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Pamela Anderson
Baywatch: 3rd through 7th Seasons (1992-1993 through 1996-1997)
Occupation: Actor, Model, Producer, Columnist; Writer; Radio Talk Show Host; Activist
Current Projects: -Stripperella (2003/Animated Sci-Fi Spike TV Series)
-Club Pam (Weekly Radio Talk Show/Sirius Satelite Radio)
-Star (2004/Fiction Novel/Atria Books)
-The Pamela Collection (Full Merchandise & Clothing Lines/Launched Summer 2004)
-Sequel to "Star" (2005/Fiction Novel/Atria Books)
-Charity Fundraisers
Birth Name: Pamela Denise Anderson
Birthdate: July 1, 1967 (First Canadian baby born on Canada's Centennial Day in 1967)
Birthplace: Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
Current Residence: Malibu, California
Marital Status: Single; Broke off engagement from rocker Bob Richie "Kid Rock" in 2003 (Was engaged on April 11, 2002)/Divorced from rocker Tommy Lee (February 19, 1995-February 26, 1998)
Hair/Eyes: Blond/Blue 
Height/weight: 5 feet, 7 inches tall/106 pounds
Heritage: Canadian with Finnish decent/Mother's side. She spoke Finnish until she was 11 years old, when her grandfather died.
Education: High School/(Graduated from Highland Secondary School in 1985)
Parents: Father/Barry Anderson, a Furnace Repairman/Mother/Carol Anderson, a Waitress (Finnish decent) 
Children: 2 sons, Brandon Thomas Lee (Born June 5, 1996) and Dylan Jagger (December 29, 1997)/Both from marriage to Tommy Lee (February 19, 1995-February 26, 1998)
Siblings: 1 brother, Gerry
Showbusiness start: Discovered at a British Columbia Lions football game wearing a Labatts Beer T-Shirt; When she appeared on the stadium's big screen, the crowd cheered. As a result, she was brought down onto the field to be introduced to an appreciative crowd. First known spokesmodel for Labatts Beer and appeared in their ads as their Blue Zone Girl. 
Hobbies/Interests: Advocate against domestic violence, Animal rights activist, Environmental activist, Children's charity work, Sports fan
Pamela Denise Anderson was born on Vancouver Island, in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada. She was raised in a small town in British Coumbia and later moved to the city of Vancouver. While growing up, her grandfather taught her how to be independent. He said that she was not an extension of her parents and that she should live her own life and try to follow her own path as a good person. Good things would come back to her. Her mother described Pamela's grandfather as an alcoholic and was a violent man. Being a little girl, Pamela never saw that. He spoke Finnish and so did she until he died when Pamela was 11 years old.
Pamela was discovered in an unusual way-while attending a British Columbia Lions football game. The cameraman focused in on her, dressed in a Labotts Beer T-shirt and her image was transmitted on the stadium's mega-screen for everyone to see. The fans cheered and she was brought down to the 50-yard line to be introduced to the crowd.
Later, she signed a commercial contract with Labatts and became the company's Blue Zone Girl. She became Labatts' first known spokesmodel. The campaign was so popular and succcessful that other commercials and advertising projects for Pamela soon followed. This attention resulted in her being approached to do her first cover for PLAYBOY magazine in 1989. Her career was launched. Also early in her career, she modeled and did so for the Fredericks of Hollywood catalog. She found that she was even more popular with breast enhancement surgery.
Pamela moved to Los Angeles where she landed the role of Lisa, the tool time girl on the ABC sitcom Home Improvement. The role made her very popular nationwide. At the same time, Pamela was cast in the role of lifeguard C.J. Parker on the syndicated Baywatch. Because of the impossible schedule of working on two hit shows, she had to make a decision to leave Home Improvement and work full-time on Baywatch. Baywatch expanded her popularity by making her an international star. The show was one of the most phenomenally popular television programs of all time, which was seen in over 144 countries worldwide.

Pamela started making the transition into films. She starred in the Dark Horse Entertainment's action comedy action film, Barb Wire/Gramercy Films in 1996. Her other credits include Deader Than Ever/CBS, and updated Mike Hammer mystery co-starring Rob Estes, The Evolution of Mr. E., where she portrayed a quirky sculptor/artist. Her TV appearances include Married With Children/FOX and The Nanny/CBS. 
Pamela was again on the cover of PLAYBOY magazine and has appeared on their cover twelve times, more than any other woman. Pamela had always wanted to be a wife and mother. This was her main goal in life. She dated bachelors including handsome Dean Cain (Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman/ABC). Tattooed Motley Crue band leader Tommy Lee, who was wisely dumped by beautiful actress Heather Locklear, had started pursuing Pamela. She shocked everyone by marrying him after a four-day courtship. In the beginning, Pamela was repulsed by Tommy Lee (she should have kept that mentality). He bothered her by calling her at least 40 times a day. He stalked her down to Cancun. Unfortunately, his tactics worked. The couple was married on the beach. The tattoed Tommy Lee wore swimming trunks and Pamela wore a white thong bikini.
Pamela's woes began. This was a couple that the tabloids loved. This was mainly due to husband Tommy Lee's violent behavior by attacking reporters as well as his arrest record. Pamela gave birth to the couple's first child, Brandon Thomas on June 5, 1996. She wanted a natural childbirth and had him at home with the help of a midwife, in the bathtub without any medicine to curb the pain.
Pamela's parents came from their home on Vancouver Island, British Columbia to live near their daughter when Brandon was born. At three months, tiny Brandon landed his first TV appearance on Baywatch as an abandoned baby. He had a hefty price tag of $60,000! During this time, rumors circulated that Tommy Lee was extremely controlling and physically abusive. In the beginning, Pamela denied those charges, but after he hit her, it was no surprise when she filed for divorce just shy of their two-year anniversary. She was going to have her name changed back to Anderson, and was seeking the producers of Baywatch to do the same thing for her TV credit.
Tommy Lee whined and begged Pamela to take him back. Kind-hearted Pamela forgave and he got another chance. He publically blamed his problems on alcohol and went into rehab. Unfortunately, that didn't hold up as promised. Problems with her husband and a nasty legal matter concerning the stolen videotape (of the couple making love) that she was trying to resolve kept getting into the news. The company that was placing the scenes on the WEB threatened to depose David Hasselhoff and Tommy Lee's ex-wife Heather Locklear.
This, unfortunately forced Pamela to leave Baywatch. The decision was sudden and since she hadn't planned it, Pamela couldn't give the Executive Producers any notice that she was going to leave. They needed the notice so that they could work out a proper script to explain her character's departure. Once off the show, she sued and went after the company with a vengeance. The couple later won the case. 


To visit Pamela Anderson's Official Fan Site and Fan Club, Club Pam go in at: 
You young ones out there BEWARE: You cannot get in to view certain photo albums! Don't EVEN try it! There are plenty of nice photos of Pamela to view to keep you happy.
Pam Anderson
Pamela Denise Anderson  
Pamela Anderson Lee
Pamela Lee
Pam Lee
-The 1999 Linda McCartney Award for animal right protectors.
-Advocate against domestic abuse.
-Recieved US citizenship on Wednesday, May 12, 2004 where she had undergone an interview and by passing a 10-question citizenship test. She was sworn in at a private ceremoney. Pamela also retained her Canadian citizenship.
-Pamela is a vegetarian.
-Dated Dan Ilicic, the photographer who shot Pamela's early Labatts Beer ads.
-Dated Bret Michaels, lead singer of the heavy-metal band Poison.
-Dated and was briefly engaged to actor Scott Baio. 
-Dated David Charvet while they worked on Baywatch after Kelly Slater left the show.
-Dated Kelly Slater while they worked on Baywatch before he left the series to pursue his professional surfing career. The couple dated again briefly in late 1998.
-Joined PETA and joined its fight against the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food chain for its treatment of chickens it sells until the company ensures guidelines for better treatment of the creatures.
-In May 27-28, 2004 spoke out against treatment of animals in circuses at the 15th Anniversary celebration for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
-Speaks out against Domestic Violence. Offers support and encouragement to women in domestic violence shelters. 
-Pamela started a foundation for athletes without financial means to live and train. She started with American gymnast Mohini "Mo" Bhardwaj.
-Does Public Service Announcements (PSA) and fundraisers to generate public awareness of Hepatitis C.
Pamela was soon expecting her second child. She became a Producer and learned the business from the ground up simply by doing all of the jobs. While 8 months pregnant and looking terrific, Pamela gave credit to David Hasselhoff while being interviewed on the talk show Vibe. She had learned a lot from him while she was on Baywatch. She went on to explain how hard he worked in all phases of the business to make it successsful. Pamela gratefully gave credit every time she was interviewed concerning her success with her new role.  
Pamela gave birth to her second child Dylan Jagger on December 29, 1997. Again, she opted to have him by natural childbirth using no medication to ease the pain with the aid of a midwife. Three months after giving birth, her husband attacked her and kicked her in the back while she held their newborn infant after the couple had an argument. He was arrested. Pamela had bruises on her wrist and had blood on her hand (police said that the blood was from a broken fingernail, thank goodness). She also had serious bruises on her back. She had refused medical treatment. She quickly got an emergency restraining order and had said that if her husband got out of jail, he would have to find anothr place to stay. His bail was set very high because of a violation from a previous charge. This time, she could not deny his being abusive to her or the children. She wisely filed for divorce two days after the incident. Pamela asked the court to change her name back to Anderson and for custody of their two children. Later, Tommy Lee had been sentenced to 6 months in jail, to attend a one year program for battered women and fined numerous fees, including $1000 paid to Pamela. Now that she had her main problem solved, Pamela could concentrate on caring for her two children.
Pamela was on the 1998 July cover of JANE magazine. She had moved into a new home and was looking for a nearby home for her parents. They already lived close by her old home. Pamela left behind all of the things she had owned in their old house. Her brother Gerry lived close by as well. Pamela didn't have a nanny. Her mother helped out with the children. Pamela's mother and the children came to the set when she was filming her hit syndicated series, V.I.P./FOX.