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Cast File 
Carmen Electra[BACK TO BIOGRAPHY] 
Baywatch: 8th Season (1997-1998)
Occupation: Actress; Model; Dancer
Current Projects: Dirty Love (2005/Movie); Getting Played (2005/Movie); Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon (2004/Movie); Searching for Bobby DeNiro (2004/Movie); FHM 2004 Calendar (as August); 2 Posters (2004/From Calendar Shoot); Aerobic Striptease (2004/"Fitness" DVD); Maxim Haircolor for Men (Commercial/2004); Blockbuster (2004/Commercial); Starksy & Hutch (2004/Movie now on DVD & VHS)
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Cast File
-Has her first tatoo. She and husband Dave Navarro got matching tatoos of their wedding date Eleven XXII. His placed on his collar bone and Carmen chose her lower left wrist.
-In mid January, Carmen won a court case and got her name back from the company that was using her name to forward visiters to their commercial site. Her own official fan site was launched on February 6, 2004.
-Admits that she never had her own swimsuit on the Baywatch series. She was always given on that had Pamela's or Yasmine's name on them. They never fit right. She got her own suit at the end of the season, when she was ready to leave the show. Carmen states that it is now framed.
-Carmen's mother had taught her karate. 
-Miramax gave Carmen a digital camera during a movie. She and fiance David  traveled everywhere together and they took photos all over with the camera. She usually brought the camera. For David, it was boring, but he looked at photos anyway just to please and spend time with her. One night, David brought the camera, and while they looked at photos together, he was located on the edge of the bed down on one knee. Carmen wasn't aware of his being in this position the whole time. The very last photo was of him holding up the engagement ring. And then he proposed. She accepted. They cried and spent 5 hours staring into each other's eyes.
-She and fiance Dave M. Navarro met on  November 10th, 2001. They celebrate on the 10th of each month to celebrate their anniversary. They go out to dinner and make a big event of it.
-To find herself, she quit the wild, fast lane living and nightclub scene and met fiance to settle into a more quiet, satisfying life.
-Was married to Chicago Bulls basketball player Dennis Rodman on November 14, 1998 - April 6 1999.  
-Prince gave her the name Carmen Electra. Her name originated from Bizet's Opera Carmen and from the goddess Electra (from Sophocles).
-Auditioned for Prince hoping for pointers or at least a shot for stardom.
-Joined and toured with a rap all-girl band that was produced by Prince.
-Prince wrote a song just for her called Carmen on Top and that she could sing it provided she liked it. She loved it!
-Graduated from Princeton High School in 1990, located in the Cincinnati suburb of Sharonville.
-Appeared in a cartoon as the model for a character who is a singer and a vampire for a comic book series called Embrace.
-Had a debut album called Camen Electra for Prince's Paisley Park label in 1992 (Released in 1993).
-Ranked 10th of the 100 Sexiest Women by FHM Taiwan in 2001.
-Appeared in Moby's music video We Are All Made Of Stars.
-Drinks about six to eight cans of Coke per day.
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