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Jessica "Jessie" Owens
"The Natural"
Baywatch: 9th Season (1998-1999)
Baywatch Hawaii: 10th Season (1999-2000). 11th Season recurring (2000-2001)

Name: Jessica "Jessie" Owens
Sex: Female
Age: 21 in the 10th season (introduced at 20)
Posture: Great
Appearance: Usually extremely happy and all smiles! Blond beauty. Strong, athletic, the picture of innocence and excellent health. Blazing white teeth!   
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Height/weight: N/A
Class: Middle Class
Transportation: Lifeguard Truck
Occupation: Lifeguard; Trainer
Education: High School
Birthplace: California
Home Life Growing Up: N/A
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Marital Status: Single
Heritage: American/Decent N/A
Parents: N/A
Children: 1 son (result of a relationship with a man she thought that she was in love with. On the rebound, really)
Siblings: N/A  
Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: Loved saving lives! Appeared as the mysterious "phantom lifeguard" who saved beachgoers and disappeared before authorities appeared. In the beginning she used it as job to support herself until she reached her goal to become a stuntwoman. Start to make a new life for herself. 
Hobbies/Interests: Lifeguard Competitions, Running, Swimming, Risky Stunts, Weight Training.  
Sex & Moral Standards: Sexually active within context of a relationship. J.D. had broken off their relationship soon after their arrival in Hawaii. Later after one year with The Training Center she decided to go back home to California. She met someone else thought that she was in love before breaking off the relationship. But not before discovering that she was pregnant.   
Personal Premise: Work hard to go after your dreams. That work doesn't seem like work at all if you love what you are doing. 
Ambition: In the beginning to become a stuntwoman. After given the chance to become a Lifeguard, it was what she wanted making a new life for herself. She then wanted to train for a Maui race in Hawaii. After J.D. persuaded her to move to Hawaii to work for Mitch, things changed between them. She wanted the life of The Training Center. But after J.D. broke off the relationship, she was heartbroken and later went back home.  
Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: Her leaving Hawaii and The Training Center. After returning home she had met another guy that she thought she was in love with. After realizing that she wasn't in love with him, she broke off the relationship. It was too late. She was pregnant. 
Giving J.D. an unreasonable ultimatum that she wanted him back and said that the only way for them to get back together was a choice of  "her or The Center." J.D. later made his decision and chose "The Center." 
She did get letters from J.D. as they had decided to remain friends. He wrote to inform her that he and Kekoa were engaged. She tried for one last try at J.D., knowing that he was now attached. She tried to pass the baby off as his. This caused friction between J.D. and Kekoa. She had felt bad about everything after J.D. resisted her advances. She finally went to Kekoa to confess. 
Mitch's death. She couldn't believe that he was gone. He was the one besides Alex who stood by her. She loved Mitch and he meant a lot to her. Like a father figure. She was devastated.  
After the move to Hawaii, J.D. lost interest in her, causing the couple to break up. Just before he persuaded Jessie into coming to Hawaii for Mitch's Training Center, he talked about their getting married.  She was excited about that. She tried to examined what happened between them, but J.D. had just lost interest when he got a glance at the Hawaiian girls. He didn't seem interested in communicating with her anymore. His eyes still wandered over to those island girls. Leaving the island after a year with The Training Center
Had trouble earlier as a teen concerning her involvement with an old boyfriend. He stole a car at a dealer with her along for the ride and both were caught and arrested! She got off on probation since she was a minor and it was a first offense. Her boyfriend, however went to work camp prison. He never mended his ways. Prisoners were sent to clean up the beach when he saw her on duty in training. He and another inmate escaped by feigning illness. He hid in Jessie's tower to her surprise, asking for her help. Not wanting to risk the chance given to her by Mitch and Alex, she had to turn him in to authorities.       
Temperament: Very sunny disposition. Happy and enthusiastic!  Very upbeat. Saw the silver lining in every dark cloud.
Attitude Toward Life: Learn from your mistakes and move on positively. 
Complexes: Losing people she loves. Does not like to fail.   
Extrovert/Introvert: Definitely Extrovert!
Abilities: Has a raw natural ability as a lifeguard. Still in need of polishing. Strong swimmer and diver. Excellent strength; strong endurance. Loves competition.   
Qualities: Athletic; brave; bright; caring; competitive; curious; deceitful; demanding; emotional; enthusiastic; forgiving; giving; goal oriented; happy; improving; innocent; learning; listener; loving; loyal; luminous; persistent; protective; reliable; sensitive; stubborn; sweet; trickster; upbeat.
I.Q.: Average