don't know it." Zack said. "You don't want to educate yourself by busting your head open on a bunch of coral." "Who are you, whacko?" Casey asked angrily. "I'm a lifeguard." Zack said. "You atta be more careful with yourself-if you wanna see more sunsets anyway!" He remembered the same words ushered to him by Sean Monroe. Casey whirled a finger close to the side of his head and mouthed silent unflattering words. Zack and Peggy exchanged interested glances. "See ya!" Zack said, glancing at Peggy once more before leaving. Peggy grabbed her little brother's hand. "Come on!" Casey was fighting every step.

Sean arrived at The Center. There was equipment laid out. "Lookin' good, guys!" Sean exclaimed. "Hey, Captain!" Jason noted the truck. "What's that in front of your truck?" "Nothin'!" Sean said. Leigh Dyer passed by as they gave each other low fives. "Wats-up?" A bus stopped in front of The Center and soon, the expected trainees piled out. Leigh stopped before the group to greet them. "Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Leigh Dyer." She said. "Not so very long ago I came here just like you are now. Trained lifeguard, but ready to take the next step to become better than everyone else. The challenges of the waters in the world."

She was interrupted by noise...meaning Zack McEwan, the truck casualty. He had smashed into the wall of a building. Zack then picked up the board and made his way over to Leigh after placing it against the wall. He introduced himself. "I'm Zack McEwan. I had a little incident on the road," he said, shaking her hand. "But I'm O.K.!" "I'm Leigh Dyer." She said. "Why don't you fall in line with the rest of the trainees. We'll all head to the beach. O.K. guys, follow me!" She said, leading them to the beach. Zack started right in trying to hit on girls. He stood next to the trainee Carrie Sharpe. She didn't seem interested. He rattled on anyway.

Meanwhile, Casey jumped into the water anyway. "Casey!" Peggy cried. She didn't see Casey, so she jumped in off the cliff after him. Peggy was soon swimming underwater to find him. After getting to the boy, she realized that he was hurt. She hung onto Casey while looking for help. Just as the young lifeguards were suited up to train, Sean received a call for help. He and Leigh set out on their way for the rescue. Jenna's recommendation who was there to do a race, Cliff Tyler was going out with them on his black racing Jet Ski. He was primarily there to do the show.

Sean was overseeing the rescue. Cliff wanted to go right in to get them. But Sean told him that it was too dangerously close to the rocks. Cliff made a fuss that Sean always had to be the one to make the big rescues. Sean got to the boy and swam him to the bed of the Jet Ski. Cliff, who was jealous and did not want to be shown up by Sean, went in close to get the girl. He told Peggy to extend her hand and to grab hold of his. The girl was suddenly sucked underwater.

Cliff was completely clueless as to what had happened. Sean swam underwater to find out. The girl's hair was caught in the exhaust and she would drown unless they turned the Jet Ski over. The selfish Cliff did not want his Ski ruined. "Back off!" Sean growled. He then pushed Cliff off the Ski and they turned it over to get her above water. Sean took a knife so that he could get her loose. Peggy did not want her hair cut off. She was panicking so badly that Sean assured her that he would not cut it off. He cut into the Jet Ski's tail pipe instead so that he could get the part out that had held her hair. Cliff was angry and protested, grumbling that he should have cut her hair. He fussed and cussed. He told Sean that he would settle up with him later. Sean managed to get her out and over to the lifeguard Jet Ski's victim bed. The two victims were soon loaded into an ambulance.

Later, Sean told Leigh and Kekoa to get the scarabs ready to train the group. The group went out toward the two scarabs. J.D. was looking over the Jet Ski that Sean had to cut open. Sean asked him how much it would cost to replace the bolt. J.D. told Sean that it would be expensive. Sean had hoped that he would be able to find the funds to replace it.

Sean made it down to where the group was training later. Cliff was close by training on his course. Cliff knew that people were in the water, but he wanted to show off. He rode hard and deliberately slashed Sean and all of those close by him. After Cliff finished his ride, he told Sean that he wanted him to buy him lunch. Cliff acted worse than a jerk with the food vendor. They exchanged words. Cliff got told off by the food vendor. This was one man that he could not get to bend to his will. He and Sean exchanged words. Cliff was soon leaving. And Cliff had something bad to say about the freshness of the shrimp. The vendor commented that were they friends? "We used to be," Sean said. "Now he seems to be after something." The vendor remarked, "maybe your head on a plate."

Cliff tried to make unwanted advances at Leigh. When his unwanted advances were rejected, he was stunned. Because he was used to getting what he wanted, this angered him. Later out again where the trainees were practicing, Cliff was out on the course again. He then kept riding and Sean picked up a speaker and told him to back off-that he was off the course and too close to the swimmers that were in the water. Cliff deliberately ignored it and it prompted Sean to go into the water to stop him. Cliff had knocked one of the trainees off and under the water. Sean shoved Cliff off the Jet Ski. Cliff was angry. When the two got out of the water, Sean told him that he was off the course and he was too close to the swimmers. Cliff told Sean that he always has to be the boy scout.

Cliff still tried to pursue Leigh. She still pushed off his unwanted advances. Cliff tried to get her to take his card and convince her that The Lifeguard Training Center was going to fail. That she should come and work for him. The tactic failed, so he offered his money as an investor in The Center. She looked at him and said "I can't stand you! I'm here to help Sean build The Center." Sean had overheard the whole thing and confronted Cliff. Leigh left the two to talk. After dodging Cliff's fist, Sean grabbed Cliff by the collar and told him that he wasn't going to put up with any more of his games. "Have your race, and get out of my life." The next morning, Cliff saw Sean. He walked over and "apologized," if you could call it that. He tried to give him funds as a sponsor and said that he discussed it with Leigh. It was O.K. Sean told Cliff to keep his money. This action prompted Sean to confront Leigh. Leigh told Sean that it was not what she said. She was going to discuss it with him first. Leigh wanted to know what happened between the two of them. Sean explained that 10 years ago, the two of them did tow-ins and Cliff got scared and left him there to die. If another surfer had not come along, he would have died.

It was pretty close to the time for Cliff's race. Leigh stated that the surf was getting dangerous. She checked the computer for a complete analysis. Sean was closing the beach. This made Cliff angry. He was canceling the race. Cliff was going out anyway. Sean said that they had to get out there to keep Cliff from killing himself. The two suited up. Cliff was surfing and wouldn't make a huge, uncontrolled wave. Cliff was wiped off his board. Sean went under to find him after putting on his fins. Sean saved him and got Cliff back to the beach. Cliff was upset that Sean had rescued him. He didn't want anyone to know this. He was pretty banged up and was in need of the hospital, but Cliff left them with Sean calling after him.

Later in a press conference, Cliff made up a tale as to how he saved himself from the surf. This upset Leigh and she tried to confront Cliff, telling him what a liar he was. Cliff just looked at her, displaying a confused expression, "Do I know you?" Sean pulled her away and apologized to everyone. Sean acted as if he didn't know Cliff either. Smiling, Cliff continued to soothe the press over with his lies. When they were alone, Leigh said to Sean "I don't understand." Sean told Leigh that "It's our job to save lives. That's our reward. Not getting even!" She now understood what he was saying. Leigh swallowed her pride and finally nodded in agreement.


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