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Cast File 
Pamela Anderson [BACK TO BIOGRAPHY]
Baywatch: 3rd through 7th Seasons (1992-1993 through 1996-1997)
Occupation: Actor, Model, Producer, Columnist; Writer; Radio Talk Show Host; Activist
Current Projects: -Stripperella (2003/Animated Sci-Fi Spike TV Series)
-Club Pam (Weekly Radio Talk Show/Sirius Satelite Radio)
-Star (2004/Fiction Novel/Atria Books)
-The Pamela Collection (Full Merchandise & Clothing Lines/Launched Summer 2004)
-Sequel to "Star" (2005/Fiction Novel/Atria Books)
-Charity Fundraisers
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Cast File
-Pamela is a vegetarian.
-Dated Dan Ilicic, the photographer who shot Pamela's early Labatts Beer ads.
-The lovely actress moved to California in 1989.
-Dated Bret Michaels, lead singer of the heavy-metal band Poison.
-Dated and was briefly engaged to actor Scott Baio. 
-Dated David Charvet while they worked on Baywatch after Kelly Slater left the show.
-Dated Kelly Slater while they worked on Baywatch before he left the series to pursue his professional surfing career. The couple dated again briefly in late 1998.
-Shocked everyone by marrying tattooed rocker Tommy Lee in February 1995 after only knowing him for 96 hours. Pamela filed for divorce on November 19, 1996. Tommy Lee went into rehab for alcohol abuse with claims that he wanted to change. The couple reconciled and renewed their wedding vows December 24, 1996. Pamela filed for divorce again on on February 1998. Tommy Lee was sentenced to six month in jail for abuse. Again Pamela forgave and they tried to make relationship work again in early 1999. Separated for the final time when Pamela realized that things just were never going to work out between them.
-She has received the 1999 Linda McCartney Award for animal right protectors.
-Had leaky breast implants removed on April 15, 1999. After her recovery, she reconsidered them and had the implants reinserted.
-Due to her Baywatch fame, Pamela had sold copies of her baby picture worldwide for $450,000.
-Dated swedish model/actor Marcus Schenkenberg in late spring 2000 until early 2001.
-Officially dropped Lee from her name June 2000.
-Pamela was diagnoised with Hepititus C when she went to her doctor for an examination. She stated that she got it from sharing a tatoo needle with her former husband. For the Barbwire tatoo on her left arm. 
-Found fan Christine Roth sleeping in her Malibu home on March 6, 2001.
-Met rocker Robert Ritchie (Kid Rock) at VH1's tribute to legend Aretha Franklin at Radio City Music Hall in New York. They started dating April 2001. The couple got engaged on April 11, 2002 in Las Vegas, but they never set a wedding date. The couple broke up in 2003.
-Pamela is a successful Producer and Executive Producer (VIP).
-Pamela has been a journalist with JANE magazine since 2002. Her syndicated column is called Pam, Honestly.
-Writes a syndicated column for the U.K's Marie Claire concerning women's issues.
-Writes a syndicated advice column for Canada's Elle magazine, concentrating on women's issues.
-Recently settled a protracted custody battle with her ex-husband Tommy Lee in January 2003 over their two young sons Brandon and Dylan.
-Has recently launched her own weekly radio talk show, Club Pam on Sirius Satelite Radio in 2003.
-Joined PETA and has called a strike against the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food chain for its treatment of the chickens it sells until the company ensures guidelines for better treatment of the creatures.
-Reconsiled with former husband Tommy Lee, not feeling so bitter against him.
-The weekend of March 27-28, 2004 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida had onlookers wondering if they were back together. The two were seen together at the 15th Anniversary celebration for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida where Pamela was to deliver a speech, speaking out against the treatment of animals. Eyewitnesses stated that they seemed more than just friends. 
-Received US citizenship on Wednesday, May 12, 2004 when she had undergone an interview and by passing a 10-question citizenship test. Pamela also retained her Canadian citizenship.
-An author of the first of two novels, Star was published in Spring/Summer 2004/Atria Books.
-Her novel was collaborated with not-so-invisible ghost writer Eric Shaw Quinn. Pamela and Quinn sat side-by-side on Monday, August 2, 2004 at a book signing at the Barnes and Noble store located in Rockefeller Center where she signed hundreds of books for fans, spoke to the press and oposed for photographers.
-Launched clothing and product lines called The Pamela Collection that launched on February 2004 at the Magic Show in Las Vegas. The partnership with ULG feature a complete line of licensed products that include clothing, shoes, assessories, underwear, jewelry, beauty products, etc. 
-Helped US gymnast Mohini "Mo" Bhardwaj in her quest to make to the 2004 Athens Olympic team. The gymnast was having trouble with training and work. But kind hearted Pamela heard of her plight and went to see her. She asked her how much she needed. Pamela wrote the check for $20,000. The young lady had been selling pizzas to earn funds for training and living expenses. With Pamela looking and offering support in the stands at the US Olympic Trials, Mo made the US Olympic team. In a new unfavored format, she helped her team to an Olympic team silver medal with 113.584 behind the golden Romanians' 114.283. Russia seeming grateful salvaging the bronze with 112.235. Mo also competed in floor exercise in the Event Finals.
-After a court battle, Pamela won her own name and on September 12, 2004, launched her official fan website.   
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