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Jill Riley
"The Brave One"
Baywatch: Pilot Movie through 1st Season (1989 through 1989-1990)

Name: Jill Riley
Sex:  Female
Age: Introduced at 25
Posture: Great!
Appearance: Lovely, healthy and athletic, pleasant.
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Height/weight: 5 ft. 8 in. Tall/110 Pounds
Class: Middle Class
Transportation: Lifeguard Truck
Occupation: Lifeguard; trainer; former pro volleyball player 
Education: College
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Home Life Growing Up: Grew up in a loving home with parents that taught her good values and ethics. The importance of education and having concern and courtesy for people.
Residence:  Los Angeles, California. She lived on her sail boat with her pet seal. 
Marital Status: Single 
Heritage: American with Bohemian decent
Parents: N/A   
Children: None
Siblings: N/A
Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: Jill lived the competive life of a Professional volleyball player. After a breakup with her partner, she returned to lifeguarding. Mitch Buchannon had welcomed her back as a Senior Ocean Guard.
She had been one of the first female lifeguards. She had fought tremendous odds and through hard work had established her reputation as a professional in the then almost totally male-dominated world of lifeguarding.
She cared about people. Never planned to become a hero or to be noted for ambitions and accomplishments. Felt chills the first time she held a victim. She felt that she could make a huge difference in saving a life. Nothing had ever equaled that feeling for her.
She placed other lives above her own without hesitation. Her last rescue was saving children who had capsized in their rubber boat. As she lifted the last child onto the scarab to Shauni, she was attacked by a great white shark. The shark's grip actually pulled Jill from Shauni's grasp in effort to help her onto the boat. Shauni kept screaming as she had witness the attack and was completely helpless to stop it. Shauni saw the rescue can and blood as the shark moved through the water. Jill was later found and was hospitalized. Her condition seemed to have gotten better when the Baywatch team visited her and Mitch asked how long it would be before they could take her home.
However, Jill had passed during the night as Mitch had found out when he came back for a visit to see if she had gotten any better since their last visit. He found the bed empty and was told how she had died. The lifeguards gathered to pay tribute to Jill in a funeral at sea.
Hobbies/Interests: Boating; Diving; Improvement; Jogging; Learning; Lifeguard competitions; Rowing; Surfing; Swimming; Volleyball; Water Sports.
Sex & Moral Standards: Sexually active within the context of a relationship. More romantic than sensual. Had problem in establishing a good, solid relationship through the years.
Personal Premise: Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated.  
Ambition: To protect the sands and waters. Keep accidents from happening. 
Still had an eye for Mitch and wanted them to get back together.
Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: Her trying to establish a romantic relationship with Mitch Buchannon. There were sparks between them, but was never able to get past the good friends stage due to Mitch's broken heart from his divorce from Gayle. Even thought they remained great friends after the breakup, she was still in love with him and still wanted them to get back together.
When her pet seal swam away, she was broken-hearted over losing him. It hurt more than any of the shattered love affairs suffered through the years.
Jill never revealed that she was deeply in love with Craig Pomeroy. Her foolish decision to hire Laurie, a teenaged girl just to break up Craig's marriage to Gina. Jill's reasoning with the breakup, she could move in. The girl fell off a pier and Craig rescued her. She became "infatuated" with her hero and the couple's relationship was strained as the infatuation developed into obsession.  Laurie began to tell everyone including Gina that Craig had made love to her in his tower. The overall plan backfired as the girl tried to kill Gina. Craig managed to save Gina from Laurie and got the help that Laurie needed.  
That the plan with Laurie had failed. Jill had another idea. The foolish plot was to fake a shark attack so that Craig would rush to her side and profess his "undying" love for her. This plan failed in the most horrible way, as the lifeguards had to respond to a call for help. Children had capsized in their rubber boat. A shark had been lurking about and was homing in to attack. Jill went into the water to hoist the children up to Shauni onto the scarab. She managed to get all of the children up, but there was no time to save herself. The shark had opened it jaws as it swam toward her at full speed. Crushing her in its razor sharp grip, she was dragged beneath the surface and through the water. She had sacraficed herself for the children.
Her not being able to keep a long term relationship or being able to find the right man. 
The time when she lost a victim. He was a man who had drowned during his usual morning swim. Jill felt responsible. It bothered her so much that she investigated the death until she discovered that he was murdered by a relative after his inheritance.  
Temperament: She was happy, bright and hard working. She was smart when it came to duty. Her heart was always in the right place while on duty. Loved people and being around them. Did not like like law-breakers. Always gave 100%.     
Attitude Toward Life: Be willing to give of yourself. Life is a precious gift. It can't be replaced. Saving, protecting and preserving it are the greatest rewards that you can ever have.      
Complexes: Had trouble keeping a romantic relationship through the years. Was in love with Craig Pomeroy. She never had the nerve to tell Craig that she is in love with him. 
Had fallen for Mitch Buchannon. Was never able to get through to him because of his still being in love with his ex-wife Gayle.  
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert/Loved people and loved being around them. 
Abilities: Very brave; does not hesitate to risk her own life to save others; skillful water and rescue skills; ability to think about the situation and best rescue method while in pursuit of the victim. Easily gained trust of victims and kept them calm until safely rescued. Gave orders in a comprehensive way so that everyone knew what role they had.    
Qualities: Annimal lover; brainy; brave; bright; charming; cheerful; competitive; confident; dedicated; defiant; dependable; driven; emotional; fair; fearless; flexable; forgiving; fun-loving; genuine; giving; graceful; helpful; hero; listener; loving; loyal; patient; protective; reasonable; romantic; schemer; sensitive; skillful; sunny; supportive; thinker; trickster; trusting; winner.
I.Q.: Average