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Kelly Slater
Jimmy Slade 
Baywatch: 3rd through 4th Seasons (1992-1993 through 1993-1994)
Occupation: Professional Surfer; Actor; Composer; Musician
Current Projects: Occassional ASP events
New Game Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer
Developing new ways to improve the sport of surfing
Birth Name: Robert Kelly Slater
Birthdate: February 11, 1972
Birthplace: Cocoa Beach, Florida
Current Residence: Cocoa Beach, Florida
Marital Status: Single
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Blue
Height/Weight: 5 Feet 9 Inches Tall/160 Pounds
Heritage: American/decent N/A
Education: High School/Graduated with a 4.0 point average
Parents: Mother/Judy, who raised Kelly and his brother as a single parent
Children: 1 daughter, Taylor 
Siblings: 1 brother, Sean
Showbusiness start: Got started on Baywatch
Hobbies/Interests: Composing Music; Music; Singing,  Surfing
Kelly Slater was born Robert Kelly Slater on February 11, 1972 in Cocoa Beach Florida. Kelly grew up as an athletic child who loved the sand and surf. He learned to surf on the Cocoa Beach waves. The waves broke farther out and were easier to learn. Over the years, along with his amazing intuitive knowledge for the ocean, he had developed surfing and technical ability by watching others. This was combined with his natural talent, athletic ability, and love for the sport. He not only excelled in sports, but academics as well, graduating high school with a 4.0 average. Kelly's mother Judy held down multiple jobs to support Kelly and his brother Sean. 
As an amateur champion, he had garnered six Eastern Surfing Association and four National titles. He and his brother Sean did Sundek boardshort ads in the mid 1980's. He was already a household name by the time he turned pro in 1990. Once turning professional in the surfing world, Kelly paid off the mortgage on the family home. In 1992 during his first full year on the world championship tour, Kelly won the World Professional Surfing Championship title. He became the youngest to accomplish this feat.
Kelly had landed his first acting job on Baywatch's second season as Jimmy Slade who fell for dated fellow lifeguard Roberta "Summer" Quinn. While filming the show, he dated cast member Pamela Anderson. The role satisfied his curiosity for acting. Kelly had also formed music group with his friends Rob Machado and Peter King called The Surfers. The Surfers had a major record release and a U.S. tour.
In 1993 Kelly finished 6th in the ratings, but rebounded in 1994 to win the world title, making it his second. He followed that accomplishment with the amazing feat of racking up 4 more titles for a total of 5 consecutive world championship titles in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998, bringing his grand total to 6.
After his 6th world title, he took some time off from the competitive tour. During this time Kelly relaxed with his family and friends. He also had promotional obligations for Quicksilver, his sponsor. He returned to the World Championship Tour in 1999 with goals that were different. At the Pipe Masters event, he took the win for his 5th title. He repeated this feat in 2000 at Teahupoo. Careerwise, he wanted to win another world title. But more than winning, he wanted to help improve surfing. He spent a lot of time thinking about how he could advance, make positive changes and to raise the level of the sport.
His acting credits include One Night at McCool's in 2001, The Endless Summer in 1994 and a guest appearance on Arli$$. Kelly has one child, a daughter named Taylor and loves spending more time her. Kelly has been busy with projects. One of them has been the current new video game called Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer. 


-World Professional Surfing Champion in 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998.
-Won the Pipe Masters event 6 times.
-Has a new video game in his likeness, Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer
-The 30-minute Quicksilver promotional video, Kelly Slater in Black and White
-The Biography video, Tom Curren/Kelly Slater
-Is already a living legend and called the greatest surfer of all time. Considered the Michael Jordan of surfing.
-His mother Judy raised Kelly and his brother Sean as a strong, single parent. She held down multiple jobs to support her sons.   
-A 6-time World Professional Surfing Champion. 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998.
-Favorite surfers are Tom Curren, Tom Carroll, Occy, and Potz.
-Favorite waves are Pipeline and Kirra.
-One of People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1991.
-His favoriate food is Sushi.
-Voted Most Cutest in high school.
-Graduated high school with a 4.0 point average.
-Dated Pamela Anderson while he was a cast member on Baywatch.
-Once he turned professional as a surfer, Kelly paid off the mortgage on the family home.
-His video, Kelly Slater in Black and White was the largest selling surfing video of all time.
-His favorite music is Jeff Buckley, Powderfinger and Outkast.
-Has earned over three-quarters of a million dollars in prize money during his competitive years on the Association of Surfing Professional (ASP) international circuit. Kelly has made more than five times that amount in sponsorships, endorsements and bonuses.