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Captain Mitchell "Mitch" Buchannon
"Mr. Baywatch" and "The Living Legend"
Baywatch: Pilot Movie through 9th Season (1989-1990 through 1998-1999)
Baywatch Hawaii: 10th Season (1999-2000) 

Name: Mitchell "Mitch" Buchannon
Sex:  Male
Age: At 47 presumed deceased/body never found (Introduced at 37); He lived through a "miracle." 
(Sharkey's note: I'm still chuckling over this one!)
Posture: Great!
Appearance: Confident, strong, pleasant
Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown/Blue
Height/weight: 6 ft. 4 in. Tall/226 Pounds
Class: Middle Class (later to upper middle class with his last promotion)
Transportation: Lifeguard Truck
Occupation: Lifeguard; Later founded the Baywatch Hawaii Lifeguard Training Center in Hawaii; Former Navy SEAL   
Education: College/Majored and earned degree in Architectural Design to please his father.
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Home Life Growing Up: Did not have a close relationship with his father, Joseph although he wished he had. His father expected a lot from him. Mitch was the responsible one and his older brother Buzzie was the irresponsible free spirit. Mitch envied Buzzie and his free lifestyle. Mitch messed up a lot so that he could keep some of the pressure off of him. 
His father adored and favored him. He was quite controlling. As a surfer boy who hung out at the beach a lot, Mitch knew exactly what he wanted to be-a lifeguard. It was all he had ever talked about. But he was expected to follow in his father's footsteps as an architect and join the firm. Mitch went through all of the moves to please him. He went through college while working part-time as a lifeguard. He took the courses that his father wanted him to. After his graduation, he joined the firm to please his proud doting dad. Given the truth, he was afraid to disappoint his father. 
He and his controlling father just could not work together. There were always strong disagreements and his father's wanting him to do things his way. So he left the firm. He made his true chosen career known to his father. This made Joseph so angry that he kicked him out of the house.  
Although his father was angry and never accepted his career. He still tried to control and hold on to him. Although angry, Joseph tried on countless occasions to woo his son back to the firm. He wanted Mitch to take over when he retired. Mitch was just as stubborn and avoided too many confrontations with his father. He stuck to his choice to his father's disappointment.     
Residence:  He had divided his time between Los Angeles and Hawaii after building and opening The Training Center
Marital Status: Was single (divorced); had married twice. Had broken up with both wives. From second wife Neely Capshaw Buchannon who had an infant daughter named Ashley after he found out that she had "lied" to get him to marry her. From first wife Gayle Buchannon with whom he had a son. Their careers conflicted, but he was always on call and had to respond when needed for a rescue.   
Heritage: German decent
Parents: Mother/Irene (who currently has advanced Alzheimer's Disease)/Father Joseph who died of a rare cancer.   
Children: Survived by 1 child/Son Hobie Buchannon, whom he doted on.
Siblings: Survived by 1 brother/Buzzie Buchannon and Buzzie's only child, a son-Kyle.  
Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: It was his dream to become a lifeguard. He knew exactly what he wanted as a career while in high school. It was the only thing he had ever really wanted to be. He cared about people and wanted to make a difference in saving lives.  Although he became a legend at Baywatch through his career, it was not what he had planned or expected.  
Hobbies/Interests: Boating; Crime Solving; Diving; Hang Gliding; Improvement; Jogging; Learning; Lifeguard competitions; Rafting; Rowing; Surfing; Swimming; Water Sports.
Sex & Moral Standards: Sexually active within the context of a relationship. More romantic than sensual. Had a lot of respect for women. Sex for him meant that he wanted  a meaningful permanent relationship.     
Personal Premise: Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Never prejudge anyone. 
Ambition: To make the Training Center a success. Also wanted to adopt a young boy named Tanner Sloan. Tanner reminded him of his son when he was a child. The dark hair and eyes. Had a deep desperate desire to make amends with his son and try to re-establish their close relationship.
Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: His getting taken in by a Stephanie Holden clone. He fell in love and was going to marry her in Hawaii. Not believing Neely's confirmed facts and warnings concerning Allison. He found out for himself and confronted her only to find out that she was involved with an old enemy Mason Sato, who had planned revenge.  
Was afraid that when his son Hobie went away to college that he did not want a close relationship with him anymore. He was afraid that their close relationship would suffer. Mitch forgot that Hobie was only going to college to please him. His son wanted to skip college.

When Hobie chose to work at Zuma Beach instead of at Baywatch Headquarters to prove himself as a lifeguard without favoritism. It was extremely painful when Hobie told him that he wasn't "his little boy anymore" when he traveled all the way out to Zuma Beach concerning trouble he had on the beach that day. But his being the Captain, Hobie was assigned where Mitch wanted him anyway. His son ended up at Baywatch Headquarters most of the time. 

His own father died from a rare cancer. Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Was still in love with his first wife Gayle. Could not really get over Gayle or let go of her. He had always found his way back to her. Finding love with Australian lifeguard Tracy and asked her to marry him only to find out that she was dying from cancer. She hid it from everyone as she did not want pity. Tracy's death was hard to get over. 
Marrying Neely only to find out that she had "tricked" him into marrying her. After their separation when she tried to discredit him and ruin his reputation. She seemed bent on destroying him for breaking off the marriage leaving her with no husband or a father for her baby daughter. She just will not go away.
Temperament: He was happy, bright and luminous. He always gave freely without asking for anything in return. Had a great deal of pride and integrity. His heart was always in his eyes. Loved people and being around them. Kept law and order, by being willing go to the extreme of helping the police solve a crime or did it himself if he felt that the police department wasn't giving 100%.     
Attitude Toward Life: Always give 100%! You will only get out of it what you put in. Life is a priceless gift. It can't be replaced. Saving, protecting and preserving it is the greatest reward that you can ever have. Family and friends are most important.     
Complexes: Had trouble keeping a romantic relationship.
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert/Loved people and loved being around them. 
Abilities: A living legend before his "death." Extremely skillful water and rescue skills; ability to think about the situation and best rescue method while in pursuit of the victim. Easily gained trust of victims and kept them calm until safely rescued. Gave orders in a comprehensive way so that everyone knew what role they had.    
Qualities: Brainy; brave; champion; charming; competitive; confident; dedicated; defiant; dependable; driven; emotional; fair; fearless; flexable; forgiving; fun loving; genuine; giving; graceful; helpful; hot tempered; legend; listener; loving; loyal; luminous; patient; protective; reasonable; romantic; sensitive; skillful; stubborn; supportive; thinker; trusting; winner.
I.Q.: Very High


Strong, dependable and dedicated! The active Captain on duty.