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Manuelo "Manny" Gutierrez
"The Promising Hard Worker"
Baywatch: 7th through 9th Season (1996-1997 through 1998-1999)  

Name: Manuelo "Manny" Gutierrez
Sex:  Male
Age: Introduced at 17 

Posture: Good
Appearance: Happy, pleasant, perky
Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown/Dark Brown
Height/weight: 5 ft. 7 in. Tall/N/A
Class: Lower Middle Class
Transportation: Lifeguard Truck
Occupation: Lifeguard    
Education: College/Majored and earned Computer Science Degree 
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Home Life Growing Up: Grew up in a poor family where he did not have many opportunities. Father was not a citizen and was in the US illegally. He was deported. Manny's mother worked her little tail off to get them out of the old neighborhood that was not a healthy environment for her son. She wanted more for him.
Manny has a close, respectful and loving relationship with his mother. He knew how hard she worked as a maid in a wealthy home. His mother's hard work had enabled him to follow his dreams in a thriving environment. His old friends from the old neighborhood show jealousy and anger toward his lifestyle.
Residence: Los Angeles, CA  
Marital Status: Single, but was dating a new girlfriend before his accident. Had broken up with April Giminski after she had decided that she needed someone who was more mature. He, in turn found another girlfriend at college. 
Heritage: American with Mexican decent
Parents: Mother (who worked extremely hard to keep Manny pointed in the right direction for opportunities)/Father was deported back to Mexico  
Children: None
Siblings: None
Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: It was his dream to become a lifeguard. He always wanted to be a lifeguard and he contantly said it. He wanted to make a difference and save lives. To give back to the community.  
Hobbies/Interests: Competitions; Water Sports; Learning; Lifeguard competitions
Sex & Moral Standards: Sexually active within the context of a relationship. More romantic than sensual. Has a lot of respect for women.      
Personal Premise: Set a good example. Do good work. Give 100%.  
Ambition: To make it as a successful lifeguard. To graduate from college and to give back. To make his mother and proud. 
Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: A pier rescue that went wrong and left him paralized and in a wheel chair. He felt that his dreams were going to go down the drain until a new setup trial that enabled him to use his computer skills at Baywatch to help the other lifeguards with their rescues as well as watching the sand. 
His break-up with April Giminski. His first deception came when he tried to keep his mother from learning that April was white and not a Latina. He feared that her reaction would be the same as his former friends from the old neighborhood. The idea was met with hositily and dishonor. Manny's mother had taken a day off to see her son in action on his new job and to take some photos. She and April met when Manny ran out to children taking inner tube into the water to float on. April was surprised that Mrs. Gutierrez did not know her at all. Fumed, April confronted him with Mrs. Gutierrez watching at a distance. After facing his mother, he later had to patch up the mess by taking suggestions her. 
His not telling her the truth about why he could not go to a benefit with April. The mess could have been avoided as well as their breakup. His jealousy and stalking of April being seen with Craig Pomeroy, who was to go in his place. Craig helped him out in the end and gave him the needed tux.
His losing April to Craig in the end. Their relationship could have been a lot stronger if he had been more truthful to her in the beginning. Working together, they could have overcome all of the obstacles that faced them. With time, he was able to move on and find another love.
That his former friends from his old neighborhood could not accept the fact that he and his mother had a better life in a healthy environment. This was met with hostility and jealousy. They tried to tear down his self-esteem by complaining and teasing that he was trying to be white. These guys could not understand that there is a standard way of life. Just because they chose not to pursue a better life was no reason to criticize him for it. You must be able to see outside of the box. 
His father was imported back to Mexico as he was an illegal alien.
Temperament: He was always happy, bright and excited. He always gave freely without asking for anything in return. He still has a great deal of pride and integrity. He has a big heart. Loves people and being around them. Although he cannot work the beach, he still always gives 100%!
Attitude Toward Life: You don't know what you have until you lose it. Never take anything for granted. Always give 100%! You will only get out of it what you put in. Life is a priceless gift. It can't be replaced. Saving, protecting and preserving it is the greatest reward that you can ever have. 
Family and friends are most important. their support is vital. Accept their support, as it comes from the heart.     
Complexes: Had trouble keeping a romantic relationship and then letting go of April.
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert/Loves people and loves being around them. 
Abilities: Skillful swimming skills; very brave and puts other lives before his own.
Qualities: Athletic; brave; competitive; dedicated; defiant; dependable; driven; emotional; forgiving; fun-loving; genuine; giving; helpful; hot-tempered; jealous; listener; loving; loyal; luminous; obsessive; protective; proud; reasonable; sensitive; skillful; stubborn; supportive; trusting.
I.Q.: Average