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Cast File 
Parker Stevenson  
Baywatch: Pilot Movie, 1st Season and 8th through 9th Seasons (1989-1990, 1997-1998 through 1998-1999)
Occupation: Actor; Director  
Current Projects: N/A
Birth Name: Richard Stevenson Parker, Jr.
Birthdate: June 4, 1952
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Marital Status: Divorced from actress Kirstie Alley (Married December 22, 1983-December 1997) 
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Transparent Crystal Blue
Height/weight: 6 feet tall/N/A
Heritage: American/decent N/A
Education: College/Studied architecture at Princeton.
Parents: Mother who acted in commercials/Father a retired investment advisor
Children: 2 adopted children; 1 son, William True (September 28, 1992); 1 daughter, Lillie Price (June 15, 1994) 
Siblings: 1 brother, Hutch Parker
Showbusiness start: His mother who had acted in commercials, took him to a filming session. The result was two small television appearances.   
Hobbies/Interests: The Church of Scientology; Classical Music; Environmental Issues; Classical Music; Sports
Parker Stevenson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsyvania. He had no intention of becoming an actor. His mother, was an actress who had done numerous television commercials. When Parker was five years old, his mother took him to a filming session. The result was two small television appearances. His father was an investment advisor and had his doubts concerning the whole business. Parker appeared in a few high school play productions at Brooks School. He had no plans of becoming an actor. 
Parker did Sara Lee Cheesecake commercials at 15. He went on to do over 120 commercials which included Blockbuster, Macintosh, Bluecross Blue Shield and Sylvania. He also did voice-over narrations.
Parker placed his energies into other activities. He rowed with the Brooks School crew in the Princess Elizabeth Cup Race at the prestigious Henley Regatta. He graduated from Brooks School in North Andover, Massachusetts in 1971. Later at Princeton, he rowed with the freshman lightweight crew team which won the 1971-1972 eastern sprint races.
When Parker became a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, he found that he could not use the name Richard Parker because another actor alread had that name registered. He couldn't use Richard Stevenson for the same reason. He finally settled on Parker Stevenson. He got his start in movies and TV guest appearances.
Parker won fame as Frank Hardy in the Hardy Boy Mysteries/ABC in 1979 at 25 even though he preferred playing a character his own age rather than a teenager. After the series ended, he went on to other numerous TV guest appearances and TV movies. His stage appearances included the comedy, Ring Round the Moon at the Studio Theatre Playhouse in 1987 where he portrayed twins, winning great reviews and Answers at the Burt Reynolds Theatre in Florida.
With his career well-established, he met aspiring actress Kirstie Alley. Even though they were complete opposites, the couple dated anyway and then married on December 22, 1983. She was a smoker and he was a non-smoker, she liked rap and Parker preferred classical music. Parker poured orange juice on his cereal rather than milk. She was an animal lover and took it way too far in keeping a zoo-full of animals on their elaborate Encino estate, which included 50 dogs, cats, possum, geese and other animals. The couple employed a full-time animal caretaker to feed and maintain them. Sparing no expense, they maintained several homes. They spent most of their married lives at their Encino residence. At the Encino estate alone they maintained a house staff which included an estate manager, 1-2 chefs, 2 full-time housekeepers, live in security, 2 nannies for the children.
Parker set his own acting career aside to help Kirstie with hers. Later, Kirstie had success as an actress. The couple lived an extravagant lifestyle and had managed a full staff. They enjoyed private tennis lession, personal trainers and almost nightly masseuses. Money was no object. They generally traveled in private jets and luxury busses.
They adopted two children, William True and Lillie Price in 1992. They decided to expose their children to the best that life could offer. When the couple was in New York, they would go directly from the airport to FAO Schwartz. The management would keep a staff and store opened after hours exclusively for them so that they could shop with privacy for the children. They spared no expense usually shelling out $15,000 per shopping trip.
They spoiled each other with expensive gifts. Entertaining their friends was no different. They flew them by private jets to Oregon. They made sure that guests even had cars equipped with every convenience at their hand. And they were well known for their children's parties, especially the annual Halloween and Easter extravaganzas. The six hour parties usually had 200 guests, a 150 piece marching band and six calalrymen on horseback shooting blanks from guns to commence the festivities. The price tag was generally between $20,000 to $25,000 each. Other past parties included petting zoos and animals. Santa Claus to the Stars was flown in on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. 
In 1989, Parker had a starring role as Craig Pomeroy in the pilot movie Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier and on the Baywatch series during its first season. The show was cancelled after one season on NBC. Producers did not want to abandon the series and as a result after Douglas Schwartz bought the rights back for $10, the show was back on the air in syndication and became the most watched show around the world. Parker came back as his original character in a recurring role in Baywatch's 8th and 9th seasons. In 1992, he stood behind the camera to direct episodes of Baywatch, Melrose Place, and other shows.
After 14 years of marriage, suddenly Kirstie, 47 wanted a divorce to date actor James Wilder, 34 years old, who like Parker was a Melrose Place star. He and Kirstie had met on the set of a movie filmed in Nevada. Parker and Kirstie were estranged for more than a year before they each filed separate divorce complaints in 1997. The couple was forced to air their dirty laundry in public when the Church of Scientology, where they practiced religion, could not help them settle their differences. The divorce was very much publicized. The divorce and settlement was bitter. 
By September, she, the children and their brood of animals had moved into James Wilder's Hollywood Hills home. The couple filed for divorce in late 1996 and then filed for divorce a few months later stating irreconcilable differences. After their separation, Parker's wife sold the Encino residence in March 1997. He only had learned of the deal after it was done. She explained that it was to generate cash for settlement of financial issues between them.
Parker sought custody of their two children and an overwhelming settlement to keep him and the children in the lifestyle in which they were accustomed. IIn the end, Parker did not get the $75,000 a month he initially demanded and custody of the children, but settled for a share of the couple's assets, which included their 21-bedroom mansion in Maine. Parker and his former wife got joint custody of the children. They each got to spend extended periods of time with William and Lillie in Los Angeles, where they both maintained homes.
On the positive side, Parker was now free to concentrate on his own career. He was also able to come back in the 8th and 9th seasons to direct four episodes of Baywatch as well as appear in his recurring role that he originated in the 1st season as Craig Pomeroy. 


-Has joint custody of their two children, William True and Lillie Price after a messy divorce and custody battle.
-He and ex-wife Kirstie Alley are not friends but get along for the sake of the children.
-Did not get the $75,000/month he initially demanded but finally settled for a share of the couple's assets, which included their 21-bedroom mansion in Maine. They each got to spend extended periods of time with William True and Lillie Price in L.A, where they both maintained homes.
-It was amazing that the couple stayed together as long as they did as they were complete opposites.
-Adopted William True and Lillie Price in 1992.
-He and Kirstie Alley eloped on December 22, 1983.
-The couple separated in late 1996 and then each filed for divorce separately a few months later stating irreconcilable differences.  
-Could not use Richard Parker because another actor already had that name registered with the Screen Actors Guild. When he suggested Richard Stevenson, there was an actor registered with name also. He tried Parker Stevenson and no other actor had that name-the one he uses. 
-Got his acting start when his mother, who acted in commercials, took him to a filming session when he was 5 years old. It resulted in two small television appearances.
-Even though he appeared in a few play productions at Brooks Prep School, Parker had no intention of becoming an actor.
-Showed a great interest in rowing. He rowed with the Brooks Prep School crew in the Princess Elizabeth Cup Race at the prestigious Henley Regatta. And later at Princeton, Parker rowed with the freshman lightweight crew team which won the 1971-1972 eastern sprint races.
-Studied architecture at Princeton.
-Prefers classical music.
-Pours orange juice rather than milk on his cereal.