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Cast File 
Logan Fowler 
"Bad Boy"
Baywatch: 5th through 7th Seasons (1994-1995 through 1996-1997)

Name: Logan Fowler
Sex: Male
Age: 32 (introduced at 22)
Posture: Great
Appearance: Handsome, beach boy type; sexy, strong and athletic; muscular; Sports a sly, deceitful smile.   
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Height/weight: 5 Ft. 11 inches tall/175 pounds  
Class: Middle Class
Transportation: Lifeguard truck; Bike
Occupation: Lifeguard; trainer; business schemer
Education: N/A
Birthplace: Tasmania, Australia
Home Life Growing Up: Grew up athletic and had a gift for swimming in tough waters.  
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Marital Status: Single  
Heritage: Australian/Decent N/A
Parents: N/A 
Children: None 
Siblings: N/A 
Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: In Australia, the program is a voluntary one. No one is paid for lifeguarding duties. Logan wanted to be rich! Rich! Rich! Rich! He had other plans. He came over on a visa to work at Baywatch while looking for his pot of gold. He had intentions of staying.
He got paid here and it gave him a chance to find a woman to take care of him. He loves living the plush life with the least bit of work possible. Also to back up his business schemes so that he could be rich.
He did have a gift in filming and photography. He decided to make films and headed toward the way of Hollywood. He left Baywatch, telling Mitch that if he ever needed him, he would be there. Yeah, right! ((((((LAUGHING)))))) With this guy's track record, who would ever believe him anyway?     
Hobbies/Interests: To get a backer for his business schemes. Putting on the charm and using his attractiveness (something that he doesn't deserve to have) to con gullible women into falling for him. Afterward, he tossed them away like soiled tissue. Con-games.
Sex & Moral Standards: Sexually active outside the content of a serious, meaningful relationship. Over the years has gotten worse and will actually cheat on the person who he is dating.  
Personal Premise: Do what you want as long as you don't get caught. 
Ambition: To become insanely rich so that he can do what he wants.
Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: Giving up a very attractive, but older woman named Kathleen for Caroline Holden. Kathleen was filthy rich and Logan had charmed the vulnerable, gullible woman into dating him. He had plans to marry her in order to get access to her fortune. He would live the lifestyle he liked without having to work for a living. Before charming Kathleen, he had charmed the gullible Caroline. He had quickly dumped Caroline for a chance at "Miss Moneybags." It said a lot a lot him from the beginning.
Using Caroline while he was wooing Kathleen. Caroline confronted him concerning Kathleen. He gave her a story that he needed Kathleen to back up his business idea. He assured her with his skill of con-artistry and even gave her the string that held a ring. He claimed that it meant everything to him because a tribal king gave it to him for saving his life. Wide-eyed Caroline was impressed and convinced. Actually, he had a lot of these 'rings on a string' made up along with his fabled story to use on the many gullible women that he was able to charm into bed. He left them soon afterward.
Stephanie's distrust of him from the very beginning. She was the first woman whom he just could not charm. She thought that the more honest and devoted Matt Brody would be a better match for Caroline than Logan. She worked hard to discourage the relationship.
His needing to stay in in the USA because of his soon to expire visa. He needed Stephanie's recommendation for him to stay at Baywatch. She wanted to send him back to Australia. Stephanie wasn't gullible and saw straight through him. She didn't like the fact that he was using Caroline. Caroline's threats to go back to Australia with Logan was the only card that worked to keep him here.
When a baby was left in his tower. The baby had reached up to grab on of the 'rings on a string' that he distributed to women he used. The baby started sucking on it. When Logan got back to his tower, he noted the baby with the ring in his hands. He figured that he had gotten one the girls he used pregnant and she left the baby with him to care for. He took care of the baby and in the end had to let the tiny guy go. The baby turned out to be that of a couple who had reported him missing. Logan had gotten attached to the baby and it was hard to give him back.  
He gave up Kathleen and kept Caroline. It meant that he had to work to appear to be a changed man. That in itself was sooooooo hard. 
Cheating on Caroline with Neely. He didn't think that Caroline would find out, but unfortunately she did when she could not get him on the phone and decided to run over-only to find them both on the sofa in the act. She left in anger and diappointment. He was shocked when Caroline confronted him after that and gave him his engagement ring back. He had no future trophy wife.
Temperament: On the outside seemingly calm and content. On the inside very lost and has no self-esteem. 
Attitude Toward Life: Get rich quick. You are nothing without money. 
Complexes: His losing Caroline by cheating with Neely.    
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert; loves being around people. Observes them to see if he can actually con them or not.
Abilities: Well trained around the dangerous waters in Australia. Has skill in dangerous manuveurs in caves and rocky areas. Great swimming techniques and lifesaving tactics.       
Qualities: Athletic; back-stabbing; bad; challenging; cheater; con-artist; cunning; dare-devil; deceitful; demon; devilish; evil; fun-loving; geedy; money-hungry; observant; schemer; scorpion; serious; sly; snake; sporty; strong; stubborn; tenacious; thinker; tough; trickster; untrustworthy; wannabe; wicked. 
I.Q.: Average