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Sharks, Lies & Videotape 3
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****Sharkey's Review****
Sharks, Lies & Videotape
 3rd Episode/9th Season (1998-1999)
Date Aired: 10/11/98   Encore: 10/17/98
Week of: 10/05/98 - 10/11/98 
My Score:  2 Rescue Cans
This Week's Quote:  "Welcome to the nineties."
                                              -Alex Ryker (Mitzi Kapture) to Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhof) after the Chief (Erin Gray) accepted her smear campaign presentation tape against the Baywatch lifeguards to submit to the County Commissioners and it left him in shock.
5 rescue Cans/Exceptional (Super Waves!)
4 Rescue Cans/Excellent
3 Rescue Cans/Good
2 Rescue Cans/Fair
1 Rescue Can/Poor (A Total Wipeout!)
Sharks Lies and Video Tape was written by Maggie Marshall and directed by Parker Stevenson. I must admit that after viewing it, Parker Stevenson has directed stronger episodes last season. This one only seemed like an empty filler. Mitzi Kapture made her debut here as Alexis "Alex" Ryker, Captain of Bayguard Lifesaving Services. She didn't have much to work with and such an appraised actress deserved a much stronger episode to debut in than this extremely weak recycled combo of storylines. The strongest standout reminder was Heat Wave/1st Season, when Craig and Mitch had to go into a storm drain to rescue two little boys. This has got to be the most used up plot there is today, as it was even used on an episode of ER/NBC.
You'd have to wonder what Maggie was thinking about when she just slapped this set of remakes together. The 9th season has proven that Baywatch is the only show that I have noted to do remakes of its own episodes. I can understand doing remakes of another show, but not of your own. Plots have been recycled from show to show. As I have said it before, if they are going to do remakes, they should be as good as the origninals Believe me, the 9th season does not look anything like the earlier seasons. I think that all fans that have followed the show for a long time know this by now. So far, it has been quite disappointing. I guess the writers thought that those of us who viewed those episodes just forgot about them since they were from the 1st through 6th seasons. they also relied on the fact that the show has a lot of new fans that tuned in starting with the 7th or 8th season. Many of those fans haven't seen the 1st season at all since they are not currently aired.
But Mitzi will be fine as the season progresses. She will relax more to fit into the role of a beach person. Her character relationship with Mitch is a bit unsure here. More viewing is neeed to see if they can shine on the screen together. right now, I am afraid that there is no chemistry. But then, very few people can pair well with David hasselhoff and make themselves as well as him shine on screen. its too bad tht the only ones left are three recurring characters. i must point out again that a six character main cast is not the answer to restoring the show to its brilliance. first off, there were usually eight interesting characters in the main cast. they all had detailed backgrounds and personalities. I think that the Executive Producers have noticed this by now. the show has ventured off from its original base. There is no longer emphasis on the close Mitch/Hobie relationship that should be getting closer. It could have made the show a lot stronger as it had in its previous seasons. Strong relationships and love just don't disintergrate because your children grow up. I have always wanted to see these two save lives and solve crimes together since they were first paired. This hasn't changed. it would also be nice to see his ex-wife Gayle (Wendie Malick) and his big brother Buzzie again and Buzzie's son Kyle. It would be nice to see how they have progressed over time. I would also have loved to see Newmy's character grow and a bit more concerning his background.
Since Alex comes off as a cold schemer in this debut, it will take most fans a while to get used to the character in a Baywatch uniform. the main cast members so far this season have all taken on less exciting, dull personalities. April (Kelly Packard), J.D. (Michael Bergin) and Cody (David Chokachi) all seem like completely fifferent characters. April doesn't mention anything about Manny (Jose Solano) and their relationship. Last season, she seemed to want him so badly. Last season, she was the struggling rookie who now suddenly seems like a super-experienced veteran. And Cody, who was alway the irresponsible jock, suddenly seemed to grow up mentally. So far, J.D. seems to have no real purpose in any of the episodes other than to show his abs. He now wears a clueless expression on his face more often than not and is nothing more than a backdrop for the other cast members. His lines or should I say questions are kept shor because of his weak acting skils. Hmmm...perhaps he should have been the one to be placed in the recurring role cast instead of Jeremy Jackson or Michael Newman. It's just a thought, but a darned good one.
In the opening scene, a sailboat raced along pulling a parasailer. Cody kept a close eye on them through his binoculars. Cody saw Mitch's lifeguard truck and went down the tower ramp after grabbing his rescue can. Mitch noticed a couple in suits. they greeted each other and Mitch asked what the man in the suit was doing and Cody told him that the man ws looking for the new Miss Hot Tomali. He handed him a card that the duo gave to him earlier. Mitch said that he'd ask, but didn't want to know. He looked at the card and then gave it back to Cody. Cody then noticed the paragliding boat about to hit a bouy full of sea lions. The boat's driver had his eyes on the parasailer instead of where he was going. Cody got Mitch's attention to the incident. The driver turned to notice the bouy and just avoided it at the last second. This caused the parasailer to hit the water. Mitch told Cody to call for backup. Cody tried to tell Mitch that it looked like Bayguard was already on it. Mitch didn't listen and told him to call for backup. Mitch got his rescue can and headed out toward the water with his jacket on. Cody did as he was instructed. He went to Mitch's truck radio to call Headquarters about a parasailer down. 
The Bayguard truck made its way speeding to the scene. they were really moving fast! A little too fast on the beach for safety reasons! They skidded to a complete stop sideways. A team of two men quickly got a Sea Doo from the back and into the water. One of the guys grabbed towo rescue cans. One second in a frame they still had their jackets on and when the camera returned to them in the next, they were out of them as though they never had them on and were on their way! That was a pretty noticeable mistake. Everyone knows that it takes a little time to get out of a jacket. They were soon heading out on the Sea Doo to the victim. Mitch stopped short of the shore, still in his jacket to watch in shock. The two were already out rescuing the parasailer. Behind Mitch was a sectioned off area with gold ribbon and a sign that said KEEP OUT. Another Bayguard lifeguard hurried to the scene. At the rescue scene, one of the men jumped in and the other said to him to watch the victims's neck.
You'd have to wonder when Mitch had planned to take that jacket off! He couldn't go into the water with it on! And since he was holding his rescue can, what was he going to do, get one sleeve off and then switch hands with the rescue can to get the other sleeve off? After the 6th season, Mitch had been staying in that jacket during his beach assignments. In earlier seasons, he used to proudly patrol the beach shirtless.
Cody soon joined Mitch and remarked tht they did it again. Mitch wondered how they got there so fast more to himself than to Cody. The guards got the victim to the Sea Doo. The guard who was still in the water told his partner to go on and get him in. And then the Sea Doo took off. Cody told Mitch that it was a good question while they both still looked on in shock. The truck rolled down the street as Cody asked what was with the blue uniforms? And what in the heck was Bayguard? Mitch told Cody that he didn't want to know. Cody told him that he did. Bayguard lifeguards were bringing in the victim. J.D. Soon joined Mitch and Cody. He asked what was going on, but his question was ignored. Cody just went on rambling about that it was the second time this week that Bayguard beat them to a rescue. Mitch noted that they'd taken over the Sand and Sea Club as well. J.D. was still in the dark about Bayguard. J.D. asked them if somebody would fill him in with what was going on. He wanted to know who these guys were. When he still didn't receive an answer, J.D. went over to the Bayguard truck to find out.
J.D. seemed as though he was merely inserted in th scene as a decoration piece. he had no real purpose here. J.D. is suppose to be a now 11-year veteran lifeguard. And suddenly with the aid of the writers, doesn't come across as such. He seemed more like a rookie. He asked too many questions. far more than any other character on the show! This was pretty much an insult to the character that Michael was protraying. He wasn't bumped into a recurring character's role, but his character's intelligence was.
One of the lifeguards excused herself as she made her way through the crowd. She told them that the show was over. She signaled to a male lifeguard. the man whispered in her ear while she nodded, looking at Mitch and Cody. She walked up to Mitch and extended her hand for him to shake, "Alex Ryker, Captain-Bayguard Lifesaving Services. My friends call me Alex." She then folded her arms to size him up. "So, I finally get to meet the legendary Mitch Buchannon.
"Legendary according to who?" He asked modestly.
Come on, Mitch already knew that he was already a living legend as Hobie pointed out in Rookie Summer/8th Season Premier episode. He was the most celebrated lifeguard in the business.
She told him according to the background check she ran on him. He was a bit confused and asked, "Background check?" She told him that she had a cody back at the office if he'd like to see it. Mitch got back to business and told her no, first he wanted to see the permit for the parasailer. She told him tht it was back at the office as well. But she admitted to Mitch that he was absolutely right. It was way too dangerous out there for parasailing. She turned toward one of her guards and told him if he could tell Mr. Cole tht they were cutting down the parasailing extension. Alex's attention then returned to Mitch. She offered to show him around and added tht he might learn a few things. Mitch feigned a smile and tagged along. A sign BAYGUARD LIFEGUARD was being hoisted onto their new Headquarters. Alex told Mitch how they picked up the lease on their old account at Headquarters. She asked why they would give that up? Mitch told her that they lost it at the last round of budget cuts. Alex said, "Ah-ha!" Mitch told her that they were putting a lot money into this place.
Alex told Mitch that now with the addition of Sand and Sea, Bayguard now had contracts with every private club from Palas Verdes to the Ventura county line. Mitch told her that private beaches only made up 10% of the coastline, but she correct him by telling him that it was 8%. But who was counting? And then Mitch asked Alex why she was going after all of his people to work for her? She asked if that was the "buzz" around Headquarters? Mitch told her that that was the" buzz." But that wasn't the answer to his question. Alex explained a bit more that he might not be aware of this, but next friday, Baywatch's contract with the County was going to expire. Mitch seemed both surprised and amused. Bayguard was going after their contract? 
Alex told him that it was called privatization. It is the latest trend in public service. It's happening in healthcare, education, you name it. Now, if Bayguard could provide the County with a more efficient service for less money, well, then why not? Mitch told her that she couldn't be serious. Alex assured him that they were very serious, and that she was actually surprised by his reaction. She thought that he would be up for a little healthy competition. They just stared at each other. Alex then smiled slyly. 
The Miss Hot Tamali search was on as Paolo Tomali and his assistant looked for contestants on the beach. A lifeguard named Bridget looked on, shaking her head. Later, the two spotted Bridget at her tower. They stood in front of the ramp, blocking it in case there was an emergency. This didn't sit too well with Bridget. She excused herself, but got no response. She excused herself again. There was still no answer. They ignored her. She tried again. Still no answer! She grabbed her rescue can and made her way down the ramp. She excused herself and asked if she could help them. He told her please, he must focus on his work. Bridget tried to tell them that they couldn't stand there in front of the tower ramp, but he kept interrupting her. He tried to explain with no success. She told him that he couldn't just stand there. He asked her to please forgive his manners. He was just enthralled by her would you say it...bod! Bridget told him that she got the picture while nodding. He told her good. She just told him that it was not just her. He had been moving at every girl on the entire beach. He gave her his card, stating that it would explain everything. He had hoped to see her soon. She took it to humor him. She then told them to move along and have a good day. After they left, she looked at the card, trying to decide if it was worth keeping. She does and tucked it into the the bustline of her swimsuit.
There was a knock on Chief Johnson's door. Mitch opened it and peeked into her office. He asked if she was busy. To his surprise, she was pleased to see him. They were just talking about him. Alex Ryker was in the office with her. She waved to Mitch and said, "hi." Mitch asked if was interrupting. Alex told him not at all. Actually, she was glad to see him there. The Chief told Mitch that Alex made quite an interesting presentation.
"Really? I'll bet she does." Mitch said.
"Hmmm...she was just showing a tape of some of her rescues." The Chief said.
"Really? Bayguard's greatest hits?" Mitch asked.
"It's quite impressive." The Chief reminded him.
Alex explained that they videotaped their company personnel on a daily basis. That way, they can show our clients the quality of work, and quite frankly it kept their lifeguards on their toes. Mitch wasn't convinced and told her that they know theyre going to be videotaped obviously theypre going to be on their toes. Alex seemed to take offence and adked, "And...the probem with that is?"
The Chief reminded Alex about another tape that she daid she had. Alex told her about the tape and that it had a different cast of actors. So, she was sure that it would look familiar to them. Once the tape was inserted into the VCR and started, she controlled it with the remote. "This was taken during a recent 8 hour shift." She said. The first scene was J.D. talking to a pretty young woman. "Let's start with Jack Darius. He's lining up a date for Saturday night." She quickly moved on to the next scene with a speeding lifeguard truck on the beach. "That's Cody Madison going at top speed. It must be his lunch break." She went on to the next segment with April on beach patrol. "April Giminski with her back to the water."
Mitch saw where this was going. The scheming Alex smiled deviously. The tape kept rolling. "Cody again! I wonder what he's talking about?" She said. Mitch stared at the tape of Cody on the phone laughing lying back comfortably in the tower's chair. The next scene showed a rescue can propped up in the sand, nose down and the camera zoomed up the tower ramp to find no one there! "It's the middle of the afternoon and I believe Newmy is working out." Alex said. The scene with Bridget came up. two surfboards were propped against her tower. "What is she doing behind those boards? I wonder if she can see from that angle?" The empty tower shown again. "Two hours later, and Newmy's still working out?" She asked. Mitch told her to hold on a minute! "Wait, wait, wait!" Said Alex continueing, "And here we have Cody on the phone." The next scene did not look too good at all. J.D. was stretching and yawning! "And J.D. coming out of hibernation." Alex finished up.
Mitch asked her if this was a smear campaign! Alex just told him it was a random sampling of what goes on out there. Mitch growled, adding that it was taken totally out of context! She told Mitch that she didn't say that there was anything scientific about it. She then got the tape out of the VCR. All she was saying is that the public deserves the benefits of open competition. Now if the "powers that be" thinks that he's the better man for the job, that's fine. She would just like to present their case. The Chief told Alex that she would set up a meeting with the County Commissioners. Alex thanked her. Mitch yelled about Alex's case was based on what, videotape? The Chief told him based on the fact that it was ultimately their decision. Mitch was stumbling over his own words before he managed to find some. He just couldn't believe it! But Alex told Mitch not to take it personally. Lifeguarding has become a business, just like any other business. She handed the video over to the Chief. She then purposely "cleared" her throat and leaned toward Mitch. "Welcome to the nineties." He looked at the Chief and she just looked at him in return with a "My hands are tied" expression on her face. She didn't like it either.
At Headquarters, April and Bridget were talking on deck. April told Bridget that she heard that Alex Ryker was offering everybody a job. Bridget added that word has it that she has taken over the entire beach. Mitch made his way up the stairs and toward them. He greeted them and then told them to go to the lounge, not slowing his hurried pace. After ordering everyone in the lounge, they all made their way toward the seating area. Mitch started in right away. He said that he was sure that they all heard the rumors. Some of them even may have been offered jobs by now. He continued telling them what was going on...the County was considering Bayguard's proposal, and to achieve that end, she made a little music video of all of them, minus the music. His voice of a tight and irritated tone. Mitch proceeded to place the tape into the VCR, while everyone was wondering what was going on.
What you are about to see is not for the faint of heart." He warned, grabbing the remote. "All right! Who can tell me, what's wrong with this picture?" J.D. with the woman was first up, J.D. told him that she was asking for directions for the bathroom. Mitch told him that it didn't matter! It's the image that people always think all lifeguard do is talk to pretty girls. Mitch got to the next segment with Cody speeding along in his truck. "What about this?" He said. He asked Cody what the speed limit was on the beach! Cody had an excuse like always. He told Mitch that the beach was empty! Did he see anyone around? Mitch ignored his excuse and just told him 4 miles per hour at all times! "Four miles an hour," while pointing at Cody. He moved on, "What about this?" April turned her head in embarrassment. "What is the cardinal rule of Lifeguarding?" The number one priority above all else?" Mitch asked. "Watch your water!" A disappointed crowd said.
"Hello!" Mitch said. To her defense, April told him that there was a fight int he parking lot. Mitch told her that it didn't matter. "You call it in. Let the police handle it. And what about this?" Mitch asked in question about Cody's talking on the phone. "I'm sure that was not a personal call." Cody told him it wasn't! Everyone laughed. Again, Cody said that it wasn't. Mitch then went on to the next segment. "Now there's something that someone did right!" He showed the empty tower. He continued on to the next segment. "Bridget, Bridget, Bridget! Mitch said. "You never let anything block your view." And then it was back to the empty tower. "Nobody works out in the middle of the day." And then there was Cody on the phone. "Ahhh...once again on the phone." But Cody had an excuse. "Mitch, I was telling J.D. about a very serious rip." Cody said. "Read my lips." Mitch got into the next scene with J.D. yawning. "At which point, he springs into action." The scene left Cody speechless. Everyone laughs. Mitch told the team that it wasn't that funny. He hoped that they all realize what was at stake here. If they didn't get their act together by Friday, they were all out of a job. He then placed the remote on the table and walked out of the room. 
Mitch was jogging along the beach. He smiled as he reminisced about meeting Alex. "So, I finally get to meet the legendary Mitch Buchannon." She said. "Legendary according to who?" He asked. "According to the background check I ran on you." Alex said.  "Background check? Mitch asked. "Got a copy of it back at the office if you'd like to see it." She offered. "No, first I'd like to see a copy of the permit for the parasailer." He said. He skipped to when Alex informed him of Baywatch's contract. "You maay not be aware of this, but next friday, Baywatch's contract with the County-it expires." He replayed when she introduced herself, " Alex Ryker, Lieutenant. Bayguard Lifesaving Services. My friends call me Alex." The more he thought about her, the more he smiled.
Alex was not far jogging int he opposite direction. She was thinking about Mitch in the same way. "I have a copy back at the office if you'd like to see it," she offered. "No, first I'd like to see a copy of the permit for the parasailer." He said. She skipped to the next scene in her mind. "You're going after our contract? You're not serious?" He said.She smiled. They just happen to pass each other. Mitch kept going. Alex turned around to catch up. She was soon jogging along side of him. "Well, if it isn't Mr. Baywatch himself."
"Hello Ryker." He grumbled. She told him like they say-you can run, but you sure can't hide. That he kept himself in good shape...for a man his age. Mitch asked her to do him a favor and not make this personal. Alex told Mitch that she already thought that it had gotten personal. Mitch used the voice of reason and told her that why don't they do their best to try and change that? Alex told Mitch that she thought that it was a little too late for that. She had been wondering if this beach was big enough for the both of them. Fortunately they wouldn't have to wait too long to find that out, will they? Instead of dropping back to go into the other direction, she purposely jogged out in front of Mitch and made a half cirle around him to continure her jog. "Have a good day, Buchannon." "You too, Ryker!" Mitch said. He then angrily picked up speed.
The beach was full of people and April watched through her binoculars from her tower. She had these tiny binoculars instead of the standard type. You'd have to wonder how she even managed to use them. How comfortable can it be to use something like that all day? A man was showing a little boy how to surf on the sand first was ready to make their way out to the water. The man kept falling, getting caught in an inshore hold. The boy tried to help him up. April grabbed her rescue can and was on her way toward them. While running, she let her tether drop to the sand while she got into her harness. One of the Bayguard lifeguards stepped on the cord with his foot, causing a strainful fall. She quickly got up and tried to pull it out of his grip. She demanded what he was doing? He still had a strong hold on her rescue can. He told her tht this was Bayguard water. She told him that the man needed help. Let her go. She was still struggling tying to get hre can back. "We've got it under control." He said. "We've got it under control." Alex suddenly showed up. She excused herself and asked if there was a problem. Alpril told her yes, there was a problem! This man almost broke her neck! Alex seemed unconcerned and told her that it was obvious that they had it under control. April pointed to the man and told him that he had a serious problem. Arnie came back with she was the one with the problem. Next time, dont let her can drag in the sand. Alex told Arnie that was it and for them to leave. As they left, April held her neck.
Well, well, well! It looked like Alex was so ruthless that she would stop at nothing to get the County contract. She wsn't even concerned about April getting hurt by an oversized brute like Arnie. He shoud have been named "Bubba!" He seemed the bully, like the rest of Alex's team. And it didn't look good for Alex either. It would have seemed better if Alex had at least feigned concern since she was the beggar so to speak. She was recruiting for lifeguards. And any bad word spreading around about the incident would kill anyone's desire to even join her group. Also, the idea of having property line barriers on a taxpayer's beach was totally ridiculous and Bayguard would be forced to take them down by law. It looks as if Alex isn't as intelligent as she tried to appear to be. Even she should have seen how silly this was. And getting back to April, she could have brough charges against Bayguard, Arnie and Alex. Assaulting a person isn't good for any company. Alex and Arnie would both be out of jobs.
April was later punching on a bag out of  frustration. Bridget slowly walked towar her, looking at the card she had accepted from Paolo. Since April was into fashion, Bridget asked her if she knew Tomali. April seemed excited about it and asked her was she kidding? April stopped what she was doing and asked, "Paolo Tomali?" "Uh-huh," Bridget said She told Bridget of course she did. She seemed surprised that Bridget had never heard of Hot Tomali's. She added that he was one of the most famous swimsuit designers in the world. "No way! Not this guy!" Bridget said.
"He's a little weird! He's from Brazil, so who knows?" April said. "Where'd you get this?" Bridget  told April that he gave it to her and said that he was looking for some models. April asked when? Where? Bridget told her that it should say on the card. April then asked her if she was going to do it? Wasn't she? Bridget made a face as if she didn't want to, but reasoned that she could use the extra money. April said that she could use the exposure. She looked at Bridget and figured that she was about a size six. Bridget was shaking her head as J.D. showed up up and told April that Mitch needed to see her right away.
"O.K.," April said. She got up to go with J.D. "Here you go." She gave the card back to Bridget. Bridget looked at the card and then moved on.  
Mitch and April moved along in a lifeguard truck. Mitch told April tht he made an appointment for them to see Alex Ryler at Bayguard headquarters. April asked what he was going to say to her. Mitch told April that they were going to make the point that they respond to all calls. There were no such things as property lines in the ocean. They owed her an aplolgy. Mitch pulled into a parking space. Once out of the truck, April saw the man who wore a cap that said STUNTS. She told Mitch that he was the man who stopped her. Arnie was giving the man an envelope full of money. "A job well done." He said. "It's all there."
"See ya brother," the stuntman said.
"Later," Arnie said. The man got into his truck and Arnie left. Mitch saw everything he needed to know. He started to think.
At Headquarters, Mitch placed a tape into the VCR. Cody joined him as he sat on the sofa. Cody exclaimed more videos and what did they have on them now? Mitch ran the tape and froze the frame. Cody asked him why he froze the frame. Mitch pointed at the man in the video and told Cody that he just saw that guy take a payoff in front of Bayguard Headquarters. That whole thing was a setup. That rescue was staged.
Meanwhile at a tower, Bridget was a little nervous. She told April that she didn't think that this was such a good idea. April told her that it was O.K. Every shift they get an hour for workouts. They were working out. "If Mitch sees us!" Bridget warned.
"He won't," April said, watching the water. She then looked at her watch. "With all of this videotaping going on, if we get caught...we're dead." Bridget reminded her.
"Will you stop worrying? How does it fit?" April asked.
"Is this all of it?" Bridget asked, peeking out at April rather shyly.
"Yes, now let me see." Said April.
"What do you think?" Bridget asked, turning around so that April could get a good biew at the tropical patterned, lime and purple bikini.
"I think you'll get his attention." April said. "And when you do, you have to make sure to mention that it's an "April G" original. At which point I'll take out my portfolio, he'll love my stuff and we'll become rich and famous."
"O.K., can I change back now?" Bridget asked nervously.
"No, I need you to try on one more suit," April said.
"I'm going to change back," said Bridget.
"No, one more, April said.
"April," Bridget said. April gave her n non-budging expression. She held her ground and gestured for her to go in to change.
"O.K.," A defeated Bridget said.  April then continued to look out as she glance at her watch.
Arnie was securing a new barrier line around one of their Bayguard sign warnings PRIVATE PROPERTY-KEEP OUT! Cody approached him and said, "Hey man, you sure that's legal?"
"Just following orders." Arnie said.
"You guys really think you're gonna get that County contract?" Cody asked.
"That's what I hear." Arnie said.
"Your Captain seems pretty cool." Cody said. "How do you like working for hre?"
"She's a little too lawful for my taste, but she's O.K." Arnie said. "Does whatever management tells her."
"I was just wondering if you guys get that contract, I wanna be at the right place at the right time." Cody said. "You know what I mean?"
"We could use a guy like you." Arnie said. he then gestured with his eyes toward Mitch's lifeguard truck coming down the beach. Cody turned to look. He then went over toward Mitch. Getting out of the truck, Mitch seemed notably angry. "every time I call your tower, it's busy." Mitch said. "How many times do I have to tell you, no personal calls while you're on duty."
"Will you stop treating me like I'm some damned rookie? Cody yelled so Arnie could hear him. Arnie continued what he was doing, but kept tabs on their argument with keen interest.
"Stop acting like one! You're a veteran lifeguard!" Mitch yelled back. "You're supposed to set an example around here!"
"I've had it!" Cody yelled to the top of his lungs.
"No, I've had it with you!" Mitch warned. "You're walking on thin ice with me, pal, thin ice!"
"Oh really?" Cody yelled.
"Yeah!" Mitch said, reinforcing his warning.
"Then you can find someone else cause I quit!" Cody said. He stormed off.
Mitch angrily got back into his lifeguard truck. Arnie continued to watch. Mitch caught up with Cody. "You had it man!" Mitch warned, pointing his finger at him.
"Here, take it! It's all yours!" Cody said, throwing his rescue can on the back of the truck.
Paaolo was looking for models during his open call. As Bridget changed into different suits to show him, April showed off her designs to him and his assistant. He was staring at some of the other girls while April regained his attention to view her swimwear collection.
The beach was heavily crowded and Alex was showing County Commissioneers around. "Thank you for joining me today. Bayguard is the brainchild of Victor Cole." Alex said. She went on to say that he was a former Balboah, Iowa lifeguard who formed the company five years ago. Alex then saw Cody, but he didn't want to be seen by Chief Johnson and tried to walk away. Alex pulled him back toward the group. "Ahhh, Cody!" She said. Cody saw the Chief and was a bit stunned. He never expected to run into her there. Alex personally showed the Chief that Cody was on her team now. "Chief, you must know Cody Madison." 
"Cody," said the Chief.
"Chief," Cody said, shaking her hand.
"Cody recently left Baywatch to join us here as lieutenant." Alex said.
"Oh, really?" The Chief asked, quite suspicious, offering a challenging expression. "I didn't get a copy of your resignation."
"Uh, Mitch has it." Cody answered quickly.
"Actually, he's just one of what we hope of many Baywatch lifeguards to join our ranks." Alex said. Chief Johnson kept staring at Cody as if she actually suspected tha tMitch was up to something. Things didn't add up. Beside, Cody wasn't the type to defect. Alex then addressed Cody. "I will see you at 4:00 this afternoon."
"You got it," he said to Alex. Then he looked over at Chief Johnson and said, "Chief." He then hurried off.
"Chief," Alex said. "I have a question for you about your swimsuit. Who is your sponsor?"
"Sponsor?" Asked the Chief. "Who provides your suit?" She asked rephrasing her question.
"The taxpayers." The Chief said.
"Actually, I have a little secret. If you put a company logo on the suit, they'd pay for themselves." Alex said.
"I don't think we can do that." The Chief said.
"Oh yes you can. And your trucks, I can get Ford to donate them for you." Alex said. "They just built us a special model with a tower in the bend. It is state of the art."
"So, you're saying that we can get all of this for free." Chief Johnson questioned with disbelief.
She wanted the Chief to picture something. Billboards on every tower. They are talking prime advertising space. Did she have any idea how much revenue that can generate? She took documents from her folder and passed them out. She just happened to have the figures for them. Alex wanted to talk to the group about Baygaurd's emergency training. She led them back that way. "Good job," stated one of the Commissioners. Chief Johnson did not have a pleased expression on her face.
"Yeah, O.K." Cody said on his cell phone to Mitch. "Are you on their turf?" Mitch asked.
"Yeah, I'm at their local tower now." Cody said. "Get a quick look inside."
"O.K., Mitch said. Cody opened the door and jumped in. He scrunched down in front of the dashboard. "See anything?" Mitch asked.
"Yeah, this computer." Cody said. He booted it up. "O.K., I'm all done." The records showed up and were running. "Whoa!" Cody exclaimed. Mitch asked what he found. Cody told Mitch that people are only on contract until the end of the month. Then they go back to their jobs in Orange County. All that's left would be a bunch of wannabes. Mitch laughed and told Cody that no wonder she was recuiting so hard. Cody went on and told Mitch that by the middle of summer, she would have a grand total of three lifeguards training Ocean Rescue. The rest barely knew CPR. Mitch asked Cody if he could get that off the computer. Cody replied telling Mitch that he didn't know if the computer would pick up. He tried to do so. Just then, Arnie walked by. Cody tried not to make a sound. "Cody, Cody! Are you there?" Mitch asked. Cody made sure that Arnie was gone before continuing. "Let's keep it down, man, I don't wanna get busted in here." Just then, a forceful hand grasped his shoulder. "Too late! Out of the truck!" Arnie ordered. He grabbed Coy and threw him out of the truck. After getting Cody onto the ground pinned beneath him, Arnie strated to strike a hard blow. Alex and another Bayguard lifeguard stopped him. Alex looked down at Cody very disappointed. Telling him that she had such high hopes for him. She looked at her guards and told them to get him out of here. The Bayguard lifeguard got Cody up and forced him along. Cody's cell phone was left in the sand behind them, leaving Mitch a bit confused. "Cody, Cody!" Mitch said. "What's goin' on? Are you there?"
The Bayguard truck made its way toward Baywatch headquarters. Mitch was talking to a female lifeguard when the truck pulled up before him. Alex jumped out just as the guard left. She placed her hands on her hips and asked what was next? Tapping her phone? Reading her e-mail? Mitch told her not to come off to him as a "Model Susan"-not after the stunt she had pulled. She seemed confused asking what stunt would that be? "Paying off the parasailer to go down." He stated firmly.
"Excuse me?" She seemed rather confused. "Where did that come from?"
"Alex, I saw one of your lifeguards paying off a stuntman." Mitch said.
"You're starting to hallucinate." Alex said.
"Don't give me that, lady! Your whole operation's a fraud. You're staging phony rescues. You hired temporary staff until you could steal away qualified lifeguards." Cody stated. Mitch asked Alex that it wasn't about saving lives for her. It was the money. She asked him if he had proof of these allegations. "What if I do?" Mitch threatened.
"Then I would resign without hesitation." She said. "But until then, I would appreciate it if you let us do our of outside interference."
Suddenly Mitch was called by April. They just got a report on a missing kid. He disappeared somewhere between tower 10 and the Sand and Sea Club. his parents are frantic! Mitch told April to put J.D. and Bridget on it, but April told Mitch that she couldn't. She yelled that they just had a rip at seven and she had to send them there! April wasn't finished-there was more! The boy was a diabetic and he needed his insulin an hour ago!
"We'll finish this later, Alex said, heading toward her truck.
"We're on it," Mitch said, putting on his sunglasses. He and Cody made their way toward their lifeguard truck.
Alex was impatient surrounded by her small, but insufficient staff. Not one of hre staff on duty had seen any sign of him. "He couldn't have just disappeared," Alex griped. Arnie told her that he had been hanging billboards all day. "Oh lovely," Alex said. "I suppose you've interviewed every person on the beach."
"Not everyone-we just talked to the perople who looked like..." Arnie said.
"I don't care what they look like. If they can see and hear, then you talk to them. Now you go and find that kid!" She snapped.
Mitch and Cody made their way toward her. They ignored the barriers while making their way through them. Mitch told Alex that two people saw him head in their direction an hour ago. Her people saw nothing? Alex told Mitch that they were conducting a thorough search around the clock. They would handle it. Her voice indicated that she was agitated. Mitch reminded her that this wasn't about a lifeguard competition. It was about a little boy's life. there was a silence as Alex and Mitch stred at each other before Alex sighed. "We will work together." She said in defeat, but still in her agitated tone of voice.
"All right," Mitch said. "Let's go."
Arnie and Cody stood and stared defiantly at each other before they went their separate ways. An all out search on the beach and ocean was conducted. Mitch excused himself and asked a blonde woman on a towel if she had seen a little boy missing in a yellow T-shirt. She told him no. Alex asked a woman if she saw a little boy about 8 years old that had a yellow T-shirt on. After seeing the woman's response, Mitch said, "Great, nobody's seen him." The search continued along the crowded beach.
"Hey, how are you doin'?" Mitch asked a little girl playing in the sand. He and Alex squatted down. "My name's Mitch. I'm a lifeguard and we're looking for a little boy whose missing. He was wearing a yellow T-shirt."
"Yeah, I saw a little boy in a yellow T-shirt. He went over there." The little girl said, pointing. They both looked toward a storm drain. they got up as Mitch thanked the little girl. They reached the area and Mitch examined the gate. Mitch noted that the gate was opened and stated that it was supposed to be locked. He told Alex that if he had gone inside he was in for some surprises. he crawled under the opening. He told Alex to go and get backup.
"Hey-Why should I go get backup?" She questioned, wanting the credit for the rescue herself.
"I've been here before," Mitch quickly told her, "You haven't-go get backup." 
"You go get backup!" She sanpped loudly, wasting time and not thinking of the young life involved. Selfishness! Selfishness! Selfishness! "GO GET BACKUP" Mitch screamed. He went into the drain.
As Mitch stated before, her motives seemed to revolve around MONEY as well as what I would point out-selfishness and stubborness. This woman was definately not a team player! She just hated for anyone to tell her what to do and she was totally angry about it. She just stood there and reasoned without wisdom. "I AM the backup!" Alex then pulled off her jacket and hung it on the gate to make her way in. Mitch was inside the tunnel. "Hello?" He yelled. "Is anyone in here?" He slid out of the huge pipe and into the water.
"Hello?" Alex called.
"What are you doing in here?" Mitch asked. She was supposed to be getting backup.
"I'm trying to save a lost child." She said.
"I thought I told you to go and get backup." He said.
"You want me to stay home and bake cookies while you hunt for bear!" She snapped. "Forget it!"
"What!" Mitch asked. "No one knows we're in here!"
"Look, let's get the kid and get out, O.K.?" She said while proceeding with stubborness.
"I wouldn't go that way," Mitch cautioned.
"Why not?" She asked, suddenly falling into a deep area of water.
"There's...uh...a...uh...drop off." Mitch said.
"Why didn't you tell me that was there?" She said.
"I had cookies in the oven." Mitch said sarcastically. They swam theough the water while calling out if anyone was there. Alex went out futher. "You don't wanna go there," Mitch warned.
"Why not?" Alex asked, making her way despite the warning.
"Another drop offffffff...!" The strong current soon carried her off with her words traveling along with her. Alex was dumped into a whirlpool and found that the boy was there being carried around in a continuous circle. He was scared and was crying for help. "we're here to help you," she said. "Keep your head up." Mitch was sucked in as well.
"Help!" The boy cried.
"Hang in there!" Alex called. She kept going around in a fruitless manner since she was obviously inexperienced in rescuing anyone!Mitch told the boy to hand on as he made his way over toward him. Mitch soon had him. "O.K.," Mitch said. "I got cha!" Mitch then addressed Alex. "I got 'em!" But Alex was trying to stay afloat on her own. Mitch told her to hang on and not to fight it.
"I'm going down..." she cried. It was the first thing that she truthfully admitted since she followed Mitch into the storm drain.
"Don't fight it! Just go with it." Mitch told her again. "I'll get to ya." As she finally did as instructed instead of rebelling, Mitch was able to get to her.
"What'll we do now?" Alex asked.
"We call for back-up," Mitch said, reminding her that without back-up, they were stuck.
Meanwhile, April, the rookie and J.D., the 11-year veteran made their way toward the storm drain. I stated this again purposely! You'd think that it was the other way around! April picked up the blue jacket and examined it. The writers made a terrible mistake here and the roles should have been reversed. 
"That's Alex's jacket!" April said. J.D. just started to go into the storm drain after them without thinking. April stopped him and told him to go for back-up. When April started to leave, J.D. asked where she was going. "To pull the plug." She said. J.D. stood there clueless when she left.
Stopping here, I must say that I was deeply disappointed in the way the character personalities fell this season. As a struggling April, barely making it as a lifeguard and needing full guidance throughout last season suddenly had the experience and leadership of a veteran lifeguard like uh, hmmm...J.D.! April was now giving orders and guidance to a now clueless rookie personality J.D., who was the one that was supposed to be the wise, experienced veteran. Quite different from last season! He seemed much mature then. Especially while dating Caroline Holden (Yasmine Bleeth). J.D. resembled a human question mark. His lines were nothing more than unneeded questions designed just to fit him into the script. How was Michael Bergin ever going to develop strong acting skills to actually earn his berth as a main cast member? So far, his appearance on the screen was just that, an appearance on the screen. He has added nothing to the script at all. He was just used a decoration piece. I will say it again. As far as their characters go, both were too far-fetched to be believed. April couldn't suddenly become super-experienced any more than J.D. could be believed as coming across as inexperienced, needing guidance and hand holding to lead him around. I liked them both a lot better last season. They are now dull and unimpressive this season.
April was soon overhead, peering down through the gate. "Mitch!" She cried. "You down there?"
"April," Mitch cried. "Yeah! All right-listen! You got a rescue can?" April listened intensively as Mitch went on. "Hold onto the can, throw down the harness. Come on, get some insulin. Hook up the can onto a winch. Turn this damned thing off!" April told him that they needed to shut down the power before she stated on her way. Mitch told Alex to grab onto the boy. She agreed to do so. "Got 'em?" Asked Mitch. "Got 'em!" Alex said.
"All right, put your arms through here! Arms through!" Mitch said. The boy followed orders, getting his arms through the harness so that he could be supported out of the water. He then placed the boy onto his shoulder. Alex held onto Mitch. They both told the boy to hold on. "I've got cha." Mitch said. He then grew impatient with the back-up that was supposed to be coming. "Come on!" He yelled.
"We did it!" Alex said panting. Mitch looked at her, "We?"
"Oh, that's right!" Alex said sarcastically. "You know, you did it all by yourself! The legendary Mitch Buchannon! I had nothing to do with it."
"No, no," Mitch fired back. "You're right, you had plenty to do with it!"
"Are you always this hostile after a rescue?" She asked. Mitch laughed sarcastically and then yelled while looking upward, "Will you hurry up with that winch?"
Bridget was talking to Mr. Tomali and his assistant as she hurried them along into their limousine. He was begging her to reconsider even as the two were being driven off. Bridget was waving and was glad to get rid of them. April showed up and said, "I can't believe you turned 'em down." Bridget told April that she was a lifeguard, not a Tomali. April just shrugged and asked Bridget that she didn't suppose that Paolo said anything about her portfolio.
"As a matter of fact..." Bridget said.
"I knew it! Forget it-I don't wanna know!" April said starting to turn and leave.
"Oh no!" Bridget said. "He said that you're a very talented designer and you should stop being so insecure." She then mimicked his accent, "Your time will come."
"My time will come, huh? Those were his exact words!" April asked, smiling.
"Well, actually I knew that he was translating, but I knew that was what he meant." Bridget said. Mitch passed them as they started on their way.
"Ladies..." Mitch greeted. "Chief!"
"Hi Mitch!" Chief Johnson said. Mitch asked what happened to the County Commissioners? The Chief told him that they couldn't make it. Mitch told the Chief that she promised him that they would tour his facility before making a decision. The Chief smiled and told Mitch that there was no decision to make. Bayguard withdrew their bid when Alex Ryker resigned.
"Alex resigned." Mitch said with much contentment, folding his arms. The Chief told Mitch that she knew that the two of them didn't always see eye to eye. Mitch told her that it was O.K. He wished her the best of luck down the Aushtown.
"That's what I came to talk to you about. This is in no way a reflection on the job, you know. The beach has never been safer." She said.
"But..." Mitch said indicating that something was coming.
"But you're two months behind on your paperwork and twenty percent over-budget at last count and frankly I don't see any improvement. And we both know that administration is not your strong point." The Chief said. "You're a field jock."
"Field jock?" He asked.
"Exactly," The Chief said. "Which is why I've decided to bring Alex in as a ..." The Chief said, but was cut off by Mitch.
"No," Mitch said.
"As an administrative consultant." She finished.
"Don't do this to me." Mitch said.
"On a temporary basis." The Chief said, continuing. "If it doesn't work out, we can try another approach. In the meantime, I brought her by to show her the Headquarters."
"Good morning, Chief," Alex said, now in a Baywatch formal dress uniform. She then looked at Mitch. "Good morning, Buchannon!"
"We need to talke about this!" Mitch said, looking at the Chief.
"Now Mitch, come on. We're both mature adults. I'm sure that we can find a way to make it work for both of us." Alex said. "Now come on. I want a Grand Tour." Grabbing his arm. "You know you like me. Come on." She pulled him along, holding onto his arm. Mitch looked back at the Chief, holding up a finger. The Chief smiled to herself in contentment.
Alex never offered any apology or stated tht she was wrong for the hard time and personal attacks she ensued on Mitch. This alone could have broken the ice. Hating to be wrong, she offered nothing. She behaved as if she had done nothing wrong. This will make it hard for Bawatch fans to accept this character in the beginning. Mitzi was great in the episode, but as I mentioned earlier, she didn't have much to work with. The writers did this talented actress a great injustice. To make matters worse, the characters Cody and Mitch just didn't have any chemistry to shine on the screen together as a crime-fighting duo. I thought that picking from either Newmy, Craig or Hobie would have been a better choice to work with Mitch here. And there is the personality issue that I am bringing up again. The character April does not need to over-do it with the wide constant smile and gestures. She was fine last season. She needed to return to that. And J.D.? What can I say? He was desperately in need of his smarts-period! Overall, the episode was very weak and I think that the writers could have come up with a more orignial storyline to make this sinking plot much more interesting to watch.  My Score: 2 Rescue Cans
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