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David Charvet
Baywatch: 3rd through 6th Seasons (1992-1993 through 1995-1996)
Occupation: Actor; Model; Singer; Composer; Musician
Current Projects: Se laisser queique chose (Album; Released October 11, 2004/France)
-Je te dedie (Single; Released October 25, 2004/France)
Birth Name: David Faranck Guez
Birthdate: May 15, 1972
Birthplace: Lyon, France
Current Residence: Main home in France. Divides time between Paris, France and Los Angeles, California
Marital Status: Single 
Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown/Blue-Green
Height/weight: 6 ft. Tall/165 pounds
Heritage: American with French Decent (Has Dual Citizenship)/Tunisian heritage from father's side 
Education: High School
Parents: Mother: Christianne Charvet/Stepfather: Dov Haddad (Birth Father: Paul Guez/Tunisian born/Former Head of Guess jeans)
Children: None
Siblings: 6; 5 Half-sisters, Irene, Tanya, Debra, Gina and Elizabeth; 1 Stepbrother, Daniel 
Showbusiness start: As a Model with Elite Model Management
Languages: Biingual, French and English   
Hobbies/Interests: Music, Race Car Driving; Sports 

David Charvet was born in Lyon France. His family moved to New York in 1981 when David was 9, and then to Los Angeles one year later. In school, David was exceptional in academics as well as in sports. He had also developed an interest in drama. David placed his energies into his studies, skipping the party scene. He also placed commitment to studying theatre and acting, performing in school productions. At 18, after his graduation from high school, David was discovered by a photograper and signed with the prestigious Elite Model Management. He was seen in seven ads for Coca-Cola, Levi's, Miller's Outpost and Bugle Boy.
David wanted to pursue acting, so he invested some of his commercial earnings and sought professional training from some of the best acting coaches including Katherine Billings, Sam Chrisinsen, Peter Frisch, Roy London and Larry Moss. He spent over 25 hours a week perfecting his craft. It paid off with his starring role on Baywatch in 1992, the show's 3rd season as the French-born Matt Brody. Appearing on the show garnered international star status. He took stardom seriously and knew that fans looked up to them. He believed that stars should use their profession to serve as positive role models for people.
David serves as a role model for young adults. He is proud of the fact that he has never used alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. He often visits local high schools, giving motivational talks to kids about how they can stay away from addictive substances or deal with family members who are addicts. He felt that if he could make a difference with a few people or even just one, it is worth it to him. He supports the Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Planet Hope.
David has had negative press about the show and stated that he did not want to be known as an actor for his red shorts and that Baywatch was not a challenging enough role for him. David also revealed to the press that he was beating his head against the wall of his trailer while on the set. He opted not to sign on for a fourth season, but appeared in two episodes to phase out his character. After leaving the show, he honed his acting skills.
He appeared in the TV movies, Betrayed/NBC/1995, Derby/ABC/1995 and Angel Flight Down/ABC/1996. He landed a regular role on the popular nightime soap series Melrose Place/FOX in 199X and a guest apearance on Chicken Soup for the Soul/PAX/1999 as a soldier who waited at the station for a woman wearing a rose. David left Melrose Place before his two-year contract was up to pursue additional career opportunities.
He put his acting career on hold and pursued music and with a friend's help, recorded a French-language CD that got a local release. His first album with the featured singles Should I Leave and Regarde-toi sold more than 300,000 copies in France. He instructed the record label not to release the album outside of France, stating the reasons that "it wasn't me and I wasn't ready. I was going to do my music and do it on my own terms."
David studied vocal techniques, polished his skills on guitar and wrote songs. He then traveled to England to to look for the best songwriters to collaborate with. David transferred operations to his Malibu home. He converted his living room and bedroom into a home studio and worked with producer Olle Romo. The two put a team of seasoned musicians together for the project. The music team lived and worked together in David's home for eight months. He has admitted to learning a lot from the team and that they all became good friends who respected each other.
David has stated that he won't go back to acting as he had found that his true love was in music. His current hit song is Jusqu'au bout (Leap of Faith).


You can learn about David Charvett at his Official Fan Website. Go in and visit at:
-Uses his mother's maiden name, Charvet.
-Has achieved 12 years of acting.
-Left acting to pursue his dreams and passion for music.
-Has stated that he won't go back to acting as he has found his love in music.
-Is doing music on his own terms.
-Dated Pamela Anderson when they both worked on the Baywatch set.
-Is a role models for young adults.
-Is a recording star in France.
-Is billingual with English and his native French.
-His father, Paul Guez is the former head of Guess jeans.
-After his high school graduation, he was spotted by a photographer. He signed with Elite Model Management and at 18 was doing national print campaigns.
-Pediatric AIDS Foundation
-Planet Hope