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Editor/Critic Stats & Biography 
Here are a few facts about me that I thought you might enjoy and get a chuckle or two out of. 
Baywatch: 1st Season (1989-1990) through 9th Season (1997-1998)
Baywatch Hawaii: 10th (1998-1999) and 11th Seasons (1999-2000)
Occupation: Critic; Editor; Reporter; Research Specialist; Writer
Current Projects: The Ocean Reporter
The Hunt (2004/Movie) as Daria 
It Attacked from the Sea (2004/Movie) as Lavinia
Birth Name: Sharkey (sorry, no last name)
Birthdate: August 26, 1800 (That's right-204 years old! I WAS thinking about lying! These eyes have seen a lot over the years!)
Birthplace: The Pacific Ocean (We don't have official mapped out addresses as humans do)
Current Residence: I shuttle between the Pacific Ocean. On land from Los Angeles to Chicago
Marital Status: Single, but is dating a Merman named Wave (Serves in the Pacific Military)
Hair/Eyes: Black/Amber
Height/Weight: 9 Feet10 inches long (including tail)/5 Feet, 8 inches tall (in human form)/359 pounds (it's the tail and fins-that dreaded bottom half, you know. My Mom always warned me about letting my tail get too heavy! But I'm 120 pounds in human form)
Heritage: Merfolk (Both parents are Pacific based Merfolk-half human, half fish. Most two-legs think that we are myth. That's O.K though, because if they knew of our world, they would try to destroy it. Maybe capture us for experiments or something of that sort).
Education: Pacific University/Master's Degree in Education; Bachelor's Degree in Writing
Parents: Raif and Fern
Children: None
Siblings: 16 in all!  9 sisters: Aqua, Atlantis, Coral, Dolphin, Marine, Porpoise, Reef, Shell, Urchin/7 brothers: Bay, Gulf, Moray, Ray, Reed, Tide, Whales
Show Business Start: Baywatch cast me as a shark after showing them what I could do during a read
Hobbie/Interests: Diving, Music, Shape Shifting, Swimming, Telepathy, Underwater Exploring, Water Sports
I was born in the Pacific Ocean near the US West Coast. I grew up in a large, loving family.  I'm not saying that we're perfect, but we all get along well and have our own interest and goals. My stern, but flexible parents didn't have any objection to any of us going up there on land to live among humans (two legs, as my parent put it) as long as we came back where we belonged. And spend as much time here as we do on land.  I had a passion to act and write. So, I followed my dream. I graduated from the Pacific University and earned a Masters in Educaton and a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in Writing. But in order to get work on land, I had to be educated there for record purposes. No matter how much talent you have, if you can't prove it with records, you won't get hired. So, I had to earn a Bachelors each in Writing and Journalism. Also a Masters in Education. I squeaked in some acting classes. To keep myself afloat, I had to become certified as an Administrative Professional (AdPro/CAP). Let me tell you! This leading a double life isn't easy! 
In order to support myself financially, I applied with a Temporary Agency. I tested and went through the legal part. I got my first assignment as a Researcher for a Marketing firm. I lived modestly during that time and managed to save some money. Money is something that humans put so much emphasis on to measure their self worth. Well, the assignment lasted for 18 months. On the break until another assignment was available, I auditioned for a part for Baywatch. I read for them. So they wouldn't forget me, I told them that I was an illusionist. Show business was vast and actors had talent in different areas. Anything is possible.  I showed them what I could do. I actually changed my shape. They thought that they were seeing an illusion. I had to wait to see if I made the cut for any of the extra lifeguard parts available. 
I met Wave on my way back home. He was very kind and had a lot of class. He also knew how to treat a lady. We got to know each other and started dating.  He chose a career in our Military. Much easier for him, but for me, there is no Hollywood under the sea. 
Well, back in Los Angeles, I auditioned again. And I was told on the spot that I had landed the part for a shark. They explained that they didn't want to use a mechanical unit. It wasn't what I had expected to get, but it was my first role. I was excited! I had my foot in the door and was going to have something to put on my resume! It was in the first season where I appeared as a shark. Yes everyone, I was the one who got Jill Riley. I dragged her through the water. Wasn't I convincing? Didn't the makeup crew do a great job on me? 
After that, I was hoping that I could get a human part. Once you do well in a part, it is hard to get out of being type-cast. But getting called back to Baywatch to play so many shark roles, I began to get rather anxious. I wanted a meatier role with much more screen time. I got it! When I was the huge moray eel in the 8th season episode, Eel Nino. I made it an intelligent role. It looked as if the eel could actually plot and think for itself. The makeup crew once again worked miracles and actually made me look good. They actually prettied me up for the screen. I couldn't have looked that good without the makeup. I would have looked as ugly as eels really do without the makeup. 
I started to write for the SHARKEY AND ENIGMA'S REVIEW page after meeting Enigma on the Official Baywatch message board. Enigma liked the way I did reviews and came up with the idea. I rather liked it. I would write, do research, news, updates and act as reporter for it as well as answer any Baywatch questions concerning the show, cast members, episodes, etc. It worked well. I got an e-mail from Mike, who wanted me to do Baywatch episode descriptions, news, cast, etc. for his page. He had a really nice looking page. Excellent graphics!  
The time came for me to move on. Now, my concentration is on morphing this page into another nice one for fans of the show and other visitors to view.  
sharkey copyright 2000