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Cast Achievements & Awards 
Pamela Anderson[BACK TO BIOGRAPHY] 
Baywatch: 3rd through 7th Seasons (1992-1993 through 1996-1997)
Occupation: Actor; Model; Producer; Journalist; Writer; Radio Talk Show Host; Activist 
Current Projects: -Stripperella (2003/Animated Sci-Fi Spike TV Series)
-Club Pam (Weekly Radio Talk Show/Sirius Satelite Radio)
-Star (2004/Fiction Novel/Atria Books)
-The Pamela Collection (Full Merchandise & Clothing Lines/Launched Summer 2004)
-Sequel to "Star" (2005/Fiction Novel/Atria Books)
-Charity Fundraisers
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Achievements & Awards
  1. Aid to US Gymnast
         -Wrote out a $20,000 check to help US gymnast Mohini "Mo" Bhardwaj with training expenses. She was able to concentrate on training full-time to make the 2004 US Olympic Team.
              -The funding resulted in Mo making the Olympic Squad at the US Olympic Trials with Pamela offering support and cheering her on in the stands. After the tough training at the Karolyi training camp, Program Coordinator Marta Karolyi had the tough job of choosing the best six and alternate to represent the country. Mo made the cut as one of those final six. She was solid at Athens and helped the US to the Women's Team Silver medal. Mo also made finals for Floor Exercise.
  2. Attended fundraiser for the Global Landmine Crisis. A 2004 gala held in Los Angeles to raise awareness and money for the serious global issue.
          -Issue is very important to her.
          -People who live in those global areas have lost their limbs, eyesight and lives because they have stepped unknowingly on planted mines.
Activism[FULL LIST]
  1. Appeared at the 15th Anniversary bash for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida on the weekend of March 27-28, 2004 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
          -Gave a speech to speak out against the treatment of animals in circuses.
  2. Joined PETA and called a strike against the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food chain for its treatment of chickens it sells until the company ensures guidelines for better treatment of the creatures.
          -Called a strike against KFC on her weekly radio talk show, Club Pam as all efforts to even set up a meeting to talk about better guidelines that PETA is recommending with Chief Executive David Novack of KFC's parent company, Yum! Brands have failed. He refused to take her calls.
          -A year later, KFC got a shocking eyefull with PETA's October 2003-May 2004 videotaped evidence by one of their anonymous undercover investgators of slaughterhouse workers for one supplier jumping up and down on live chickens, kicking them like footballs and slamming them against walls. After officials saw the tape, they stated that they would seek dismissal of the workers and inspect the slaughterhouse-warning that the relationship would be cut off if the cruel behavior was repeated.
               -The owner of the slaugherhouse, the Pilgrim's Pride Corporation (the country's second largest) was 'appauled' by the tape.
  3. Builds schools for underprivileged children worldwide.
          -Through involvement with "Learning For Life."
          -Built a school in Gualtemala.
  4. Advocate against Domestic Violence.
          -Offers support as well as encouragement to women in domestic violence shelters
  5. Started a foundation for athletes without finacial means to live and train.
          -First recipient was struggling gymnast Mohini Bhardwaj.
  6. Environmental Activist.
Charity Work
  1. Hepatitis C Awareness
          -Does Public Service Announcements to generate public awareness of Hepatitis C.
          -Fundraisers and ads
  2. 1999 Linda McCartney Award for animal rights protectors.
          -Recipient of the 1st Award by musician Sir Paul McCartney (Beatles; Wings). The award was launched in 1999 as a tribute to his late wife Linda, who had been an advocate as well.   
  1. Club Pam
          - Weekly radio talk show; Sirius Satelite Radio; Launched in 2003.
  1. The Pamela Collection; Merchandise Line
          -Own complete line of Clothing and Merchandise launched February 23, 2004 at the Magic Show in Las Vegas. Personally met with retailers and buyers to introduce them to her new line. 
               -The line was in retail stores August 2004. 
Published Works[FULL LIST]
  1. Star
          -The first of two Fiction Novels; Released August 2, 2004/Atria Books
               -Collaborated with her not-so-invisible ghostwriter Eric Shaw Quinn. She wrote the novel on paper and he transferred her work to a computer.
               -Eric Shaw Quinn got a lot of recognition, something that ghostwriters just DON'T get at all. Pamela even took him along on her book signings and introduced him to everyone, including the press and photographers.
               -Recently signed a multi-book contract with Simon and Schuster.  
  2. JANE magazine.
          -Pam, Honestly column started in 2002; Continues to write the monthly syndicated column. 
  3. Marie Claire magazine; UK
          -Writes monthly syndicated column; focuses on women's issues.
  4. Elle magazine; Canadian addition
          -Writes monthly syndicated column; concentrates on women's issues. 
Printed Works[FULL LIST]
  1. Pamela Anderson Wall Calendar; 2005
  2. Pamela Anderson Poster; Ultra Suede Shirt 2005
  3. Pamela Anderson Poster; Denim Boots  2005
  4. Pamela Anderson Poster; Beach Kneeling 2005
  5. Pamela Anderson Poster; Smiles & Lace 2005
  6. Pamela Anderson Poster; Tropical Pam 2005
  7. Pamela Anderson Poster; Blue Satin  2005
  8. Pamela Anderson Poster; Black Lace 2005
  9. Pamela Anderson Wall Calendar; 2004
10. Pam Anderson Poster.
11. Pamela Anderson Baywatch Poster.
12. Pam Anderson Calendar; 2003
13. Life-sized Pamela Anderson Stand-Up cutout.
14. Life-sized Pamela Anderson Baywatch Stand-Up cutout.
15. Baywatch Collector cards.
          -Similar to Baseball trading Cards.
  1. PSX-VIP With Pamela Anderson
          -Playstation Game
  1. The Lip Solution; 2004
          -Infocommercial; Spokesperson for the lip product; by Dr. Veronique Simon
               -Uses it to bring her tired lips back to life.
  2. Pizza Hut; 1996
  3. Labatts Beer
          -Secured a contract as the Labatts' "Blue Zone Girl."
               -Got her start when she was discovered at a British Columbia football Lions game. The cameraman focused on her image dressed in a Labatts T-Shirt. She was shown on the stadium's mega screen to the delight of the crowd. She was brought down to the 50-yard line to be introduced to the crowd.
  1. Appeared on stage in concert with rocker former fiance Robert "Kid Rock" Richie.
  1. Appeared in Lit's Music Video, "You Make Me Miserable."
  2. Appeared in Jeremy Jackson's Music Video, "French Kiss."
  3. Appeared in Aerosmith's Music Video, "Blind Man."
  4. Appeared in Vince Neil's Music Video.
  5. The Song "Welcome to Planet Boom" by Pamela Anderson Lee; The movie Barb Wire 1996
  1. TV Guide's 50 Sexiest Stars of all Time in 2002;'Women of Baywatch ranked in at 32.
          -Sept. 28-Oct. 4, 2002 issue layout of the honorees. Representation photos of Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and Yasmine Bleeth.
  2. Femme Fatales Sci-Fi's Sexy 50 in 1997; Ranked in at 11.
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