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Michael Newman
Baywatch: Pilot Movie through 9th Season (1989-1990 through 1998-1999)
Baywatch Hawaii: 10th Season (1999-2000)
Occupation: Firefighter; Actor; Former LA Lifeguard
Current Projects: Los Angeles Firefighter
Birth Name: Michael Newman
Nickname: Newmy (Also spelled Newmie)
Birthdate: April 26, 1957
Birthplace: Pacific Palisades, California
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Marital Status: Married/Sarah (Married 1987-Present)
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
Height/weight: 6 feet, 5 inches tall/N/A
Heritage: American/Decent N/A
Education: College/University of California at Santa Barara/Advertising Major
Parents: Mother N/A/Father N/A
Children: 2; Chris and Emily
Siblings: 1 older brother
Showbusiness start: When longtime pal Greg Bonann promised him work on the Baywatch pilot if it proved successful. Not only was he given a part, he also acted as technical advisor and did all of his own stunts.   
Hobbies/Interests: Environmental Issues, Lifeguarding, Lifeguard Competitions, Serves as a Firefighter
Michael Newman was born in Pacific Palisades, California. He started his career as a lifeguard at the age of 10, when he served as a Santa Monica Junor Lifeguard. At age 11, Michael met Greg Bonann, who was then 16 and was on Palisades High School swim team. Michael displayed excellent swimming ablilty, which helped him to excel at water sports. Michael later attended Pacific Palisades High School. He was a real water athlete and used his talents as a member of the school's swimming and water polo teams. Michael achieved All-American status, a member of a national record-setting relay team.
Michael was also a real California Surfer Boy while in high school and would spend weekends and summers on the road, traveling up and down the coast from Mexico to Santa Cruz in his Volkswagen van, searching for the best waves. He also liked skin-diving and skateboarding.
Michael continued his education by attending college at the University of California at Santa Barbara, which had a reputation as a real surfer school. Michael majored in Advertising. Michael's older brother was a Los Angeles County Lifeguard. At the age of 19, Michael followed in his brother's footsteps by starting an intense swimming workout routine twice a day to ensure a place in the training process. He put himself through college working as a seasonal L.A. Conunty lifeguard. Michael was a member of the swimming team in college, and won All American status for four years straight. Michael remained undefeated in the 200m in his senior year. Swimming competitively enabled Michael to meet his future wife Sarah, as she was also on the swim team. The couple later married and had two children. 
After graduation, Michael worked in advertising as a publisher's representative for four years. He realized that life was too short to work in a job like advertising after his mother died. He quit and went back to the beach. 
Michael took the Los Angeles Firefighter's exam while waiting to get hired as a full-time lifeguard. He adapted quickly and found similarities between firefighting and lifeguarding. He passed the exam and went to work there as well.
He and Greg Bonann worked beaches and towers together and became very close friends. Greg had an idea for a show about lifeguards. At the end of the long day of rescues at Will Rodgers Beach complete with fights, purse stealers and car break-ins, they would put their feet up on the rail. Greg leaned toward him and said, "If a show like CHiPS can be so popular, why couldn't we make a show about what we do down here?" Michael agreed.
The show's idea had a chance to become a reality when Greg rescued the 13-year old son of TV Executive Stu Erwin in Santa Monica. The boy would have died if not for Greg. When the grateful Erwin asked Greg how he could repay him, Greg's request was that he wanted to discuss his idea for a show with him. Erwin led him through the procedure of getting his show on a network. Greg promised Michael work on the pilot if it proved successful. It lead to NBC's airing of the TV series Baywatch. The show was cancelled by NBC after one season. But not giving up on the idea however, later proved the show a successful phenomenon. Greg, David Hasselhoff, the show's star and one of the Executive Producers got together with others associated with Baywatch to get foreign backers. Douglas Schwartz bought the rights back for $10 and the show was placed in syndication in 1991. Baywatch garnered 1 billion weekly viewers in over 144 countries.    
Michael started out as a recurring character, using his own name. His popular character made him famous. He was later added as a series regular. MIchael was a lifeguard and did all of his own stunts as well as acted as technical advisor.
When the show made its 10th season move to Hawaii, Michael was one of the few actors who was kept on the show. Most of the other actors had to be Hawaiian. Moving to Hawaii was pleasant for Michael. He was a surfer and got to work in what was known as real surf and waves. But he worried about the affects of the show's success on losing the closeness he once had with Greg. Greg is godfather to Michael's brother's children. Michael had to leave a lot of close friends at home when he moved to Hawaii for the show. He realized that Baywatch Hawaii was Greg's show and what he said was done. He missed those days in the tower placing their feet on the rail, talking about the day and where to go for an after work beer.
Michael had served as a Los Angeles County lifeguard for over 20 years. He currently works for the Los Angeles Fire Department.


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Mike Newman
-Earned All-American status in high school as a member of the national record-setting swimming relay team.
-Earned All-American status in college 4 years straight.
-Undefeated in the 200m while in his senior year in college.
-Won a National Ironman championship.
-Won competitions in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.
-Was the only major cast member who didn't have an agent.
-He is now a former lifeguard turned firefighter. 
-He served as an L.A. County lifeguard for over 20 years.
-Was once considered one of the top watermen in the country, winning National and International lifeguard competitions. 
-Was a Junior Lifeguard at the age of 10.
-Michael's older brother was a Los Angeles County Lifeguard and he followed in his footsteps.
-Served the community as a part-time firefighter while he was serving as a lifeguard.
-Former lifeguard and Baywatch Executive Producer Greg Bonann was a longtime friend of Michael's and they used to work beaches together.
-Did his own stunts on the show and served as technical advisor.
-Many Baywatch situations have been based on real rescues that Michael has been involved in.
-Greg Bonann is is godfather of Michael's brother's children.
-Is very serious about his environmental concerns, as he has joined Conservation Leaders in urging the Senate to pass strong Beach-Goer Protection Bill.
-Juvenile Diabetes awareness