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****Sharkey's Review****
Mahalo, Hawaii
 2nd Episode/10th Season (1999-2000)
Date Aired: 10/03/99   Encore: 10/09/99
Week of: 09/27/99 - 10/03/99 
After some scenes of the surf, the camera rested on a view of the BW Hawaii Team on a cliff. A cave and dangerous waters were located directly below them.
"This part of the training?" J.D. asked. "Or a test of our ability?"
"Exactly!" Sean stated.
J.D. turned his head to look at him for a moment. He seemed confused or embarrassed. But stunned anyway.
"Now, before you jump from here and swim out to the boat, I'm going to give you a word to think about," Sean said. "SSAFE," that's spelled S-S-A-F-E! It breaks down to Speed, Strength, Agility, Flexibility and Endurance. Attributes that all lifeguards must have." He then went on. "SPEED to get to the victim, STRENGTH to hold him up, AGILITY  to react to the conditions, FLEXIBILITY mentally and physically for the unexpected and ENDURANCE because every rescue takes longer than you think it's going to. Now, before you jump, I want you to give me another characteristic a great lifeguard must have." Sean paced by each lifeguard before stopping behind young Jason.
"Jason," Sean said.
"Instinct," Jason said before he jumped. He then swam away from the cave below with the rest of the team cheering him on.
"J.D., you're next." Sean said.
"I have two," J.D. said. "Discipline and training and a question."
"Good," Sean said. "I like questions. A question indicates that we can all be ignorant. And ignorance kills. Know what you're getting into and you'll eliminate surprises." He then paused. "What's your question?"
"Do you think in my career as a lifeguard that I will ever have to make an absurd leap from a sixty foot cliff?" J.D. asked. "To save a victim?"
"I don't know," Sean said. "But probably not."
"Then the purpose of this exercise is WHAT I TOLD YOU TO DO."
Sean stated sternly, "I am looking for the WEAK LINK. The person who's gonna let this team down. If you don't wanna do this J.D., then don't. I've got my answer, and you can go home."
J.D. said, "It doesn't bother me at all. Surf goes from right and rip current to the left. Correct?" He asked.
"Correct," A stern Sean said.
J.D. finally jumped and swam toward Jason. Next, Sean stopped toward Jessie.
"What do you think, Jessie?" He asked. "Was a little hard on him just now?"
"I really don't know you well enough to say," Jessie said with the big smile that never seemed to leave her face. "Maybe you're always like this."
"Maybe..." Sean said. "Do you have any questions?"
"No," Jessie said. "I could care less why we're doing it. I think it's fun. So another attribute that is common for all kifeguards. Physical conditioning, which includes SPEED, STRENGTH, AGILITY, FLEXIBILITY and ENDURANCE." Jessie jumped and joined the others.
Next was Allie.
"Anticipation," she said. "The most important attribute for all lifeguards. Get to the victim BEFORE they get into trouble. Make the rescuer understand."
"Good," Sean said.
Allie jumped. Kekoa was next.
"Know your water," she said.
"I like it." Sean said.
"Well, I was twelve the last time I jumped off this ledge. It looks dangerous, but it's really pretty safe." Kekoa said. She then jumped. Afterward, she called out to him, "See what I mean?"
Then they all kept calling upward to Sean for him to jump. Sean did a front tuck off the cliff and into the water. When he resuraced, he presented himself to the others by extending his arms out to both sides.
Allie made her way to her assigned quarters carrying a box full of belongings. "Hi," she said, stopping at an outdoor table where Sean was sitting.
"Hi," he said. "Sally?"
"Allie," she corrected him, giving herself a break to let the box rest on the table. She noted a photo of a surfer and commented on it before moving on.
Later, Mitch looked at Sean and motion toward the plans on the drafting table.
"Check it out, huh?" Mitch left while Sean hesitated while viewing the plan.
Hina's birthday party took place ont he beach. Someone handed her a gift. "Mahalo," Hina said.
Mitch pulled up in his van.
"Mitch!" Hina's father said.
"Hey!" Mitch said.
"Glad you could come!" Hina's father said. "Hey, man! We're so happy you could come!" The men shook hands.
Meanwhile, Hina felt faint. She placed a hand on her chest as she stuggled to breathe.
"Thanks for having me," Mitch said.
Hina's father offered a Hawaiian drink. They toasted an took a couple of sips from the traditional coconut glasses. "She wouldn't be having this birthday party if it hadn't been for you. "Thanks man." He then called out to his daughter. "Hina! Hina. Look who's here!"
Hina looked at them.
"Hey darlin'!" Mitch said with a smile. "Got something for you!" He held up a gift for her to see.
She let out a weak scream before falling to the sand.
"Hina!" Mitch yelled. the girl started to cough. As he went to aid her, he told the girl's father to call 911. The ambulance soon came. The paramedics got out of the vehicle. The woman began asking questions.
"Yes," said the girl's dad. "I'm the father. She felt dizzy."
"She has trouble breathing?" She asked.
"Yes," he said.
When the woman asked him if she had any history of asthma, Mitch spoke up for him. "No, it's not asthma!"
"Let me do my job," she said.
"I know what I'm talking about here!" Mitch insisted. "Listen to me." He stood and tried to explain, but the other medic tried to restrain him.
"I'm Mitch Buchannon. I'm an LA County lifeguard." He looked at the woman who was giving Hina treatment for asthma anyway. "The girl is suffering from..." Mitch caught sight of the needle. "No, no, no! Don't give her that! It's not asthma, she's drowning."
they looked at him confused.
"Sir, have you neen drinking?" He asked.
Drinking? What?" Mitch asked.
"I smell alcohol on your breath." He said.
"Don't give her that! She's suffering from secondary drowning!" He forced himself from the man's grip and grabbed the woman's wrist. He told her that if she gave the shot, she would kill the girl. The other medic tried to control Mitch. Mitch explained as clearly and as fast as he could without losing control. "She's suffering from secondary drowning. her lungs are filled with water. Listen to them! Pulmonation occurred."
The woman finally listened and indeed when Mitch explained further telling them that she was just released from the hospitial and was having a reaction to the salt water. Her lungs did sound muffled. Her lungs needed to be drained. They got her onto a board and loaded into the ambulance.
On the way to the hospital, Hina's father was confused and scared. He asked Mitch what was happening. Mitch explained on the way. He also warned him that Hina could not lose consciousness, for him to talk to her. At the hospital after Hina was treated, the two looked on. "I never anticipated this," Mitch said. "She's been under the water too long."
"I kept thinking what if you hadn't been at the party." Hina's father said.
When Hina awakened, Mitch was there, looking over her.
"Hey,' Mitch said. "How are you feeling?"
"My chest hurts." She said.
"Yeah," he said. "It will for a while."
"Hey, I had this dream. You were by the ocean, crying. I tried to go to you. To tell you not to cry. No words came out." SHe said.
"I must have heard you 'cause I'm not sad now." Mitch assured her. "Check this out. It's your birthday present. You didn't get to open it at the party."
She opened it. "Oh father! Look at this! It's realy beautiful!" She said, revealing the necklace and bracelet.
"It's really beautiful," Her father said.
"Thank you," she said.
"You are welcomed!" Mitch said. "Happy birthday!"
"You saved me twice." She said.
"Don't make a habit out of this." Mitch said. "O.K.? If you need me again, I'll be there."
At the ocean a man stood on the rocky shore below. Kekoa and Jason stopped on the road nearby.
"Jason," she said, looking down at the man. "If there's anything you need to know about your Hawaiian heritage, Kowani can help you."
Jason walked down the rocks to the man. "I got a lot of questions. Kekoa said you may have the answers."
"So, you're Jason," he said. "Kekoa states that you were born on Oahu."
"Yeah, I was," Jason said.
"Why did you  leave?" Kowani asked.
"Well, because my father disappeared." He said. "My mother wanted to move back to Texas with her people."
"Your father did not disappear, he died." The man said.
"You knew my father?" Jason asked.
He nodded. "I did."
"My mother won't tell me what happened to him." Jason said.
"You came here to learn about your father?" Kowani asked.
"Yeah," Jason said. "I thought maybe-if I knew about him..."
"It would help you to know about yourself?" He finished for him.
"Exactly!" Jason said.
"I asked you to meet me me here for a reason! You see, we believe when someone dies, their soul leaves from this place." The man said. "Say goodbye to your father Jason. His soul is gone. You're not gonna find him because your search is not for his soul, but for your own soul. You're not gonna find it on land." Kowani continued. "Yours is out there. The ocean. I'll help you if you want."
"I'd like that. I'd like that a lot." Jason said.
On a loading dock, a BW Scarab was being lifted and unloaded. "Look Newmy, there's the scarab!" Jessie exclaimed.
"All right," Newmy stated to the dockman. "Just bring it down real nice and easy."
"Relax Johnny, I do this for a living." The dockman said.
"It's Mike, Newmy or Newman." Newmy corrected him. "My name's not Johnny. This boat's come all the way from Los Angeles and it's very important."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" The man said, trying to brush Newmy off.
Meanwhile, within range, a boat was on fire, smoking badly. A woman came out on deck coughing and fell into the water.
"I'll call it in," Jessie said.
"Tell them we'll respond, we're the closest." Newmy told her.
"Respond? How?" She asked.
"Get that boat in the water, now!" Newmy ordered.
"What?" Asked the dockman.
"I said, dock the boat! Now!" Newmy yelled.
The man finally realized that Newmy meant business. "Take the boat up into the water, now!" He said. "Up! Up!" He followed orders given.
The boat was lifted an taken over into the water. Newmie shedded his shirt and dived into the water. Jessie had called it in and was now running toward the water to dive in. She swam toward the boat. Newmy, now on the scarab, helped her aboard.
"Where's the hemline?" She asked.
"It's disconnected for shipping," Newmie explained as he maneuvered the boat toward the victim. "All right, listen," Newmy said. "You drive." The victim was wavering to get their attention. Jessie took the wheel as Newmie positioned himself on the boat to dive in. He got out to the victim and swam her toward the scarab.
"O.K., come on," Jessie said. "Give me your hand." She then helped the woman on board.
"I'm goin' back," Newmy said. He got tot the smoking boat. Newmy climbed aboard to see if anyone else was trapped. He spotted a man who was overcome by the smoke. "I've got you! Just relax," He said. Newmy then carried the man out on his back while crawling.
On the scarab, Jessie and the woman looked on. Jessie held the woman close to comfort her. Newmy rolled them both into the water. He then swam the man toward the scarab.
"Come on, Newmy!" Jessie cried. She feared that the boat might explode before the two would make it out of range.
"Relax," Newmy said to the man. "We're almost there!" Once they got to the scarab, Jessie helped him on board. Just in a nick of time too! The boat then exploded! Everyone was safe!
At the airport, Allie was pushing her resume. The man was impressed while showing her the N5799Z helicopter he needed a capable person for. Allie explained that she was training at the Lifeguard Training Center. In Australia, the lifeguards were all volunteers. If she was going to stay in Hawaii, she needed a job. He asked if she could handle the model that they were standing beside. She smiled and said that she would give it a go.
After the rescue, Jessie was taking the boat out futher. It was apparent that she had missed driving a scarab. Newmy told her that the dock was back the other way. Jessie told him that she thought that it would be fun to drive it out. And drive they did! They even got to see Allie above as she showed the man how well she could handle the unit. Jessie kept waving up toward her. Allie acknowledged her and smiled. 
Assisted by Kai, Sean drove the team out to the ocean. He told them what hewanted them to do. "O.K., end of the line. Everyone out!" Sean ordered. "You get to swim in, so last one to shore loses."
They all grabbed their rescue cans and gear before jumping in.
"Hey Jason," Kai said.
"Yeah, Kai?" Jason asked.
"You know how to tell when you've been bitten by a tiger shark?" Kai asked.
"How?" Jason asked.
"They're so big and powerful that they push the water in front of them like a bow wave. They save you a lot of moves before they bite you." Kai smiled toying with him.
"Thanks for the tip," Jason said.
They all set out to swim as the scarab took off. Jessie soon stopped.
"Hey, are you all right?" Allie asked.
"Yeah, there's something over there!" She said.
"What's going on?" J.D. asked.
Soon Jason realized that he had no accompanying swimmers. "Hey!" He complained. "Why is everyone stopping?"
"Jessie spotted something!"
Reluctantly, he swam over to see what the commotion was all about. To them it looked like a bouy that a sinking boat sends out as an SOS. "Come on," Jessie said, going over closer.
Jason just stayed where he was. "Where is everyone going?" He asked. "What about the race? Last one to shore gets sent home." No one responded to his teenaged whining. If he got his way in the past, he certainly wasn't going to get it here. Although frustrated, he finally followed the others. Upon closer inspection, it was a bouy. Kekoa got a closer look and then resurfaced with the others. She spotted a boat. They had all gone down to get a closer look since they were not sure if the bouy was working properly. Then they resurfaced, needing air. They decided to go back down.
J.D. banged on the door. There was no answer. He then banged again. Someone trapped inside was banging in return. They could not get the door opened. The team went back up needing air. After that, they had a plan to get the door open. They had to look for something to pry it open. They found a crank handle and used it to pry the door opened. Once they surfaced again, they were determined to make it work. They got the door opened and Mitch came out. He went to the surface with them following. Mitch told them that they all passed the test. They all did what they were supposed to do as observant lifeguards. They all rejoiced. Mitch then told them that they shouldn't get too cocky. They all still had to swim back to shore.
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