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Roberta "Summer" Quinn
"The Whiner" 
Baywatch: 3rd through 4th Seasons (1992-1993 through 1993-1994)

Name: Roberta "Summer" Quinn (commonly known to the swimming team as Bobbi Quinn) 
Sex:  Female
Age: Introduced at 18 as a high school senior. Now 30 years old.
Posture: Good!
Appearance: Confident, pleasant, very attractive. Girl next door type.
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Height/weight: 5 ft. 3 in. tall/N/A
Class: Middle Class 
Transportation: Lifeguard Truck
Occupation: Lifeguard; trainer 
Education: College; to provide better opportunities.
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Home Life Growing Up: Had a very loving and close relationship with her mother Jackie. Jackie immediately had to leave her violent, abusive husband after he tried to hurt Summer. The two lived in a mobile trailer and lived where ever their hearts took them.
Residence:  Los Angeles 
Marital Status: Single, but is now dating Hobie Buchannon. He claimed to have been in love with her since he was 10 years old. He managed to talk her into dating him. Hobie got her to see that the  men she currently dated were a lot older than she was.
Heritage: American/Decent N/A
Parents: Mother/Jackie (who was a singer and then had bought the beach restaurant only to put up for sale after the big earthquake)/Father was abusive and Jackie left him after he tried to hurt Summer.   
Children: None.
Siblings: None.  
Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: She saw that lifeguarding paid more money and decided tht they could use the funds. She applied and wanted to make the team. It would take the burden off her mother, Jackie. 
Hobbies/Interests: Diving; Swimming; Water Sports.
Sex & Moral Standards: Sexually active within the context of a relationship. More romantic than sensual. Seems to be in love with love. 
Personal Premise: Face your fear.
Ambition: To make it through college. She and her mother both wanted a good college education for her. Her main purpose of becoming a lifeguard was to garner more money so that she and her mother could live more comfortably. Later after college, she returned to the lifeguard scene. 
Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: Not able to keep a good, steady relationship. She broke up with Matt Brody when she left for college. She had moved on ahead and was already gone. Her mother Jackie was to follow after the earthquake.
After boyfriend Jimmy Slade left for the surfing competition circuit, she quickly took interest in Matt Brody, who was Jimmy's best friend at the time. The two had established a romantic relationship without any thought concerning Jimmy. She never broke off the relationship. Jimmy came back to the couple's surprise after the circuit tour, expecting things to be fine. Only to find out that Summer and Matt had dated behind his back.
It was an uncomfortable position to be in and it ended up in a fight over Summer. Matt and Jimmy made up afterward because only Summer could choose who she really wanted. Jimmy left Baywatch after the incident.
Her problems with heights and an incident that had resurfaced kept her from making rescues. When she was about four years old, her violent, abusive father trapped her in their hot-tub by placing a heavy object over it to keep her from getting out. The fearful experience suddenly surfaced when she became a lifeguard. She couldn't demonstrate any skills when she needed to make rescues. The water was the same awful green color. Then she talked it over with her mother. Jackie didn't think that she would ever remember that awful experience. She was barely four years old. She explained the hot-tub abuse and that right after the incident, she packed them both up and left her father. 
Temperament: Usually quiet, pleasant and in a good mood.      
Attitude Toward Life: Always do your best. There is always satisfaction when you give your all.     
Complexes: Has trouble jumping off a pier. Fear of heights. Has tremendous trouble in keeping a romantic relationship.
Extrovert/Introvert: A bit of both. Although she loves people and likes being around them when she chooses to be, Summer displays a quiet, mousy personality. 
Abilities: Acquired training to garner good rescue skills to perform proficently on duty; gifted swimmer. Was highly touted on her high school's swim team.     
Qualities: Emotional; fair; flexable; follower; forgiving; fun-loving; genuine; graceful; helpful; loving; mousy; patient; reasonable; romantic; sensitive; soft-spoken; supportive; timid; trusting; whiner. 
I.Q.: Average