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Cast File 
Jeremy Jackson
Baywatch: 2nd through 9th Seasons (1991-1992 through 1998-1999)
Occupation: Actor; Model
Current Projects: Ring of Darkness (2004/TV Movie) 
Birth Name: Jeremy Dunn
Nickname: Buddy
Birthdate: October 16, 1980
Birthplace: Newport Beach, California
Current Residence: Commutes between Los Angeles, California and London, England
Marital Status: Single, but is currently dating Hayley Evetts (Birthdate: March 4, 1976, Birmingham, England/Current Residence: England)
Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown/Dark Brown
Height/weight: 5 feet, 10 inches tall/N/A
Heritage: American/Decent N/A
Education: High School
Parents: Mother/Jolanna raised Jeremy and his sister as a single parent/Father N/A
Children: None
Siblings: 1 younger sister, Taylor who was also a child actor
Showbusiness start: First assignment was a commercial for Mattel cars at age 7   
Hobbies/Interests: Dancing; Health; Martial Arts; Roller Hockey; Singing; Skateboarding; Surfing; Water Sports. 

Jeremy Jackson was born in Newport Beach, California. He has a younger sister, Taylor. Their mother Jolanna, raised them as a single parent. Jeremy had a learning problem with a disorder called dyslexia, which greatly interferes with reading and writing abilities, but it was caught very early and was quickly addressed. While in first grade, he wrote letters and words backward. No one could understand what he wrote unless they held his documents up to a mirror. He worked hard in summer school and was able to write normally. Like most people with dyslexia, he could learn and memorize quickly. Reading and memorizing lines from his early Baywatch days had helped Jeremy further with the disorder.
Jeremy was one of those children who seemed to be born for show business. He loved attention, dressing up in different getups and putting on little shows in front of his family and friends, doing impersonations of recording stars like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson (in his one-gloved glory days). Many of his mother's friends would tell her that he was extremely talented and should submit his photo to a talent agent. Realizing that they were right and couldn't deny her son's talent, she asked him if he wanted to be on television. Jeremy's answer was "yes." She was soon getting an agent when he was six years old, Jeremy was sent out on auditions and landed his first commercial after his third try. His first assignment at age 7 was a commercial for Mattel cars. He went on to do about 15 commercials.
He had a seven-episode run on the daytime soap Santa Barbara. His TV credits for guest appearances include Totally Hidden Video, the 1997 KTLA Christmas Parade, and Thunder Alley. Film credits include the feature Shout, with John Travolta and TV's The Balkin Trail with David Hasselhoff and Sally Kirkland.
Jeremy was sent out to audition for Baywatch. He was against and beat out many other little actors wanting the role of Hobie Buchannon. He had to audition more than once. After Jeremy's third audition for the role, David Hasselhoff pointed him out as "this is the Kid" he wanted. He seemed quite suited for the role. He was 10 years old when he started on the show during Baywatch's second season/1991-1992. Joining the cast, Jeremy did not have to attend regular school since the fourth grade. He had a private tutor and did his schoolwork there on the beach. He did surfing for gym class.
Jeremy was popular in Europe as well as in the United States. As a child, he was a recording artist since 12. He had toured Europe, where he had played for sold out crowds across the continent. He had opened for David Hasselhoff's concerts in four major cities.
In 2003 Jeremy has appeared in the Baywatch reunion TV movie, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding/FOX in February.
The young actor met Hayley Evetts through her friends while she was in Hollywood doing a promotion for the talent show, American Idol. She fell for him immediately and it wasn't long before the two started dating. The couple was inseparable for six weeks and finally stepped out for the first time together in public when they attended after-Oscar parties. The two did not want to live apart, so Jeremy agreed to stay at Hayley's home in Chiswick when she returned from filming American Idol.
His most recent project is horror flick Ring of Darkness. 


-A child recording star
-Recorded his first album for David Hasselhoff's record label, Hasselhits at 13.
-Opened for David Hasselhoff's sold out European concerts in four major cities.
-Served as a junior lifeguard in his community.
-Is a black belt in the martial arts. 
-His eye disorder dyslexia was caught early so that it would not interfere with his ability to read and write. He has the ability to memorize quickly.
-Was sleeping on a friend's couch when he was awakened by a gun in his mouth during a robbery. Those who had broken in had asked where the stuff was. Jeremy was held at gunpoint as they cleaned the house out of all jewelry, furs, and other valuables. After they left, Jeremy regained composure and called police. He gave accurate descriptions and account of the events that happened. The robbers were arrested.
-Met current girfriend Hayley Evetts through her friends in Hollywood while she was doing a promotion for the talent show, Simon Cowell's American Idol. She fell for him immediately and the couple started dating. They were inseparable for six weeks. They stepped out in public together for the first time when they attended after-Oscar parties. To stay together, he agreed to stay at her home in Chiswick when she returned from filming American Idol.