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Jason Brooks
Baywatch Hawaii: 10th through 11th Seasons (1999-2000 through 2000-2001)
Occupation: Actor
Current Projects: N/A
Birth Name:  Jason Maxwell Brooks 
Birth Date: May 10, 1966
Birthplace:  Colorado Springs, Colorado
Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Marital Status: Married to Corinne Olivo (February 20, 1994-Present/Dated 6 years before tying the knot at a Las Vegas Chapel)
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
Height/weight: 6 ft. 1 in. Tall/210 Pounds
Heritage: American/Decent N/A
Education: College/Business Administration at University of Arizona & San Diego University 
Parents: Dad, an Endocrinologist (devotes career to diabetes research)/Mom, a Deputy City Attorney in Los Angeles 
Children: 1 son, Jaredan (Born March 1999/Mother is wife Corinne Olivo)
Siblings: 2; 1 Brother who has a Ph.d. in Physics from Yale/1 Sister a social worker and author
Show business start: By investing some of his profits from his successful yogurt business into acting classes/Ended up with a role in the film Captain America (debut ended up on the cutting room floor)
Hobbies/Interests: N/A
Jason Brooks was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He spent most of his childhood growing up in Los Angeles. He is the youngest of three children. With his parents and two older siblings in great careers, he figured that he was expected to do the same. His father was an Endocrinologist, who devoted his career to diabeties research. His mother was a Deputy City Attorney, his sister was a social worker and author and his brother had earned a Ph.d in Physics from Yale. Jason went on to college to pursue Business Administration at the University of Arizona and then at San Diego University. His first attempt at sales was with a friend selling clothing. He didn't describe it as much of a clothing business. They both put on T-shirts and yelled out a cute punchline to garner sales on the beach. He and a friend went on to secure a successful yogurt business called Island Yogurt. He found that sales wasn't fulfilling and used some of his profits toward acting. He found an agent to start his career.
He won his first role in the 1990 TV movie I'm Dangerous Tonight. He garnered a role in the film Captain America (1991), but his scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. His other film credits include Bloodmatch (1991), The Alibi (1997/TV), Three Secrets (1999/TV), Flying Virus (2002), Rose Technique (2002), and War Stories (2003/TV).
His appearances include Dragnet (2003), Charmed (2002), Hollywood Off-Ramp (2000), The Pretender (2000), Early Edition (1998) and Friends (1997).
Baywatch casting directors were impressed with Jason when he auditioned for a guest starring role in 1993. Shortly before filming began, Jason won the role of Peter Blake on Days of Our Lives.
He and longtime steady girlfriend, Corinne Olivo eloped on February 20, 1994, not long after Jason's joining the cast of Days Of Our Lives. Both sets of parents felt cheated, so they decided to throw them a post-wedding celebration in August 1994. His mother went all out on the party, but there was a scheduling change at Days. The staff wanted to do the shoot on Saturday instead of the scheduled Friday night. Jason thought that the latest he would be gone was 8 p.m. that night and he would join the party. It turned out that they had to do night shoots that Saturday. It was to be all night. His mother was not too keen on the idea. She told him that he would just have to come to the party. He would just have to tell them and would have to change the schedule. He couldn't make any demands, but he just mentioned it. He never went in making demands as he remembered what it was like to be an unemployed actor. He was gratetful to be a working actor. They managed to change the shooting schedule back to Friday instead of Saturday to accomodate the party. Afterward, he sent them a thank you basket of cookies. He worked hard on the set and never complained about the conditions.
Jason and Corinne became parents to son Jaredan in March 1999. Jason was cast on Baywatch Hawaii in 1999 as Sean Monroe, the Captain of a team that specialized in rescuing techniques. During this time, Jason and Corinne took Jaredan to Hawaii with them during the show's filming season. The show ended in 2001.


-Won for Outstanding Villian in 1995 at the 11th Annual Soap Opera Awards.
-Did both Theatre and Stand-Up Comedy.
-Had a T-shirt clothing business with a friend and they sold them in the street.
-At 21, he and a friend were founders of a successful non-fat yogurt company called, Island Yogurt.
-Landed his first show-business related job in a studio mailroom.
-Business in sales was not his true calling. He tried the way of acting and placed some of his yogurt profits toward acting classes.
-Baywatch casting directors were impressed with Jason when he auditioned for a guest starring role in 1993. Unfortunately, shortly before filming began, Jason won the role of Peter Blake on Days of Our Lives.